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Fresh Find: Wrap Bench

Posted by freshome 473 days ago (Editorial)

Wrap Bench | CB2Available at cb2.comEvery room, no matter how traditional, needs a splash of organic to keep things from getting too heavy. We love this au naturel ’70s moment created by the Wrap Bench ($399) by CB2. This is one of those pieces that you end up keeping forever because you can find a place for it in any home you live in, whether in the foyer, at the foot of your bed or as a statement coffee table in a small space.Measuring 43 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 15.75 inches high, thi

DOUBLE LOOP by Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero is a mirror holder consisting of two bands in solid wood with curvature inspired by the harmonious shapes of fabric and paper: the rectangular section of the two concentric rings twists through 90 degrees in the lower part, creating two curvy shelves. The seemingly simple and straightforward aesthetic of the product actually hides a high degree of complex craftsmanship, requiring considerable skill to curve the solid wood in such a way as to make it

Roofdeck Pool at Evo Cira Centre SouthPhiladelphia is one of America’s oldest cities, and its historic and ornate architecture has wowed architects and design enthusiasts since its development in the 18th century. While larger apartment buildings may not have the same curb appeal as an ornate Victorian home, we’ve discovered some historic features amid the modern renovations to many Philadelphia apartments.Given the booming growth in this East Coast city, there’s no shortage of sleek, modern ap

Image Source: Wendi YoungLose your keys again? OK, so maybe you just misplaced them. Still, life is too hectic to spend even an extra five minutes looking for house keys, or — worse — being locked out of your home. That’s where a keyless entry system comes in.With all the technological innovations on the market, we may soon be sending keys to the museum. Our children’s children will laugh at the hilarity of those ancient civilizations that once used an odd-looking metal key to drive

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