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I love products that are simple in their intended purpose. Not every product needs to be as complex as a hadron collider, does it? The iGlow CageB is a simple add-on to your bicycle. Its purpose? to make your water/beverage bottle glow at night. Why? Well, why not! I know it’s taking the phrase “travel light” a little too literally, but personally, it’s a scintillating idea! Designer: Topeak Author: Sarang Sheth - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful co

2.8x Architects have transformed what was once a cockfighting arena near Lima, Peru, into a calm and relaxing garden that is open for all the neighbors to enjoy. continue reading

A key organizer and locking knife in one, this is what Titanium Mini Q offers you. Featuring a mini size, this tool can be easily placed inside your jeans pocket, purse, bag, or even wallet. It took about a year to design and make several prototype revisions, the design team has perfected the ultimate key holder and knife in one compact, durable package. You’ll be amazed by detailed engineering process all the way down to tiniest measurements to make sure not only a compact rugged product but a

Hunton XRS52 powerboat took almost a decade in the making, it wants to cover everything you want from legendary boat builder. The continuation of body lines create exciting and luxurious boat styled in collaboration with dynamic superyacht designers Eidsgaard. This model defines the future of Hunton and next generation of luxury powerboats. It demonstrates best of British design and engineering, this powerboat offers its owner blend of artistic creativity, technology, craftsmanship, and excitem

Everywhere you go, you can relax on this light, comfortable chair. Leano portable chair offers you with simple, lightweight, and comfortable chair. Take it anywhere with you, it weighs less than an iPad Air and smaller than ukulele. You might think those sticks are fragile, but check out the video, the construction holds your position regardless how much you fidget around or weigh, they also work on any surface, there’s no need to stick Leano into the ground to use it. The wooden frame is made

SAOTA collaborated with interior designer Debra Parkington to develop a Cape Town house in South Africa. According to the architects, the site is excellently positioned on the mountain ridge below Lions Head with views of Robben Island to the North and Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles to the South. The Brief was to create a spectacular home which encapsulated the expansive 360 degree mountain and sea views. Though views out were paramount this needed to be carefully balanced with the required

Mount Lawley House by Robeson Architects is the project developers’ own home, built on a 180m2 triangular lot in Perth, Western Australia. The design represents the architects’ belief in function over convention and that small, odd parcels of land can be successfully and affordably developed into interesting and spacious buildings. The geometric forms of the house are bold and unprecedented in its immediate surrounds, however add to the mix of cathedrals, block apartments, and chara

The CauseBottle is a stainless steel water bottle that triggers users to rethink their daily consumption. The design features a graphic indication printed on the lid that shows how many traditional disposable water bottles equal the volume of plastic used in the lid. It’s a simplistic yet highly effective reminder to be carbon-footprint-concious! Designer: Jacob Stanton - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than j

Benjamin Hubert’s “Canisters” series of large ceramic centerpieces stems from the studio’s research in creating mass-produced products with unique details by manipulating the traditional ceramic manufacturing process. Each of the vessels takes it shape from the archetypical industrial canister form, counterbalanced with a decorative seam detail. The soft pastel colors and matte glaze are sympathetic to the forms and keep focus on the decorative seam elements. Designer: B

Sean Kenney, a “professional kid” who uses LEGO pieces to design and create sculptures, has moved into a newly renovated art studio in Brooklyn. studioMET Architects have taken what was originally an old parking garage, and have transformed it into a bright white 4,000 square foot art studio. continue reading

A pencil sharpener can also be beautiful, designed by Hakan Gürsu, this little office device gets a makeover. Just like its name suggests, this Lollypop Pencil Sharpener concept was inspired by the iconic shape of Lollypop. When you place a pencil inside, it looks like the handle while the circular, colorful sharpener represents the candy. This modern wooden pen sharpener features 8 holes for pencils with different diameters or cross section, it consists of 3 main parts : the top and the bottom

The Floating Seahorse has been officially launched by Kleindienst Group in March at the Dubai International Boat Show. It’s a unique concept of habitable boat and only 42 units have been launched in Dubai. This magnificent boat has received many praises from media, clients, and investors, from Saudi Arabia to Norway, well, we truly believe that, just take a look at the boat, it’s truly unique underwater product. This boat offers you a marine style retreat, it features 3 space levels: underwater

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