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The Seg Sac is the ultimate accessory to an active lifestyle! This organizational stuff-sack fits inside any backpack or duffel bag, allowing travelers and hikers to find what they need quickly. Whether you are trekking in the mountains or hostel hopping, the Seg Sac will keep you organized throughout your journey. No more mess in the bottom of your bag and missing the sunset. Besides being ultralight and incredibly durable, it also folds to the size of a dollar when not in use. With just 4

Here’s one for Brits and Geologists alike! Designed to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Britain based design studio Another Country, the Jurassic Light 117 is a part of the company’s ‘Dorset Series’ of designs, showcased at the London Design Week.Probably the most iconic visual of Dorset is the Durdle Door; a naturally occurring arch created by coastal erosion. The Durdle Door forms an integral part of Dorset’s coastline, and is depicted in the Jurassic Light’

Smartphones are too complicated for you? MP01 is coming for Christmas. This is a much simpler phone that doesn’t demand much from you, it focuses on what matters as a phone, nothing more. it’s a simple mobile phone for smart communicators. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get distracted by social media notifications, games, and many different apps. This phone does mobile phone basic functions: calling and texting, you won’t have to deal with multiple alerts, status updates, and so on

Frontier Plus is an innovative portable woodburning stove that you can install in tents, tiny house, teepees, or outside for efficient outdoor cooking and heating. The whole set packs down to a portable size, making it easy to carry on your outdoor adventure. Setting it up is also very easy, it takes just minutes and you are ready to cook with multiple pans at once on the top. You can choose to remove the top late for direct heat or replace it for a more even heat. This portable stove features

Hyundai has showcased its latest high performance sub-brand N during 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo represents Hyundai’s ability to enhance its high performance DNA, even though it’s designed for virtual game, the team paid attention to the very details. This ultimate concept car offers unique perspective on future performance characteristics, it’ll be available exclusively to PlayStation Gran Turismo video game series. The powertrain of this futuris

Michele De Lucchi & Produzione Privata joined ideas to design this colorful Milan apartment, located in a traditional old dwelling within the city. The cozy home is located on the third floor of the building, overlooking a peaceful inner courtyard. Several important features were preserved: “The original hardwood beams and planks have been recovered from the ceiling; the floors were completely redone with the traditional wooden slats; the bathroom was enhanced with a coating of limest

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro

Posted by freshome 64 days ago (Editorial)

Learn to paint your wood, metal or laminate kitchen cabinets like a pro! Image Source: Modern KitchenIf you’re like most people, your cabinets take up the most visible space in your kitchen. That’s great when they’re in good shape; but if they aren’t as beautiful as they could be, we’ll show you how to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro.Sure, you could replace your cabinetry, but that’s a pricey undertaking. Just as painting the walls can refresh a room, painting your cabinets can make your

A while ago we spoke about the GekkoPod, right here on Yanko Design. This extremely smart mount is now live and available at CKIE. The beauty about this lil guy is that it grips on to your device (phone, camera, GoPro etc.) and at the same time steadies it as a mount.The GekkoPod advantage is that it allows you to take pictures from tricky angles that were earlier impossible. Constructed from metal and silicone, the flexible design allows you to fashion the ‘legs’ in many creative ways.We asked

Wayyyyy back when, we featured a unique flat-pack folding lamp and now it’s back and better than before! Like the original origami-inspired design, the new Folding Lamp gets the individual involved in the creative process. Created from 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel, users shape the lamp themselves by playing with the order and angle of each fold. The light shining through the dotted lines and folds makes for a unique decorative lighting solution and in 6 color variations (or optional C

The world of music should be accessible to everyone, that’s why F008 Tokyo Music Centre has been designed with a full transparent building structure. This unique transparent solitaire offers nice views into the inner workings of the building to give passer-by the feeling just by take a look in. Classical and Jazz music should be restricted to the elite, hidden behind walls, it should be something for all people. Designer : Fly Architecture This building highlights the concert hall on the top

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