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Italy-based company Friul Mosaic creates designs meant “to be lived, walked upon, brushed up against, touched, cleaned, felt”. Their mosaics are inspired by the most various themes such as nature, famous works of art, mythology and modern design keeping in mind the latest tendencies. “Attraction” roulette mosaic is a homage to the famous American city Las Vegas, known worldwide for its green tables. This Mosaic realization is a clear reference to the world of gambling: n

No canvas… no leather… just paper! The winner of a design contest sponsored by Teach for America and the U.T. LAB, the Lopez shoe by Christian Lopez features graffiti-inspired graphics on the brand’s Light Wing Franklin LT, Franklin HT, and Trainer models. The super-lightweight shoes are made from paper-like Tyvek, a material often found in mailers and house wrap. Combined with a poliyou insole and EVA foam rubber outsole, it’s durable waterproof, washable and impossibly

It’s futile to ask how many of you have been victims to airline staff manhandling your luggage that result in damaged bags or broken stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there, which is why we need bags like the Air Pack. The ballooning of the air cushion acts as an impact-absorbing buffer and protects the fragile items placed in the bag. The only problem I foresee is the additional weight that will be brought on. Hopefully a refined version can factor this in. Designers: Eun-ji Jeong, Y

A Parallel Architecture designed a contemporary home in Austin, Texas. From the architect Nestled into the edge of a hilltop in South Austin, this new construction home sits on one of the highest points within the city limits, offering panoramic skyline and hill-country views. Due to the steep approach to the house, the building is partially sunken into the earth, allowing for vehicular access and parking below, as well as elevated living spaces above, including a deep shaded roof de

Vintage style in digital world, this is what Kisai Vortex Pocket Watch offers. It’s a limited edition futuristic watch in classic style, the spiraling touch screen display, date and alarm feature, they all bring a new meaning to modern pocket watch. We have featured Kisai Vortex watch previously, but since there are a lot of fans out there who would love to see the pocket watch version, well, your wish has been granted. This watch still features the same cool vibrant cyclone of rings to display

To be launched in the Summer of 2015 is the new manual coffee grinder from ROK kitchen tools. Building on the third wave of coffee culture, the ROK grinder invites the user to get intimately involved in the process of hand crafting a gourmet coffee. The ROK grinder uses high quality conical steel burrs to produce peerless coffee grind consistency. The grinder was launched 10 days ago on the crowdfunding platform and smashed through it’s campaign target in only 4 days. Designer Patrick Hunt says

Wine lovers would appreciate this cool gift: Icecap Wine Chiller and Aerator. Designed by Peter Provart, this little tool allows you to cool your wine in seconds without ice. You don’t have to be a sommelier or a wine professional to know the importance of serving wine at the perfect temperature. Icecap functions as a chiller as well as aerator to provide you with great wine at an ideal temperature. The ability to cool your beverage comes from the coils within Icecap, you need to place it in yo

Located on a privileged site on Biscayne Bay, South Florida, Peribere Residence by Max Strang Architecture commands views of the downtown Miami skyline and Port Miami. The 6,000 square house in concrete and glass is raised above the existing grade to “better accommodate the occasional hurricane storm surge and also to confront longer-term sea level challenges”. A powerful indoor-outdoor connection was the main goal of this project. The massive white volumes open up towards the bay t

While some only use rare gems for observing, there are those who employ them at a large scale for home decorating. Antolini is increasing the availability of the premium Precioustone line in North America, which is made of real gem stones, a rarer kind of natural stone that is often used for jewelry. Over one hundred varieties of  precious gems are available in the Antolini Precioustone Collection. Amethyst, quartz, jasper and agate are transformed into coverings of “sheer class”. T

The Octaloofah aims to reinvigorate your showering experience with an all-in-one massaging, music-playing solution! Mountable on any smooth shower surface with its powerful suction system, it allows you to exofliate and massage your back, neck and shoulders hands-free while listening to your favorite jams. If you weren’t a shower hog before, you will be now! Vid after the jump —> Designer: Alex King - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the

It warms our core when we come across some inspiring case studies. Just like this one that solidThinking shared with us, involving their ‘Inspire’ software and Columbia University’s Studio-X and Tokyo DIGITAL STUDIO. The project (a pavilion) was collaboration between the two and showcased at the Tokyo Designers Week 2013 and 2014. The structural optimization software helped generate a buildable complex shape that increased the stability performance of the pavilion. According to Daisuke Hirose

French designer Constance Guisset has created a new concept for Suite Novotel in The Hague, Netherlands. From the designer Thinking the hotel as a home. Bringing everyday comfort to a public place. Offering open spaces to share. Suggesting intimacy, inviting the host to let be enveloped by seats, lighting and objects. Making them familiar. Integrating technicality, concealing the edges. Taming dematerialization. Playing with formal languages. Cutting corners, softening the lines, adoptin

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