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Innovations in the field of trashcans are few and far between, which is why the “Hook Me Garbage” caught my fancy. It features hook-able arms that mount on top of a desk and makes life a lot easy for those who like to practice ‘crumpled paper basketball!’ Designer: Ko Yoon Gyeom - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Hooked About Garbage was originally p

A winner of the Franz Award for Porcelain Design, the Sphere pendant find inspiration for this year’s “eternity” theme in the visual symbol. Now in its three dimensional form, the two overlapping ellipses meet at the center where there is a focused, direct beam light. On either side are horizontal extensions with embedded LEDs that cast a softer ambient light. With filigree, complex shapes, the design is also an example of porcelains many applications, even for intricate detai

Dolfi is a small device that could be our future generation of washing device. It’s a simple white gadget that cleans clothes using the power of ultrasonic technology. The company explains that these precise, modulated ultrasonic waves can remove dirt and bacteria right down to microscopic level, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. The name itself is a tribute to dolphins, these are beautiful animals that are advanced users of ultrasound. If this this compact device works as promised, it coul

Gran Turismo fans will soon get a new car option, Alpine Vision Gran Turismo will enter the virtual world of car racing. This concept car would become the latest virtual prototype for gamers of Gran Turismo around the world. Bernard Ollivier, CEO of Alpine, says that the result of the design is so stunning that they couldn’t resist to produce an actual full scale model of it. The full scale model is currently being displayed at the Festival Automobile International in Paris. Back in 2013, Gran

Breva Geneve thinks outside the box with its Génie 03 timepiece. This is the world’s first ever wristwatch that has a functional speedometer. Yep, you read that right, a speedometer that calculates your speed using engraved scale marked in miles or kilometers per hour. With smartwatches become more popular by days, it’s important for watch makers to come up with traditional mechanical watches which are also equipped with special features. One of these unique features can be a pop-up speedometer

It’s that time once again! Go for it tigers! Hit this link to claim your FREE registration code for the 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Need a reason to participate? Let me give you one … after the jump, watch the 2014 Luminary Winner – The Copenhagen Wheel (Force behind the Superpedestrian Inc., Senseable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), talk about his journey and experience as the star of the show and how this award takes him many steps forward in achiev

Architect Roberto Paoli’s LOID mirror isn’t just for checking your makeup and hair… it’s for pondering your perspective altogether. The scenographic object captures changing perspectives with 3 mirroring slabs. The surface is not continuous but fragmented into three pars in a deconstructed graphic configuration that makes possible the reflection of the space from three markedly different points of view, all directed toward the user. Designer: Roberto Paoli - Yanko Des

Stop wasting money on your heater, use Egloo to reduce waste of electricity while still creating warm environment. Egloo is a candle-powered heater, it’s a cheaper alternative and more ecological energy thanks to its terracotta concept that saves heat and slowly, gradually releases it by radiation. This unique heater is composed of 4 elements: the base, grill, and 2 domes. The base offers a nice space for candles, and once you light them up, they will warm the domes up. The metal grill is place

It’s good to hearing from Eyal Melnick again, he has submitted his latest motorcycle concept to Tuvie. A Supermoto bike, it’s a custom motor bike that combines an off-road motorcycle with road-racing wheels that you probably know as “supermotard” bike. This concept bike is perfect for tight technical sporty tracks especially when doing lower speed maneuvers, it’s better than sporty bikes, thus, making it an ideal urban sporty vehicle. The main goal of this electric supermoto concept was to ente

Prynt is a great instant camera case for anyone who love taking pictures. Designed especially for iPhone and Android, this case functions as an instant printer when you can to print your photo in seconds. This is a nice way to share a photo with your friends and family without having to upload it on the internet, simply snap a photo or you can choose existing photo and print it out in less than a minute. This camera case is lightweight and easy to use, an ideal companion when you’re out with fr

Bathroom faucets have evolved from the lowly status of being tools to wash our hands to status symbols. Taking the design evolution a step in the direction of engineering, the Swirl Faucet focuses its attention on the flow of the water. It features beautiful flow with intricate swirls, giving you the kind of hand wash that makes you feel like the rich and famous, even if you’re not! Designer: Simin Qiu - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!

A winner of the Red Dot and Good Design awards, the Parabola Chair is lauded for its innovative form derived from mathematical analysis and ergonomics! The design calibrates hyperbolic paraboloids and their strong structural characteristics and minimal surface thickness to the human body to create an enveloping seat, backrest and arms. Basically, a whole lotta math went into making this thing! The result? An iconic, sculptural chair. Jump to the vid! Designer: Carlo Aiello for ENSSO -

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