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Jerome Olivet submitted his latest design in cooperation with Millesime Champagne, Aura. It’s a bottle closure that revolutionizes the world of Champagne, stylish and handsome, a playful accessory that magnifies Millesime brand. There are 2 shapes available: round and square, it is meant to replace the cage and traditional metal cap to hold the champagne cork. Each closure is molded shiny plastic, recyclable, and also its aerodynamic shape allows for better aeration of champagne. This little to

Rising from between green surroundings of Cape Yamu’s east coast in Phuket, the elevated Villa Kalipay was designed to help you access a deep feeling of relaxation while enjoying stunning sunsets in a tranquil atmosphere. Families or groups of friends can enjoy an astounding array of details that shape this wonderful place. Just imagine being there right now, seeing the Andaman Sea, Phuket Bay and the islands of Koh Rang Yai and Koh Maprao unravel their mysteries under your eyes. And the

This mansion, originally designed by Amir Farr in 1973 has been recently revamped by Maxime Jacquet. Gorgeously decorated in neural colours, the house, located in an exclusive residential area in Beverly Hills, reflects the designer’s keen sense of style. His ability to infuse a bold sophistication in everything he touches, made him very popular among celebrities. From contemporary art to photography, Jacquet explores the challenging universe of the visual means of expression. This interi

SSSSSpeaker by aiia transforms a utilitarian gadget into an interactive and entertaining object – bringing music experience to the kinesthetic level every day. This compact silicone funnel-shape speaker provides up to 8 hours of rich 3-Watt sound, while the innovative form of the SSSSSpeaker expresses its functionality. When folded, it’s no larger than a hockey puck, making it easy to carry or throw in a backpack. Do want! Designer: aiia - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Expl

The PleXus Tower emerges from the banks of the West Hong Kong Harbor as a distribution of disjointed structures amidst the neighboring historic ferry terminal. The structure starts out as distributed pods that connect with the city’s transportation fabric. The misfit arrangement of these structural pods is bridged together by pipelines over the water, working in harmony with the existing terminal. Though situated on the water’s edge, residential & commercial spaces are completel

Architect Joseph Trojanowski has designed the Lincoln Park Modern Home, located in Chicago. Architect: Joseph Trojanowski Architect PC Photography by Mike Schwartz

Serralunga's new outdoor furniture is a collection of whimsy and practicality for outdoor life. Alice, the tables above are available in different heights and different colors. You can create a field of flowers on your patio! The Luba seat below, suitable for indoor our outdoor use, can be positioned as a single bench or as a double, as is available in assorted colors. Below, you see the Oasis tub, with an umbrella. One of the most versatile pieces, it can be filled with cork, synthetic grass

The name "Buggle-up" surely was developed to rhyme with Snuggle-up, but nonetheless it is a perfect chair to snuggle up in! Doesn't it look comfortable? And the colors are awesome - and they are UV resistant so you can loll in the sun on this chair all you want. You can snuggle solo or with another, depending on the position of the straps. And you can even create one large lounge pillow to use as a multiple person floor seat - do you see a Moroccan home-cooked dinner in your future? The color

No one does leather furniture like the Italians, and Baxter is no exception. Designed for them by Paola Navole, this sofa oozes style and glamor. Made with whole hide, full grain leather -- it doesn't get any better than this. The incredible grain and master crimping make this sofa almost too perfect to sit on. It can be as long as you like - anywhere from 99.5 inches long to 154 inches. And it's available in a range of colors, such as green, black, grey, blue and ice - something for every st

Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild surprised Australia’s architecture scene with a striking modern residence built from 31 shipping containers. Situated on 706 square metres in Graceville, a quiet suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, this unconventional home inspires a perpetual holiday feeling. The creative dwelling sprawls over three floors and features graffiti artwork and an impressive saltwater pool.The transition between indoors and out was a key factor to consider when planning the design of t

House B is a detached single storey house infused with golden rays of light. Designed by ch+qs arquitectos in Berrocal, Segovia, Spain, the dwelling inspires warmth and serenity. The peaceful scenic meadow was bought 15 years ago and after 12 years of yellow contemplation, the owners decided to build a refuge, a place for the heart, that urges for contemplation and quiet time of reflection. A simple wooden structure, with two views, east and west, on this piece of heaven, seemed a pretty good i

This clever gadget’s function is almost unrecognizable… and that’s precisely its appeal. It’s a pen, but you won’t find any push-buttons or even hear a click! It features a touch sensitive surface that automatically triggers the nib to extend when you’re holding it. Set it down and it will retract to keep the nib fresh and out of harms way. Sleek and chic, it’s the finishing touch to any ultramodern office! Designer: Wenhaowang - Yanko Design Timeles

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