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Like most of you, I’m a coffee addict and love to carry my java with me. The problem with most cuppa joe’s is that they don’t provide for instant gratification, aka brewing on the go. The Nomad Coffee Maker rectifies the situation by being this portable maker that taken in the coffee filter on one end and dispenses the brew into the other (or any cup/container). Practical in its approach, the design also includes a USB connection to power the maker via your laptop or wall socket. Very Clever! D

Designed as a bicycle chain lock system, the City Firefly doubles up as a safety gear for cyclists. Blending fashion with functionality is clever and what makes this concept stand out is the ease with which one can move from one space to the other. According to the designers, the concept was “inspired by fireflies, which use their flashing lights to signal and warn of danger in a beautiful way.” Designers: Takeshima Kazuyoshi and Uchima Rosa for TBWA, HAKUHODO - Yanko Design Timeless Desig

We just received Neva Motorhome submission from Stanislav Malyshev, it’s a customizable motorhome with classic style. You can read designer’s own words below. This project isn’t a concept for the far future. It is a concept that approaches the present in a different way. The main idea of the concept is – The exterior and interior of the house reflects the personality of its owner. So why not use this principle when designing a motorhome? To start with, I wanted to make a distinctive and express

Wolseley Voyager concept car has won Royal Automobile Club’s Best of British Design Award. Designed by James Russell Owen, this car was inspired by 1899 Wolseley Voiturette, an iconic British car in pre-1905. This competition is a prestigious one held by RCA and the Royal Automobile Club, the brief was to design an eco-friendly, futuristic car based on historic British cars. Students were invited to explore classic cars during annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run where most UK’s pre-

Love this refreshing design for a laptop by Antoine Beynel. It’s got that sexy aluminum finish and neat keys on the keyboard. What makes it stand apart is the customizable integrated sleeve that becomes a part of the computer. This ways you can protect your laptop and carry it with ease. Another striking feature is the way the ports on the side can be hidden and protected while traveling. Very cool! Designer: Antoine Beynel - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts f

I love the world of inspiration, imagination and concept design! How else is it possible that we have two strikingly similar concepts, designed by teams that are geographically poles apart and both go on to win prestigious design awards. Take a look at the First Aid Cover by Jussi Koskimäki here, now come back and review the First Aid Blanket. Jussi bagged the prestigious Braun Prize, while the Asian team has bagged the Red Dot Awards. To be honest I love them both, because of their practical a

Every year, there are more than 10,000 newborns die due to insufficient incubation, especially in third world countries or refugee camps. MOM Inflatable Baby Incubator has been designed to decrease the number of premature child deaths. This project was also inspired by BBC panorama program that tells how Syrian refugees have to deal with premature births and subsequent deaths, keeping this in mind, James Roberts, a product designer, wanted to re-design our current incubator specifically for 3rd

Ocean Spiral Underwater City is a future vision of Shimizu Corporation, it looks like futuristic city that you can only see in sci-fi movies. This ambitious project features a giant sphere that holds up to 5000 people and draws its energy for seabed thousands meters below. According to theguardian, this company has a great reputation of dreaming up extravagant projects, the goal here is to capitalize on infinite possibilities of the deep sea as the rise of sea levels can threaten the survival o

Living in urban areas shouldn’t keep you away from your hobby of beekeeping. One of conceptual products that someday come in handy is Bee Home. It’s a modern beehive that allows individual with limited space to keep bees, even when they only know basic knowledge of beekeeping. It’s an innovative concept that enables you to not only keep one colony of bees easier but also to produce honey for yourself. You can observe and experience the life of bees while they are inside the hive as well as make

Headphones these days are either over packed with features or over packed with design. Finding a pair that balances the two is quite difficult. When Grain Audio announced their Over Ear Headphones (OEHP.01), we at Yanko Design got quite excited, because here was a pair that offered impeccable acoustics, superb design and a complete Sonic Experience. The equation balances just beautifully! Harmonizing sound and design with its new Over Ear Headphones (OEHP.01), Grain Audio distinguishes itself f

As the jury member of the 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Yanko Design’s Takashi Yamada was asked why he focuses on concept design so much. His answer was simple, finished products are not as innovative as concept designs. It’s all about the imagination and inspiration that goes behind creating a great product. The key words – inspiration, imagination and innovation can lead to path-breaking Product Design. As always, we were there at Singapore to cover the 2014 Awarding Ceremony. This yea

Moore and Giles Sidecar Bar Cart is the result of collaboration between Jim Meehan and Moore & Giles. This bar cart features world class bar design with timeless aesthetics due to the use of traditional woodcraft. The harmony between a water jet cut aluminum frame and Virginia black walnut creates durability for decades of use. The butcher block-like bar top is sealed to prevent stains with a shallow reservoir as its border to contain any spills. The tabletop is framed by 2 shelves padded w

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