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If only Titanic happened around 2015. Jack would have sailed to the nearest Solar Water Still on some debris and would have been just fine! The Solar Water Still is a buoy that does much more than bob up and down on water. It harnesses solar energy and also tidal power to constantly purify sea water into fresh water. Enough for ships and boats to be able to stock up on drinkable water even when they’re out in the middle of the ocean. Apart from that, it also houses an SOS signal system an

My Own Locksmith is a key and lock cylinder combination with a resettable function that makes it easy to “change the lock” without actually having to permanently remove any hardware. Simply set the number on the cylinder and the numbers on the key to match and you’ll have a custom combination that you can always do by yourself!Designer: Liao Hung Lin, Chiang Ming Huang, Liao Hung Lin, Tsai Alan, Wu Jean

This gorgeous lamp is actually constructed with recycled materials. Submitted by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Upcycling Lamp features unique design that gives you cool illusion of a bottle stuck on a piece of wood. This lamp is upcycling project which is consist of broken wood, abandoned glass bottle I used. Cutted glass bottle(degree angle) is for creating the illusion which is stuck on the wood piece. Wrapped-red wire line is the design element, even this part can help to hide the connected/uncleaned p

Arvak bicycle has been unveiled by Keim, it’s a bike as the result of innovative manufacturing technology. You can see the radical design that combines the expertise in woodworking and art. The bike so far has received a lot of positive attention from those who has tested it, a new brand that creates its own place in the world of cycling. Keim believes that bike is an extension of human body, a machine that translates energy into propulsion. Arvak features lightweight frame yet durable and pret

The Duckweed Survival House is a floating emergency shelter designed to elevate survival rates and assist with rescues in disaster situations such as tsunamis and floods. An alternative to exposed life rafts, the enclosed design providers shelter from the elements and even large waves that have potential to overthrow or exhaust survivors. The weight underneath ensures the unit won’t tip over and is stabilizing in rough waters.Designer: Zhou Ying, Niu Yuntao

Human life revolves around squares. Eating square meals, living life fair and square, yada yada… It only was a matter of time till the square manifested itself on your wrist. The Cubit Blue watch by Michael Graves, is circular in theory, hexagonal if you look at it broadly, but once you get past that, you see the three squares that collectively form a cube together. It gives the impression of being three dimensional, yet flat. How cool would that be, to have an optical illusion on your wr

Designed and developed in Italy, Kjaro is your next generation of umbrella. It seems that there many designers try to redesign this ordinary product into something even more useful and easy to use. We’ve featured KAZbrella, Impulse, CUP, Inverted Umbrella, Lizard Umbrella, or even futuristic Airblow, these are great concepts that we look forward to make it to the market. However, there are still rooms that designers can explore to make our simple umbrella design to become even better and more f

During emergency situation when someone needs medical attention, every second counts. Alec Momont, a Dutch industrial designer, has made an attempt to add drone technology to the ambulance force in major cities around the world. This futuristic project explores the possibilities to use high-speed drone network to deliver emergency supplies to any location in only minutes. The question is, could drones improve global health? In Europe, the response time of emergency services are approx. 10 minut

Laurent Bernadac, a French electric violinist, has designed 3DVarius. This is a fully playable 3D printed violin based on the model of real Stradivarius violin. The main goal here is to create a unique design inspired by the shape of traditional violin, this unit is printed as a single piece. Even though it’s inspired by conventional violin, the result is definitely not your traditional musical instrument. It refines the forms and supports to bring you a more aesthetic design, simpler and light

The Solo concept bike isn’t just eye candy. Any serious biker would notice the smart re-design element in the concept bike. The bike features what’s known as a “hot swappable” wheel design, allowing you to change your front and rear wheels without affecting or having to tinker with your brake system or interfering with the driveline…but let’s not get into hand-greasing technicalities here. The modern-yet-vintage bike features design elements that give it a re

I don’t really exercise. However, I do think it’s a good idea! Moreover, if there’s any well designed fitness product out there, I’ll go all out with my praise. The Sidekick is the most amazing skipping rope since the rope-less skipping rope (and it may be better). It features a pair of clamps that allow it to double up as a multi-purpose fitness product, allowing you to not just work on your legs, but forearms, shoulders, and torso as well.And here I am, convinced that

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