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Skaffa Wood Random modular bookcases give any room an open atmosphere feeling. With the white and light wood you get a sense of airiness, nothing heavy about this book case at all. It makes a great room divider but it's equally fantastic flush to a wall. The wood is laminated solid ash - with a gloss finish. The wood is protected but at the same time, you can feel the grain and the natural roughness. It's super-easy to put together with just a few screws and simple instruction sheet. Built in I

This is packaging design for legendary brand Ermenegildo Zegna. Zegna brand is distinguished by high quality material and exquisite design, Extreme Twins is a unique concept packaging because it combines two aromas in one bottle. Morning and evening fragrance gives people confidence and attractiveness any time of day, this creates an emotional connection between a user and product. It is very important to create design. Two glass bottle is fixed of the wooden pillars and packed with glass smoot

Eve is a concept car as part of design study dedicated to Citroen. Andruş Ciprian presents you a new concept car that aims to create a new beginning for Citroen hybrid model. It’s a 2-seats sport model with fluid shape with elongated rear body where rear-view camera would probably be integrated here since it would be hard to see anything behind the car. I want to present you a new concept car. It is a concept for Citroen named Citroen EVE. Its purpose is to create a new beginning for Citroen by

Regardless of your closet’s size, the most important component is organization. Here are some closet organization ideas that create a functional, gorgeous space that’s uncluttered and has designated spots for everything.“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” — Albert EinsteinBefore you get started with adding fixtures and getting your closet organized, pull out all your clothing and accessories and edit them down. Limit the items in your closet to pieces that you love

Spreading over 650 square meters, this imposing dream home rises in Mexico City, promises this bustling urban community a modern take on possible lifestyles. Known as Casa Sierra Leona, the home in the colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, just outside Mexico City, has risen is the shape of a modern juxtaposition of volumes. Greenery rising up the walls in the garden creates an ever uplifting feeling of freedom. Floor-to-ceiling windows opening the interiors to the outdoors bomb the eye with inspiring

This pink statement chair is such an unusual look. Something sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Made with metal rods, it's a real art piece. Twisting and turning, interlacing - yet all in a manner that makes for comfortable seating. The UOVO Sdraiato chair is modeled after the shape of an egg, and thus the name (UOVO means egg in Italian). Every single piece of metal is welded by hand. And although it's not one of a kind - it's two of a kind. Available in two styles. And the bonu

Kisai Blade Wood Link LED Watch is the wood version of Kisai Blade Turbine. It features the same rotating LED time display but this time it is concealed behind gorgeous dark sandalwood surface. It also features Kisai Link where you can pair it with your smartphone, perfectly integrated into the strap so that you can answer call, receive text message or email, get social alerts directly to your wrist. This minimalist LED watch design features 2 modes time display: Turning Mode and Flashing Mode.

Submitted by Ufuk Seçgel, Chela is a heavy duty concept vehicle for forestry industry. You can read his explanation below. Chela is a remote controlled heavy duty vehicle designed with the aim to increase safety in the industry of forestry. It is specialized for transporting manually felled trees on steep slopes and other hazardous terrains, where it is dangerous for manned vehicles to work. Chela can do this transportation in three ways: with its grabbers,telescopic arm or carrying it on its f

Coastal living concept has been unveiled by BMT Asia Pacific that offers you unique experience, more than style and luxury. SeaScape is concept of floating villas that boast open air spaces and clean lines, each villa is housed on stylized triangular pontoon base where guests can choose to enjoy a standalone villa or combine each module to create a larger integrated complex. Modules can connect together edge to edge, creating a number of possible arrangements. In 2013, BMT developed a series of

The living room is one of the most public spaces in your home. It’s where you invite guests and where you can express your personality to friends and family alike. Whether you prefer a bold, vibrant vibe or something more relaxing and mellow, your living room should be as unique as you are.One simple way to inject more personality into your living room is with a simple coat of paint. Paint is a versatile medium that can do so much for your overall design without breaking your budget. Get

Spreading over 247 square meters, this contemporary house in Vilnius, Lithuania, was designed with details in mind. See how the the first floor deck has a cantilevered overhang with round cut-outs to let sunshine through? And see how the interiors are protected with horizontal blinds? Details like this help flood interiors with the perfect amount of light.A team of three architects – Alda Tilvikaitė , Milda Rekevičienė and Lukas Rekevičius from Aketuri Architektai R

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