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The lines between the bathing space and the bedroom are forever blurred with Bathsphere, the bathing (or relaxing) bubble in the air. Bathsphere is a glass bubble sphere, suspended in midair. It allows you to create your own mood and unwinding space. You can simulate rain, change the temperature inside the ball, control the humidity, the light, the sounds - and even smells. Isn't it incredible? It's the conceptual creation of Russian design firm, Alexander Zhukovsky. The original "Bathsphere" w

There are rooms with a view, and then there are bathrooms with a view. What better way to bathe or shower? We've collected 40 of the most stunning, most luxurious bathrooms with incredible vistas if we do say so ourselves. We've got ocean, mountain, treetops, river and desert views. And all of the bathrooms are pretty spectacular themselves. Just imagine sinking deep into a relaxing tub, maybe a candle or two, a good book, a glass of wine? Does it get any better? We think not. Stunning Bathroo

Pawel Kuczynski, while not a household name in the USA, has won hundreds of awards in Europe for his incredible illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues. And those comments are made with a razor-sharp tongue. A popular subject for his work - Facebook - is a real conversation starter when hung on the wall of your home. But he doesn't stop at poking the popular social media platform. His pure artistic talent is undisputed and his work is vaguely reminiscent of the poin

Living in a dark space and finding it difficult to grow plants? Don't worry - the Mygdal lamp comes with its own natural light to support its plant. This is no muss, no fuss, no bother indoor gardening. This is a completely autonomous ecosystem that allows plants to photosynthesize in the most unlikely environments. From Nui Design Studio in central Germany, Mygdal is available as a pendant light or a standing lamp in two different sizes. Aside from their obvious design appeal, the best thing a

The non-profit charity FixNation raises money to reduce the homeless cat population in Los Angeles with a spaying and neutering program. And FixNation now has allies in the form of 12 LA based Architectural firms, who helped raise money for their cause by designing and building unique and unusual cat shelters auctioned off at the Architects for Animals "Giving Shelter" benefit. The fan favorite of the 12 designs is the Cat in the Fish Bowl - Cat Bowl Shelter designed by Abramson Teiger Archi

Below you'll find some of the most unusual sofas with significant metal design components - in some cases, all metal. In others, metal and fabric, metal and leather. Some are outdoor, some are decidedly indoor. And they are all unique, they are all high design, they are all intriguing. We did feature 40 Elegant Modern Sofas for Cool Living Rooms not that long ago - but we neglected to include a Metal category. So here it is. From designers like Paola Lenti and Overgaard & Dyrman to Campana and

Talavera tile from Mexico is a hot decorating material right now - from the patio to the bathroom to the kitchen to the stair risers. And many more decor design ideas, as you'll see below. You can go full-on Mexican kitchen or bathroom, or you can use these highly glazed tiles to add a bit of pop here and there. You'll find patterns, solids, animals, many different themes you can work with. Not just tiles, but Talavera pottery sinks are gaining momentum for the bathroom. Vessel, drop-ins and ha

If there's one thing that can make a cool living room, it's having an elegant modern sofa. Have you been hunting high and low on the internet for the cool sofa that will help you finish that room or perhaps even an elegant sofa to build an entire living room around? Sit back and browse through the 40 coolest modern sofas on the market today. This sleek piece of furniture is by up-and-coming Spanish designer Jaimie Hayon for Barcelona Design. From the Showtime collection - we love the color o

This is one of the simplest remodels you can do and installing chess or checkerboard floors can change the atmosphere of an entire room. This effective and inexpensive DIY renovation job can probably be wrapped up in a single weekend with a little planning. The quintessential room, of course is the kitchen. And when you pair your chess floor with red - the Smeg refrigerator being a fine choice - you get a decidedly 50s diner look most of the time (but not all). Pair it with stainless and white

Have you always wondered what it would be like to live in a barn style home, but haven't quite gone there yet? How about a test? You could try a small renovation: add a few sliding barn doors to your current home and see if you like the atmosphere they create. Although sliding barn doors are actually a style - the original models were, of course, created from old barn board. And some still are. Many more are made from manufactured wood and glass. And they're slick - they slide against the wall

Dutch gardener Fedor Van der Valk has created a stir with his brilliant string gardens. These growing miniature Eco-systems are little green worlds, suspended in air for a thoroughly modern art look. And they're easy enough to create yourself. He actually created the string garden by accident, while creating a 3D spider web for an animation. One thing just led to another. That's how many things come to be, actually - not planned, but happened upon while creating something else. And these string

What could be more peaceful and relaxing than spending quality time outdoors with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in hand? When I'm hanging out outdoors I like to not only enjoy the view beyond my terrace, but also the view on my terrace and the Roberti garden collection offers a view that never looked or felt better. What could be better than relaxing on Roberti's Portofino Swing Sofa suspended from a tree or a porch ceiling? Designed by Technical Emotions the Gravity Garden Hang

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