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Mercury concept watch is actually a simple analogue watch but with a little bit sci-fi touch, so time telling won’t be difficult. Peter Fletcher, the designer, wanted to design something that is back to basic without sacrificing futuristic look of the watch. This watch uses off the shelf movements, the unique thing about this timepiece lies in its case where the hands and markers have been designed in organic form and they look like random splashes of liquid metal or mercury. The lighting acces

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, just like its name suggests, it’s a personal audio speaker that defies gravity, it floats above its magnetic base. One of the main goal here is to design an iconic Bluetooth speaker, something that represents magic, making the impossible possible. Each detail has been carefully designed and developed to make sure the speaker turns out to be as beautiful as it is functional, well, do you think the design team meet their goal with this device? It is elegant an

With a dramatic cliffside location overlooking Koh Samui’s port town of Nathon, Lime Samui Villa 4 offers guests spectacular coastal views of Thailand. The interiors of the property frame the striking limestone peaks of the National Marine Park and the legendary Five Islands, setting the stage for spectacular crimson sunsets. The spacious, multifunctional living area slides open directly onto the wide decks and infinity edge pool, which reflects the calm and beauty of the lush surrounding

Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni completed the design and development of Sharifi-ha House, an innovative residence that can ingeniously adapt to the climate changes in Tehran, Iran. The is due to the displacement of turning boxes that lead the building’s volume to become open or closed, introverted or extroverted: “Here, the openness /closure of the building’s volume is a reference to traditional Iranian houses, which would dynamically serve as seasonal modes of habitation by offering both

Since 1968, the EF66 series of electric-only locomotives have been synonymous with strength & dependability, ushering in the golden age of engine craftsmanship in Japan for high-speed trains. As a tribute to this legacy, Masahiro Minami designed the EF66-2000 concept as an experimental model of the vehicle typology. The design inherits aesthetic & quality DNA from its ancestor & sports a modern output of 3,900 kW, 1,500 V direct current, and a VVVF inverter within its 100.13 ton wei

Inspired by the piano keys, Glissando is an elegant timepiece that sits well on a wrist. While its not packed with features like chronograph or turbillion, what makes its desirable is its unique time-telling ability. It’s the kinda watch that you will want to own and show-off for its super-sexiness! Designer: Han Huynh - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Ya

CUBE Architecten have redesigned an old store room in an office building into ‘t Park, a semi-public plaza in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Project description In August 2013 the City of Amsterdam gave the go-ahead for the redevelopment of an old store room under one of their offices on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam into a multifunctional plaza. This plan is part of the new flexible housing concept for their offices, which can be densified through realization of such plazas. CUBE is,

What better way to view this amazing collection of indoor / outdoor furniture by Opiary then on an outdoor Country Terrace that not only did Opiary design, but also oversaw the construction of. Set in a field amongst crop circles and paths, the setting highlights the new and modern aesthetic presented in Opiary's Drillium lounger and chair as well as in their Caldera coffee table, the Godoo stacks and the Chandeloid. Even from a distance its easy to see the unique aspects of the Opiar

Is it art, or is it botany? Only your gardener knows for sure. These incredible living sculptures are a delicate combination of animate and inanimate, of art and botany, of fluid and solid. And how fantastic would any of them look in your garden? Styles range from the classic Apollo (above) to the modernistic Hanging Gardens (last photo). Made from galvanized steel armature coated with resin-fortified cement, these pieces stand up to the elements but are equally suited for indoor use. Cement

Even though there’s no window, this jet still features breath taking view through its entire cabin. IXION Windowless Jet is a concept design that proposes something different to challenge current idea, it’s not just fantasy, but it’s credible and relevant. The design team has designed a business jet that breaks conventional thinking with its exterior and interior technology. The goal was to come up with different and unique interior concepts, thus, the idea of removing all the windows from cabi

Newborn stage is hard, you need to constantly monitor your baby 24/7, making sure everything is safe and comfortable for the baby. Sproutling Baby Monitor has been designed and developed to help parents to do their job more effectively, it’s the world’s first sensing, learning, and predicting baby monitor. Each set of Sproutling Baby Monitor consists of 3 connected devices: one is wearable for the baby, a smart charger, and a mobile app. The wearable sensor has been designed with soft, breathab

91mobiles just submitted a concept smartphone proposal for Google, Nexus 360. We must say, it’s a futuristic and innovative vision of our possible future smartphone. It doesn’t look like impossible since flexible LED is already here and it’s easy to imagine that we might wear this device in not so distant future. These days, we need to carry multiple devices to suit our lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, the company tries to propose a new concept device that can take multiple roles and adapt to y

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