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Queel & Company’s not-so-utilitarian Spool Dock blurs the line between modern home decor and electronic accessory. Crafted in the USA from sustainable North American white oak, merino felt wool and a weighted metal base, this stylish charging dock is as sophisticated as it is warm and natural. Better yet, it also doubles as a convenient cable organizer that allows users to swivel docked devices with the touch of a finger! Get it here. Designer: Quell & Company Spool Dock from Que

The Lumipocket DLP 3d Printer is ultra-compact without sacrificing high quality. With a printing area of 10cm diameter and 10cm tall, its footprint is one of the smallest. With its integrated top projection system, light curing resin is made easier than ever by eliminating the need to replace the printing vat or anti-stick coating often. See it in action after the jump! Technology: Stereolithography (DLP) Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 28 cm Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 100 mm Layer Curing Time: 3000ms-8000m

Michiel van der Kley has created Project EGG, a community art project consisting of 4,760 uniquely shaped 3D printed stones. Project EGG is currently on display at Dutch Design Week 2014. From Michiel van der Kley A new way of thinking, new possibilities. That’s what this is actually all about. New in the way we produce, new in the way we collaborate, new in the outcome and new in the way it will evolve. From the summer of 2012 I have been playing, muddling around and wondering w

Saving space can be done elegantly, Alessandro Isola presents you with Orbit Sink. It’s a beautifully crafted, cool white Corian bathroom sink where each section is neatly stacked in the form of cylinder. It creates an opposing disorderly aesthetic the second you swivel each circular compartment around its metal pivot point. It looks pretty cool, also the invisible metal spine conceals the sink drainage, making it possible to place this unit away from a wall, smart heh? After the first sink cir

Still remember the unique LED triangles from Tokyoflash Kisai Adjust LED Watch? This watch is back again with new version: Kisai Adjust Wood LED Watch. Yes, as its name suggests, this watch features wood case and strap, it uses a custom made natural wood and still features the same LED triangles to display the time. It’s a customizable watch, you can choose to change the display from 1 to 6 different colors, it can be viewed horizontally or vertically, 12 or 24 hour mode, your choice. Just in c

Nomad Barista was was a 1-month school project at International School of Design of Valenciennes where Johan Carrette, the designer, wanted to propose a new solution of coffee at work. You can read the text from the designer himself: My main motivation was to create a new experience, a new way of consuming coffee. I discovered that self-milled coffee had much more taste. I wanted the final product to ally compactness and quality. Indeed, it includes directly a grinder in a wooden part to mill t

This bright and inviting fully renovated villa invites you to step into an inspiring world as you put aside reality for a few moments. Imagine this contemporary piece of architecture adorning a 25 acre plot in Uccle, Belgium spreading over 8,073 square feet. Social spaces look warm and inviting thanks to the ingenious way the architects re-imagined the areas everyone would use daily. This home’s living room could start a new list of 30 Modern Living Room Design Ideas to upgrade your lifes

A safe deposit box may inspire many things, but it is not exactly the type of item you would like to have around for an inviting, homey feel. Envisioned and implemented by Utrecht-based furniture designer Stephan Siepermann, mr.knox cabinet is “a funny translation of a heavy steel safe box into a smart and playful wooden piece of furniture”. The wooden safe locker displays a friendly look, making the object easily adaptable to a variety of modern interiors with a twist. Additionally

Olive is a twist on the fitness band that measures stress-related biometrics in real time to more effectively manage stress. It tracks changes in heart rate, reactions on the skin surface, skin temperature as well as analyzes habits such as sleep, physical activity, light exposure & even communicates with your smartphone to take into account your calendar & schedule. This info is meticulously stitched together to paint a more complete picture of the user’s lifestyle & creat

Mocci provides 3D printed jewelry but takes it a step further by gold plating the end result. Let me clarify. The 3D print is actually used to create the molds that inform the master. Once you’ve got the master, you can pretty much replicate it and do anything you want with it. 3D printing enables the designer to quickly alter and customize the design. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign and their first collection celebrates geometry and the year of the horse! Hit the j

HILBERINKBOSCH Architects have recently completed a contemporary house in Utrecht, The Netherlands. From the architects A site in a pine forest with a height difference of six meters is unique in the Netherlands. The clients are aware of that and asked us to design a ‘living’ house which fully adopts the qualities of the plot. They cite three icons as a reference, each with their own qualities. De scenic naturalness of F.L. Wright, the openness of Mies van der Rohe and the tactile m

Keep your food fresh by taking out any air in the container. EVAK Glass Food Storage is a handy storage that takes out air, as you already know, the longer your food is exposed to air, it becomes faster to lose its flavor. Most glass containers with air tight lids usually still trap stale air in with your food. This storage unit has been designed to remove the air and keep your food fresh longer thanks to twin valve system that releases the air out as you push down the lid. Yes, you can remove

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