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Take a bow Eco Trash Can, what simple and sensible design! What we have here is a trashcan with strategic grooves to hold plastic bags that can collect your daily trash. The plastic bags that can be used are the ones that you get back home from the grocery stores etc. Different sized bags can be used and there are no restrictions; it makes reuse of small plastic bags a hassle-free experience. Designers: Hu Lingling & Zhang Baoyi - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful conce

German design studio RAUMINRAUM designed the interior of the Jackie Su Thai restaurant in Bremen, Germany. Project description “Urban street Kitchen” is the motto of the small restaurant in Bremen’s city centre. We transported the asian street kitchen character into a contemporary and clear interior architecture. High fair-faced concrete walls with the artwork presenting a smiling Jackie Su, bright red Asian characters as well as the large suspended acoustic ceilings and unclad air-conditio

Loft ESN by Ippolito Fleitz Group embodies an exceptional transformation of an army barracks into a spacious living space in Palmscher Park, Esslingen, Germany. An open and spacious living area with differentiated functional zones and tantalizing visual perspectives was created across 400 square meters. Now when a visitor enters the loft, a wide space opens up along a horizontal and vertical axis. The living area is only separated from the entrance area by an L-shaped filtering curtain. At the

Making a powerful first impression, this contemporary single-floor home in Phoenix, Arizona, helps the owners stay connected to the outdoors at all times.  An infill house in Phoenix’s historic Pierson Place neighborhood, it received its name from the fact that this lot was the last vacant one in the neighborhood and architects of The Ranch Mine saw it as the “missing link”. This is how the story of a house that links a community started. Spreading on a single floor, the volum

The HTC e:volute:on is so named for the innovative features that make it more ergonomic. Specifically, the shape of the edges aim to make it easier to grip naturally and convenient to hold for extended amounts of time. Additionally, the design explores the use of a curved display which also allows the back side to comfortably curve into the user’s palm. Now, for the guts… Screen: 5.5″ Curved Display CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series Processor Operating System: Android L Cam

Mychai is a personal, portable tea maker that helps you get your fix anytime, anywhere! Simply open and load the device with your favorite leaves and select one of four tea categories displayed on top. Then, drop it in 1-2 cups of water and it will automatically start heating to the ideal brewing temperature before dispensing the leaves. When brewing is complete, it scoops up the wet leaves for disposal, leaving you with the perfect cup each time! Designer: Uttara Ghodke - Yanko Desig

RS+ have sent us images of a contemporary house they completed in Tychy, Poland. Project description Roof geometry was dictated by the local legal terms. The building consists of two materially different solids shaped like barns, dividing it into two functional zones. The first, including an open living area, focused on the garden and the second accommodating other functional areas is shifted and rotated toward the entrance to the plot. This procedure allowed to separate the privat

This time of year, Golden Pin Design Award has released the winners of 2014. This Taipei based award has opened its criteria to finally include international companies that design innovative products and projects for Chinese speaking market. So for the first time in 33 years history of the award, entries were submitted by companies from all over the world such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, and China. First time in years, Taiwanese companies have to complete with companies from ot

At first sight, you probably think this Camionnette is a just ordinary delivery van, well, guess what, it’s actually world’s most intimate Martini Bar. Grey Goose has worked together with Ragged Edge, a branding strategist, to deliver the company’s essential story to provide people a place where they can engage in intimate and private way. Inside this van, there’s beautiful, luxurious mini bar that offers uniquely personal Grey Goose Martini experience. Unfortunately, only a few influencers are

All cat lovers out there will be pleased to see sculptural, artistic modern cat houses that not only provide their furry little pets with shelter and climbing fun, but also decorate modern interiors. And when you add a social dimension, you get the best of both worlds. These 14 intricate modern cat houses were especially built by US architects for stray cats. Encouraging donations for FixNation, a Californian spay-neuter nonprofit organization, these modern cat houses inspire a new dimension in

What is a LEED Certified Home?

Posted by freshome 13 days ago (Editorial)

Is a LEED home right for you? Image Source: Jeffers Design GroupLEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program for green building. There are numerous levels and ratings within this certification program that recognize best-in-class building strategies for homes, offices, new construction, schools, hospitals, retail and much more.LEED is designed to be flexible and far-reaching, opening the doors to ALL development projects and allowing them to become more env

Out of the woods and into the home, the Gilka pendant lamp bring a bit of organic style to modern interiors. It’s irregular “branches” grow and descend from the ceiling, ending in LEDs that spotlight living space. Each integrated LED swivels and can be adjusted with a simple push to direct light exactly where desired. Suspended from a wire, the pendant can also be raised and lowered as needed. Designer: Volodymyr Karalyus - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderfu

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