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Park+Associates Architects completed the design of Greja House, a semi-detached residence located in Singapore. With a contemporary exterior defined by a high level of originality, the project easily stands out in its neighborhood: “This matrix of borderless spaces is a white translucent box. Functionally, it acts as a screen that brings filtered daylight into the house while maintaining a degree of privacy. Architecturally, it creates a permeable skin that not only dissolves the boundary

This classic beach house in California was envisioned by Jackson Design and Remodeling for a well-traveled young couple who fell in love with the incredible views.  They decided to make an old seaside home their own and completely transform the original outdated structure. The designers planned a crib with the classic feel of an East Coast cottage and the sophisticated design of European living spaces. The home’s natural surroundings are now central to its welcoming, light-filled design. Open s

You’d never know from its simplistic, sculptural aesthetic that the Orion lamp is made almost entirely from the recycled bits leftover from other wood manufacturing processes. The clippings, shavings and sawdust pieces are pulverized and mixed with adhesive before being formed into its elegant crescent shape. Not only beautiful, its shape is a part of its function and can be adjusted by using a rolling weight to reveal more or less of the embedded LED, thereby changing the intensity of th

Let’s be honest… the Vensepto concept is a bit schizophrenic. WHAT is it? Well, right now, just a name. One look, however, and you’ll see that it was inspired by many brands (like Lambo) as well as different auto designers such as Ken Nagasaka, Tony Chen and others. The result is Ferrari-esque, Gallardo-ish, McLaren-y and maybe even a little LFA-like. But what’s in a name when it looks this good?!Designer: Steel Drake

Jackson Design and Remodeling completed La Jolla Home, a colorful residence spiced up with interesting details in California. According to the project developers, the clients are people who love contemporary design and it was important to them to truly love their space. They had a dream floor plan in mind and wanted to live in beautiful, inspiring surroundings. Each material was carefully selected during the remodel, with the clients’ attentive participation. The exterior is a high grade cedar

Space-Saving Furniture for Your Small Bedroom

Posted by freshome 10 days ago (Editorial)

Did our post 40 Small Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger inspire you to give your tiny bedroom a makeover? Great … but where do you get the right space-saving furniture and accessories to make your small bedroom as awesome as the ideas? Good news: You’ve come to the right place. Here are 85 ideas for beds, storage, case goods, closet walls, mirrors, bookcases, desks and lighting for your small bedroom.Here are the nine space-saving furniture categories we cover:BedsUnder-Bed Stor

Unleash your creativity with Hobie, the phone accessory designed to make awesome time lapses! All you have to do is pick your perspective, insert your smartphone inside and start filming. You can also choose if you want keep a fixed or moving point of view, because Hobie allows you to record moving videos from a 360 degree POV. Its small dimensions make it easy to bring it with you every day, without the need for bulky tripods… but if you want, it can also be equipped on your tripod, mult

You’d think that by now we would just unite and come up with a single universal plug design. I know world peace and unity is difficult, but could we just have one damn plug and plug-point to match?! Designer Xiaojiu Zhang said to herself “to hell with converters, why can’t the plug just modify itself to fit different orientations?”. The result was the 3+2 Plug, a shape shifting plug design that can alter to fit two plug-point configurations.The plug is circular with a pr

Capital A Architecture completed House in Edinburgh, an upgrade of a classic one-level 1930’s dwelling in Scotland. The architects added an L-shaped open plan space to the rear and side, which solved most of the requirements of the brief: “There are thousands of similar houses across suburban Edinburgh, they are hugely popular but their original layout is unsuitable for modern life. This house had enough bedrooms for a young family but it didn’t take advantage of the large garden. The original

This TV studio kitchen is what makes the connection between home life and work for one girl that seems to know how to make waves. Oana Grecea is a Romanian entrepreneur that turns her dream into reality day by day, opportunity by opportunity. She loves to cook and entertain, so the natural move after leaving the economic mass-media path she was on for more than 20 years, was an online cooking show.Writing about entrepreneurship led to her becoming one. Among other, one place Oana Grecea worked

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