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Dark chocolate is the thing that comes in mind when seeing this home’s interiors for the first time. A deep sense of relaxation behind closed curtains make this styled residence in London get immediate attention. Located in London’s sought-after Knightsbridge District and completed by KHN Design, this classy space cluster shaping a 440 square meter penthouse takes you on a journey through a dance of masculine and feminine tones. Photographs by Kate Martin showcase the home’s

The Vito cycling system dares to be different! As much of an art piece as it is a fitness machine, its unique shape is unlike any other. Complete with an epicycloid transmission system (fancy words for rotational gearing), responsive LED performance lighting as well as mobile/tablet integration, it aims to encourage regular exercise. The longer it’s gone unused, the brighter its red LEDs glow. With its retractable saddle and handlebars, it can be easily tucked away or left out as a sculpt

We love compiling lists because they bring upon elements of reflection and contemplation. For example, to create this list of Top 20 Best of Best Winners for 2014 from the Red Dot Awards: Product Design list, we had to factor in the YD audience, our experience with Good Design and resonance of what YD stands for. In short, it has to be the perfect marriage between YD’s pick and audience expectations. To see if we are on the same page…browse through the list below and let us know. Minta Touch Ki

David Jameson Architect designed the Barcode House in Washington, D.C. Project description Barcode House explores juxtapositions between the heavy and light and the old and the new. The work is formed by positioning the project’s diverse pressures into a unique situational aesthetic. Brittle masonry walls of the existing Washington, DC row house governed that the addition be engineered as a freestanding structure. Site constraints dictated a vertically oriented spatial solution. The

The Audi R02 concept sports car is the result of 15 months in the Masters course of Transportation and Automobile design at the Politecnico Di Milano in Milan, Italy. R02 is a sports car designed for the Milanese businessmen around the ages of 35-50. You can try to think of the consumer as a young, successful entrepreneur that likes showing off but yet likes to protect his privacy. Inspiration mainly came from Daft Punk and aviation, a sports car that has been designed especially to give a sens

This Victorian home is amazing! One can just imagine the interior design. Image Source: Degnan Design When most people hear the words, Victorian Gothic, their minds immediately envision black walls and decrepit, creepy, haunted-looking homes. In fact, Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates all the way back to the 1740s. This era boasts gorgeous, ornate architectural designs that current homeowner’s want to replicate, for good reason. The Gothic-revival movement is full of am

The Oblio faucet is entirely different than any you’ve seen, yet just as intuitive to use! Its fluid form mimics that of liquid, reducing visual weight with its compact dimensions. Though complex in appearance, its striking aesthetic is balanced by straightforward functionality. Ideal for dual sinks, the system consists of not one, but two hoses for distinct uses: aPVC section for precision rinsing and a rigid steel section for a stable flow. At the center is a single multidirectional blo

The nature of a gas mask has a negative connotation as it is, but in this example it’s used as a tool with psychological coping during emergency situations. It’s called the Social Gas Mask, and its large eyepieces, cheeky filters and small mouth opening work together to offer an empowering image and positive experience. It facilitates better communication between individuals spending time together in a stressful situation. It’s as friendly as a gas mask could be! Designer: Zli

Architects RO&AD have recently completed the Ravelijn op den Zoom Floating Bridge in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Project description Dutch military engineer Menno van Coehoorn built the Ravelijn op den Zoom fortress in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, in the 18th century. Designed with a moat as its system of defense, Ravelijn op den Zoom was only accessible by boat. Today, the fortress is used for small events—and with the moat still in place could only be reached by a single bridge. RO

Core Patient Recovery Vest has been designed to enable first responders to perform triage. Triage is a step of determining priority of patient’s treatments based on the severity of their conditions, it helps prevent medical shock in patients during mass casualty incidents such as natural disasters or train crashes. In a mass casualty accident, such as a train crash, rescue is only the first step. Paramedics have only 30 seconds per patient to check their vitals and establish triage priority, st

Well well well, Oon is the type of multi-outlet power cord that you don’t want to hide. Most power strips in the market doesn’t care about the design, they only focus on functionality, well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they have become a bit of an eyesore. David Okum understands this pain, therefore, he has designed and developed a unique and modern product that organizes plugs in playful way. Oon combines logical function with thoughtful design, there are 3 electric sockets which are

After Nissan released its vision of its concept for Gran Turismo, now, you can also see a stunning addition to the game: Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo Race Car. Aston Martin design team has designed a virtual-only GT racer that you can download for GT6 in July 2014, following its global launch during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This race car is equipped with twin-turbo mid-engine that generates 800b hp, providing you with blazing performance to keep up with high octane nature of t

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