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UVN Shake Watch is a unique e-ink smartwatch with integrated fitness tracker and phone finder. It’s simple yet stylish watch for anyone, you can tell time simply by the shake of your wrist. At first sight, you might think it’s just a conventional timepiece, well, once you get to know this solar powered smart watch, you know that it’s anything but ordinary. It targets younger generation with its minimalist and clean design. Powered by 24 micro solar chips and a lithium ion battery, this watch is

Not long ago horses were our only means of personal transportation. They were able to travel long distances, traverse harsh environments and carry heavy loads. Back then, horses were essentials and extremely practical. Inspired by this, Anton Brousseau set out to design MULE; a modern version of the workhorse designed to fit our needs within the modern environment of the city. The MULE features a fully electric rechargeable battery, a unique riding system and a robust cargo system. The lithium-

UNIKIA releases its latest product lines called ComplEat. It’s a series consists of 4 food containers to keep your food safe and fresh, especially for students or working people who usually bring lunch from home. Starting from scratch, INDEED, the design company, collects ideas, filter them, and choose the most functional concepts based on valuable insights from user-centered research. All aesthetic form, color, and material was the responsibility of INDEED yet still in close contact to the cli

When your home is known as the “Catch The Views House “, the sheer joy of living each day overlooking unique panoramic landscapes can be enough to motivate you in the morning. And when your home is located in Chile’s Valparaíso Region, Zapallar to be specific, the place itself presents a paradise-like facet to the blessed owners. Spreading over 593 square meters, the minimalist house was imagined by LAND Arquitectos as a platform for capturing and framing surrounding panoramas

Lumafabriken is an old lamp and light bulb factory from the 1920 that was completely redesigned in 2010 by Oscar Properties into an  apartment building near Stockholm’s Hammarby Lake. This loft apartment is one of a kind in the building and has gotten a beautiful touch of all white interior to match Sweden’s long and dark winters. It consists of a colonial style master bedrock, a beautiful kids’ room, a full white carrara marble kitchen and a generously-sized bathroom.Offering

Call it a garbage can, trashcan, whatever you want… the bottom line is, they’re generally so U.G.L.Y. that you want to put them in the garbage themselves! The Swingbin is not one of these. It’s so sculptural you might not even recognize it as a waste bin. No screws, gears or wires, its seamless form is achieved with a unique tilting motion of the balanced lid. Even its name sounds clean! Designer: Shigeichiro Takeuchi - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful

The man behind the design of the iPhone and super genius, Jony Ive is known to believe that – There is beauty when something works and it works intuitively. In likeness, the same can be said about The Access Case by Nodus, which is beautifully intuitive and hand crafted from luxury Italian leather. The ingenious factor in this flip/portfolio case for iPhone and iPad is the Micro-Suction technology used to secure your device. In seconds you can attach or remove your iPhone or iPad from th

Israeli industrial designer Avi Fedida has designed ‘Grit’, a series of furniture and lighting pieces that use sand paper as a main component. You can watch a ‘making of’ video – here From the designer The inspiration for the “Grit” furniture series came from the love to materials that constantly develop a unique character of their own with the effect of time and wear. Designing my furnitures, I decided to use sand paper as the main component through int

A family of six relocated from California to Virginia and purchased a large home, but knew the kitchen area needed a total transformation. The homeowners had an aggressive timeframe and chose to work with a Bethesda, MD-based design/build firm Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., which also has an office in Falls Church, VA. Much of the project had to be completed via virtual meetings with the homeowners and Case. They began sharing designs via video chats with one quick in-person visit to confirm fin

Casa Quebrada in Curacaví, Santiago de Chile was envisioned and implemented by UNarquitectura and showcases a high level of originality. Located on the creek, elevated by pillars, the uncommon retreat is accessible through a bridge and has views at the level of the foliage of plants. The house “breaks” adapting to the slope and differentiating the private and public space within a single enclosure. Its picturesque location offers plenty of privacy, inviting its inhabitants to experience raw nat

Taste Bud works like it sounds, but with even greater functionality! Working in tandem with a native smartphone app, its the ultimate kitchen assistant. It uses a combination of sensors to detect food temperature, freshness and preparedness. Tap into an egg to see if it’s safe, or check the internal temperature of meats to ensure they’re thoroughly cooked. Waterproof and heat-resistant, you can even leave it in cooking food mixtures to alert you when it’s ready! Designer: Vams

Almost all leather goods are made by cutting with knives or die cut, then stitched or glued together, & finally embossed or imprinted with a name or logo. PACT leather cases are entirely different! Inspired by origami, architect Darrin Griechen has created a process whereby leather is cut into extremely precise patterns using computer-guided lasers, & then woven & folded together by hand. No thread, glue or hardware. This “unilateral” construction method allows for piece

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