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The Laiki Lefkothea project is a contemporary residence with original design twists, developed by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio in Limassol, Cyprus. With a bold facade, the new house stands out in a countryside neighborhood, perfectly suited for family living. Natural materials such as wood and stone are showcased both outside and inside, for a calm and pleasant living environment. This is a clear case of “form embraces function”, as many elements used in the construction draw atten

Some think interior design is all about playing with fabrics and furnishings, making everything pretty and perfect. Image Source: Andrew FlesherThere is a falsehood (or should we say many falsehoods) among the general population as to what an interior designer actually does, or why we should hire them.Some think interior design is all about playing with fabrics and furnishings, making everything pretty and perfect. And some think that design is only what they see on popular television shows and

Cling is a versatile hanger concept that stands out for simultaneously enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of the hanger. The minimalistic design utilizes a strong magnet that not only gives it a cleaner look but is also better for clothing racks as it distributes the weight differently. Display your prized clothing in style and have your closet looking cooler than ever! Designer: HANGDSGN - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE

If you thought “hey… that looks like bubble wrap” then you’re right! Fragile by Studio Meddle finds a correlation between glass and the plastic popping material which inspired the designers after using it consistently to wrap their work. Both are delicate and only usable until they’ve been smashed! The result is an artistic piece of glassware with a playful familiarity that invites the viewer to touch and explore. Just don’t pop it! Vid after the jump. Desig

This funky love sofa will appeal to your sense of romance the second you lay eyes on it. It's a perfect love sofa built for two. Wouldn't you like to snuggle up into this sofa with your favorite person right now? Available in a wide array of cushion colors and upholstery patterns, the sofa is molded foam on a metal frame. It would be fantastic in the media room for watching TV. And it would be equally at home in the bedroom, with a floor lamp, for reading. Or perhaps on the outdoor patio in fro

These high definition artisan tiles are inspiring some bold walls and floors! These porcelain tiles are available in a vast array of colors. The choice of design is all yours. The floor, the wall and why stop there? Why not the ceiling if you want? By 41zero42, the U-Color Collection is made up of cold-glazed, small porcelain tiles, produced in small lots. Designed to mimic worn wood - the combinations are endless. You can zig, you can zag, you can stripe if you like. Choose the more neutral pa

This shipping crate furniture called Krate, by Karpenter, is some of the nicest recycled furniture we've seen. Of course, Karpenter is the King of recyclables - check out their recycled teak wood furniture that we wrote about some time ago. And now, Krate has arrived. Made 100% FSC certified reclaimed mixed wood, you know you're helping the environment when you choose this collection. Karpenter, of course, is one of the most environmentally responsible furniture manufacturers in the world. And

Blocks Modular Smartwatches should be our future. Well, who doesn’t love it when you can actually build the function of your watch according to you need. Each block of the strap has different function, you can snap those blocks together to create your own personal, unique wearable device. If you love outdoors, you might want to build a watch with blocks that can be your reliable guide during your adventures. You can use environment block that helps you to monitor your surroundings, giving you i

Hello industrial designers, have you checkout the past winners of A’Design Awards and Competition? If you haven’t, then you should, because you might be inspired to come up with better solutions. If you are a fresh graduate designer, you definitely should consider submit your best project to this competition. It’s a great platform for designers, innovators, and companies from all around the world to highlight their works and attract the attention of publishers, media, and eve

Our ears interpret a range of audio frequencies different way, just as human has unique fingerprints, each person has different way of perceiving sounds. Aumeo Audio is a pocket sized audio device that allows you to personalize your audio experience. It is equipped with award winning technology to map your hearing sensitivity to different sounds and adjust your music based on your audio profile. It sounds pretty cool isn’t it? Can you imagine that you can listen a tailored audio to custom fit y

The Woollahra House by Tzannes Associates is located in a compact urban site in Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by gardens on all sides, the residence is a creative merger of open and enclosed spaces, always in close connection to the landscape: “The character of a house in a garden is immediately apparent through its soft presentation to the street with the only built structures being the entry gate and garage. The new house was positioned to maximize access to northern light. To achieve t

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