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Arcsine Architecture have transformed a dull and dated retail space with green carpet, beige walls, and drop ceilings, into a contemporary coffee shop named Modern Coffee, located in Oakland, California. continue reading

Modpods, these little conceptual devices are snap-together controllers that allow you to create cool music. Together, they act as a system for midi controllers, magnetically snap together, using only 4 Modpod base units are enough to allow you to build an endless variety of sequencers, synthesizers, samples, and MIDI devices. It’s been designed for both beginners and professionals, unfortunately we don’t have more information about this project since it’s only concept. Designer : Andrew Walla

There are more than 67 million diabetic patients in India alone, these “diabetics” have mindset ranges from diabetes-as-life-sentence to the ones who are in denial despite their medical reports. Keeping this in mind, Indrajeet Bakhale, an Indian industrial designer, wants to design wearable device that allows you to constantly check your blood sugar level, the result is Glycount, a humane diabetes management. This design phase involved rigorous ideation via sketches for the physicality of the d

Designed late in 1930s, Volkswagen Beetle was beautifully simple and practical. Fast forward to this generation, no design could erase the traces of that iconic beetle from the hearts and the roads. Everyone loved it so much and it lived in production line for years. Latest member of the beetle family is still cute with modern futuristic touch, but not as much as its ancestor. Alpera Motors, a young and progressive start-up, decided to preserve the heritage of this legend car. Based on VW 1974

Lyndon Neri and Alberto Alessi have paid tribute to Michael Graves, following a memorial service for the influential American architect who died last month (+ interview). (more…)

The American Institute of Architects has selected its top 10 housing projects of the last 12 months, including a rusting steel residence in rural Washington, a series of musicians' cottages in Vermont and a student housing tower in Boston (+ slideshow). (more…)

Have a look at this black modern refuge surrounded by lush vegetation in the village of Boudry, Switzerland. Schuler Villa is a three-level, 690 square-meter residence designed and implemented by andrea pelati architecte. Aiming for a high level of privacy, the studio created a relatively closed facade towards the public spaces, while opening up the villa through large expanses of glass on the inside. The narrow site suggested a vertical development of the project, this allowing the inhabitants

Developed by Studio 15b for a retired couple, the Golf House in Brisbane, Australia is a modern residence overlooking a beautiful golf course. The project was planned on a single level, with no internal stairs. This idea was driven from the clients’ request of having a user-friendly home they could feel comfortable in for a long period of time: “The final result is one of light filled luxury, with a relaxed natural feel of stone, timber and glass that takes advantage of a beautiful

The Titanic would have been a very different film if the ship had a Roll Tube. The device is a pretty inconspicuous looking contraption that holds multiple hydrophobic foam boards that expand and inflate on contact with water. Ideal for when many lives need to be saved. All you have to do is pull out the foam boards and throw them in the water. The moment they touch water, they puff up and become highly effective flotation devices. Take that Rose! Jack lives!! Designer: Chanyeop Jeong Autho

Millions of tiny creatures live all around you – what if you could catch them, see how they look and how they behave? PIXEING is a magical tool that catches super-tiny creatures and makes virtual collection via Bluetooth inside the iOS app. Trapped inside a “virtual cage,” you can watch them move and see how they really look. Depending on the environment, you’ll find an almost infinite assortment of new insects and microbes to learn about. Designer: ShiftBrain Inc. and

Architect and interior designer Svetozar Andreev, has transformed the attic of an 18th century house in the historic center of Saint Petersburg, Russia, into a three-level penthouse apartment. continue reading

RIVET One motorcycle features steampunk design with futuristic touch. It’s a project born out of William Shatner and American Wrench corporation, they came together to create a vehicle that hasn’t been done before. Shatner, a 83 year old actor has traveled across U.S. many times in many forms but never on a motorcycle. When a staff of American Wrench met him at an autograph signing, he invited Shatner to work together to build a custom bike just for him. Through the mutual passion for motorcycl

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