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I have hired a trainer to help me plan my exercise routine and one of her main tasks whilst I workout is to keep an eye on my posture. It is very easy for us to get it wrong, simply because our muscles in those area are weak and tend to stay in their comfort zone. This of course results in injury. To prevent this, especially when you are working-out alone, we have here the Smart Trainer concept. The concept is a projection camera that keeps an eye on your posture and shows you the corrected for

While traditional blood glucose meters only display a snapshot of your levels, Sugar (love the name!) uses a continuous skin glucose meter to monitor how your levels change over time. The unique wearable unit is designed to display glucose trends so you can see where you’ve been, where you’re going and how your levels are affected by food and activity. Used in tandem with a smartphone app, wearers can take a quick glance at their wrist to check their immediate status, or access thei

Yin Yang, it’s a unique name for a split air conditioner. I guess it represents 2 different conditions: hot and cold. This concept air conditioner is characterized by a circular shape where you can customize the directionality of the air at 360-degree. Due to its shape, this unit also makes more efficient air distribution to the environment, it spreads warm air downward and cold air upward, facilitating its natural diffusion. The 360-degree rotation is made possible by a double shaft engine ins

In countries such as Japan and India, the earthquake activities have been increasing for years. During this natural disaster, the rescue process can be really hard as the rescue team might also be injured in collapse debris or secondary collapse while helping victims. Inspired by this issue, Rescue F-100 Concept Forklift has been designed to help rescue process faster and safer. This heavy forklift is a specialized equipment, designed specifically as rescue unit. It lifts collapse debris with a

Studio Pannone Architetti has submitted their latest project: Italian Charme 45 tender yacht. This concept yacht wants to set a new era where a sporty boat can also be a luxurious one. The sculptural beauty and sinuous form of IC 45 will go unnoticed, it will strike and amaze ship owners all over the world, the attention to details is amazing, from colors of the exterior to the interior materials and finishing process. Alessandro Pannone, owner of the Pannone Architects Studio, says that this y

The iWatch Effect

Posted by YankoDesign 1 day 1 hour 39 minutes ago (

What is the iWatch all about? It’s a little about being a wearable device, time teller, sci-fi and magic. Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves here, but since we are into the home stretch and the iPhone 6 will be soon announced. It’s only fitting that we feature this beauty envisioned by Benjamin Schuster. Designer: Benjamin Schuster - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKI

Choking Over A Drain

Posted by YankoDesign 1 day 1 hour 39 minutes ago (

We are all guilty of choking the kitchen sink with food debris and not matter how diligent we get, the damn thing ends up clogging the sink. A plumber’s delight and our nightmare, the only thing we can do is to adopt preventive measures. We can use innovations like the Water Pass – a double drain cap that allows you to keep the sink unclogged and drains the water at the same time. Do want! Designer: Seun Gho Choi - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the

The project TUEL arose from the observation of young disabled kids, whom due to their disability couldn’t interact properly with other children and the environment around them. This issue is influencing their communication skills and independence. Thus, they are left in isolation affecting their self-esteem and their overall physical and emotional development. The design objective was set to create a mobility product that the child could independently use to move around with and at the sa

Dot Matrix Microwave by WAACS design

Posted by tuvie 1 day 1 hour 39 minutes ago (

Dot Matrix Microwave was born out of the idea of creating a new design, something that stands out in the market. As we know every microwave has a door, handle, and a control area, the same design which is dictated by the structure behind it. Any UX and aesthetics follow that structure, you can see the result is all microwave looks the same, even with expensive one, it has the same layout just with better design/power. So, WAACS Design decided to simplify the control area, keeping one thing in m

Toyota has revealed its latest concept sports car, Toyota FT-1 Sports Car. Developed by Calty Design Research, California, this car is the second version of FT-1, it features graphite exterior paint and light, saddle-colored leather, while the first version features bright red color. The original FT-1 concept stirs up sports car enthusiasts as well as automotive world in January with its debut at North American International Auto Show. This concept car boasts muscular, curved exterior, just lik

Net Rescue Boat is a lifeboat dredge with a net. The purpose of this re-design stems from the difficulties rescuers face while on missions using a regular lifeboat. The net area makes it easier to bring people to safety and commence first aid. Yep, in playtime we can also think of many party uses for the net area … but that’s just a wicked side of us! Designers: Jaehyo Lee & Wonkyung Jang - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - W

As you might infer from the name, the Seesaw Bench puts the FUN in functionality with a clever design that doubles as a place to sit and relax or an interactive way to engage with strangers and friends alike! Composed of reclaimed materials, including upcycled tires, each unit is as efficient to produce as it is eco-friendly. Though simple in form and function, its balanced aesthetic and contrast in shapes make it a sculptural object despite being produced from otherwise unsightly materials! De

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