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I-KUE Wireless Game Controller has been designed to work with smartphones and tablets by connecting to them via Bluetooth wireless communication. This project aims to create lightweight rechargeable game controller that can be paired to both Android and iOs devices. Due to the speedy changes of smartphone designs, the design team had to come up with a way to be able to mount many different phone models currently in the market, and any new models down the line. They came up with this 3-points mo

Água Verde Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil is a charming redesign project by Leandro Garcia. The designer upgraded a 30 square meter (323 square foot) studio owned by an ex-ballet dancer, by expanding the social area and optimizing each space. As you can see in the photos below, the result is a small home that breathes, a stylish refuge that successfully accommodates modern living functions. The color palette is minimalist and helps create the feeling of a sizable home. White walls and furniture

Designed for a couple of entrepreneurs with a fast-pace life, The Aldo House by Prototype Design Lab is an impressive residence located in Southern Ontario, Canada. According to the architects, the project is “broken into three slipping volumes of varying heights and lengths, staggered to respond to site and programmatic conditions. Each one is clad with a different material to hint at its interior function: cumaru wood planks, white quartz and custom, diamond-shaped corten steel panels.&

The Messenger is a thoughtful, minimalistic and highly interactive sculpture. Inspired by the carrier pigeon, the avian sculpture was designed to be gifted and re-gifted with a special note, traveling the globe from friend to connected friend. Each Messenger has a unique ID number that allows you to register it online, set up a profile, and track all the places it’s been with an online map. Vid after the jump! Designer: Nomadic Gifts - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonde

You won’t see any screws or glue in these multilayered seating design by Bar Lavi. Instead, you’ll find just a single bolt that holds its bended strips of beech or poplar wood together at one point. Called the Bended Stools series, one is seemingly wild and random while the other appears purposeful and organized. Both, however atypical, are an elegant twist on stool-style seating that add sculptural style to any modern space. Designer: Bar Lavi - Yanko Design Timeless Designs -

Hey contemporist friends! Let’s take a moment to scrutinize the palette choices of some designers. This home in Seattle, designed by CCS Architecture, has a room for visiting guests that has a very distinct color palette. There appears to be a deliberate effort to create a monochrome backdrop of gray and white, which allows the use of deep red on the pillows, light, and ladder, to really pop. continue reading

RD Rice Construction took on the challenge of redesigning an industrial dwelling from the 1920’s, an unfinished place with concrete floors, exposed columns and pipes. The owners of Chelsea Loft wanted their initially unfriendly property converted into a welcoming living space that would accommodate their extensive art collection. By organizing day areas into an open plan, the designers created a massive dynamic interior, which resembles an art gallery. Guests here can enjoy the overwhelming exh

Spreading over an area of 275 square meters, this House near Moscow was imagined by M2 Architectural Group. Take a second to imagine a modern Russian residence. Because you are about to see how this modern forest house near Moscow beautify its surroundings and understand how it can change owner’s lifestyle for the better. It is an example of how contemporary architecture permeates forest clearings yet maintaining the beauty of nature.When the modern house was built in the birch forest cle

Gaming is here to stay which means the problem of kids being sedentary isn’t going anywhere either! To help combat this, the PowaBand measures their physical activity like a fitness band but ties into their favorite existing games and gives them in-game rewards, unlocks, boosts or other relevant bonuses as they grow more and more active. GENIUS! Keep an eye out for crowdfunding this summer! Designer: Rob Bye - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around th

Imagine being stuck in an avalanche or being snowed-in at mountains and with little time for rescue. At such scenarios, the implements that we use matter the most. The Saviour is an ice rescue board that can be used by a single rescuer thanks to its built-in winch. The design is such that it factors in time and deployment in the quickest possible fashion. It’s something that can be done, hence should be considered. The Saviour is a Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner from 2014. Designer: Yoon

Greg Haji Joannides has sent us photos of a historic Greek home on the island of Nisyros, that he and Giorgos Tsironis have given a contemporary update. While being sensitive to the history of the original 17th century building, the house was updated with modern infrastructure and a given a minimalist white interior. continue reading

Seeing your name in bright lights is one thing, but seeing your dreams or beliefs is something quite extraordinary. We received word about these amazingly affordable neon signs and art from Neon Mfg through the send us tips page and had to share it with you all. Imagine your most important focus glowing bright on the wall or right beside you. Whether it’s love, courage or wonder, you can showcase a bright reminder in lights in your home or offer what you want to say in hard to ignore neon

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