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No more strapping and restrapping over and over while you’re commuting. The Wolffepack is the world’s first and only backpack that swings your stuff to the front but stays strapped to your back to give the user better access, more comfort and greater security. Need to sit? Swing it around! Someone acting shady on the bus? Secure it on your chest. Need something in your bag? Swing to the front for easy access. See it in action —> Designer: wolffepack - Yanko Design Tim

There are three different kinds of shoppers: Avid Shoppers, Hate-them Shoppers and Smart Shoppers. This holiday season; let’s make sure ALL of us are Smart Shoppers! This means getting gifts for loved ones without breaking the bank! CKIE, our online store, features innovative designs that are exclusive and hard-to-find. As a giving gesture, it is running a special 20% Discount is on all items. I’ve picked my Top 10 from the list; however feel free to check the entire collection here. Details T

Inspire by Kawasaki Z 1000 (2014), JM Wilkens has come up with sporty motorbike design that you would want to checkout: Bike One. You can read short description below about this project, given by the designer himself. This motorcycle is for me a possible vision of a street fighter bike. I wanted it to have a powerful appearance. For this reason I thought to place the focus to the front end. At the same time it should be also a bit mysterious. So I decided to lower the front-end mask between the

It would be hard not to brag when you own this gorgeous Wobble Chess Set. You can place it in the living room or any room actually, it’ll be the focal point that draws everyone’s attention. This chess set features a concave landscape that helps stabilize freely trembling chess pieces, chess game becomes more enjoyable to watch with this live interaction between each piece and the board. Designed by Adin Mumma, this chess set design has won an Award of Merit from How Magazine International Desig

From the makers of the super-portable T1 lamp comes an equally minimalist counterpart that feels right at home on the top of your desk. Called the T2 lamp, its thin form is achieved thanks to a custom LED board producing 520 Lux of brightness using only 2 watts of power! In a material mix of natural wood, steel glass, and colorful cording, it’s the best looking T lamp yet. Designer: Artzavod - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CK

The Sound Blaster Roar is a portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker, designed to deliver loud and well-balanced audio out of a compact booklet-sized speaker. This is made possible, all thanks to its five-driver design that is housed within an acoustically optimized speaker enclosure. This design encompasses one active 2.5” driver and two side-firing passive radiators to pump out thumping bass, as well as two active 1.5” drivers to deliver far-field, balanced highs. Details: Versatile ways to conn

Hewlett-Packard is introducing MB Chronowing, a modern smartwatch that blends precision craftsmanship with classic design. It’s a distinguished watch design from one of leaders in American menswear, an award winning designer, Michael Bastian. Beautifully crafted in a round stainless steel casing, there are 3 stylish interchangeable straps (black rubber, brown leather, and olive green) that you can wear to suit your mood/style. This smartwatch can be connected to your emails, text messages, cale

Transporting liquids from one place to another would be easier with Bellows Bottle. This concept features expandable bottles, a mechanism that can be used to pump out water, the bottom structure is responsible for easy movement. With this design, user can get freedom from the trouble of water spills as well as efficiency in stacking these bottles when empty. Designers : Yunjo Yu and Seonghyun Kim Bellows Bottle : Expandable Bottle That Pumps Out Liquid Easily is originally posted on Tuvie

In distinguished circles the uncorking of a bottle of wine is what the pop of a beer is to a less formal group. It celebrates the moment and acts like a starting shot to the evening. It is well known that Beer is a cultural property and the process of opening it without a bottle opener is a fine art. With the use of a lighter or anything else with a hard edge, the opening is celebrated with a loud pop sound. The sound solely depends on the skill and technique of the user. The PLOPP-O-METER (or

StovE is a next generation cooking device for small families. It combines the energy-efficiency of induction cooking with the power of conventional gas cooking. It features 2 cooking surfaces for each, 1 induction on top and 1 gas burner on the right, while a 3rd induction below the top keeps food warm before being served. Despite its large variety of uses and functionalities, its form, inspired by a leaf, uses less space in the kitchen thanks to its elongated, vertical shape. Designer: Sudhir

The Water Recycling Flowerpot makes the rest seem BASIC! Using a unique double-hallow structure, it’s able to recycle the leftover water that remains in the pot after watering. Water is stored inside the inner wall, preventing overwatering yet ensuring hydration. The water inside evaporates and condenses into droplets that fall back to the soil, creating the process of recycled irrigation. Made of crystal-clear glass, it’s fun and easy to see exactly what’s going on inside! De

The Luna bicycle has 3D printed nylon frame, front fork, and handle bar. All the other parts are off the shelf parts. The idea behind it is to utilize SLS technology wisely, whilst keeping a low production price (by using the “off the shelf” parts). It is printed on demand, so no stock required. Another advantage would be no investment in moulds, hence, having the possibility of making changes of form or material in the future, whether for specific requirements or according to the f

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