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Haute horology is synonymous with timeless design and a watch-making legacy that is at least half a century old. Which is why when new watchmakers step into the arena, finding firm grounds is sometimes a challenge. For sure, I’m glad that Waves Design Studio has risen up to this and designed the perfect tribute with the TESORO Automatic Mechanical Watch. We asked the team at Wave Design Studio to give us some insights as to what got them to design such a masterpiece, and this is what they had

Look around your office & you’ll likely see a striking number of people carrying 2 bags: 1 for work and 1 for the gym. This is because most bags aren’t suited for both. The Aer Duffel Pack fills this unique gap with thoughtfully designed compartments & a demure aesthetic that you can take anywhere. The main zipper gives you full access to the interior while the side pockets give you quick access to smaller items. At the bottom is a ventilated pouch for used clothes/shoes.

Beautiful, jaw dropping furniture from Duffy London: The Abyss. This coffee table represents the beautiful depths of the ocean, Duffy has turned an eye downwards and introduce you this awesome big blue furniture to complete your interior. It would be an impressive art piece where you place a cup of coffee. Just like iconic Duffy’s designs, the Abyss table will become a conversation starter as much as functional one. The design is focused on the depth of the ocean by creating a geological cross-

The collection of pellet stoves designed for the company Bodart and Gonay comes in 3 versions: Curve, Menta and Skin. Each design magnifies the art of fire by creating design in three dimensions with gentle curves and lights that run on their metallic skin. By the playing the shapes and colors, Jerome Olivet merges technology with architecture. Curve Stove: Techno curved belt wraps around a black monolith. Menta Stove: An 3D oval unifies the flame to this new technology. Skin Stove: Levitation

Pietro Russomanno has submitted his latest design, Raceline. It’s an elegant 26-foot boat that features wooden surface. Raceline is a 26-foot concept powerboat where the design resembles a car type configuration, with four independent seats in a race boat layout. The juxtaposition of classic materials and aggressive lines reveal racing characteristics of the boat. All details of prestige and a graceful treatment of surfaces, combined with cutting edge performances, make Raceline an authen

The Rubber Glove Clip is one of those designs that you go – why didn’t I think of this before! Yes, we’ve been a dud about it. I have lost one too many cleaning gloves to wear and tear while drying them on the laundry line with a clothespin attached to them. This clip design should minimize my losses! Designers: Yunjo Yu and Seonghyun Kim - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE

A wise man once said, “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” How many of us can really ‘hear’ the music – the true sublime sound! This is one industry that continues to innovate and expand with the next best invention. Today we take a look at the Kusky™ Electroluminescent GloSync™ Headphones, which are the World’s first ever lifestyle headphones with a patented dynamic glosync technology. Living up to their claim of headphones that promise supreme soun

During marine disaster, ARC Emergency Raft can provide safe, dry, and comfortable shelter for survivors. It features solid and large structure as an emergency backup system, the main goal is to accommodate as many people as possible and keep them safe, each unit can hold approximately 100 to 150 people. ARC is aerated and designed as an emergency boat completed with survival equipment and life supplies. This raft is sealed in a capsule when not in use, when marine disaster happens, user can use

Dos Owls just launched ODIN Portable Android Smart Projector crowd funding campaign, and they almost meet their $250,000 goal, it’s still 12 days to go. ODIN is powered by Android, it offers you a projector that directly projects online content whether it’s from your Dropbox, Netflix, Skydrive, or Hulu. This battery operated device offers you the ability to share and view in unlimited ways, it’s an ideal office gadget as well as entertainment device, the large visual display is definitely a gre

Inspired by the song “Letter”, composed by Yosi Horikawa, a Japanese musician, Natalia Rumyantseva has designed Letter writing table. It features images of leaf of paper and letter in artistic way, the plastic form of a table creates light, open, and calm characters. When designing this table, Rumyantseva imagined how this table would serve not only functional purpose but also an object that could create special mood for people and atmosphere in the room. It has won Design and Design Internatio

Molded from a near-paper-thin wood layers, Incurva is found at the intersection of modern design and craftsmanship, serving as a sophisticated wall or floor ornament that functions to hold your favorite things! Ideal as a wine or magazine rack, its rigid material safely cradles bottles, books, and more. In chromatic contrast of walnut and beech veneers, they’re an easy addition to a variety of interior styles, classic and contemporary. Designer: Formabilio - Yanko Design Timeless Desig

This sporty yet sophisticated luxury powerboat concept takes inspiration from its land-bound cousin, the super sports car. Aside from its flared fender-like frame, the highlight of the auto-inspired design is a cockpit fit with racing-style bucket seats, a center console, proper dash and creature comforts like climate control. Though the interior is more akin to a Fisker Karma than a fishing boat, the design is contrasted with classic nautical features like its beautiful slatted, wraparound dec

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