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Tzannes Associates designed the Clovelly Residence in Sydney, Australia. Project description The residence forms a L-shape to create a protected enclave and to maximise solar access, natural ventilation and aspect as well as utilising energy efficiency by including 3 water tanks, reverse brick veneer walls, sun control louvres and shutters, natural ventilation, hot water solar panels and photo-voltaic cells. The building has an expressed off-form concrete structure with flush oiled

What you are about to visualize is the architecture and interior design of one of Washington State’s most energy efficient homes. Occupying 252 square meters in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, the home that came to be know as Park Passive House was designed by Marie Ljubojevic and Lauren McCunney of NK Architects and built by Sloan Ritchie of Cascade Built. Showcasing an eye-catching facade, the geometric house spreading over 2,710 square feet cleverly hides its eco-friendliness behi

This small apartment in Stockhom, Sweden impressed us with its original layout and stylish decorating scheme. Discovered by Freshome on Svensk Fastighets, the 34 square-meter crib displays comfortable living spaces with a powerful aesthetic appeal. The first interior you are likely to observe upon entering this apartment is the bedroom, creatively separated from the rest of the project through glass walls. Pebbles under the bed, a giant mirror and framed graphics contribute to the Scandinavian

The multi-award winning AngelCare1200 is a video, sound and movement monitor for optimized for a variety smart devices. Irrespective of whether parents are away from home or just in the next room, they can see and hear baby at all times. Better yet, family and friends can be invited to share in precious moments via the app or online access. For baby’s own comfort, a nightlight is gently integrated in the inviting angel shape. Designer: Konings & Kappelhoff - Yanko Design Timele

The Human Harp is a device that clips on to any urban or industrial structure that enables the user or “movician” to play it like a giant instrument! Attached to retractable strings, the user can adjust various characteristics of the structure’s voice by extending, plucking and moving about. See it in action on the Brooklyn Bridge after the jump AND if you happen to be in the UK you can check it out yourself up until August 26th! More details here. Designer: Di Mainstone &

Note Design Studio have collaborated with Lerch to design Finefood, a restaurant and coffee shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Project description For this interior we were inspired by a beautiful photo series of the misty Death Valley by Jordan Sullivan, capturing the subtle variation and soft color changes of daylight that turns the harsh landscape into a poetic, inspiring place. The Finefood restaurant and coffee shop serves well cooked everyday food and pastries for the inhabitants of Hamm

Designed by Chaffee Graham of 4th Period Woodshop, the Para Hammock is made with over 700 pieces of Walnut that are all connected in an integrated and flexible grid via a Para cord. The Flexing walnut tiles allow the hammock to custom hug whomever uses it, giving the user the ultimate hammock experience. Aside from being the perfect place to take a nap or read a book, the Para Hammock is also a beautiful addition to any home or backyard. Each of the 700 walnut pieces has been clear co

We are not quite sure how long we can stand feeling this envious but, for now, our envy is directed sharply at the owners of the gorgeous 500-square-meter (5,382 sq.ft) Parisian property, recently overhauled by designer François Champsaur. The Marseilles-born, Paris-based designer was faced with a double challenge. The family has owned this apartment for generations, yet Champsaur’s brief was to make it “unrecognisable,” as he is quoted as saying in a magazine articl

There are some basic exterior design lessons that everyone should know about. Image Source: Cardello Architects While we all want a spectacular home that stands out amongst the rest; we also want a home that blends with its surroundings and neighborhood. Designing the exterior of a home can be a complicated process of color choices, materials, balancing shape and lines— it is not a job for novice designers. Do you ever wonder what makes a home exterior visually appealing? Why are there

Within the confinement of a small plot, a modern home offering an open layout for enjoying both the inside and outdoors might seem close to impossible. But then again, architects have a way to visualize the given space in its completed stage and walk around construction sites like they’d walk across the finished home. This compact plot measuring 10 meters wide by 14 meters deep stands 20 meters from the property line. In the middle of such a tight space, the modern home was supposed to b

Based around a design that’s gone largely unchanged for years, the Sway cigarette lighter is proof that even minor tweaks can mean greater functionality. The design focuses on user friendliness, featuring a button that can be used from any side, as well as a weighted bottom that allows it to stand upright for convenient picking up. The bottom is also rounded, making it easy to slide into pockets. In a variety of fun colors, there’s a tone for every taste! Designer: Salmon Nortje

The SOS Rocket is a unique safety buoy that earmarks safe swimming areas at the beaches. In case the currents sweep a swimmer, they can latch onto one of the buoys and release the helium-filled SOS balloon and thus attract the lifeguard’s attention. Designers: Wonkyung Jang and Jaehyo Lee - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Making Beaches Safer was

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