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Old people don’t have it easy. Fashion doesn’t really consider that demographic, which means objects for old people are usually strictly functional, and don’t focus on aesthetics. STIK is a walking stick that’s not just functional but slick in its design too. Meant for scenarios that transcend just walking, the handle detail is designed to act as a support in a much broader sense. And with its unique extruded design, it doesn’t bend under pressure! Designer: Jake N

With footwear like this, it’s obvious that you want to make a grand entrance. Not just visually, because with heels like these, I doubt you could quietly walk into a room! The UNX2 isn’t just a hulking piece of footwear. It’s designed to be a work of art that ensconces your feet. It has a unique design that, at certain viewing angles, gives the illusion of transparency. Coupled with the movement of feet while taking steps, the entire process of walking is celebrated in a stunn

Remy Arquitectos together with interior designers MYOO, have transformed two duplex apartments into one large apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. continue reading

A slanted roof with a timber underside is elevated above this top-heavy house on the Chilean coast, designed by architects Alvaro Arancibia and Sebastian Coll (+ slideshow). (more…)

Competition: Dezeen and UK designers Dorothy have teamed up to give readers the chance to win one of five large-format prints illustrating the original Wembley Stadium in London. (more…)

Patkau Architects completed the development of Hadaway House, a charming snow country house overlooking Whistler valley in southwest British Columbia, Canada. The project developers explain how the unconventional shape of the retreat derives from the intersection of two main aspects: “The first is the allowable building footprint and height. The second is the need to shed snow from the roof into appropriate storage areas within the site. The sculptural volume that emerges from this inters

Collingridge and Smith Architects completed the design and development of Chrysalis Childcare Centre, a modern project in Auckland, New Zealand. The 800 square-meter site which hosts the project is located in a commercial area. Yet common building was restricted due to the presence of two mature protected trees: “For most developers the trees have been a big problem, but for early childhood they provide a beautiful and symbolic solution. One is an English Oak tree, the other a native Pohu

It sounds a bit complicated, but the explanation is worth the effort – apparently there are only five regular polyhedrons in the world, and the dodecahedron is the most stable shape of them. Using this shape in an innovative form, we have the 12 Faces of Structure – Potholder; an interesting take on geometry. As he explains it, “I have tried to disassemble the dodecahedron as two halves with 6 structures of each as a potholder on the table. When using, just take a half and unfold on the table s

When Nest Architects designed the renovation of this Australian home, they included some colored porthole windows in the wall of this bedroom. continue reading

So, the ZZZAM is a smart, connected alarm clock that tracks your sleeping activity. The data that it collects helps in setting the wakeup time, and getting a routine going. Healthy sleep patterns not only boosts a better mindset but also enhances our wellbeing, hence this alarm is quite a thing to have. Cheers to a great good night’s sleep! Designer: HyeonCheol Lee - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just conce

We are living in a world where smart gadgets are part of our daily activities, as those devices become smaller and portable, people need smaller sized bits to fix things. Tool Pen Mini is the answer to that challenge, it’s an elegant yet powerful multi-tool for interchanging as well as collecting bits. There are around 21 types of precision bits that you can use with Tool Pen Mini to fix your laptop, glasses, wristwatch, toys, and many other devices. It features “Pop-A-Point” design, making it

Yamaha Motor Co. released the third generation of its GEN models: 03GEN. it consists of 2 concept models that express the GEN concept philosophy: 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x. Both of these vehicle designs are based on the twin front wheels Leaning Multi Wheel model TRICITY. From : Yamaha The first model is 03GEN0f, designed with “Future Racing” theme. It visually expresses futuristic feel by emphasizing the Leaning Multi Wheel mechanism, demonstrating Yamaha’s racing image through 3 wheeled vehicle.

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