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Félix : Urban Bicycle by Charles Seuleusian
by Mike / February 16, 2010

Via @popwuping, a light road bike/bmx hybrid concept which combines the positive attributes of both to create a new urban biking experience. More at Charles Seule

The ARC personal rapid transit system concept from designer Zack Stephanchick aims to provide easy, quick and hassle-free transport for residents of urban areas. The autonomous vehicle moves on a network of rails, which in a way also makes it compliant with the current web of tracks and trains.The minimalistic concept has autonomous pods, e

The same way a maglev trail flies down its tracks, the tires of the ZiV propel its occupants to their next destination. Designed by Chris Latta, the Zero impact Vehicle (ZiV) is just that, zero impact means no environmental emissions. The only emission is water from the system’s super efficient hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell generates the power needed to contr

The “3 Rms, Lk Vu” by Michigan-based design firm Jruiter is a boat concept that literally takes your living space to the waters. Call it an apartment or an outdoor living space, the pontoon boat accommodates a kitchen/dining space, a living room and a basking deck for a small gathering/picnic floating on the water with your family or friends. All this come

The brainchild of Italian designer Sebastiano Ercoli, the “Fast ferry” is a monohull High Speed Craft (HSC) optimized for short routes in the Mediterranean Sea, where efficiency is more important than mere speed. Featuring a specific seat module, the HSC provides handles for a safe walk during navigation, a high chair back that satisfies safety rules for level-2 HSCs an

This is the car that, as the designer describes, is the car and the embodiment of fun that rightfully belongs to the “computer generation.” Am I a part of that generation? I hope so. Computers seem pretty cool to me. This Audi is called the “Avatar” and it’s a futuristic fantasy. Can you see the wheels? They’re there! I don’t know how they turn, but they’re there!This

Designed by Matus Prochaczka, the “Allivictus Recyclone” is a car concept that makes use of recycled material to provide an eco ride in the days to come. Featuring a body finished in a kind of milled mass of rubber, PVC and PET mixed into a resin matrix, the futuristic vehicle integrates a monolithic base, thanks to the special breaking system. Generating p

An entry in an international competition to design a vehicle for the year 2020, the spherical vehicle by Matt Browne is a safe and sustainable means of commutation for urban environment. Featuring a circular design for easy accessibility, the vehicle integrates controls on the armrest that replicates movements of drive shell. The concept car combines current i

The Saucer is a modular self-driven vehicle that features a single size bed arrangement, allowing the driver to sleep in peace while the vehicle takes him or her to the destination. This innovative idea is specially targeted for those who have to drive a long way home from their night shift work place. The soundproof interior of this vehicle is equipped with various programming

Looking more like a sled, the “Feel” by French designer Thomas Boulanger is an electric car designed to provide a safe and sustainable means of commutation on cramped city roads. Inspired by simulators and video games, the concept car changes its shape (from horizontal to vertical) to adapt to the stress of city traffic. Controlled by a rotary electric actuator l

Sledding may add thrill to winter sports, but controlling bulky sleds often becomes difficult for the rider. Adding safety to the adventure of winter sports, designer Sebastian Götte has come up with a plywood sled that not just allows safety, with lightweight and easy controls, but also adds sustainability to the exciting sport. The “Lesto,” as the designer cal

Workaholics will find a reason to rejoice with this scooter concept. Designer Jens Schardetzki’s concept is a basic electric scooter that includes all the necessities for a cozy workspace. The concept is mainly intended for users who would have to cover long distances and may have an immediate requirement of a workplace. When required, a seat and table

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