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Nuno Capa have designed 4 Cones, a system of modular benches and tables made from wood. From the designer 4 Cones is a set of exemplary elements of distinctive conical geometry, which can be linked to variable functions, adapting to user needs and functional characteristics of the spaces. This project addresses a different concept an old love affair between benches and tables. The concept reinforces the complicity of this relationship and allows the emergence of other new contexts creatin

We've written about a lot of wood-like products in the past. It seems everyone wants to emulate the true look of wood while having the easy care of ceramic - but who wouldn't? Dakota by Flaviker is, by far, the most realistic fake wood we've seen yet. It's made to look aged, complete with wormwood holes! Made to emulate alder wood - often used in interior floor planking - it even has scratches and stains. Including these defects has raised the bar on wood-look flooring. The ageing and wear l

It's like a science lesson and a stunning bathroom faucet rolled into one. Until it is turned on, it's another glass faucet spout. And then, the magic begins. When the mixer is turned on, a water vortex is created -- and sent rushing up the glass spout where it cascades out like a waterfall. And you can see the whole thing. In a partnership between Hansgrohe and Axor, the Axor Starck V was born(designed by Phillip Starck). The incredible faucet is available for regular drop-in sinks and vesse

The Oslo-based architectural studio JVA designed a beach house that folds into the landscape, in accordance with the direction of the horizon. Located near the sea, the residence is partly hidden under ground allowing unobstructed sea views for the neighbours on the back side. Capturing the best panoramic views, the house offers a unique living experience. The lower part of the structure is dominated by stone serving as a support for the massive wood volume. Basically, the house has two natural

Nested on an island near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this gorgeously modern Kavel Villa was intentionally built of a diamond shaped plot of land to take advantage of the surroundings. The island is relatively new and it will accommodate several other residential projects in the future. It’s an oasis of tranquility just minutes away from the city centre. Kavel occupies the most exceptional spot, overlooking the lake and the city’s skyline. Constructed by Studioninedots, the villa boa

It’s sage advice that inspired this design, as well as an observation that 75% of college students admit to being constantly in need of underwear. The reason? Lack of access to washing machines or convenient laundry services. – The solution is called Bulbe, an alternative halfway between washing clothes by hang and with a machine. It’s compact, portable and fits into any bathroom. Wash up to 1.5 kg of laundry quickly and economically. Perfect for campus life! See how it works

What would it look and feel like if our DNA evolved to have a pouch like a kangaroo? That is the essence of the Fluoa Fusion Silver Light Backpack. It follows the dimensions of the human body, making it natural-feeling, ergonomic, and aerodynamic. It’s not what you’d tote on a long camping trip, but it’s waterproof, super-lightweight and has just enough room for your laptop and a few other belongings— perfect for toting around the city from day to day. Get it here! Desig

Hilberink Bosch Architects designed a villa in the Dutch town of Heesch. Architect: Hilberink Bosch Architects Photography by René de Wit

Transitional decking and a fire pit, all in for 2014 – Trex The outdoors is to a house as shoes are to a person.  Do you want to know what a person is like, look at their shoes, it can tell you a great deal.  Conversely, do you want to know what  a person is like, look at their front or back yard and you’ll get a good feel for who they are and what they’re like.  This is a grand generalization, but it’s a tried and tested rule of thumb. We have seen examples of propertie

Feeling a bit motionless at the office? Buoy Multifunctional Chair is an idea for those of you who enjoy moving around from time to time, even while seated. Sounds intriguing? Just have a look at the project’s rounded shape which allows users to rock, swivel, tilt and turn in order to achieve the perfect position for every task. Manufactured by Turnstone, this fun chair design comes with a built-in handle for adjusting height, as well as for easy manipulation.We believe the only drawback

So loving this Bike Washing Machine concept! The ideal way to exercise and get laundry done at one go! How effective will the cleaning be? That depends on how good you are at cycling, isn’t it! Designer: Li Huan - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (The Real Tumble Dry was originally posted on Yanko Design) Related posts:Tumble Dry In Vacuum Greener Sho

The credit of our success goes to our readers, and as a result we have grown to the stage where we need more team players to become a part of the Yanko Design family. We are looking for International applicants, you could be living anywhere; just ensure you have stable Internet! That’s top priority! There are many positions open and this includes writing, content researching, graphic design and more. If you live, breathe, and dream design as we do, then please apply! Positions Open: Graphics D

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