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Taking an unconventional approach, the architects at INABA designed the Red Bull Offices in New Tork in a “low-key” tone. The 16,800 square-foot project is “simple and without the pretense of being on the cutting edge of cool tech office design”. Realizing that offices and technology are evolving quickly and the future functions of the work environment are unpredictable, the architects envisioned a layout of spaces with distinct features and flexible usage.The three type

WEWOOD – Portuguese Joinery recently launched Mister, a vintage sideboard envisioned by artist Daniel Duarte. The product was especially developed for people and environments in constant change. Its interior has several compartments that can be rearranged according to the different needs of the user, allowing it to be employed as bar, a desk or simply as a sideboard. Due to its unpretentious appearance, it can be placed anywhere in the house, from the entrance hall to the living room and bedroo

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is a unique, elegant self-heating disposable baby bottle designed to provide a thoughtful & practical way to feed your baby on the go & on demand. Combining the convenience of ready-made formula with an integrated heating system, Qi provides parents with the independence to maintain a regimented feeding pattern with minimal hassle. The innovative design hygienically preserves formula that, with a simple twist of the base, can be safely heated to deliv

As the saying goes, shoes make the man… which is why it’s no wonder that we love designing our own kicks! We’ve been able to do this virtually (with limited customization) for some time, but now it’s easier than ever to actually sketch your ideas. The solution is called Quikicks and it makes it possible to sketch shoes like you’re a seasoned designer. Hit the jump to see it in action! Designer: Subliminal Design Quikicks Sketching in Action from Austin Scott on Vi

PplusP Designers have designed the 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments in Macau. From the designers The principle concept established for this project at the Mandarin Oriental in Macau, is to embody tranquility at its essence through capturing the elements of nature. The Tree is symbolic of being protective, sheltering and being able to nurture life-giving energy. The idea is to allow its occupants to enter a nature-inspired living space, where they could feel relaxed and safe wit

HSM family house is a modern dwelling built on a budget in kibbutz Yehiam, Israel, where one of the owners of SO Architecture grew up as a child. Made of natural materials like concrete, wood and stone, the residence aims to take in the calm beauty of the site, including views to a beautiful oak forest. The plot came with a slope along its width, generating height differences of one meter end to end. This offered the opportunity “to design a structure that follows the natural slope and ut

Slovenia-based freelance industrial designer Luka Pirnat introduced us to the 360 Shelf, a simple, rotating unit that allows you to create wall color patterns and makes all your favourite things stand out. Change the way you organize your space, books, things and tech and reach out for a beautifully simple and practical solution, easily adjustable under any angle. 360 shelf fits everything and puts it right at your fingertips. User can get more than one 360 shelf and make beautiful shelf patte

One way of looking at the Internet is that it is the largest library ever constructed. Having a library, or a way to store human creativity, is important because any future advancement requires a foundation of accumulated knowledge. Of all the ways humans have come up with for passing on information (oral traditions to the printed), the Internet is the best we’ve created thus far. Yet, only ⅓ of humanity has access to the Internet. Bridging this gap is the Lantern, a portable data receiving dev

That wrist of yours looks empty! Come, let us dress it up with a brand new Nova Watch by Botta-Design. It super sexy and inspired by the hourglass. The watch face of the features two main elements: an hour hand and a 12-hour scale. Powered by a RONDA 704 Swiss Made Movement, the dual-domed sapphire glass with scratchproof antireflective coating, and 44-mm case team together impeccably. Hit the jump to know how you can WIN one! Contest Question: The Nova Watch is available in two colors … To WI

CC Arquitectos have designed El Mirador, a single bedroom home located in Mexico. From the architects El Mirador serves its purpose by being located on one of the land’s edges, where the emblematic lake of the area can be particularly appreciated. Its projection was based on respecting the forest where the pavilion was placed to the maximum, gripping to its topography and reducing its constructive impact. The materials used are from the region, also, railroad ties from old train tra

Designed by Lenci, Light is a Duralight composition which is a patented solid surface composite material that just happens to be pliable. Duralight is exclusive to Tueco and its versatility allows for new and innovative designs such as this amazing light shower. Light also features an enclosed Duralight roof. Sleek and minimalist in aesthetic the enclosed roof is fitted with nozzles that create a rain effect when turned on. Aside from having a "rain" shower, Light also has a water

NASA has developed a $10 billion manned rocket to explore the universe which will embark on a test flight by 2017. Ailish is a futuristic, manned spacecraft design proposal that has been designed to explore the Moon and Mars. The inspiration of Ailish design came from the image of a dynamic, gentle body movement in rhythmic gymnastics. Unfortunately, there’s no more details of this concept, at this moment, we just have to satisfy with these images. Designer : Sunghoon Park Ailish Manned Roc

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