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The Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper rises above the canopy line to keep protective watch of the Amazon. The designs consists of a water tower, forest fire station, weather station, and scientific research lab. The lotus-shaped tower effectively captures rainwater to prevent fires, provide water to its inhabitants as well as irrigate the land in the dry season. The lotus-shaped water tower is capable of capturing rainwater directly. The collected water is filtered and store in spare reservoirs.

Building designer Dane Richardson of Dane Design Australia has recently completed P048, a family home located in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Project description The cantilevered balcony puts you so close to the beach you can just about make the jump. Shutters clad with sawn timber battens adds a balance of texture to the rendered and glass façades. Black stone floors used throughout living spaces with carbonized oak flooring and timber detail to compliment the stone. Simple and

It's really all about the sink. The console, the mirrors and lights are fantastic too but let's face it - it's about the sink. What an awesome design! The ceramic plate that hides the drain sets the tone for the entire room. So round, so soft, so fluid. The rectangular ceramic basin has rounded corners - a juxtaposition that adds to the flow of the lines. There's a very clean and defined sense to the room. The vessel sink has heft - it's not one of those dainty (often glass) models you so oft

The Analog table, by Jaime Hayon, and the Drop chair, by Arne Jacobsen, are on the menu at Republic of Fritz Hansen. And we think they look fantastic together! The upscale UK design store is actually reintroducing the iconic Drop chair - which was designed mid-century, while the Analog table is brand new. The Drop chair is highly contoured - almost egg like. It certainly screams Eames-era. And it pairs wonderfully with this elegant table. Jaime Hayon wanted to design a table that was function

Weaving a Home is a unique structural fabric that functions as tent shelters. This project is based on history where human has developed in alternating waves of migration and settlement. People move from one point to another, across the earth led by the discovery of new territories or by the creation of new communities to form towns, cities, and nations. It is both exploration and settlement, changes between movement and stillness, these are fundamental essence of what it means to be human. Due

Luxurious Glass Superyacht is an innovative concept yacht designed by Lujac Desautel, one of the finalists for “Young Designer of The Year” award at the 2014 ShowBoats Design Awards. It’s a competition that highlights the best superyacht design from students and trainee designers. Just like its name suggests, you can tell this yacht features transparent material to maximize the view from its surroundings. From a distance, it looks like a floating Japanese lamp or an enormous votive candle. wate

Meze just submitted its latest product to us, Meze 11 Deco Wood Earphones. It still features the same signature that is wooden enclosure, this earphones set has successfully combined style and tech in one elegant device. The Deco earphones series have a machined aluminum and wood construction for precision assembly and an 8mm neodymium driver for accurate but warm natural sound. Elegant handcrafted beech wooden enclosure reproducing crisp but warm, natural sound and a microphone on the flexible

Located within the city of Lima, capital of Peru, the BK House was designed by Domenack Arquitectos for a family of five (parents and three children). Nested away from the eyes of the neighbours, at the back end of a plot, this two level house frames the surrounding views and encourages a dynamic and versatile living. The social area is very connected to the outdoors through large panels of glass which replace the walls and can be fully opened when needed. The house is well-lit and ventilated.

Wonderfully designed with soothing pastel colours, this compact interior was imagined by Int2 architecture in Moscow, Russia. There’s a lot to love in this 45 sq. m apartment: the playfulness, the smart storage solutions, the soft colours and the overall positive vibe exuded throughout the entire living area. Despite the limited amount of space, the loft feels roomy and well-ventilated. I love the white mixed with pops of pastel, the brick work, the crossword game in the bathroom, the coo

With all that surface area, it makes perfect sense that our skyscrapers should be doing double duty! A response to environmental pollution in urban areas, the Hyper Filter Skyscraper  was designed to inhale carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in cities and exhale concentrated oxygen. The skin of the project is made out of long pipe filters that catch particles and store them for disposal or reuse later.  Designer: Umarov Alexey - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concep

It looks so funny when people try and talk on the Galaxy Tab (like a phone) and on the flipside we rue that the iPad can’t make calls. I love the middle path taken by the s.Max, which is a tablet with a detachable mobile phone. The clever design allows both devices to be used independently or in conjunction with each other. I love the ease with which you can get a closer look at the stage, when in a concert. Brills! x.Max is a Dongguan Cup winner. Designer: Su Wen Yuan - Yanko Design Timeles

JM Architecture designed the Jesolo Lido Pool Villa, the first in a development of 9 single-family residences in Italy. Project description The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa is the first of a developement for 9 single-family residences in the beach town of Jesolo Lido, Italy. The villa is a custom designed prefabricated wood structure, and it was built and furnished in only 6 months. Energy-saving high standards have been applied to the shell to guarantee maximum comfort and almost

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