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If you are as clumsy as me, then your USB Sticks, SD Cards and Memory drives are all placed in an organized pile of chaos at the back of your drawer. Given the varied sizes, the point of organizing this set of devices in one place is a task. To make it easy, we have here the Cabinet, a modular HDD, USB, and SD CARD storage with integrated devices. Check out their compact ‘library book style’. Sweet! Designer: Joongu Kim - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from ar

The latest from Ol’ha Shevchenko’s imaginative collection of nature and bio-inspired line of home furnishings, the Maple Leaf Chair mimics the form of the iconic leaf of the same name. Molded from recyclable polypropylene with a glossy finish, the leaf secures the seated user, wrapping them comfortably in its blades. Designer: Ol’ha Shevchenko - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. Se

Possibly the most unusual combination of home furnishings, can be found in the bedroom of an apartment in Luxembourg, designed by Metaform Architects. In this bedroom, there is a bed attached to a bathtub and two sinks. In case that is not surprising enough, there also appears to be a toilet and shower in full view, contained within a glass enclosure next to the previously mentioned bed/bath/sink combo. Photography by Steve Troes Fotodesign

This elegant faucet design takes the guesswork out of temperature and flow. One sliding action allows you to control both the water temperature and the flow, just move the slider along the bar from right to left or vice versa. Why didn't we think of that? Of course, it's from an Italian company called CEA Design. Doesn't Italy have the best engineering ideas? This one's a winner in our book. Controlling the temperature is sometimes the hardest part of that luxurious bath you've been deserving

Recently completed by French architect Jean-Philippe Doré, House in Vexin is an inspiring project that connects three historic homes with a modern extension. One of the main challenges was to renovate the existing buildings in the spirit of the village, while maintaining details such as the traditional roof tiles and the original lime plaster. On the other hand, it was necessary to highlight the contemporary volume with external aluminum joinery and internal raw materials such as polished concr

Inspired by classic libraries which often hold towering high shelves to store the vast amount of old literature, the Noveltree by Nieuwe Heren is our star design project for the day. The books that are hardest to reach are always the most intriguing ones. This was the main idea behind this vintage-looking ladder which can easily be turned into a focal point when integrated in a contemporary design scheme. A great addition for the children’s room, this is the type of furniture piece that m

The Accordia bag aims to ease stress during the air travel check-in process by streamlining the security screening. Provided to passengers by the airport itself, the bag unfolds into compartments that are each dedicated to specific types of items like electronics, food, clothing, and so on. Security personnel are also trained to examine the bags in a more efficient way so you can get on your way! Designer: Jakob Dawod - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around

Electric bikes currently on the market are largely U-G-L-Y. This e-bike by Kasper Jensen, however, proves that power-assisted doesn’t have to mean poor aesthetic. Its form takes inspiration from aggressive sports car styling and features a robust, muscular, monocoque frame that’s enhanced by minimally visible hardware. An integrated touchscreen mounted just before the handlebars provides users with battery life, time and GPS location information. Designer: Kasper Jensen - Y

1. Herma Parking Building by JOHO Architecture 2. Block 11 by MEI Architecture 3. Mission Bay Block 27 Parking Structure by WRNS Studio 4. Rob Ley designs an interactive art facade

This inspired chair has dangerous curves. The danger being that you'll never leave the sitting position. Aren't those lines beautiful? I can just imagine settling into one with a good book - it looks so comfortable. And what a remarkable design. It really flows, doesn't it? It looks just like the flower it was born to emulate. And it's not just a chair - it's a piece of sculpture when you're not sitting in it. Such simple and graceful harmony - merged with ultimate style. Super Calla, if you

A beautiful transparent smartphone called Fx0 has been designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for KDDI, a Japanese mobile phone brand. It’s a design proposal for Firefox smartphone and in order to express openness which is one of main features of Firefox OS. Yoshioka has managed to capture the beauty of mechanical inside this phone design where those mechanical parts add an exclusive and unique appearance to the overall design. This phone features 4G technology with a quad core processor from Qualcomm, t

Do you love music so much that you want to listen to it every where, including in the bathroom? Photive HYDRA is a water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker that can answer to that challenge very well. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, an ideal gadget to carry on your outdoor adventures as well, whether you are on the beach, hiking, rafting, or just in your backyard poolside. This speaker features rubberized rugged exterior to ensure its ultimate impact resistance in different enviro

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