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Delivering a new concept for accommodating cars, the Gazebox is a carport, garage and gazebo, all in one. The revolutionary foldable system allows auto enthusiasts to put their favorite car or motorcycle on display, thanks to a high level of transparency. According to the project developers, the special anti UV polycarbonate panels give  protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds. Gazebox comes with two exit options and automatic opening. Have a look at the video below for a

We are in love with these patchwork tiles for a country kitchen backsplash. And Artistic Tile has created the patchwork pattern for you - right in each tile. These 12" x 12" ceramic tiles (1/4" thick) are presented in a mosaic format. The collection is called Homestead and features blue matte, red matte or green matte finish on the tiles. The colors are stonewashed for a real country feel, like your favorite pair of old blue jeans. Or like that old quilt your great-grandmother made back on the

A luxury flashlight from Vipp is made of stainless steel with a beam distance of 85 meters. It also has a 115cm soft silicone rubber string, making it easy to carry it around your neck. Morten Bo Jensen, Vipp Chief Designer, explains that this unit was inspired by flashlights made for professional outdoor activities, but this flashlight has been designed to match the needs of simple outdoor living. Even though it looks like just a simple flash light, it’s developed with a team of flashlight exp

Maxun has developed the first usable solar bike that drives entirely by solar energy. The solar panels alone deliver the energy for a speed of 15mph or 25km/h. You can easily drive more than 60miles or 100km per day without pedaling, entirely by the sun. With Maxun One solar bike, high tech, design and usability come together. That makes this patented bike the most exclusive and astonishing e-bike on the world, nothing compares, no one has ever seen such a thing before. Practical use was an imp

Solar Paper, it’s world’s first solar charger as thin as paper that you can keep inside your note or planner. This paper thin solar chargers are available in several options: 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. When it’s sunny, you can charge your iPhone 6 in less than 3 hours, similar speed as a wall charger. The company claims that they have world’s top technology that allows they to develop highly efficient solar panels that generate more energy than any other solar panels of the same size. The main ch

An infinite bridge was imagined by danish architect studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter as being a circle floating on water . Drawing attention to the shoreline, where the piers would line up steamboats in the old days, this modern sculpture accentuates the scenic coastal landscape surrounding the city of Aarhus in Denmark.The architects saw an opportunity to shape this particular piece of land and explore the possibilities it offers for the international biennale Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Atelier Veloso Architects completed a historic apartment redesign in Lisbon, Portugal. Situated on the first level of a five-storey building dating back to 1893, the loft preserves great details such as the stone masonry walls and the 3.5 meter ceilings with plaster stucco and figurative decorations. Converting the apartment in order to adapt it to contemporary living needs meant installing new kitchen appliances in areas with reduced difficulties, adding wooden-framed windows and complete repl

It's easy to tile your walls in a brick tile pattern with the new "Glossy Brick" by Ragno. Ragno of Italy, that is. Who makes finer ceramic tile than the Italian masters? Rich material and a glossy enamel finish give these large tiles a brightness and softness at the same time. At an oversized 10x30cm (approximately 4" x 12"), they are much larger than the more common New York subway tile style (at 3" x 6"). They are true brick size - but with a bright gloss and extensive color palette. Choose

A divan daybed in Oriental style and upholstered with silk carpets... what else could you call this collection but Daydreamer? In Iran and India, it is common to find these daybeds under a shade tree by a river on the grounds, a place where you can relax and contemplate life. The rugs used for the upholstery are by daybed designer Jan Keith, from his own "Erased Heritage" collection of carpets. Fair Trade rules are a large component of his rugs. They are hand woven from wool and silk in the tra

The IKEA 2016 catalog is almost here! New home furniture inspirations in the traditional Scandinavian style. Focusing on life in and around the kitchen and celebrating food, it's available starting in August, 2015. In the meantime, we've found two incredible pieces to feature, so you'll be ready to go: Norraker dining furniture and Raskog stools. Both are fine examples of Scandinavian style and workmanship. But we know you didn't expect less from our favorite Swedish import. The dining furnitur

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