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Merging contemporary architecture with sustainable design techniques, Hennebery Eddy Architects created ASH + ASH, a private home in Portland, Oregon, USA. According to the project developers, the residence “takes advantage of regional and distant views to the east, north and west and a close relationship to its neighborhood and immediate landscape. We were driven by a desire to create a range of outdoor terraces and porches for use at different times of the day and in different weather;

The No. 5065 Scooter folds down into a compact and portable tube, making it a convenient vehicle for ‘last mile’ transportation in the city. With just one joint and a telescopic handle, users can quickly fold and unfold to transfer between transportation methods. Upon arriving, the compact form can be stowed away conveniently, even in a backpack, until it’s time to make the trek back!Designer: Wang Yixing

Hidden Wind is a solar-powered air conditioning concept with an intelligent interface that makes cooling your place a cinch with minimal impact to your aesthetic. Unlike bulky, loud ACs, the quiet unit is wall-mounted almost flush with the surface. Meant to cool down the hottest parts of the home where the sun shines directly, it also harnesses solar power for ultra-efficiency.Designer: Li San Xin, Zhou Li Long

ORB Scuba Diving Helmet is a conceptual oxygen re-breather, a 3rd year final project at Staffordshire University. Thomas Winship, a product designer, has come up with a futuristic scuba diving helmet, it uses modern technology known as re-breathing to recycle your own oxygen to allow you to breath underwater. The problem with current scuba diving equipment is that they are too heavy and bulky, most often than not, uncomfortable to put on. This project aims to design and develop more compact and

Viktoria Apartment Rooftop in Downtown SeattleAt Freshome we’re always working to bring you the best in architectural innovation and interior design trends by showcasing beautiful homes and apartments around the world. In our new series, we explore the most dynamic neighborhoods in cities across the U.S. and highlight the best apartment options each of them have to offer. Starting with our hometown of Seattle, we put together a list of great things to do, eat, and see while also showing you the

Soon to bridge across two ten-floor buildings in London, the Sky Pool by Ballymore is one of the major highlights of the Embassy Gardens development. This see-through swimming pool will be 115 feet off the ground, and its dimensions of 90 feet long, 19 feet wide, and nearly 10 feet deep will allow the inhabitants of the residential complex to swim at ease above the River Thames. The project also implies an entirely transparent glass shell that is 8 inches thick.The Sky Pool is part of the Nine

If only Titanic happened around 2015. Jack would have sailed to the nearest Solar Water Still on some debris and would have been just fine! The Solar Water Still is a buoy that does much more than bob up and down on water. It harnesses solar energy and also tidal power to constantly purify sea water into fresh water. Enough for ships and boats to be able to stock up on drinkable water even when they’re out in the middle of the ocean. Apart from that, it also houses an SOS signal system an

My Own Locksmith is a key and lock cylinder combination with a resettable function that makes it easy to “change the lock” without actually having to permanently remove any hardware. Simply set the number on the cylinder and the numbers on the key to match and you’ll have a custom combination that you can always do by yourself!Designer: Liao Hung Lin, Chiang Ming Huang, Liao Hung Lin, Tsai Alan, Wu Jean

This gorgeous lamp is actually constructed with recycled materials. Submitted by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Upcycling Lamp features unique design that gives you cool illusion of a bottle stuck on a piece of wood. This lamp is upcycling project which is consist of broken wood, abandoned glass bottle I used. Cutted glass bottle(degree angle) is for creating the illusion which is stuck on the wood piece. Wrapped-red wire line is the design element, even this part can help to hide the connected/uncleaned p

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