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This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work. When surrounding noise pollution is disturbing your flow, Joe produces white noise (a sound composed of all audible frequencies to the human ear) to essentially “cancel-out” cacophony so you can focus. It’s like being in your own imaginary bubble of isolation when you don’t have the option to close the door! Vid after the jump! Designers: Schmitt Nicolas & Hélène C

Someone rightly said that it is great to have valid competition; it pushes us to do our best! In light of this, we have the announcement of the 2015 A’ Design Competition, one of the Worlds’ largest and leading design accolade. The award winners are privy to many perks including PR, publicity and marketing services and showcasing of award-winning projects in major publications. YD will announce the results on April 15, and there will be 3 exhibitions in 3 countries in 2015. Regular

Set Nomad Collapsible Tub and Frame in the wood or in your backyard to enjoy a nice hot tub with friends and family. Aside from carrying collapsible in your outdoor adventure, thanks to The Original Nomad, now you can also carry a collapsible hot tub. When you list stuff like coffee, matches, pan, BBQ grill, extra batteries, now you should add this gear in your list. This product is extra portable, you can bring it on your camping trip or set it up just anywhere, it takes just minutes to set up

Hi industrial designers, the world’s leading international annual juried competition for design calls out to seek best designs from around the world. It’s time for A’ Design Awards & Competition 2015 calls all of you for submission. This design competition is trying to reach out design enthusiasts in more than 180 countries in 40 languages. Yes, it means that all winning works will be translated to all major languages to connect design lovers, press members, and potential buyers from

Stefan Radev has submitted his latest project for a Danish start-company called Låmpion. The brief was to design and develop high-end, premium, contemporary device that is compatible with both Apple and Android devices as well as the ability to be used as a stand alone audio equipment. The result you can see here, it’s a hybrid vacuum tube amplifer that provides you with premium audio device, the smart design allows you to dock your Apple or Android mobile device while keeping the connection. T

Say goodbye to the hassle of bending down to sort through tangled up cords and hard-to-reach outlets! The ergonomically designed Tower brings power UP to you when and where you need it most. Modern and sleek, the vertical design features 4 AC outlets, two USB ports, detachable caddy to hold smartphones and tablets, as well as a removable bottom to stand flush against the wall. It’s the ultimate in electrical convenience everywhere from the bathroom to the gym! Designer: The Art of Power

More than just a pouf, Cora is a 4 legged friend designer Manrico Freda describes as being a “half shorn sheep!” The design’s whimsical character and 11 playful color combinations make it a welcoming addition everywhere from the foyer to the dressing room. Topped with super-cozy natural wool felt, it’s simply the perfect place to put your bum! Designer: Manrico Freda - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE -

Låmpion is a hybrid tube amplifier and dock designed for audiophiles who want to use their smart devices, including tablets and smartphones, without losing connectability to their other high-end audio equipment. Despite this added functionality, the design maintains a simplistic and balanced blend of materials and accents that support its premium vacuum tube amp style without being too technical in overall form. Definitely a man cave must-have! Designer: Stefan Radev - Yanko Design Timel

Light tabs that you can tear off just like a pill on a strip – that is what the Enlighten Self-setting OLED Sticker is all about. This innovative light sources its power from the solar panel on its back and works at illuminating your space in creative ways. Stick a couple on your shirt during a disco party or wear them as handy lights while cycling at night. One strip, many light tabs and your imagination can scale to amazing heights. Designers: Si-Qian He and Ding He - Yanko Design Timele

3D printing is a pretty effective way to prototype and test out products. To scale any mass production of items kinda turns out expensive because of the high cost of raw materials. To make the whole operation a lot more cost effective, we have here the 3D-Reprinter, a machine that recycles plastic into the raw material for printing. So imagine using a plastic soda bottle as the source of your new 3D Printing project! So very wild! Designers: Yangzi Qin, Yingting Wang, Luckas Fischer & Han

DSIGNIO’s Collage Collection is a system of shelving and cabinetry based on the Suprematist art movement (with a dash of Cubism and sprinkle of Neoplasticism!) that focuses on forceful and simple shapes over superfluous elements. The resulting aesthetic is an illusion of overlapping wood blocks, yet each modular layer is functional with its own cover and internal system of cubbies and shelves. Halfway between art and design, it’s first an object of functionality and secondly a sculp

Not everyone understands sign language, thus putting a barrier between hearing impaired people and their hearing friends. Sign Language Ring is a conceptual device that wants to offer a solution to this problem, it’s a set of rings and bracelet that automatically detect sign language motions and then translate them into voice. This device also has the ability to translate voice to text. Designers : Cao Zu-Wei, Hu Ya-Chun, Huang Ching-Lan, Liao Po-Yang, Tsai Yu-Chi, and Yang Yi-Hsien Inspired

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