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INDEED Innovation developed “the social barbecue” on behalf of the Scandinavian product developer Unikia. The device is available under the brand name “Well Done” since early July. “Together – not alone” would be an appropriate slogan to describe this product innovation. The elegant charcoal barbecue for table use strongly differentiates itself through its social aspect. In contrast to conventional charcoal barbecues, there is no need for a “grill

Claydon Reeves Aeroboat is an elegant and luxurious speedboat inspired by the Spitfire WW II fighter plane. It reminds you of the thrill of flying while staying on water. This 48-foot boat features Rolls-Royce engine at its heart, it’s as superyacht at the cost of £3-million. It’s been designed and developed with the same speed and sophisticated elegance of the Rolls Royce and of course, it has the characteristic of the Spitfire. The company claims that Aeroboat is one of the fastest and most e

Keyboardless keyboard, hm…this is a concept that raises an eyebrow. AirType, just like its name suggests, allows you to type on virtually any surface. Why? because typing on mobile device sucks, oh yeah, we all know the pain. Currently, this innovative device is at early prototype stage, a unique keyboard that fits in the palm of your hand. Thank you to its smart app, it learns the finger movements you make to get the letters that you want. You can type on any surface just like typing on a keyb

This astounding home located on a half acre lot in Silicon Valley was imagined as a re-interpretation of traditional shapes corrupted by the need to live a comfortable, low maintenance lifestyle in privacy and alongside family and friends. Designed by architects Spiegel Aihara Workshop, the home known as Low/Rise House uses the principles of traditional Californian ranch house and farm tower to create a high life through modern design. Natural ventilation and solar energy use are two of the ho

Why People Need to Hire A Closet Organizer

Posted by freshome 15 days ago (Editorial)

A professional closet organizer could create this amazing modern closet for you. Image Source: LA Closet Design” I absolutely cannot find anything to wear!”  Does this sound familiar? We stand there staring at a closet chock-full of clothes, shoes, scarves, ties and belts— yet we have nothing to wear. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just walk into your closet and easily find your favorite black pants and that perfect shirt to match—without a lot of stress or the time-suc

Like the impenetrable city with which it shares a name, the Troy concept utility vehicle is designed to protect its precious cargo over a variety of terrain types for amateur and professional expeditions alike. Designed for researchers but equally appealing for nature lovers, photographers, adventure-seekers and more, its cabin interior sleeps 4-5 persons with additional room for cargo and tools as well as creature comforts like a dining table, kitchenette, bathroom, and shower. Its rough on th

For a good part we can credit Apple for redesigning the calculator, more as a swanky app than as a product. To take it into the real world, we have here the Calculator 2.0, a device that breaks away from the boring, boxy object to being something trendy. Take a look at the aesthetics and simplistic design. Designer: Nikhil Kapoor - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE stor

Turkish design studio Autoban have designed the new terminal at Azerbaijan’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Project description Bearing all the hallmarks of the multidisciplinary studio’s experimental, genre-defying approach, the contemporary interiors overturn airport conventions of cavernous space and impersonal experience. Taking inspiration from Azerbaijani hospitality, Autoban’s Red Dot award-winning design spans the entirety of the terminal’s pass

Taku Tanku is a cool little house constructed out of 3,000-liter water tanks. It’s an extremely light house that can be carried by one or two person, by bicycle, by car, or by boat. This project was especially designed and engineered as part as “Little House” competition in Saitama, Japan. Taku Tanku is able to travel through many landscapes, up to 2-3 users can enjoy this shelter, especially outdoors. Aside from being companion to your great adventure, this little house also serves as a sculpt

BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster represents a modern interpretation of the classic BMW motorcycle. Just like any typical BMW roadster, it is equipped with powerful 2-cylinder boxer engine, single-sided swing arm with cardan drive, and a light tubular frame. It looks exciting as well as to ride and for BMW aficionados, you would know that BMW boxer engine always provides impressive performance and great power across the entire engine speed range. This latest generation is able to generate impressiv

Coffee lovers like it hot, but in warmer weather, it would be great to enjoy a cool cup of iced coffee. So, instead of making a hot cup of joe, let’s use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker to make freshly brewed coffee cool. We know how we like our coffee, with this device, you can make a chilled coffee without having to wait in line at a coffee shop. You can pour fresh brewed coffee into this grab-and-go mug, add a special insulating sleeve, in only minutes, your coffee will be chilled into perfection, ye

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a municipal museum for modern art and owns a fine collection of works by artists such as Karel Appel, Lucebert, Constant and Corneille.  MVRDV recently transformed this impressive museum in The Netherlands into an appealing space for displaying art as well as for relaxation. The focal point of the project is a neoclassical Giudici chapel, which until recently stood neglected. The transformation unites all the demanded programme in a series of large book shelves, whi

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