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Trust Emami Design to come out with concepts that refine present iterations and take them to the next level by adding that extra layer of innovation. The Powerflower takes on the typical sunflower as solar power hub and what makes it innovative is that like the flower, this mechanical version follows the sun. Simple, clean design with an edge! Great going! Designer: Emami Design - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more th

Flashlights can be your best friend in a power outage, but the last thing you need are dead batteries, so it makes sense that it charge from the most reliable power source available… YOU! That’s precisely the inspiration behind the Lume flashlight. It uses peltier plates to turn heat from your hands into usable energy. Its sculptural design is also more ergonomic and encourages the user to keep it displayed and handy rather than hidden. Designer: Lane Stith - Yanko Design Time

Concrete Cat is a team of designers and artists based in Edmonton, Canada, that are pushing the boundaries of concrete work. They originally started out making functional architectural pieces like countertops, furniture and fireplace surrounds, but now, Concrete Cat have also branched out into art & design objects that include pieces like clocks, wall sculptures and decor pieces. Here is a look at some of their work… Design: Concrete Cat

At first glance this amazing aquarium seems to have but one function - that of dazzling the viewer with its crystal clear water, LED lighting, select pieces of underwater geology and of course the ever moving and always beautiful fish. At 2nd glance you notice something else - there's a faucet above the tank! This of course is enough to intrigue but then more things come into view - a sink and a stove, how is this possible? Ocean Kitchen was cleverly designed by Trendir's Facebook friend, Dut

Have you ever felt your computer mouse becoming sticky with sweat after long hours of use? Jang Wooseok, an industrial designer, has thought of a new mouse design to solve this problem with Brush Mouse. It’s a combination of a flat mouse and a brush, where not only we benefit from a flat, thinner, and lighter mouse, but also the structural of a brush which is elastic and offers better air circulating below your palm. When holding Brush Mouse, any heat will be naturally released beneath the palm

All in one design, Kormaran is an exclusive watercraft that represents the hybrid of monohull, catamaran, and trimaran designs. This unit has been especially designed for a luxury yacht, a nice tender for some fun moment on water. Crafted out of carbon fiber, you can swing-out outrigger hulls to transform this watercraft from one type of boat to another. The fold-out wings reduce water resistance by up to 80 percent, thus, giving higher speeds, smooth sailing, yet with less fuel consumption. Th

Sony NWZ-WS610 Waterproof Walkman Headphones come with remote ring, it means you can control your music easier while working out. You get to exercise hard without any interruptions, this waterproof headphones are lightweight, perfectly wrap around your head whether you are in a poll or on the track. It uses NFC and Bluetooth connectivity to your music player, enjoy the freedom to focus on your workout without having to deal with any tangled wires. Unlike other standard headphones, this set come

Colombo is the most recent furniture project presented to us via e-mail by company WEWOOD–Portuguese Joinery. The unconventional egg-inspired table in solid oak was designed with elegance and irreverence, and produced with artisanal know-how. Colombo is a piece which combines an innovative look with traditional techniques of joinery. Its legs were constructed using wood-turning, a traditional technique which uses a mechanical lathe for carving the wood; its top is composed of three differ

Ukrainian studio Ivan Yurima Architects designed an inspiring modern apartment in Kiev, where a family can bond together in comfort and elegance. Spreading over 200 square meters, the apartment in central Kiev’s Pechersk historical neighborhood was imagined for a young family who have a modern take on their lifestyle. Based on principles of minimalist functions and an aesthetically pleasant environment, this cozy collection of spaces were imagined in a prevailing color: white. Bright soci

Pages have been written about savvy Smartphones and how little their batteries last. Portable charger adaptors are a great answer, but they too need to be well designed to compliment the sleekness of the Smartphones. The Pokit fits in here somewhere … it is an integrated phone charger-adaptor, external battery and storage pocket that is compact and portable. The one clever feature is that the USB cable sealed inside the fabric pocket can be connected to charge the smart device. No wonder it sna

The ITO lamp forms symbiosis between the latest in lighting technology and smart functionality. Its sharp, irregular, geometric aesthetic is formed by a pattern of ultra-thin, almost transparent OLED modules that can be individually controlled via the user’s smartphone. Turn one or all on/off, control brightness and set the mood with a simple press of a button or finger slide. See it in action after the jump! Designer: Antonia Kuellmer OLED Leuchte – ITO – Animation from Anto

Vertical Garden Design has sent us images of a recently compeleted 113m2 green wall located in Espaço Espelho d’Água, a restaurant/gallery/concert venue in Lisbon, Portugal. Project description This 113m2 vertical garden is located in Espaço Espelho d’Água, a new restaurant/gallery/concert venue located next to the river in Belem, Lisbon. It wraps around the four walls of the kitchen that is inserted in the open space of this renovated 40s pavilion. Several windows cuts t

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