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I’m not much of a biking person, but I’m sure you will connect and resonate with this Future Racing Bike concept. Designed with the intention of making a smoother, faster ride, the bike is high on ergonomics and sporting a frame that will be easy to maneuver. Inspired by the various functions of paper, the bike also features innovative aspects like the pedals and Designer: Pei Wuyang - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more

Inspired by the process of Marquetry, which gives its name to the project, The TWIN is a classy piece of tool to own. It’s the kind of tool that will add spice to any kitchen. Refined and unique in it’s own way; the knife inspires home chefs like me to get cooking! What do you say? Designer: Quentin Salliot - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Kni

Design studio Manifiesto Futura created the naming, identity and interior design for Canalla, a Mexican taco restaurant in San Pedro, Mexico. From the designers Canalla is a Mexican taco joint where a walking ranger would stop by. It was an opportunity of working with our traditional and most famous fast food – the taco – and get rid of the Mexican cliché. The color palette and the typography selection gets along with the raw materials we used in the interiors. Desi

Despite its contemporary look and feel, Mackay Terrace Residence in Brisbane, Australia is a response to the architectural character of its neighborhood. The team at Shaun Lockyer Architects developed a generously-sized home answering the modern living needs of the owners, while showing respect for the aesthetics of the streetscape: “The house explores an industrial approach along with ideas of transparency and volume to creatively articulate the living spaces and interrelationship betwee

Maximizing kitchen space while allowing creativity to take central stage is something we all strive for. When it comes to our very own “heart of the home”, we tend to care more if we actually spend time in the kitchen. A unique kitchen island concept with an inviting built-in sofa might get your creativity juices flowing when you think about renovating the cooking space. The Myers Touch responded to their clients wish of having a kitchen that gathers views across the garden with thi

The Dotdotdot is a device that helps the visually impaired to get around shopping without any trouble or dependency. Designed as a barcode scanner, the device tells the user the cost in Braille and additional information (product name, manufacturer name, weight or size, cost) by sound. By turning it on, the system automatically provides store layout information as well. Dotdotdot is a 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner. Designer: Woojin Chung - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore

Designed for Melex, this series of EVs focuses on modular construction around a base chassis to fulfill 3 distinct functions for users with varying requirements. The first is a standard golf cart- stylish, cozy & comfortable for a relaxing day on the green. The next is for industrial purposes- layered in durable materials & cargo holds for completing tasks in various industrial environments. Lastly, the multi-terrain version features a fine-tuned drive, oversized traction tires, mud gua

Architect Maria Jose Trejos has designed Casa Incubo, a home made from eight shipping containers, that serves as both a residential space and workspace. From the architect This design was conceived as a modular concept with eight reusable 40’ High Cube containers, united by a central two-story module that serves as the unifying element for the rest of the spaces. This articulating space is highly versatile and can serve various purposes, both as a social area and workspace: the house “gets d

YotaPhone 2 is here, it’s world’s first smartphone that features dual screens: front and back. You can enjoy reading time up to 100 hours and interact with Android apps on both 4.7-inch screens, this smartphone is ready to play by your rules. You can keep up with all your schedules, notifications, and information without unlocking your phone, the customizable panels offer always-on screen with state-of-the-art widgets. One thing that gets really interesting, this phone promises to provide you w

By the year of 2030, it is expected that urban areas would increase to more than 8.1 billion, almost 60% of the world population. As our mega cities become highly dense and more complex, we need better transportation system with high efficiency. m.U.C a.k.a Maglev Urban Commuter is a design proposal for our future urban transportation. With growing demand of mobility in mega city populations, it can lead to 2 urgent problems: shortage of fossil fuels and limitation of urban space. This project

The Rural Building Company designed and built a captivating family home in Darlington, Australia. A home built for the enjoyment of its inhabitants is exemplified in the panoramic Marri View Residence as gathering vistas from all angles. This beautiful display home in Australia opens the road to creating customized homes where you feel like a piece of the puzzle added to the whole. Past inviting double French doors, the welcoming living space opens to views of the street. Bold and transparent,

The right windows add essential pops of personality to any home. Image Via: Donald A. Gardner ArchitectsLet’s be honest, when in the market for new windows, odds are the bulk of your focus is on finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and price point. Many of us barely sneak a glance at the window rating label, if at all. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hardly acknowledge that such a label even exists, at least until you realize how much money your currant windows could be costing you.Ener

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