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Inspired by the song “Letter”, composed by Yosi Horikawa, a Japanese musician, Natalia Rumyantseva has designed Letter writing table. It features images of leaf of paper and letter in artistic way, the plastic form of a table creates light, open, and calm characters. When designing this table, Rumyantseva imagined how this table would serve not only functional purpose but also an object that could create special mood for people and atmosphere in the room. It has won Design and Design Internatio

Juraj Vanca of Brno based DESIGN ATAK sent us 3D renderings of a modern country house the studio envisioned for a young family in Moravia, the Czech Republic. The brief of the project requested a modern and fresh interior approach, in accordance with the rural surroundings. According to the project developers, the main material employed this house is oak, which is a traditional furniture material used in the area: “We tried to keep the interior simple and bright by using natural shade of

Envisioned by Paris-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this cozy modern armchair named the Slow Chair provokes the mind and body to connect in a sensory experience. Boasting an ergonomic support ensured by a translucent knit stretched over the polished aluminum frame, the chair awakens the feeling of complete relaxation after having imposed a modern aesthetic respect. Comfortable, supporting and versatile, the Slow Chair delivers the promise of a slowed down world where modern design an

Molded from a near-paper-thin wood layers, Incurva is found at the intersection of modern design and craftsmanship, serving as a sophisticated wall or floor ornament that functions to hold your favorite things! Ideal as a wine or magazine rack, its rigid material safely cradles bottles, books, and more. In chromatic contrast of walnut and beech veneers, they’re an easy addition to a variety of interior styles, classic and contemporary. Designer: Formabilio - Yanko Design Timeless Desig

This sporty yet sophisticated luxury powerboat concept takes inspiration from its land-bound cousin, the super sports car. Aside from its flared fender-like frame, the highlight of the auto-inspired design is a cockpit fit with racing-style bucket seats, a center console, proper dash and creature comforts like climate control. Though the interior is more akin to a Fisker Karma than a fishing boat, the design is contrasted with classic nautical features like its beautiful slatted, wraparound dec

Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados designed a home for an art collector in Nova Lima, Brazil. Project description The concept of this project came from the desire that this house would have plenty of space for contemplation. First the house was aiming to host and expose a collection of contemporary art, and second, because the local area is blessed with spectacular scenery, it should be brought into the house in all the rooms, and especially the kitchen because food is also

This three-storey residence located in Seaside, Florida was conceived by NYC architect Alexander Gorlin to be his personal haven. Similar to Corbusier’s rebellions, Gorlin’s iconic gesture is an ongoing comment about the emptiness of blindly mimicking historic styles while at the same time corroborating the strengths of Seaside’s Traditional New Urban Plan. Conscientiously constructed and meticulously maintained, “Stairway to Heaven” is said to be one of the sturdiest and most precisely c

Susie Cohen of Made by Cohen takes on just a handful of projects each year, allowing herself to be creative instead of overworked. We just presented one of her works – this cozy private residence – and now it’s time to dive deeper into her magnificent universe with another stunning interior design project: the Windsor Warehouse Residence. This is actually the home she purchased after having her first child and it seems immersed in comfort and dripping coziness all over. A gre

The Smash Cup is an ultra-portable, sealed travel cup that stays with you! When you’re not drinking, it collapses into a compact, liquid-tight disk, saving space in your backpack, handbag or even your pocket. Usable for hot or cold drinks and easily washed, it eliminates the waste for all types of disposable cups and saves money. Perfect everywhere from the office to camping in the woods! Designer: Benjamin Melinger - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from arou

Ever dreamed of being able to cook like the pros in your own kitchen? It’s a nice fantasy, but if you’re like me, then it’s only ever a fantasy because all the effort that goes into it is daunting! Until now! Juvo is a sous vide cooker that makes it possible to whip up a mouth-water meal with almost no effort at all thanks to an easy-to-use app. From dessert to multi-course dinners, t’s jam-packed with great recipes. Simply add your ingredients and control the device and

Checkwitch Poiron Architects have designed the Double High House in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Project description The Double High house is an elegant and efficient re-interpretation of the typical suburban site plan. The slender form is positioned against the long north edge of the site in order to maximize the solar exposure to the south. A 22 foot south facing sliding door system connects the main living space with the wooden deck and landscape, blurring the line between interior and exter

Want to create an amazing outdoor oasis in your back yard? Image Source: RonneallightingsesignThe summer heat is pounding down on your shoulders, scorching your skin. You need an escape, but you need one now— one that doesn’t require a plane ride to a beach resort.Why not look to your very own back yard? No matter how small, your back yard can be turned into an amazing outdoor oasis. Want to know how? There are numerous design elements that, when combined together, create wonderful outdoor esca

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