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The latest from Formabilio, the Tusciao valet stand is a practical furniture piece that puts all your everyday necessities at your fingertips. Made for quick and easy hanging of your clothes and accessories, the three distinct elements in beech wood and metal perfectly accommodate everything from pants to purses. A reflection of a traditional Italian cityscape, it’s also artistic and architectural for a look that’s as fun as it is functional. Get it here! Designer: Andrea Brugnera for Formabili

The Egloo introduces a way to heat your room economically by using candles like never before! The domed system transforms ordinary candles into a serious source of warmth by utilizing the heat-storing qualities of terra cotta. The internal candles heat from within and warm the dome continuously for up to 5 hours. The earthenware material will continue to radiate heat even after the candles have blown out! Jump to the vid —> Designer: Marco Zagaria - Yanko Design Timeless Designs -

Introducing Peleboard, it’s an evolution stand-up paddleboard that split into 2 halves. It is claimed to be the world’s first split paddleboard where the right and left halves are slightly divided by a sliding rail. Water sport has gained a lot of fans these days, this fitness oriented Peleboard has been promoted as world’s exciting paddleboard, even though at this moment the prototype is being tested, but this startup is hopefully can draw attention for mass production. It looks just like any

Stunning, yes, that’s one word that can describe Akrapovič Full Moon Concept Motorcycle. This futuristic concept was unveiled by Akrapovič at the Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany, it managed to captivate all audience of the show from visitors, photographers, journalists, and selected guests. This awesome motorcycle has been designed and developed with the help of Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, the same team that produced the iconic Morsus in 2011. similar to its predecessor, Full Mo

Mobiado Professional 3 X Collection combines exotic wood grip and luxury material into this unique instrument. This art piece features an asymmetrical wood grip and an advanced battery cover mechanism. Just like other smartphone’s frame from Mobiado, it is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum finished with a black anodized coating. It is completed with hand painted silver lettering on large sapphire crystal plates and precision inset into the body. To get access to the battery, you need special

LINK is a synchronized logistics system that uses a city’s existing infrastructure, like public transportation resources, to distribute goods throughout the city in a seamless, sustainable way. The network connects between consolidation centers, neighborhood storage spaces and local retailers using a fleet of robotic transporters. The system enables shorter distribution distances, reducing unorganized truck movement and the related environmental impact. An excellent alternative for “

On a flight from London to Chicago, I was very happy to note that my Business Class seat had a USB charging station. As soon as I hooked up my dying phone for some juice, the airhostess came to admonish me, saying that we were not ‘allowed’ to charge phones, the hook up was available only for multimedia purposes. Blah! Concepts like the Solar Eclipse are innovations that the airline industry could use. Give us charging ports people! We have Wi-Fi and Internet connections made available … so tak

The unique ability of geckos to scale walls and suspend from ceilings has attracted the interest of naturalists for ages. Now that modern technology has unlocked the secret behind the lizard’s perplexing mobility, synthetic materials like Geckotape and Geckskin give us humans increased mobility in a variety of scenarios like rock climbing! Stellio is one such device that utilizes these adhesive materials to supplement climbers’ safety. Attach it to a carabiner clip to help cling to

Skeletal sculpture meets functional light in the Molecula lamp by Benjamin Migliore. With its rounded intersections and crisp lines, the geometric structure is at once organic and intentional. Position it in any direction to adapt to your ideal table arrangement, or hang it on the wall for a unusual sconce alternative! Designer: Benjamin Migliore - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot

Adding a definitive edge to the regular fire extinguisher, we have here the Fire Hammer, a life-protecting tool. The shape of this extinguisher takes into account scenarios of victims being trapped in locked rooms or hard-to-get-out of places. One end of the extinguisher is fashioned in such a way that it can be used to hack and hammer your way through locked doors and glass barriers. The idea is to provide an easy escape during emergency situations. Designers: Jiang Jiongfan, Lin Shuang, Xue R

Designed like a flexible plastic spring, the is a compressible trash can be downsized or upsized according to the amount of garbage disposed. You simply need to line it with the appropriate-sized disposable liner and set it aside. According to the designer, nearly 40% in materials used and weight will result in savings and over 50% of trash’s volume will be condensed so as to release more of the bag’s capacity. In essence this also means less garbage bags used. Designer: Fan Liyuan

This design is great news for you who love nomadic lifestyle. Wide Path Camper is micro mobile home that is light enough to be hauled around with your bike. Even though the space might not be as amazing as Colim Caravan concept, this micro home provides you a space enough for sleeping or relaxing, it is able to protect you from the heat of the sun or rainy days. Inside you’ll find simple bed and sitting area along with a small table, it offers better sleeping condition compared to conventional

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