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Created for “Le Affinità Selettive – Premio Lissone Design”, SUNplace is an interesting concept of solar cooking table and set. As you can tell by its name, this cooking table uses sunlight to cook and the design makes it possible to share the joy of cooking with other people. This project provides you with a special designed table where you can cook without emissions, simply take advantage of sun’s ray concentrated through a Fresnel lens onto a cast-iron grill. The station aims to create bond

Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT has submitted his latest interpretation of our future F1 race car. Inspired by the legend, Ferrari, this car features the iconic red color along with its characteristics. F101 is a concept car inspired by Ferrari. It features a range of technology that complies to the F1 rule changes, including a return to 1000hp engines, wider tires and more downforce. Naturally, within boundaries of current regulations and existing technology, this modern F1 car possibly represents the

Some book lovers are particularly careful with storing their favorite authors and stories, with making sure their best reads are safe from damaging exterior factors. Israel-based studio Artori Design envisioned Book&Hero and Supershelf, a pair of bookends that create the illusion of books being constantly guarded by a superhero. We love how the black silhouette contrasts the colorful book covers, resulting in a fun addition for a home or office. The crazy addition can be used vertically or

Located in the city of Mendiolaza and overlooking Cordoba in Argentina, 367 House by architect Mateo Ponce de León offers breathtaking perspectives. The L-shaped residence (photographed by Gonzalo Viramonte) is composed of two juxtaposed prisms: “In one of the volumes is where social life happens, it has an open plan and a big transparent area which faces north. It flies over the site integrating itself to the landscape. Structurally it is sustained by four concrete columns and inverted b

Proudly displaying an elegant interior design envisioned by Mood Works, Shades of White is a contemporary home located in Warsaw, Poland. According to the architects, “one of the main goals of this project was to preserve the original layout of the building. With a just little modifications in the partition walls layout, it was possible to give a new expression and momentum to the space and create a light, airy feeling of the interior.” The apartment in the photos below has a total

With all the options and nursery design trends available, a baby’s nursery no longer has to be a traditional, pastel-colored affair. If you love modern design, we’ve compiled a collection of  baby nursery ideas that are cool enough for baby to love and design-conscious adults to appreciate, too.When creating a nursery that is practical, safe and will look great as baby grows, keep the following tips in mind:Add a dimmer to lighting. It’s an easy project that will allow you to adjust the mood of

Located in the neighborhood of Hansaviertel Berlin, Germany, the Courtyard House by bfs design is part of a larger residential complex which consists of five dwellings, initially built in 1957. Upgrading this home without affecting its architecture heritage was the main challenge for the architects. During the process, “all original building parts found, were preserved and carefully processed and refurbished, whilst ill-fitting fixtures from the seventies and eighties were dismantled. Two

15 Stylish Pool Ideas That Make a Statement

Posted by freshome 14 days ago (Editorial)

The decision to put a pool in is undoubtedly a big one. No doubt you and your family had been toying with a few pool ideas for some time before finally deciding to take the leap. However, now that you’ve all reached a consensus, it may seem like your decision-making process has only just begun.The reality is, when you’re putting in a pool, there’s so much more to consider than just the initial hole in the ground. For many years to come, your pool area will serve as a source of

Designed by Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve, CanopyStair is a modular system of steps that can be attached without any tools in order to form a spiral staircase around a tree trunk. It was conceived when these product designers spent time in the Azores, unfortunately, the house where they staying was surrounded by a tall stone wall where only by climbing a tree in the garden they could watch the sun setting across the ocean. Inspired by this experience, they started to discuss ways of transf

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