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Overlooking expansive views of the massive Andes and the awe-inspiring valley of Santiago, this House in Vitacura, Chile, send shivers down your spine. Massive in scale and showcasing a fascinating focal point rounded to shape the interior courtyard, the hillside family home gathers panoramic views of the surroundings with every chance it gets. Spreading over 983 square meters, the brainchild of Izquierdo Lehmann architects flaunts an inspiring sequence of spaces imagined for relaxation when no

Spanish artist Maximo Riera‘s extravagant and almost surreal furniture pieces makes us constantly wonder what the designer will come up with next. After his former hits Walrus Chair, Rhino Chair, Octopus Chair and Elefant Chair (featured on Freshome a while back), the Hippopotamus Chair adds up to the line of majestic seating units. Just like  the rest of the animal pieces envisioned by Riera, this creation seems to baffle the mind with its impressive volume and accurate detailing. Here i

Some of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 are: a range of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen, durable sapphire display, slimmer bezel, thinner chassis and 128GB storage capacity. While we still have to wait for the real announcement, lets take a look at yet another Apple iPhone 6 Concept phone that looks groovy. Designers: Tomas Moyano & Nicolàs Aichino - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. S

Anyone who works in the audio/sound industry has heard of the Sennheiser HD25-1 headphones; they’re the professionals choice, but have yet to break into the consumer market due to their overtly utilitarian & basic appearance. Cyprium is an exploration into how these high-end headphones could win the hearts of consumers and audiophiles with styling that’s worthy of Sennheiser’s unrivaled audio quality, background noise isolation and robustness. And win your heart they will!

AR Design Studio have recently completed the extension and refurbishment of an existing house on the outskirts of Winchester, England. Project description Nestled along a leafy lane on the outskirts of Winchester sits Kilham House. Once a tired building with a confusing layout, the house now boasts a contemporary update that really transforms the house into the five-bedroomed family home that it desperately needed to be. A grand, double-height entrance guides you into the building, imm

If you’ve forgotten Kuranku Watch, then this Switch Watch might remind you again. It is designed by the same designer, well actually Switch watch has been designed based on comments and critics from many people on the fragility of the crank. For this redesigned watch, Patrick decided to make the handle much more muscular. Time is displayed normally in digits, but you need to push the handle up to activate the LEDs. Do you think this cool design is worth the impractical practice of swinging the

Aquakit has been designed to help numbers of villagers in Turkey that still live without water plumbing systems. These people still have to manually carry water from nearby fountains (or not so near) back and forth several times in a day. Aquakit offers an affordable and durable system that improves the life standards of these people by addressing their needs of carrying, storing and using water. The system components are stackable containers, tap attachments, stands that elevate the containers

Pelty High Quality Audio Speaker features a unique way to power itself, it’s one of its kind. It’s innovative technology allows this device to powered exclusively by a wax candle, yes, powered by fire. Thanks to a patented technology based on Peltier effect, this device is able to transform thermal energy of the fire into electric to turn on the speaker and amplify the music. There’s no messy cable, its wireless Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled device easily. Th

With sweeping views over Port d’Andratx, it is fair to say that this Spanish Villa has one of the most privileged locations in Mallorca for those in search of a highly modern way of living. Spotted by Freshome on Home Designing, the five-bedroom residence has a total surface of 900 square meters and boasts an infinity pool with lounge furniture, sauna with fitness area, a separate guest house and a double garage. Its most striking feature is the swimming pool waterfall, an entertaining focal po

We’re used to SAOTA‘s impressive and imposing residences and pleased to see each of them unravel before our virtual eyes. This time we’ll be admiring a fascinatingly transparent Lake House in Geneva, Switzerland. Attracting the eye with an unusual architecture, the building acts as both a residence and an office. The client is a fan of the illustrious architecture team and this 2,800 sqm family home and office is the 4th home SAOTA has designed for him. The owner can boast abo

Mind Power is potent and it can manipulate or simulate circumstances that may seem fictitious and surreal. Based on this premise is the plate and glass combo of the ‘SET TO MIMIC’ tableware. The idea is to put a microchip in us, which interacts with our brain cells so that it can register smells, tastes and textures of our favorite food. When bland or ‘health foods’ are placed on the plate, the microchip manipulates our senses to feel as if we are eating our favorite food. For example, you coul

On the first glance, you can think of the ‘Life Trail Traffic Signs’ as standard road signs. However, they can quickly change to evacuation signs, should the need arise. The signs feature sensors that automatically activate when disaster warning alert is triggered from the Disaster Prevention Center. The signs adjust to show the most efficient route to the nearest shelter. Much needed! Life Trail is a 2014 international design excellence award – Finalist Designers: Ma Hui-Chuan, Cheng Yan

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