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Posted by ArchDaily on Monday, March 30, 2015 Earlier today, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an announcement onto his own Facebook page that the company had moved into its brand new, 430,000-square foot Frank Gehry-designed headquarters. In the post, Zuckerberg offers a photo of the building from above, showing off its 9 acre green roof, with a promise of interior images – of what is essentially the building’s giant, single room – “once we’re fully un

Architects: Hunter Leggitt Studio Location: Wofford Heights, CA, USA Area: 1100.0 ft2 Year: 2012 Photographs: Courtesy of Hunter Leggitt Studio Collaborators: Jonathan & Victoria Watts, Owners Structural Engineer: Lawrence Ho Builder: Hunter Leggitt Studio Site Area: 8,630 SF From the architect. In 2011, Hunter Leggitt Studio temporarily relocated from Los Angeles to the high desert near Lake Isabella, CA to design and build a custom, highly crafted, modern cabin.  Designed to regu

CTRL+SPACE has launched its Istanbul Community Market Ideas Competition. Seeking designs from students and professionals (developed individually or in teams of four or less), the competition challenges participants to create a site-specific, multi-functional market with a strong public element. Submissions are welcomed now until June 27 and winners will be announced on July 17, 2015. Three winning designs will receive monetary prizes from 500€ to 3500€, and five merit award recipients will als

Architects: Team Green Architects Location: Dalefield 9371, New Zealand Architect In Charge: Mark Read Area: 106.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Sam Hartnett From the architect. Designed as guest accommodation in the grounds of an existing rural property in Dalefield, the Brief was to provide a place to retreat, that offers a simple and relaxing experience for the owners’ family and friends. The requirement was for a two bedroom modern ‘Villa’ offering robust but comfortable accommodat

What possible use could architects have for a supercomputer? Well, of course it would be nice to produce that ultra-high-quality render in a matter of seconds rather than hours – but this post on the XSEDE blog recounts another use that is (arguably) much more important. XSEDE, an organization that helps researchers by providing them with access to supercomputers, has been working with a group from the University of Utah’s Mechanical Engineering Department to simulate wind flow in

Architects: Studio JCI Location: Toronto, ON, Canada Structural Engineering: LMS Engineering Area: 392.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Scott Norsworthy From the architect. Set atop a hilly site in an established North Toronto neighborhood and surrounded by traditional homes, the project is the result of a mixed brief from a professional couple keen on building a family home. While one partner is drawn to contemporary design, the other prefers traditional. This dichotomy surfaces throug

Architects: Camilo Rebelo Location: Fideris, Switzerland Current Room Area: 20,8 sq.meters Previous Room Area: 39,1 sq.meters Year: 2014 Photographs: Office archive Collaborators: Patricio Guedes Project Partner : sculptor: Rui Chafes Engineering Coordination: GOP – Gabinete de Organização e Projectos Lda. Foundations And Structure: Jorge Nunes da Silva, Edgar Lima, Raquel Dias Electrical Installations: Alexandre Martins Mechanical Installations: João Sousa Construction Manager: Fernando

Architects: Steinmetz De Meyer Location: Montée de Pfaffenthal, 2328 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Area: 1347.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Catherine Thiry Civil Engineer: T6-Ney & Partners s.à.r.l. Technical Engineer: Jean Schmit Engineering s.à.r.l. Landscape Architect : Areal Landscape architects Coordinator Pilot: HBH S.A. Coordination Security Health : Fernand Greisen Blower Door Test: Hubert Schmitz Energy Consultant : Eböck Commodo Incommodo: Jean Schmit Engineering s.à.r.l. Soil Inve

Architects: KRIS YAO | ARTECH Location: Taipei, Taiwan Area: 51881.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Jeffrey Cheng Project Team: Hua-Yi Chang, Yi-Lin Chou, Kuo-Lung Lee, Iven Lai, Ching-Che Huang, Jean Wang, Jen-Ying Kuo, Yvonne Lee, Jun-Ren Chou, Calvin Chen, Jeff Lai, Sam Chu, Michael Lin, David Chen Structural: King – Le Chang & Associates Mep: Parsons Brinckerhoff International, Inc., Taiwan Branch Landscape : PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Lighting: Chroma 33 Architectural Li

Architects: Péter Szendrő Location: Budapest, Klauzál utca 10, 1072 Hungary Collaborators: Dávid Loszmann, Gábor Korintus, Kristóf Pataricza Area: 492.0 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Dániel Dömölky, Zsolt Batár, Tamas Bujnovszky Collaborating Artists: Gábor Miklós Szőke, Márk Viszlay, Márk Süveg Graphic Design: Eszter Laki From the architect. Doboz Bar is situated in the heart of Budapest’s entertainment district at the World Heritage site of the Old Jewish Quarter. Its protected buildin

Architects: Imagine Architects Location: Wuyuan, Shangrao, Jiangxi, China Design Team: Luo Siwei, Lu Shan, Zhou Wei, Zhang Jun, Yang Yan Area: 4079.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Zeng Jianghe Construction Team: Hui. Impression Ancient Building Company Owners: Song Feng Cui Organic Agriculture Development Co., Ltd Tea Seed Oil Plant: 3018 sqm Covered Bridge: 195 sqm Cottage: 866 sqm From the architect. Background andAnalysis Song Feng Cui Organic Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is loca

Architects: Tabanlıoğlu Architects Location: İstanbul, Turkey Architects In Charge: Melkan Gürsel, Murat Tabanlıoğlu Area: 22900.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Thomas Mayer Architectural Project Team: Salih Yılgörür, Aydın Işık, Ali Çalışkan, Utkan Yönter, Cenk Tunaboylu, Gökçe N. Gündüz, Fatma Ural, Tuğçe Güleç, Zeynep Dündar, Devran Eren Üzün, Oktay Murat,Sema Türker, İsmail Ulukaya, Ali Rıza Saçan, Gülin Derman Structural: AN Engineering Mechanical: ARKE / Türkoğlu Electrical: KÜL Fire:

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