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The new Aurore wood stove is dedicated to the pleasures of the senses. Designed by Jerome Olivet, the elegance of the sculpted surfaces and galvanized glossy white or deep black sets a new standard, which here reaches the highest demands of quality. Across the smallest details, design is placed under the sign of exclusivity. The refined style, exemplary finish and the quality of its flame illuminate the entire space. The large door with multiple reflections impresses with its clear and slender

Developed by Tom Hurt Architecture, Canyon Edge Residence dominates a narrow and steep wooded site off Cuernavaca, in Austin, Texas, USA: “A quiet ledge about 10 vertical feet below the road offered a natural place for the house and permits soothing views through the canopies of the trees below to the bottom of a dry-creek canyon. The warm, wood-clad living room roof dynamically pulls upward toward the street and creates a carport .” According to the architects, this three-bedroom,

Located in the Montreal’s Southwest neighborhood, this detached dwelling entitled “Holy Cross House” hides a rich spatial complexity behind its tough working class façade. Turning to the neighbourhood’s post-war veteran’s home as its formal point of departure, the architects at TBA set out to make a project that simultaneously fits in and stands out from its heterogeneous context without sacrificing the contemporary nature of the project. The principal challenge lay in bringin

Who even concerns themselves with DIY anymore? Modern day electronics have become so unjustly complicated, you can’t sit with your spanner and screwdriver and fix stuff anymore. Anyone who’s actually assembled a product, or pulled it apart and put it back together will agree that there’s an innate joy in engaging with a product on that level. The Kavo Lamp is your first step towards experiencing that joy. Even with its minimal approach, the end result is gosh-darnit attractive

If you’re trying to figure out the pattern of the Ishi desk’s many legs… don’t waste your time! The algorithm: randomness. Unplanned is IN! First, points were randomly placed on the base, and then again on the underside plain of the surface. Wood rods were then connected to these points arbitrarily, forming the irregular base. Despite its slapdash aesthetic, the result is surprisingly sturdy! Designer: Amitrani - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful con

Seriously, this is totally a secret, and only you and I know about it. There’s a wall of shelves in this house, designed by DeForest Architects, that are actually a hidden door. continue reading

Spanish-based designers Kutarq Studio have created a pair of carved bowls based on the shapes left in yoghurt when it is being eaten with a spoon (+ slideshow). (more…)

Architect Liam Young has developed a series of animated panoramas depicting visions for cities of the future, including an urban landscape exclusively owned and operated by technology brand Samsung (+ movie). (more…)

Located in Ecopark Green Urban Area, Vietnam, EPV House by AHL Architects & Associates surprises due to its delicate rustic design. The clients’ brief requested a peaceful week-end retreat where they could rest, relax and enjoy their free time. A cheerful and welcoming vibe was achieved through the use bamboo and solid wood for interior furniture. An outdoor terrace connects to the main living space with the help of a slide and fold door system. This floods the social zones in natural

Flaunting its surprising architecture on a triangular plot in the city of Leiria, this modern house in Portugal defines its owner’s happiness. Designed by Contaminar Arquitectos as a single-family home, the structure rises from behind a rugged stone wall. Known as Vidigal House and located near a highway making its way across extensive green fields, this futuristic alignment of volumes makes the most of surrounding views.Two volumes intersecting at a closed angle formulate a floor plan ad

Axess is a new brand of minimalist front wallets that aim to redefine the way you carry cash and cards. Slim yet sturdy, this stylish accessory organizes your basics while maintaining a thin profile that you’ll barely notice in your front pocket. As small as they are, they’re equally secure with RFID-blocking so you’re kept safe from electronic card readers. Not to forget, it’s better on your back and booty! Designer: Axess - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explo

It’s not rocket science, but doing dishes right can get a bit annoying, especially when they are super greasy. I love this Folded Dish Sponge concept that has a dedicated scrub slot integrated to the spongy middle, so that you can have squeaky-clean dishes. Simple and innovative! Folded Dish Sponge is a 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner! Designer: Yoon Naera - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts.

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