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With a price tag of £157,000, Sidewinder should be claimed as world’s most expensive dune buggy. If you have sand dune racing hobby and have all the money in the world, you can enjoy this race in luxurious style. According DailyMail, this eye watering high priced vehicle features fabulous design with futuristic interior that allows you to propel it over sand dunes smoothly. It’s a perfect vehicle to ride when you plan to cruise from dune to dune in the Middle East or US, it offers you ultimate

XOO Belt acts not only as fashion accessories but also a charger to re-charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere, conveniently. This fashion item has been redesigned to meet our modern lifestyles, it prolongs your smartphone battery life. The belt looks and feels just like any conventional belt, however, there’s a hidden 2,100mAh battery that pretty much charges any device. The lithium ceramic polymer battery is safe, weather-resistant, and very durable for everyday use. The buckle features 2 charg

Faced with a long thin plot which adjoins the River Thames at its far end, the architects at Selencky Parsons created a contemporary residence with plenty of water features. The River House showcases a simple geometry, a modern silhouette easily noticeable within its natural surroundings: “The articulation of the form has been rigorously pared down to two contrasting interacting elements consisting of crisp white, predominantly horizontal, folding planes inlaid with richly textured random

An unforgettable Christmas is carefully built from love, compassion and giving. Since the Christmas countdown has already started, we here at Freshome comprised a collection of 30 modern Christmas decor ideas for delightful winter holidays to inspire you. You already know what you wish this Christmas would feel like, so go ahead and get inspired from our list of modern festive room designs, fireplace decorations, Christmas trees and all those holiday arrangements for the perfect family Christma

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Chester Watch is a tufted twist on the modern timepiece that reflects the intrinsic luxuriousness and old fashioned style of a curvaceous Chesterfield surface. The tufts, representing 3/6/9/12 on the watch face, give it a unique, soft aesthetic and familiar elegance that can easily be dressed up or dressed down with a selection of both rubber and leather bands. Designer: Studio Dreimann - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful c

The new best thing to protect us from the elements is this radical innovation called The Mavari, a reversible contemporary cloak crafted with a unique triple layer fabric. The purpose is, of course to protect us from the unpredictability of Mother Nature. We asked the designers, what made the Mavari so special and this is what they said, “The reversible cloak is waterproof, windproof, absorbent, breathable and features antibacterial properties that allow you to dry after a swim. You can even c

KZ architecture have added an extension to a home in Florida by creating an artists studio. From the architect Nestled between mature oak specimens in the front and a lake in the rear, the 4,800 one story vanilla box home was begging for a connection to its sub-tropical setting. The vast open, yet decaying spaces in the rear of the 23,000 sq ft site were in desperate need of an intervention. The opportunity presented itself when our clients, a couple with three children, approache

Designed by Marco Casamonti and Andrea Lupi for Antonio Lupi, LaCucina is a sleek kitchen that replaces the usual kick with, well, nothing. The kitchen has no kick because it is wall mounted. LaCucina can be reduced to just the counter, backsplash and overhead shelf - eliminating the below-counter cabinetry completely. The counter contains an integrated sink as minimalist as the kitchen itself. The bright continuous light strip below the shelf, coupled with the black shadow void

SPARK Architects have released a design proposal for our next generation of urban retirement housing: Homefarm. It’s a building complex that combines living and farming typology for Singapore (can be applied elsewhere) along with apartments and facilities for seniors, it promotes vertical urban farming. All seniors can live in a high density garden environment which has been designed and developed specifically for vegetable farm, at this place, they might find employment as well. This project a

With Solari Portable Solar Cooker, you can cook anywhere under the sun. It’s a fuel-less and portable outdoor cooker that uses sun’s energy to slow-cook your delicious meal while you’re enjoying the great outdoor. Currently, our options of outdoor cooking would be camping stoves, barbeques, or firewood, however, those options don’t always work great for you, not to mention they are unsustainable and could damage our environment. Solari offers the solution to our problem in polluting environment

Italy-based Gariselli Associati sent us photos and information about their latest project entitled Restaurant Colò and located in the high Apennines of Modena. This region is known as a tourist destination frequented mainly by skiers and mountaineers. The dining venue is meant to recreate the perfect image of a cozy mountain retreat, away from the city noise and pollution. Natural materials like wood and stone were employed throughout the design scheme, adding authenticity and a welcoming vibe.

How To Heat Your Home While Staying Green

Posted by freshome 11 days ago (Editorial)

There are some surprising ways to heat your home while saving some green and being green. Image Source: Pearson Design Group No matter what part of the world you live in, heating costs can be astronomical during the winter or chilly months. Aside from breaking your budget, typical heating solutions are not necessarily good for the environment either.Traditional heating methods consist of using fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas. Not only are the costs to harvest these fossil fuels high,

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