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Giving old abandoned oilrigs a new function at sea, the See-Hope is a repurposed rescue station that can help stranded passengers at sea. The offshore oil platforms transform into a safe hub for survivors of disasters and help in rescue missions. An ambitious concept, but given the recent spate of natural and manmade disasters, such forward thinking ideas are welcome. See-Hope is a 2014 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner. Designers: Prof. Peng Ren, Cheng Zhang, Gao Xiang, Jiang Shanyong, Jin

Inspired by the natural beauty of crepuscular parallel rays of sunlight that stream through gaps in the clouds, the Leaky lighting project aims to recreate this dramatic effect indoors. It works by utilizing a felt screen over a seemingly random, cloud-like shape to diffuse the glow, concentrating light only where the user desires. To adjust the direction, simply revel sections of the light unit by uncovering the felt. Designer: Efkan Çetin - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonde

Furniture X is a conceptual children furniture designed by two Bosnian product designers, Mustafa Cohadzic and Sanjin Halilovic. This design won Quercus 2013 competition. It’s a foldable furniture designed specifically for children based on simple X construction, a shape that’s derived from basic square and rectangle forms with diagonal cut in the middle. This design can be used for further development to different objects such as shelves, bunk beds, desk, toy boxes, and other whole collection

This E-lecktron Formula E Concept Racing Car is the vision of Frédéric Le Sciellour, he wants to come up with futuristic design that dazzles everyone during the race. It was a stuff that I did for fun after my JLR works. I just wanted to create a concept in order to have a vision to show what could be the design of the formula E, because they are quite ugly, and also to have more apparent the electrical vision. Designer : Frédéric Le Sciellour E-lecktron Formula E Concept Racing

The next step in the digital personal computer design. How do they look ? The HTD-01 Concept is the first PC, which uses a mini LED projector. The design team combines design and the requirement for the future. Well, it kinds of remind us about Microsoft’s promise of holographic computer in 2015 with HOLO 2.0. Do you still remember our old, large, and big rear projection TV? Well, this project task was to come up with a new concept with such a screen. It might look like an outdated rear p

We don’t often think of tables as interactive objects, but the Labyrinth Table contains an entire world of its own inside that you and your guests can control. Six characters can be moved around the intricate maze by using handles underneath the surface. Explore the labyrinth with friends or tell a story of your own before dinner! See it in action in the video after the jump! Designer: Benjamin Nordsmark - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the

The Sonos yacht goes beyond a typical exterior styling study of many similar concepts and explores the true efficiency and usability of such a large vessel’s space. Designed for entertaining, a never-before-seen loft deck is at the center of the craft, providing a multi-level venue for a variety of exclusive events that can be tailored to renters’ personal requirements. For the after-party, 6 suites and one star suite provide lux living for overnight guests. Designer: Simon Feichtne

Smartphones and tablets just can’t seem to catch up with the battery life and memory we need! That’s where the Bricwave Xpress comes in. This nifty little gadget is a high-speed charger and data backup device in one that goes anywhere you go. Toggle between 3 modes: sync/charge, data-backup only, or express charge which recharges devices in just a fraction of the time. Best of all, it’s ULTRA-portable, tangle free and easy to use. See it in action —> Designer: Bricwa

Set to arrive at Hilton and Peninsula hotels in the near future, Column is the hippest hairdryer out there. The upright design solves the problem of poor space efficiency found with other bulky, cumbersome (and just plain ugly) hairdryers. Minimalistic and sleek, it saves space and looks great for discerning guests…. keyword: guests. Too good to be true! Designer: Ahhaproject - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more th

Designed for the active professional, the SUB (Sports Utility Bag) is a must-have gear addition to anyone on a time crunch. It’s thoughtfully designed with some compartments designated for gadgets, gizmos, and electronics and others for workout gear, shoes and toiletries. Versatile, highly durable and water resistant, it’s ideal everywhere from the outback to the urban jungle! Designer: Keep Pursuing - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around

I’m ashamed of admitting that on multiple occasions while texting in bed with my phone above me, the phone has slipped out of my grasp and hit me square in my face. Just imagine that scenario with a tablet. Hurts just thinking about it! Well, TStand is a pretty neat solution to that rather bizarre (but real, nonetheless) problem. Its acrobatic design allows it to be used in myriad of positions, pretty much leaving your hands to do other important things. Like guarding your face, maybe. De

Mark Wilson of Fast Company has a cool (or crazy) idea about a futuristic car with ability to split into 2 motorcycles. Argodesign has done a great job in visualizing this futuristic idea into something tangible and beautiful. Called as Lane Splitter, this futuristic vehicle is an all-electric vehicle that splits into 2 closed-top motorcycles when you need it to be. As a car, it might not look really cool, but when it transforms into 2 personal urban motorbike, it looks kinda stylish. This proj

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