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Laurent Bernadac, a French electric violinist, has designed 3DVarius. This is a fully playable 3D printed violin based on the model of real Stradivarius violin. The main goal here is to create a unique design inspired by the shape of traditional violin, this unit is printed as a single piece. Even though it’s inspired by conventional violin, the result is definitely not your traditional musical instrument. It refines the forms and supports to bring you a more aesthetic design, simpler and light

With views towards the river and the harbor, this 42 square meter apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is said to offer a high degree of calmness and well being. The small one-room home discovered by Freshome on Alvhem features a large shared roof terrace, perfect for having friends over. The entire apartment is visually linked by parquet flooring that runs the entire surface of the property. As you enter, you are greeted by an “interactive” hallway with room for a desk and clever storag

Millennials (who are the up-and-coming home buyers) are beginning to drastically shape home design. Image Source: Gunlock HomesHome design trends are like fashion— constantly in flux. What’s hot one minute is not so hot the next, leaving you with an outdated home. Let’s try and forecast what’s coming by catching a trend in its infancy, allowing you to be ahead of the bandwagon and have an on-trend home, or perhaps a home that sets and solidifies an upcoming trend.Here we

The Solo concept bike isn’t just eye candy. Any serious biker would notice the smart re-design element in the concept bike. The bike features what’s known as a “hot swappable” wheel design, allowing you to change your front and rear wheels without affecting or having to tinker with your brake system or interfering with the driveline…but let’s not get into hand-greasing technicalities here. The modern-yet-vintage bike features design elements that give it a re

I don’t really exercise. However, I do think it’s a good idea! Moreover, if there’s any well designed fitness product out there, I’ll go all out with my praise. The Sidekick is the most amazing skipping rope since the rope-less skipping rope (and it may be better). It features a pair of clamps that allow it to double up as a multi-purpose fitness product, allowing you to not just work on your legs, but forearms, shoulders, and torso as well.And here I am, convinced that

Emotion was designed in 2013 as future vision of our futuristic wearable technology in the form of headphones. It’s a project dedicated as Pantech Sky’s Vega mobile’s companion that features built-in color E-ink display and action cam with EEG technology. With that technology, it is possible to control your music through the touchscreen display, it can also measure your heart rate in real time. We really love the idea where user can easily detach the camera unit as well as the control unit, mak

How to design a garbage truck that doesn’t look disgusting? Perhaps this is the idea behind Mignon. It’s a modern mini trash carrier designed not only to carry your trash in style but also enhance the overall environment. This vehicle encourages people to throw their garbage at designated areas so that workers can easily travel around with Mignon and collect trashes from those specific areas. Designer : Elson Tan Mignon Trash Carrier by Elson Tan is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Indus

Black+Blum Thermo Pot features modern design of your old school thermos. It keeps your food and drink hot/cold for up to 5-hour, providing you with perfect temperature to eat from heating up in the morning to lunch. This item can hold 17 fluid ounce inside its stainless steel body, it also features a biodegradable cork, polypropylene, silicon top, and a stainless steel spoon magnetized onto the side. Due to the insulation body, you can place hot or cold liquid inside this pot and it would maint

Designed and implemented by Apio Arquitectos in Lago Todos Los Santos, Chile, Casa LTS is surrounded by native forests, volcanoes and a beautiful lake. This contemporary dream retreat is located on a high slope edge on a rocky shore and was especially envisioned as a week-end residence for a small family. According to the architects, this site came with its unique challenges: “The terrain has over 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) of topsoil on its surface, which required us to have a strategy regar

LEVENBETTS completed the design and development of The Princeton House, a modern residence located on a thin plot of land 10 minutes away from Princeton University, New Jersey, United States. According to the architects, “the site is punctuated by the 100 foot tall trees in a grid that is consistent running north-south across the site and shifting in the east-west direction. The house is organized around a central garden courtyard”. Clad in a vertically oriented corrugated metal sid

STAN is a device holder inspired by the classic desk lamp that allows you to hold virtually any smartphone, tablet, or eReader securely up where you want it while keeping your hands free. STAN is one of the only device holders on the market that will work with a small smartphone one minute, and a full sized tablet the next, holding both securely without needing to install magnets, tape, or rely on nano-suction pads which have been known to drop devices. STAN will work with your current devices

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