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Want to carry your charcoal grill conveniently? Kikkerland BQ01 Portable BBQ Suitcase might be the perfect unit for you. It’s a high grade stainless steel grill that can accommodate 2 people who love grilling wherever they are. The mess-free ash catcher makes sure that you won’t have to deal with any mesh when you’re done cooking. This unique BBQ suitcase locks and closes securely for easy and safe transport. From : Kikkerland [Buy It Here] Kikkerland BQ01 Portable BBQ Suitcase Is A Perfect P

BestiaNera from T°RED is a concept hybrid bike that was born out of combination of design, innovative, and research. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to bike riding, this hybrid bike offers flexible configuration from sports to urban style. This unique concept offers high performance, lightweight, technology driven bike with provocative and attractive design. It was born to allow you to cruise the city streets easily and run fast on both the road and the track, all you need to d

Inspired by the geometry of polyhedrons, iAN Yen, a product designer, has come up with “12 Faces of Structure” potholder. There are only 5 regular polyhedrons, and dodecahedron is the most stable shape of them. By transferring this interesting geometry to a useful product, it brings them to life. This designer creates a cute potholder for this project, the original shape is combination of 2 halves of dedocahedron, making 6 structure of each of a potholder where you can place the pot on. Designe

The cantilevered upper storey of this house in Katowice, Poland, looks even more dramatic than it really is – because the podium that supports it is camouflaged behind a wall of mirrors (+ slideshow). (more…)

Dezeen promotion: applications are now being accepted for HENN's Design Research Exchange summer residency programme focussing on strategies for high-rise development. (more…)

Owning your own home is freeing, but it certainly catapults you quickly into the adult world of bills, brokers, and banking. Image Source: The 425 GroupAh, home ownership—the dream we all chase. Owning your own home is freeing, but it certainly catapults you quickly into the adult world of bills, brokers, and banking. There are so many things to know before buying a home, and even if you have owned and sold homes in the past, there may be things that your realtor never revealed to you.Her

Designed by David James Architects in Dorset, England, Nairn Road Residence displays a sober modern exterior appearance. The blend of stone, render, glass and aluminium making up the street facade creates visual contrasts with the iroko timber gate. According to the project developers, the residence “meets the client’s brief of creating a contemporary house using natural materials, which will ensure timeless architecture, while still providing privacy from neighboring houses, and has all

The very clever HyeonCheol Lee aims to make the subway ride a very easy experience for all of us. By simply change the way the doors and chairs are arranged, the density level can be dispersed to each direction; meanwhile the total number of seats remains the same. Other improvisations include E-ink displays that run on low electricity and specific spaces for luggage and umbrellas. Designer: HyeonCheol Lee - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the worl

SipaBoards are the latest in SUP board innovation and are there to get you paddling as soon as possible and on the water longer. The barely-audible, self-inflating, electric stand up paddle board features a water jet-propulsion that gives you the extra bit of confidence and ability you need especially when paddling upstream, against the current, or around the bend while enjoying the view like you never have before! Hit the jump to see it in action! Designer: SipaBoards Self-inflating SipaBoar

SHED Architecture & Design were asked by their clients to design a gentle contemporary update for their 1914 Craftsman home in Seattle, with interiors inspired by minimalist Japanese design. continue reading

Pizza … an irresistible Italian food, who doesn’t love pizza??!! We usually eat pizza by hand or some people (mostly European) might use a knife and fork due to formal table manner. However, some pizzas can be a bit floppy to hold with your hand, so, perhaps this what Snežana Jeremić, an industrial designer, tries to solve. Introducing Paperboard for Pizza Slice, Snežana wants to facilitate you when you eat and hold a pizza slice without making your hand messy. The central part of the cardboard

we have featured Echoes of a Nearby Future before, this time, Andries van Overbeeke wants to introduce you to the second part, he even made a cool storyline for this project. You can read his explanations below. As an artist and designer it is my task to visualize what is yet to be seen. To explore ideas that linger in the community and listen to the friction people experience with the status quo, and the desires they feel for the direction of development. In ‘Echoes of a Nearby Future’ I disti

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