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Most kids these days are so addicted to their gadgets that they have forgotten what it is to spend some time frolicking in the park. Climbing walls, swinging on monkey bars and playing on the seesaw are a distant memory. To bridge the gap with technology, the Rocking Pad brings back the charm in playtime. It integrates reality and virtual-reality to develop a new way to play. Rocking Pad User can choose the built-in games or link the games from personal digital device and open up on the Rockin

Fläpps is a modular shelving system without rules! It’s designed to give the user creative freedom to create their own style, even in small spaces. Each module is a stand-alone shelf that can be combined with others. A unique wall mounting mechanism effortlessly permits up to 5 vertically stacked shelves. Unfolded, it offers endless storage applications from the office to the kitchen and nearly disappears into the surrounding wall when not in use! Designer: Malte Grieb - Yanko Design

Enter Projects have designed a contemporary extension to an existing house in Sydney, Australia. Project description At 7m tall and 9.5m wide, this addition to a federation period style home took only months to complete. The abundant natural light that shines through its wide glass entrance enhances the urban chic vibe from its bright white and green interior. The Dalmeny is made entirely with natural materials; a shack meet tech-science hybrid solution to the generic suburban environm

Trikelet is claimed to be the smallest foldable electric scooter in the world by its company, well, perhaps they forgot about A4 Scooter. It’s pretty bold claim, but considering the folded size, it is pretty compact. You can drive this scooter and fold it down to a very small dimensions and take it along in the train, it looks just like a piece of hand luggage. In folded mode, it fits the luggage compartment of a train or under the seat, you can also drag it along the way just like a luggage tr

Solvatten water container provides safe water by using UV-A and UV-B sterilization. One of great challenges in developing countries is to provide safe water to its people, these are countries where most hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from illness due to contaminated water. There are many people die as the result of polluted water, Petra Wadström tries to prevent this by designing a water container that transforms dirty water into drinking water. Water usage is interlinked with e

Affleck de la Riva Architects completed the design and development of Landsdowne House, a modern dwelling in Westmount,  Montreal, Canada. As a semi-detached house on a hill side, the project is an essay on asymmetry. Westmount’s past as an Anglo-Saxon enclave within French Canada saw the local flowering of such historic styles as Arts and Crafts and Neo-Gothic. Both these styles used asymmetry and informality to distinguish themselves from the more rigid forms of French and Italian classicism.

Serbia based Tarkett has officially opened Tarkett Academy, a 1000 square meter training center and showroom in Backa Palanka, This unique centre has been created to offer the clients, architects and designers full support and help in finding the best solutions for flooring for various projects. The minimalist design approach offers a high level of functionality, while keeping everything perfectly organized and in sight for visitors. The use of wood creates a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere.

One of the best ways to use the Fabric Assistances is when you travel. The device not only cleans and deodorizes your clothes, it also irons them. The appliance features an intelligent charging station that also includes a dispensing unit. One of the two chambers is for water, and the other is for deodorizing cleaning fluid. The Fabric Assistances travel autonomously across the clothes while cleaning and steam ironing them. This project is shortlisted as the Top 35 entries for 2014 Electrolux D

Joshua Court’s stackable series of modern cast iron pots and pans are for the space-concious cook who doesn’t want to compromise on quality. The strong, durable ceramic handles are suitable for any heat source & the full range includes a tagine & pestle & mortar in the same minimal aesthetic. Using materials & processes from the designer’s local Sheffield, the ceramic handles are slip cast, silicone inserts are silicone cast &pans are sand casted before bei

A-cero have sent us images of their recently completed Weave House, located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Project description This house has been designed the distinctive style of the studio managed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares architects, according to the design the evolution recent years with more sinuous and organic lines, this single-family house project is located in an exclusive residential area of the Spanish coast. The property of 1000 sqm is divided into thr

Table in a Bag is a modern table-on-the-go in grey-finished mahogany, perfect for picnics or casual dining outdoor. This easy assembly folding table comes with a nice charcoal canvas carrying bag for added convenient, it is recommended to dry clean the bag to prevent shrinkage. Made in Indonesia, the Mahogany material is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), it’s a gold standard designation for wood harvested from forests which are responsibly managed and environmentally appropriat

Rising on a hilltop in the Barton Hills neighborhood of Austin, Texas, this modern new home by A Parallel Architecture spreads over 2,700 square feet. Overlooking downtown and South Austin from the expansive upstairs bedroom terrace as well as different vantage points throughout, the newly built residence offers a contemporary suite of living, entertaining and private spaces behind its bright yellow front door. Wood, concrete, steel and glass were employed as allies in the fight to balance natu

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