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Stephen has been drawing skylines from memory since age 5. This one’s New York and happens to be insaaaaane.©2009 Design Milk | Posted by Erin in Architecture, Art | Permalink | 1 comment NewYork - New York City - United States - Society and Culture - Business

Tinkebell., the Dutch performance artist best known for making a handbag out of her own cat (above), presents an exhibition of her work at Torch Gallery in Amsterdam starting later this week.Called Looove TINKEBELL. etwas Spaß für den neuen TORCHmeister, the exhibition surveys her work over the last four years.Here’s some text from Tinkebell.:–Looove TINKEBELL.etwas Spaß f

Polish Design Season: A collective of young Polish designers presented the Polska Folk exhibition as part of Tent London during the London Design Festival last month.The exhibition, curated by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, included furniture, lighting, graphics, products and architecture influenced by traditional Polish folk patterns and craft techniques.Kafti Design work wit

With a highly desirable product, we initially thought that our Studios would be an aspirational purchase for the wealthy, when in practice, our Studios are more often a purchase of necessity, to improve and expand living space in normal homes. We have been joined in our philosophy of using outdoor living spaces, in natural harmony with the environment, by a wide range of clients from various backgrounds, using their Studios as home offices, artist’s studios, home gyms, teenager’s crash pad, gra

Eclectcollect, a London designcraft collective, was the force behind a pop-up shop during the London Design Festival at Studio 1.1. A textile installation by Alyce Taylor was a highlight as were ceramics by Lok Ming Fung, series of black containers called Isles. The detailing on these included tiny stilts that are usually placed as props to keep glazed pieces fro

Designed by Peter Newman for Futureditions, the Skystation is sculpture that works as great public seating. Inspired by Le Corbusier's LC4 chaise longue, the circular Skystation is meant to encourage users to lie down and look up at the sky. Heads will be close, and conversation should flow as users contemplate all that is above. However, as visitors to 100% Design L

Jamesplumb is the team of Hannah Plumb and James Russell, artists who work with antiques and cast-offs to create one-of-a-kind assemblages, luminaires and interiors. Mrs. Fletcher is one such assemblage: an installation consisting of a projection of a dancer's legs makes use of discarded dolls' legs and an old lace shade. Also on display at Tent London were beauti's Gold installation for Tent Digital during the London Design Festival is based on our obsession with super-stardom. Mehmet Akten created a "magic mirror" where participants shower in glittery gold as they materialize, morph and dematerialize into gold dust. And here's how he does it: "The installation uses custom software written with C++ / openFrameworks and the o

As the cold weather creeps ever nearer, Skandium took the right approach by inviting Barley Massey and the Knitty Gritty to warm up some classic Iittala pieces. Knit Wits is a collection of iconic Iittala wearing custom hand-knits presented during the London Design Festival at Skandium on Brompton Road and Marylebone High Street. A free knitting class open to a

Metallics made a good showing at the Mint Escapes exhibition, especially in terms of accessories. In Lisa Stockham's work, Fool's Gold and We Want More, symbols of modern-day technology are integral components of decorative arts. Pixels and computer keys dissolve into excess in these glazed earthenware pieces as Stockham highlights the inescapab

The Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid made an appearance during the London Design Festival, and while there is a lot of practical technology involved to make this tap quite useful, the aesthetics of the design make it really stand out. The three-way tap allows treated drinking water to be delivered through a waterway separate to those of the

The Made in YCN exhibition during the London Design Festival featured the work of a group of creative practitioners who work at YCN, a Rivington Street agency. Bryony Birkbeck, a graduate from the University of Brighton, created a series of Knobs & Knockers for the event, which turned out to be much tamer than it sounds. Birkbeck's door knobs and door knockers are made of

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