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Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s never built design for the Ralph Jester House, this stunning residence was transformed into a dream home by Mary Anne Smiley Interiors. Spreading over 11,040 square feet, the undulating architecture of this classic home proves to be the perfect background for a modern lifestyle inspired by one of the world’s most influential architects. Where rounded lines and exquisite design meet, there you can surely find peace. Knowing how to create a sense of lu

This elegant Notting Hill townhouse is the fascinating residence of London-based interior designer Peter Mikic – an elegant showroom of exquisite taste known as the Pembridge Gardens Residence. The interiors of this luxury London home were imagined as a chic succession of spaces occupying a mid-19th century building. Spreading over three levels, the inspiring interiors were imagined as a social-friendly collection of spaces perfect for both large dinner parties and small informal gatherin

Love this eccentric mix of a humidifier and moss, both co-dependent and beautifully juxtaposition with each other. Natural and artificial elements placed as functional pieces giving birth to a hybrid device. Designed: Giha Woo - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Mixing Moss With Humidity was originally posted on Yanko Design) Related posts:Sex

The city is our home! Based on this premise is the UrbanCONE – a personalized drone that aims to keep your surrounding environment pollution-free. Inspired by jellyfish, this floating device stays afloat thanks to the air fans. As a part of the Semi-finalist concepts of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition, it will be intriguing to see if this urban mass air purifier makes it to the finalist list this year. More details here. Designer: Michał Pośpiech - Yanko Design Timeless De

Sullivan Conard Architects designed the Washington Park Residence in Seattle, Washington. Project description This Washington Park Residence sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Washington with views of the Eastside and Cascades beyond.  The house takes advantage of the site by contrasting mass and transparency to capture broad, unobstructed views while preserving privacy.  Thick, thermally insulated concrete walls are layered and modulated on the street side of the house to provide carefu

The good folks at Codalangi Design Studio sent the Ring Desk over to us and we wanted to get this on your radar right away. A sleek contemporary desk with a very unusual feature: a built in lamp with a solid wood shade. The matching tabletop is veneered ash with a matt lacquer surface to stand up to hard work. The metallic parts (such as the legs) are powder-coated aluminum in a soft white finish. But it's the lampshade that makes this piece. Everything about it is elegant. And isn't it pleas

The Chapter Black+Black Knife is a gorgeous product, a single blade that you would likely carry every day. It’s a classic single-blade folder re-designed, available with both a serrated combo blade and a straight blade. It is made with titanium frame-lock construction, the simplest there is with minimal moving parts for low maintenance. The stainless steel blade holds an edge that doesn’t rust, a knife you probably use for a lifetime. Designer : TheJamesBrand The Chapter Black+Black Knife

A 40 meter sailing yacht inspired by performance, developed for simplicity and minimum style. The lead in the keel of the boat was adapted to become a giant battery charged by the solar cells in the sail. The owner could live in complete comfort and with zero carbon footprint. What makes this an innovative design solution is that the Kira Hybrid Sailing Yacht is a vessel inspired by performance, developed for simplicity, and minimally styled. It is meant to bridge the gap between sailing and mo

In a time where technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, the intimacy of the handwritten message is fading away. Exchange combines these two different elements into a new form of meaningful communication. Users may share or store handwritten messages such as letters, drawings, or notes, to be stored digitally for later, shared in real time, or even broadcast online. By attaching Exchange to a notebook or paper, the corresponding stylus can scan notes or drawings as they are

Envisioned by NYC designer Joe Doucet, Annex is an intriguing table collection made up of hand-honed marble units. The Annex Side Table and the Annex Coffee Table were commissioned by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and are currently available for purchase at $2,650. The special thing about this limited furniture edition is that its assembly requires user interaction.Ordering a living room table and discovering a pack filled with marble panels might come as a surprise to a

We wanted to make a quick announcement for those of you who follow Freshome on Facebook. A few hours ago we received a notification in Freshome admin tab that looked really strange …the message said:“Page verified has requested to take ownership of your Page. If you approve the request, Page verified will take ownership of this Page which will allow the admins of the Page verified business to manage Page roles. Accepting this request is permanent.”Below are two screen shoots o

The Garden Pod has one big thing working in its favor – it utilizes the external walls of a dwelling rather than clamoring for space indoors. This modular green house is designed so that it can be fitted onto exteriors of a building and can take advantage of the natural energy sources. A handy app allows you to control the setting of the pod and also relays essential information such as which vegetable is ripe enough and how much compost is available. The Garden Pod transforms organic garbage i

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