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Hello there YD’ers. As some of you may know, I’ve started a fundraising campaign for my men’s fitness clothing line called TRANISM. YES, I’m going to launch a clothing line! But I need your help. I have a $5000 goal I need to reach before sample production can begin. With the help of you loyal readers, I know that goal can be reached! Hit the jump for more info. It’s called the #TILTforTRANISM campaign. Contribute a $1, $5, $10, it doesn’t matter. By contribu

Tim Cuppett Architects have designed the Courtyard House in Austin, Texas. From the architects Inspired by early Modernist and Bauhaus era architecture, this one room deep house is organized along an L-shaped window wall which offers each space a connection to a central courtyard and a balance of natural light from multiple sides. The street facing courtyard and transparent first floor are made private as the house is perched on a plinth above passersby. With little protection from sha

If we had only one word to describe this residence, we’d use harmony. If we’d have just two, we’d use harmony and elegance. Luckily, we can use many more, and timeless is a third word that comes to mind immediately. Architects Geert Bosch and Annemariken Hilberlink of Berlicum, Netherlands-based HILBERINKBOSCH architects designed this timeless gem for a couple whose children have already left the house. The villa is located in Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a village of expensive

Water sport would be much more fun with Aquaboard. It’s a conceptual surfboard for our generation, a product that encourages you to break water surface and explore the depth of the oceans. Inspired by the characteristic of a surfboard, Aquaboard features similar design but with mechanical factors such as propulsion jets for underwater motion and wings for motion stability. The DLO of the Lockheed Martin F-22 also influenced the overall shape of this board. Designer : Kevin Andersson Aq

The design integrates insulin delivery with patient’s lifestyle by amalgamating the existing technology advancement with fashion. This Insulin Delivery System is characterized by a closed loop delivery of insulin, achieved by two inter-connected units, namely The Monitoring Unit and The Diffusing Unit. There is a Bio-sensor attached to the Monitoring Unit which detects the blood glucose level and the pulse rate transcoding it into the requisite quantum of insulin dosage which then slowly diffus

Bella concept phone boasts the combination of fashion, art, and technology. It’s a beautiful and elegant phone with curved metal frame wrapping tightly its polycarbonate body. The designer has succeeded in executing striking details that balance chic, bold, and timeless design. Beautiful 4K OLED edge-to-edge display presents a whole new level of picture quality. Naturally, it will be incredibly vivid and crisp, even when viewed from any angles. The display will thoroughly satisfy user with flaw

Seen by its designers – Ellivo Architects – as “an exploration of flexibility, space, and materials“, this private Australian home provides a deep feeling of intimacy. Built in Paddington, Australia, the minimalist house on a slope takes the name of its location. The Paddington Residence maximizes natural light, breezes and views without jeopardizing the family’s privacy. Interior designer Tanya Zealey of Ellivo Architects constructed a sequence of layered spaces p

The skilled craftsmen at David Glover Furniture create charming bespoke kitchens that blend modern functionality with aesthetics. In today’s post we would like to share one of the company’s latest work, especially developed for a residential project in Woolacombe, North Devon. The Outlook Curved Bespoke Kitchen features an elegant dining table with unconventional seating units integrated in an oval kitchen island. There is plenty of storage space available in the cupboards (includin

Moku might just look like a plain ole’ 4×4, but it’s actually a minimalist product that makes paper rolls for sketching a little easier to use. Inspired by kyoto woodworking, the handcrafted design is deceptively simple and fits together without any hinges or hardware. Perfect for brainstorming or mind-mapping, Moku makes it easy to create and save your work chronologically in space-saving, replaceable rolls you can reference at any time! Awesome vid after the jump! —>

The Vacimi collection makes cooking a cinch with minor innovations that have a big impact. A few of these include a diamond pattern on the underside of each aluminum piece that helps to evenly distribute the flame from a burner. The glass lids feature a convent flip-top that controls steam and pressure with a simple press of the hand. Lastly, the stackable design makes better utilization of storage space in cramped kitchens. The Vacimi collection includes a multi-pan, a 2-handled pot, stew, st

Chadbourne + Doss Architects have recently completed a house for two people and 18 bicycles in Seattle, Washington. From the architects This new 2,400 square foot residence is located at the intersection of two major bike routes in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle. The lot is narrow, but has lake and mountain views to the east. We sought to craft an efficient custom residence that uniquely represents the Owners’ personality and lifestyle. Martin and Shelley, a very active coupl

Shattering Conventionality is the catch phrase that Faucetto uses for their Skull Von Bronze series and while a skull plate for your door might be unconventional, it's the perfect touch of fugly Goth. What's fugly you ask? Its when you add a little bit of uncomfortable to a room's decor and that little bit of fugly sometimes is all that's need to take a ho hum well designed interior and make it memorable. Now I ask you - wouldn't you remember a door with this "Arch Enemy" backplate on it?

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