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The project Nethuns 80 has been designed and developed to navigate in any weather condition. The concept grew from the desire to sail safely and travel not only in the Mediterranean Sea. Nethuns 80 offers a comfortable yacht for charter, falling under the classification of yachts in the 24m, allowing you to have on board spacious interiors and comfortable outdoor areas. The choice of a high bow is due to the functional requirement of having large interior spaces, but also by the need to navigat

Carpet, it’s such a simple name for this beautiful object made by Stephanie Langard. Television was used to allow us to get together, having fun, creating a bond, unfortunately, new technologies keep us apart and isolated from others. In fact, members of the same family who live under the same roof might talk to each other using phones instead of face to face. Carpet has been designed to explore the possibility to bring back these bonds between family and friends. It’s an object with a primitiv

Waverley Street House by Klopper & Davis Architects is a striking architecture conversion from a small bungalow into a contemporary family home in Perth, Australia. According to the developers, the overall design takes advantage of the project’s location “on a laneway to re-orient access and casual urban interaction towards this lane. This includes moving the front door around the house and off the lane, and providing a broad open window to the lane encouraging interaction with

Homeownership offers a lot of freedom, but comes with an equal amount of responsibility. Image Via: Lochwood-Lozier Custom HomesMost people know they’d like to own a home eventually. That aspiration is certainly admirable, but in our experience, it often leads to a whole other set of questions. Such as: How do you know when is the right time to become a homeowner? Conversely, how do you know if homeownership is right for you after all?We hate to break it to you, but only you can know for sure.

One of the biggest problems with a bike is its portability. Ironic?! Right. You can’t carry the conventionally designed cycles in trains easily. It takes more than just some bend and shift to fold bikes and which is why we have a very new direction to the design with the Kit Bike. Designed to be a bike in a bag, the wheels and parts completely dismantle and pack into a backpack! Features: Built from simple twist joints and hollow tubes all mounted from one side. Consists of simple twist joints

My friend has a cat. The cat has a scratching post. It looks like a stick wrapped in twine. The cat uses it but my friend keeps it tucked away in the corner of his living room because it’s fugly. Nobody got time for that. That’s why I’m excited to see our pal James Owen has put his Leo cat scratching post up on Kickstarter! Constructed of a wood scratching column with a polished 11” diameter aluminum base. The smooth and sculptural form is timeless. It is designed to fit into

Daniel Ciocazanu of DOOI Studio designed a contemporary villa in Bucharest, Romania. From the architect This villa’s story and execution are simple: a meeting, a life story, a companionship, but not just any kind of companionship. Since the very beginning, we discovered that both us and the owner enjoy sensible, refined architectures, those that are full of light, that know how to read the site and topography, the depths of the field, that experience nature in its generic dimensio

Satyendra Pakhale designed the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator to be a plug in and portable heater that is meant to warm up spaces close to the user - perfect for under a desk or next to a cozy chair. Kangeri Nomadic Radiator has its muse in the nomadic radiator used for centuries by the Kashmin people in Northern India. Called a Kanger, which is a pot filled with hot embers, it is usually held beneath their traditional clothing to keep warm. The Kanger is an object of cultural importance

Over the past two years, architect Robert Mills (Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers) and his yoga-enthusiast spouse, Lucinda Mills, have created a sophisticated yoga and Pilates emporium in Melbourne’s South Yarra neighbourhood. The business, One Hot Yoga, is divided into four studios that occupy space at three addresses. Studio 1 (One Hot Yoga) is at 36 River Street, Studio 2 (One Hot Yoga and Mat Pilates) is at 46 River Street, and right next door at 48 River Street is th

If you love Tetris or Jenga, you probably would love Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge. It’s like the combination of Tetris and Jenga with a twist, it levitates, making the challenge even more difficult. So yeah, Hoverkraft was inspired by old-school building game, but this time, players have to carefully stack pieces on a levitated platform. Thanks to magnetic repulsion, these game developers manage to design and develop unique gameboard that defies gravity. Just like Jenga, the las

Auto rickshaws needs to be developed to take the step into the 21-century. Therefore a project was started by University of Gujrat Product Design Department where a Modular car concept was developed in collaboration with Sazgar Company Ltd.; which is a Pakistani manufacturer of auto rickshaws Company. To develop a new product in the modern world one of the most important challenges is class of the users. As for the automotive industries this challenge has a great importance since the outcome ca

Well is a unique light inspired by traditional water wells. As you can from below photos, the light takes the same principle of well with its wooden handle mechanism, winding rope to adjust the depth of the bulb inside the container. The glass container has been designed to look like a bucket that we usually use when taking water from a well. The gradient color of the container creates different effect when you adjust the light bulb position. Designer : MEJD Studio Modern Well Glass Lig

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