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Since the age of the Bauhaus, there have been many advances in the way of architecture and furniture design that lean not in the way of comfort, but in the way of utility instead. This is one of those things, though I don’t doubt that it’s up there amongst the comfortable set of your oddball furniture collection. This is what it’s designer simply calls “Stool”, but

Dubai design studio Traffic have produced a collection of sofas inspired by nomadic Bedouin furniture.Called Bidoun, the pieces consist of stacked mattresses held together with a cord threaded through them to create sofas, ottomans and tables of varying heights, colours and fabrics.The collection was developed for a lounge in a car park as part of an event called ArtPark at

A sofa whose shape was entirely determined by recording the designer's neural activity while thinking of comfort.

Not exactly the wardrobe to Narnia, but useful nonetheless, a double-sided cabinet provides access to the material and virtual worlds.

Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara of Isolation Unit has art-directed a collection of furniture by designers including Big-Game and Sylvain Willenz for traditional Japanese furniture makers Karimoku.Top image: Homerun by Sylvain WillenzAbove: Torii by Karimoku DesignCalled Karimoku New Standard, the range is made of waste wood produced by thin

I’m loving these End Table Charging stations by designer Spencer Schimel. It makes total sense. Travelers usually come equipped with loads of power hungry doodads and trying to find a plug to charge them all is a hassle. These tables have built in induction charging plates to juice up any portable device with a lithium ion battery. They even come with a cool touc

Splash up the style in your bathroom with these decorative vanities by Stocco. The aptly named Metamorphosis new vanity designs will truly transform your bathroom with their contemporary modern shape and motifs ranging from traditional, to fun, to funky. Featuring floral, landscape, abstract and pop-culture inspired graphics, these decorative vanities bring y

With city homes turning into small apartments, due to rapid growth in urban populations, the need for compact or multifunctional products, to make the most of the least available space, has been on the high. Taking on the problem, American designer Ufulie has devised a functional LED light called “Light and Armchair” that as indicated by its name un

The seaside town of Margate is the Zoe Murphy's home and muse, as well as the name of her collection of bespoke printed furniture and textiles. Murphy uses Margate-inspired imagery for her prints, which then bring new life to cast-off furniture. Chests of drawers and tables get the print treatment, while stools and armchairs benefit from new upholstery in patchworks of ch

Homework is a customizable desk system by Robin Grasby that allows the user to create the desk that is needed. Felt slings and a drawer can be placed on the trestles, and then a desktop added to the mix. Top this off with a steel book support, a laser-etched rule and perhaps a monitor shelf before choosing a desktop drywipe board and a cutting mat, along w

Inspired by the mighty Sequoia, the Wine Tree by Kendall LeCompte is for the true wine connoisseur. Experts differ in opinion on how one should store wine but you can’t go wrong with this. Just look how elegant and compact it is. The smaller version holds 10 bottles and the bigger one takes 17. Not a wino? There’s a mini version too that holds 7 bottles.Designer: K

The elegant Ducking Lounge Chair 0901 by Jung Myung Taek looks like fun. Long lines of walnut provide the sleekness, and rows of screws add punch. The Korean designer presented new works at Tent London where the wenge Happy Lights stood proudly, but not quite as tall as the Eight Edge Drawers, an angled drawer/shelf combination that tilts bac

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