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Introducing, InfiniteUSB – the next biggest thing since the USB itself! This revolutionary design is an open chain of USB ports, granting an unlimited supply of open slots. Whenever a new InfiniteUSB is plugged in, a new USB port is created. Keep all your cables connected rather than swap out devices for one single port. Get it here! Designer: Vojotech - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See wh

The Stitch chair transforms a 2D single sheet of aluminum into 3D situational seating with a simplistic yet sophisticated system of folds and carefully placed cuts. Once the aluminum sheet has been shaped, soft felt is applied and held in place with vibrant stitching that adds a pop of color and warm, hand-crafted appeal in contrast with its stark shell. See it in the making after the jump! Designer: Amir Elias Stitch chair from Amir Elias 777 on Vimeo. - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - E

Noneli is an LED floor lamp with a simple, harmonious shape that unveils a charming personality. The contrast between the solid, robust base and the ultra-thin graphic stem is further emphasized by materials of ash wood and tubular steel. At once a sculptural element and lighting object, it’s a stylish addition near the sofa, in a reading corner, or over a work desk. Get it here! Designer: Auriga Studio for Formabilio - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from

Faisal Semari’s FS20 concept is a futuristic reinterpretation of the classic luxury speed yacht that maintains signature elements introduced in a new fashion. Most apparent is the wrap-around wood slabs that stray from conventional decks.  What would have been slatted wood decking in the past is now an ultramodern design element that stretches from stem to stern. Designer: Faisal Semari - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE -

Getting ready for a gruelling day at the office? This bag’s perfect for you. Got tennis practice? This bag’s perfect for you. Hitting the gym? This bag’s perfect for you. Hitting the airport? Yep. This bag’s still perfect for you. That’s the magic of the SUB Hybrid bag. It’s visually and functionally designed to fit into that sweet spot right between work and play (and travel, duh!). SUB fits in anywhere, and stands out everywhere. You can’t say that ab

You’d be surprised how many diseases are water-borne. Tap water isn’t always the safest way to go, and packaged water is just an unreasonable luxury. The Sukori bottle brings portability to potability. Which means you have the power to filter your water right within your uber-handy bottle. So basically, you get filtered water absolutely anywhere! Not just that, you could use the bottle to hold juices, beverages, etc of any kind. The bottle has a telescopic compartment within it. All

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2015 is here again, it encourages international companies to submit their products which are especially designed and developed for huaren (Chinese speaking) market. This design award opened its doors to international design community back in 2014, for the first time. Well, the result is amazing, a record breaking 1901 products and projects was submitted from 8 countries and regions, and you know what, 40% of 416 Design Mark winners were from outside Taiwan. This

Nimbus e-car is a conceptual car that looks like coming out of children’s cars toy collection. It’s a cute car designed for both short distances in urban areas and longer trips in a variety of terrain. It is equipped with hybrid engine that offers efficient energy consumption system for greater driving range with better energy saving compared to all-electric cars. Nimbus features 130Kw (180hp) electrical engine lithium-ion battery powered that works side by side with a micro combustion generato

So here is a concept that makes the current coffee capsules redundant and brings in a wave of innovativeness. Imagine a Nespresso Coffee Capsule, flavored and made with a soluble sugar coated substance that makes unnecessary packaging a waste! Win – win situation if you ask me! Designer: Eason Chow Wai Tung - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Droops

As a tribute to books (remember those?), the SIVU table lamp utilizes an intuitive folding action to activate and deactivate its light source. However unconventional, the design is practical and that it takes up little space in its closed form and is highly adaptable for casting diffused light in one or more desired directions simply by adjusting its width. Crafted from solid walnut, leather and plexiglass, it’s as dapper as it is durable making it a perfect desk top accessory. Designer:

It looks like Samsung has imagined a luxurious house dedicated for our furry friend here, take a look at Samsung Dream Doghouse. Perhaps this company wants to reach another market after their success in human market, after smart TVs, smart phones, smart devices, now smart house for dogs. It’s a $30,000 doghouse displayed at Crufts 2015, world’s largest dog show. Besides a comfortable and luxurious house, it also features an exercise treadmill to keep your dog fit even on rainy days. The automat

Do you want to know what happen when musical instrument designers design a motorcycle? Well, project AH A MAY (Yamaha spelled backwards) has interesting idea by exchanging Yamaha 2 design divisions and give them tasks outside their design fields without any constraints related to commercialization or production. The project goal is for designers to stimulate each other’s imaginations while creating products that embodied their shared image of Yamaha. The result is amazing, such as Yamaha Root M

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