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Honda unveiled BULLDOG motorcycle during press conference at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015. With this model, Honda promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycle, it’s been designed and developed to represent the concept of “Lovable Touring Partner”. So yeah, this motorcycle was designed to become your best companion to enjoy outdoor life, it goes beyond the boundaries of conventional motorbike. Honda BULLDOG features 15-inch wide tires with low center of gravity. The 730mm seat height e

When traditional meets modern, Shisha 2.0 is the modern and luxurious version of hookah from Porsche Design. It’s a new breeze of luxury that captivates you with its puristic design and exclusive materials: hand blown glass and aluminum. Just in case you don’t what what Shisha is, it’s a single stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. Its origin is from Persia and then spread to east India during Safavid Dynasty. This 73.5cm high shisha offers technical sophistication tha

What Elegance in Design Means in 2015

Posted by freshome 4 days ago (Editorial)

Let’s take a look at the new definition of elegance in 2015, it is much more sleek and minimalist than your grandmother’s version of elegance. Image Source: Turtlebeach ConstructionOnce upon a time, an elegant home was filled with flamboyance, layers of fabrics, and passementerie. Those homes with stratums of accessories all matched to perfection seem outdated in our modern world. For one, we don’t really have the time to fuss with all those matched sets, making everything loo

On a challenging corner terrain in Singapore, HYLA Architects envisioned and implemented Lines of Light Residence, an imposing dwelling with a modern glass facade: “This terrace sits at a corner site and thus the full side of the house fronts the side street. To preserve the privacy but still allowing light and ventilation, a slatted timber screen covers the entire side elevation. At the front, an outdoor terrace with a high volume fronts the main garden. The space continues into the doub

The Suli lamp looks like it was crafted by nature. Nature has a tendency to leave us floored, and this lamp does that effortlessly. The lampshade is made out of wooden veneer sheets that rotate on a common axis, allowing you to open or close the lampshade, depending on how much light you want. Available in a tabletop and a wall-mounted variety, the Suli lamp is simple, ingenious, and absolutely mesmeric! Designer: Kacper Holenderski Author: Sarang Sheth - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Exp

Bentley stands for class and opulence. And opulence is having an ocean inside your car. Well not literally of course, but imagine if your car interiors were lit by the calming and alluring caustic effects you see on the floor of a water body? The concept car redefines automotive luxury, and does it through sustainable means, making use of OLED technology, filtering light from the sunroof to look like your car was gracefully driving on the bed of the ocean. Don’t go with the flow. Be the f

Architects France Ducharme and Martin Dufour have designed a reception center for visitors to the Aditus development in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. continue reading

“Back to the Future” is a phenomenal time travel trilogy that has become worldwide cultural phenomenon. If you haven’t watched these films, we highly recommend that you have “Back to the Future” marathon weekend, you won’t regret it. Any hardcore fans of this trilogy would know about Flux Capacitor, it’s the main component that powers DeLorean’s time vortex. It has become one of best known props from the movie. That’s why reading time on the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch would be

Feline One designed by Yacouba Galel is one most luxurious and sophisticated motorcycle available today. This high-tech motorcycle delivers a new vision of motorbike, it features unique look to create immediate impact through its sensual panther style. This project is the result of 4 years of technological research, constructed with highest quality materials with parts manufactured by worldwide manufacturer experts. Carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum, combined with fine leather, those are mat

The new Aurore wood stove is dedicated to the pleasures of the senses. Designed by Jerome Olivet, the elegance of the sculpted surfaces and galvanized glossy white or deep black sets a new standard, which here reaches the highest demands of quality. Across the smallest details, design is placed under the sign of exclusivity. The refined style, exemplary finish and the quality of its flame illuminate the entire space. The large door with multiple reflections impresses with its clear and slender

Developed by Tom Hurt Architecture, Canyon Edge Residence dominates a narrow and steep wooded site off Cuernavaca, in Austin, Texas, USA: “A quiet ledge about 10 vertical feet below the road offered a natural place for the house and permits soothing views through the canopies of the trees below to the bottom of a dry-creek canyon. The warm, wood-clad living room roof dynamically pulls upward toward the street and creates a carport .” According to the architects, this three-bedroom,

Located in the Montreal’s Southwest neighborhood, this detached dwelling entitled “Holy Cross House” hides a rich spatial complexity behind its tough working class façade. Turning to the neighbourhood’s post-war veteran’s home as its formal point of departure, the architects at TBA set out to make a project that simultaneously fits in and stands out from its heterogeneous context without sacrificing the contemporary nature of the project. The principal challenge lay in bringin

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