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One thing that stands out from Ottantacique Yacht is twin pools. Yes, those pools are raised almost flush with the side bulwark while the elevated sun bed provides you with jaw-dropping views of the sea from main deck. The adjustable bottom makes the water depth can be reduced to zero in order to create large open platform, giving passengers for over 160m2 lifestyle amenity. Those twin pools feature glass walls that allow light to spread through the water to the spa. Lower deck offers an imagin

Go Green, ATX 8080 is an all-electric motoscooter powered by KLD oneDrive and Samsung SDI technology to bring you clean, eco-friendly urban transportation. It’s a fully electric, American made vehicle with few moving parts, there’s nothing to break, so you don’t have to worry about it, no gas, no gears, no oil, easy to maintain, all you need to do is enjoy the fun ride. The internal components are fully sealed with all-weather construction, no combustible fuels. The unique urban design is head

Fresh Finds: Ashley Electric Fireplace

Posted by freshome 435 days ago (Editorial)

Ashley Electric Fireplace | Real FlameAvailable at Amazon.comThe moment coffee shops across America start telling you to pumpkin-spice up your life, you know that summer is over. You start dreaming of cable knits, hayrides and nights in front of the fireplace. Wait — you don’t have a fireplace? No worries; we’ve got you covered.Whether you have an apartment, a dorm room or a house that was simply born without a chimney, the Ashley Electric Fireplace from Real Flame ($579), available at Amazon.c

10 of the Hottest Green Technologies

Posted by freshome 435 days ago (Editorial)

This amazing home embraces nature in a very green way. In addition to the spectacular, there are a lot of simple ways to introduce green technologies into your home. Image Source: Ken WynerIt’s no secret that the energy you use in your home adds up fast. Between heating, cooling, electricity, water and everything in between, it’s easy to become dismayed at how much energy goes into everyday life.Add family, friends and the chaos of a busy schedule into the mix and energy usage tends to be an in

Designed by Christian Polonyi, a German industrial designer, CityPorter is a concept electric scooter to free you from public transport and traffic jam. This personal vehicle allows you to be independent to cruise around the city in smart and stylish way. Using current technology, it is highly possible to develop an electric, lightweight vehicle with battery capacity that offers a remarkable range of distance. This e-scooter can also recharge your mobile device while being used as a GPS navigat

A re-imagined home refreshes the owner’s lifestyle. When you live in a residential neighborhood, you want your home to be bright and even enjoy views of the surrounding neighborhood. Rising from behind a green fence on a hillside in Stuttgart, Germany, an old 1930s house was redesigned by Behnisch Architekten to match the modern lifestyle of its owners. Letţs see how the design concept evolved to encompass the best of all worlds in the given scenario.Spreading over 2,000 square feet, this

Fresh Finds: Platner Armchair

Posted by freshome 436 days ago (Editorial)

Platner Armchair | KnollAvailable at Design Within ReachWarren Platner gave the definition of “a classic” as something that, “every time you look at it, you accept it as it is and see no way of improving it.” The man clearly knew his stuff, since he designed this chair in 1966 and it has maintained its status as a design darling for nearly 50 years.Architectural yet soft and inviting, this iconic piece is more than furniture — it’s art. Made of steel wire rods with a plastic ring around t

Sub-Scope is a sub-dermal continuous glucose monitoring system that is targeted at sporty users with Type 1 diabetes. Sub-Scope has three components which work together to give the user quick and accurate readings while they are exercising. The system consists of a sub-dermal implant, a watch and an app on the user’s smart phone. It uses a passive sub-dermal RFID implant in the forearm which continuously monitors blood at a rate of once every two minutes. The watch receives the data from the im

There’s a famous two horns mountain (Yang-kak-san) in Korea with off road area that became the inspiration of this off-road vehicle: Twister. The environment has several challenges: rocky road, steep hill, and cross the river. From the very start, this vehicle was designed to meet 3 requirements: It has to have a minimum velocity of 20km/h in hardcore courses The design exposes rider to the nature The seat needs to be reactive the ground in order to let driver feel the terrain Designer : Hank

Love love love this Nest Shelf, Sayaka Ito has made small room feels spacious. It’s a concept shelf that takes only seconds to expand to 2 times its original size. The vertical sections are constructed from 3.7mm thick carbon fiber while the 3.7mm thick horizontal sections feature aramid fiber-made honeycomb material slipped between carbon fiber. These sections are coated with a larch veneer, resulting a 4.8mm thick shelving hidden with the 9.6mm thick outer shelving. When fully collapsed, this

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