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Hey… The father, son, and holy ghost need an upgrade too. Neo-Gothic architecture can get on your nerves after two millennia. WVA Architects (the guys who made this) gave the church a much needed revisit with a very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish vibe. Designed on a waterfront, the Zhangjiagang church just epitomizes “pristine”. The holy trinity is reinforced by the three structures/buildings within the church grounds.All in all, I really like the modern reimagination. The new steeple

Ubco 2×2 is an electric utility bike that uses dual electric drive to help you with your work outdoors. It features a powerful yet lightweight “SuperX” frame that offers you great low speed control for stock handling when you’re doing your urban jobs. This bike has load capacity of up to 200kg and ability to adapt as you need it. It’s a utility bike, it’s been designed to be ready for any situation with attachment points for carrying variety of equipment your might need on your work The du

Camping is not complete without carrying cooking gear. Once you use Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you might not want to camp without it. It’s a compact, portable grill that makes great companion when you traveling. Even though it’s a compact grill, it actually offers pretty spacious area for grilling, large enough to grill 4 medium steaks at the same time. This unit is solidly engineered without any nuts or bolts, the porcelain enameled coating helps to prevent rust and fading. You c

25 Essential Home Products Under $25

Posted by freshome 18 days ago (Editorial)

From tiny desk accessories to pans that cook entire meals, some key home essentials are too useful, too stylish or too much fun to pass up. The best part? They won’t break your budget. Check out 25 of our favorite home products that come in under $25.1. For Those Who Need Help Remembering To Water: Watering CanIf you’re like us, you may neglect watering your plants until they get a little droopy. Put a stylish watering can — such as this one from Esschert — in plain view and you might find the

Recently designed by Envelope Architects, House at Poh Huat Road is a private home in Singapore displaying an original architecture. The client’s brief requested a perfect indoor-outdoor connection, coupled with an organic feel of the building: “Hence, the scheme not only has to bring the outside in but also create a controlled disorder in the tight space. By inserting a central void, the design creates a light well that enables the creation of internal facades, allowing the archite

Apart from looking cool, gas masks do a pretty good job of suffocating us. What do you expect if you put a sheet of cloth against your face though? Designer Yeo Ruifeng has a nifty approach to this problem. Remove the filter and replace it with an invisible coating that’s free. Air! The very stuff we inhale! The BREATHE mask creates an “air curtain” (yes, it exists) around the nose and mouth. The clever thing is you’re still breathing in purified air. Bad air is sucked i

From books to money, there are some 20,000 identifiable uses for paper around the world and the Paper Push-Scooter is the latest! This manufactured material of extraordinary application was used almost exclusively to create the base and even the wheels! The rest is largely PVC with a few nuts and bolts here and there. The total to make? About $15!Designer: Arjun Agarwal

One of reasons why some people still prefer to use glass milk bottles is that it won’t leak any harmful chemicals to your drink unlike plastics. These bottles are easy to clean and absorb no odors or flavors. However, glass bottles are fragile, that’s why Meshbottle is created to eliminate all those issues.. Inspired by vintage European “soda water” mesh sleeves, Meshbottle is covered with a silicone mesh, which provides grip, reduces the risk of breakage and gives it a hip look. Yo

What happens when a boat builder and a programmer meet? You see the result here: Auto Boat. This project was born out of collaboration between Will Reed, a boat builder and Jonas Jongejan, a programmer. Featuring Featuring wanted to bring an experience rather than just a seat for the exhibition of “Out of the Woods: Adventures of 12 Hardwood Chairs” at the Victoria & Albert Museum. This exhibition aims to develop a life cycle analysis of every project in the exhibition for AHEC. Auto Boat i

Garden Igloo 360 Geodesic Dome is a multipurpose dome that can add a nice touch to any outdoor living space. It can function as your garden storage, playground, greenhouse, and many more, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. This dome is designed for both as a winter garden or a summer canopy, you can create comfortable outdoor shelter in a form of an igloo. This unit comes with easy-to-follow step by step instruction guide, you can assembly this unit without any tools or hel

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