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Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, ML Apartment by Le Studio is a crib especially designed for a small active family. Upon consulting with the client, the designer realized that the owner and his 4-year-old son were always full of energy, quite easily bored and had a particular dislike of stationary spaces: “In this case, a trend-led approach would not be ideal since one would never be able to satisfy the client’s preference permanently, or it would be very difficult to rebuild this apartment com

Perched above a steep cliff in Tunquén, Chile, the Mirador House by Gubbins Arquitectos offers the family living here daily encounters with majestic rocks, the sea and the seagulls: “We imagined the house project Mirador, elevated from the terrain, which allows us to see both the land and the sea at once. Because of its location and architecture, the house can be seen from far away both from the field and from the coast, highlighting the main floor supported by a smaller base volume, show

BLOBY aims to give new parents a break by minimizing the amount of accessories needed when it comes to feeding time. The easy-to-use formula system consists of three main parts: a simple powder measuring unit, ergonomic nozzle and vessel with a small built-in heater. After allocating the correct amount of formula, simply drop it in the vessel, press the button to initiate heating and wait for the green light to indicate when the mixture has been heated to the appropriate temperature.Designers:

This one man machine called AirDiv aims to give its driver the most versatile experience whether it’s cabin cruising or an all out (literally) thrill ride! The driver can choose between 4 increasingly adrenaline-pumping drive modes: basic with a straightforward seating position, accelerated with the driver positioned forward and closer to the road, bike mode with the driver situated almost entirely face down with their head facing out the open air, and diving mode with the driver removed

Architect Aarón Carrillo of Carrillo Architects and Associates imagined a stunning cantilevered home built on a trapezoidal plot of land in Temozón, on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Spreading over 1,167 square meters, this cantilevered home was named the Temozón House after its location. The street facade showcases little of what is to be found inside. And when I say inside, I mean in this captivating indoor-outdoor environment.Because the Temozón House promotes a lifestyle that is lived bo

Luxury interior design is the defining trait of this bewildering residence located in London, England. Portraying a posh atmosphere, the stylish details making up this home’s floor-plan were all gathered under an imposing name: “The Bromptons”. Recently completed to suit a lifestyle of indulgence, relaxation and entertaining while at home, this spectacular London home was imagined and completed by Roselind Wilson Design.Inspiring with a design driven by the client’s life

The Smart Magic Wand is a smart docking station and doubles up as a portable printer and scanner. It’s the kinda device that makes you think … why is this not in the market as yet! Convenient and ready to use anywhere, I can see this being hounded for instant email printouts to selfie pics.Designer: NamGyun-Kim

Combining the functions of an electronic watch, an indicator, and a whistle, the Time Whistle hopes to be the ultimate match tool for a football Referee. Easier said than done, because given the high passion and spirit of the game, too much precision in decision may not go down well with the fans! A little bit of mind games is good!Time Whistle is a 2014 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.Designers: Prof. Bao Haimo, Xu Kun, Bao Jiacheng, Cui Weijian, Feng Ming, Li Caoyang, Qiao Song, Wang Yan

Branto, a camera with 360-degree vision, it’s a little wireless smart home system that does more than just watching your home. This little device offers free communication, security, and control over your other home devices, just like a smart assistant. Designed to be your home’s mind and soul, Branto gives you full remote presence and security feeling, thanks to 360-degree vision, you can always checkout your home whenever, wherever you are. Easy to setup, all you need is download the smartpho

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