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Panorama Traffic Lights are easily visible to pedestrians even if it is hidden behind tall buses (and other bulky vehicles) at the signal crossing. It is designed in a manner that increases the signal’s visibility across various viewing angles. It enhances road safety by cutting down accidents and ensuring that crossings are safer. Love the design and wonder if this is the solution we are looking for. Designers: Kyung Ok Jeon, Sim Hye Yoon, Park So Yeon & Lim Ju Hee - Yanko Design Time

So how about this … your phone case also doubles up as a portable printer. I like the concept and logically speaking, we are seeing many new practical designs that support portable printer – scanners that are pint-sized. Taking it a step further and cramming it as a Smartphone cover is an eventuality. Just a matter of time! So we have it on paper now … let the drum rolls begin… Designers: Eunji Jeong and Nayoung Kim - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from arou

Daan Mulder has created a video showing how he makes the Form Follows Function Sofa he designed. You can watch the video – here

One part art, one part hook and one part storage is the best way to describe the fun pops of wall mounted color otherwise known as the Blomp Coat Hooks. Designed by David Cathro for a Cathro DESIGN, these multifunctional sculptural forms are handmade from polyurethane resin. Their forms remind me of Sea anemones reaching out from their underwater home, looking stunning with their gaping mouths hoping for some unsuspecting critter to come within reach - only in this case the critter is

Preparing food outdoor would be easier with a companion like Buck 941 Travelmate Kit Chocolate Paperstone Knife. It’s a 4.87” (9.87” overall length) serrated stainless steel blade that you can use for slicing, spreading, or chopping. It’s an ideal gift for backpackers or campers, the compact size would save a lot of space, even the fork is integrated with bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver, and features BBQ grill scraper abilities. The handle is made from chocolate brown post-consu

Lacrime del Pescatore ceiling light, a beautiful light that sparkles in the room. The unique design mimics fishermen’s nets covered in thousands water droplets, it was what inspired Ingo Maurer when he was in Venice Lagoon. Those water droplets created sparkle in early morning sun, so beautiful that Maurer inspired to create this light, tears of fisherman. This ceiling light aims to recreate the same glistening fishermen’s nets using 3 layers of nylon netting and sparkling crystals. By hanging

Would you like to have hydrofoiling as your personal watercraft? Quadrofoil presents you with electric hydrofoiling that offers you efficient and environmentally friendly recreational water transportation. With hydrofoiling patented steering technology, you’ll be able to ride this vehicle and feel like flying on water, it gives you a thrilling water experience. The cool thing about this watercraft is, it works pretty quiet and doesn’t create any waves or emissions, thus, making it ideal to ride

An epic club design in Timisoara will have you coming back to this bustling Romanian city for its vision, culture and entertaining possibilities. Nestled in a completely renovated and refurbished 300 square meter space, the Epic Society club was imagined by talented Romanian interior designer Alexandra Avram. Approaching the project with an enthusiastic originality, the designer imagined a “wild and free” scene cranked up by oak, birch and string and toned down with soft custom sofa

Located near the Szczęśliwicki Park in Warsaw, Poland, this 130 square-meter Scandinavian-inspired apartment designed by Soma Architekci exhibits a friendly, welcoming feel. The crib consists of a cozy daytime area covering a living room and a comfy kitchenette (that was absolutely essential for a housewife who enjoys cooking for her family). A sunny hallway with plenty of wardrobes and compartments offer enough room for storage. The apartment accommodates four rooms- one for each family member

The cozy heat emitting from your laptop can be put to better use with concepts like the Piece Battery. Based on the idea of absorbing heat energy from sources like the TV and computers, the adhesive strip of Piece Battery converts the heat absorbed into electrical power that can be used as wireless charging for mobile devices. It’s a very novel concept that requires a bit of refinement and technical support. Designers: Prof. Chai Chunlei, Zhang Kejun, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, M

There are people like my mom, who are freakishly particular of never sharing their glass or bottle of water with anyone. Their reasoning is that they don’t want to spread germs or take on anyone else’s either. Sounds reasonable and yet very annoying that I cant sip from her bottle, in case I’m really thirsty. The Touchin is a design that prevents the spread of germs because of the way it’s fitted to the neck of the bottle. It forces everyone to take a swig in a way that keeps away the actual li

Arctic Studio designed the Green Bean house for a family in Onsala, Sweden. From Arctic Studio The concept of the Green Bean house is a organic spiral motion in the internal organization of the spaces, both in plan and in section. This creates a fluent sequence of spaces that is contained in the simplicity of the box-shaped volume. In order to achieve minimal energy loss and take advantage of the sun radiation, the volume is open towards the south, closed to the north and wrapped in vege

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