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If you feel ill, you seek medical help… right? So why not provide our “sick” and polluted urban environments with the same attention? The Climatology Tower was designed as a research center that evaluates urban meteorology and corrects the environment with technological engineering. Look at it like a giant humidifier/air-purifier for your city. It also monitors things like radiation, insolation and thermal coverage, notifying the public for awareness and city departments to he

Look at these projects here and here, then come back and compare. All three of them deal with a cup design for the visually impaired and hopes to avoid spills when filling a cup. Question is, which one of them solves the problem effectively? What do you think? Designer: Jongil Kim - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (It’s All About the Ring was origi

Architect Scott Allen designed the Cliff House in Gig Harbor, Washington. Project description Tucked against the wall of a natural cliff and right on the water’s edge in Gig Harbor, Washington, this project answered the unique challenges of its site. The footprint for the new structure replaces an old guest house and boathouse, and was limited in its size by an agreement through a regulatory process. The design solution makes the roof of the new structure an extension of t

Mast Elements added the "Type C" to the Mantra chair name in tribute to the racing car. Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, it certainly has motion. The central support is polished steel and from there on up, it's cushioned leather floating on air. It almost looks like something from outer space! But it does look incredibly comfortable. And such soft and supple leather. The company is Italian, of course. Mast Elements is the first company in the world to produce furniture entirely out of carbon fibre.

We’re not sure why would anyone wear Intimacy 2.0 Dress, but Studio Roosegaarde thinks that this concept dress will become the next big thing. It’s a high-tech fashion project that detects when you’re turned on, not only your face turns red, this dress will become transparent. This project is basically exploring the relationship between intimacy and technology, it utilizes high-tech garments in black or white made out of opaque smart e-foils. The wearer sensual interactions determine the level

Stone Branch is a beautiful LED lamp or night light especially when you have nature inspired bedroom theme. It features minimalist style that you can hang on the wall as an art object, you can easily move it in any room to decorate empty wall. Made in plastic, this lamp is available in black, white, or yellow color options. The case is endowed with LED strip. Alongside the middle and bottom line there are microcontrollers connected to the capacitive touch sensors. The lighting brightness is set

Located in Indian ocean, Floating Artificial Coral Reef Station project will protect Indonesian coastline from Tsunamis as well as support the growth of natural coral. This conceptual electric coral reef station features moveable steel girders as its framework along with steel reef ball structures which are designed in a way to protect coral reef ecosystem. Coral reefs provide shelter for marine life, they are also valuable sources of organisms for potential medicines, at the same time, they al

Nested in South East of London, the Green Studio is a creative home work space with a peculiar geometric exterior. Designed by Fraher Architects for the company’s own use, the project was delivered to a tight budget. The studio was strategically built to attract light inside and… boost the creative flow of the employees. Featuring an array of triangle-shaped roof windows, the warm atmospheric feel throughout the office space is strongly encouraged. The office occupies two levels. In

Imagined by architect Werner van der Meulen as occupying a blessed hilly plot within a secluded nature estate in Pretoria, South Africa, this impressive 777 square meter residence blends steel, glass and concrete with perfectly manicured laws and reflecting water surfaces. The owner wanted a spacious home with a luxurious feel and Nico van der Meulen Architects played a key role in materializing this dream home. They envisioned and built a home focusing on the living room design, creating a vi

Sign Language Ring is a set of rings and a bracelet capable of detecting sign language and translating them. Essentially, the device is able to detect sign language motions and can translate them to voice feedback. Conversely, it can translate voice to text. Inspired by the Buddhist prayer beads, the text is displayed on a screen on the top of the bracelet. Sign Language Ring is a translation device in the form of a bracelet with detachable rings. When worn on the fingers of the person using s

The elaborate tags that accompany new clothes are a necessary evil. Once you’ve snipped them off your new purchase, they find their way to the bin and that’s the end of them. To make their life more useful, here is an idea of using soapy soluble, printable strips that can be added as detergent, to the first wash. Interesting idea that is worth exploring! What do you think? Hang Tag is a 2014 iF Design – Concept Design entry. Designers: Danghui Li, Yuexin Huang, Yao Zhang & Long Chen - Ya

A-cero, Joaquin Torres Arquitectos, have designed the interiors of a villa and the restaurant at the Iniala Beach House in Phuket, Thailand. Project description from A-cero We present one of the latest International Projects of the Architectural studio A-cero led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This project is an Interior Design development in an unique and exclusive hotel in Thailand. Located in the bucolic coast area of Natai Beach in Phuket, this place is characterized by

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