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Origami Stairs began with a simple idea to manifest lightness literally symbolically. The design owes its form to its distinctive unidirectional cantilevered tread which tapers as the deflection forces diminish at its outermost limits. The structural logic of folding was mobilized to minimize the amount of material used to open the tread bed for its glass insert and to reveal the stairs expressive “wing” shape. Designer: INC Architecture & Design

Take your eyes of the pretty lady and look at the chair. Well, try to, because it’s so unbelievably minimal, you may not even recognize it. Designed to strip your seating device to its bare basics, the TANGO chair is not just a visual marvel, it’s well engineered so that you don’t feel like your sitting on an anorexic horse. And with its Carbon composite build, it’ll take your weight with ease.! Designer: Maffam Freeform

Just like a traffic sign, “Signal Handle” communicates with outsiders through 3 lights: green, yellow, and red. You can simply checkout the light to know the status of the door whether it’s locked, open, or you need to knock. It’s a nice door handle to use for office or your home office. Designers : Lim Sungmook, Kim Seon-il, and Park Sung-il Signal Handle by Lim Sungmook, Kim Seon-il, and Park Sung-il is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

The Mobiado m|CUBE is a revolutionary new approach for a charger stand. Made as a perfect glass cube with a metallic center, the patented design holds the phone in a unique levitated position. The m|CUBE is compatible with the Professional 3, Grand Touch, and Grand Touch Executive lines and is available in Black, Black Satin, Silver, Gold Guilloche, and Gold Matte. Designer : Mobiado Tuvie has received “Mobiado m|Cube Luxury Charger Stand” from our ‘Submit A Design̵

PANDINUS is a concept motorcycle designed by Konstantin Laskov for his client, Robert Herrmann. The brief was to come up with unique, limited edition street motorbike. Since this Bulgarian designer has been hooked on motorcycle all his life, this wasn’t a difficult task for him to do. PANDINUS features bulky, naked design, the engine frame reminds us to Frog e-bike, except that Frog features hollow body to create the feeling of lightness. All parts are exposed, giving you modern look through op

Doppel is performance-enhancing wearable tech that can naturally make you feel more alert or relaxed on demand using the innate human response to rhythm. The device applies a small “heart beat” to the inside of the wearer’s wrist to create a subtle yet powerful effect similar to upbeat music that gets you going or downbeat music that chills you out! No monitoring or annoying alerts – just tangible benefits to get your day started with focus or for when you’re winding down. Designers: Nell

Joe Sardo’s ultramodern line of multifunctional furnishings will make you sweat! In an unexpected marriage of fitness and furniture, the series blurs the lines between work, rest and recreation. A sofa-treadmill… a cycle-desk… they’re hybrid home furnishings that get both the mind and body moving! Designer: Joe Sardo f

Loki combines the two most common peripheral bike accessories to create the ultimate safety must-have that keeps both rider and bike secure. The lock/helmet hybrid can be worn by the user for head protection. When they arrive at their destination, it can be removed and used to disable the front wheel section. It’s designed to stay with the bike permanently so you never have to lug around extra equipment again! Designer: Renaud Dardaine & Maxime Le Ruyet

You probably re-upholster your furniture every other year. Change the cushions probably once every six months. The Frame chair doesn’t want you to be so neophobic. It’s made with upholstery that can be switched with the flick of your wrist. Just pull off the old stuff and put in the new. The colorful upholstery attaches to the chair via magnets, giving your seating device a lot of variety and swag! Designer: notion

Submitted by Hyukwoo Kwon, this project is about a modern interior for personal vehicle. It’s been designed based on the idea what if Oakley designed for transportation, how would it turn out to be and what would be the outcome in the future? This project is about how it would be if the car can wear the gear just like a person with backpack, glasses, or other accessories. Car interior is an environment made by many different products. How it looks if one person vehicle has replaceable function

Audi Capsule is a small compact single seater concept transportation by Francisco Calado. It is idealized for 2025 made during SPD 2012/2013 master´s in transportation and car design with Audi collaboration. The concept is focused around the intersection of cylinders and characterized by the interpretation of the single frame that allows the connection between the front panel and the cabin creating a dialogue between exterior and interior. The driver and urban surrounding are also connected tha

  The ANICORN Series 000 contemporary timepiece equips a unique concentric disc system to display the time in an entirely new way. Instead of using hands and flicks as index, 3 independent concentric discs, graduated for the hours, minutes and seconds are marked out on the center disc to make it as easy to tell the time as it is attractive to look at. Black, red, or blue? Get em’ here! Designer: ANICORN WATCHES  

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