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The F1 series McLaren-Honda concept explores the design, proportions and regulations of Formula 1 racing in the near distant future. The foremost feature visualizes what the sport might look like if enclosed cockpits were adopted in place of the standard open design. The driving force isn’t looks, but safety in wet weather in which F1 no longer participates. Apart from the canopy, the car features wider rear tires with an increased diameter along with an overall wider stance. A notably smaller

Why leave sophistication to the cars? We spend our time encouraging bicycling as a greener and healthier mode of transport, but we don’t do much to better the experience through innovation. Designer Elnur Babayev gave the cycling experience the transformation it strongly needed. The Cyclee is the coolest thing to happen to the bicycle since spoke beads. The Cyclee is a pretty nifty projector that uses your back as a canvas to project signals and relevant warning signs to alert the person

This cross leg chair by Magnus Long looks like one of the most comfortable leather lounging chairs we've seen! Designed for The Coran Shop, the back legs are crossed - what a unique and memorable touch. And there is such detailed cross-stitching around the seat. That's always the mark of a master craftsperson's work. Doesn't the leather look simply luscious? The chair is manufactured in Italy and Magnus Long has a huge history of quality leather work, so we would expect no less. The seat looks

The New Logica System kitchen from Valucucine can be used to mark the transition from space to space, from room to room. Even aside from that, it's a fully developed kitchen that can be adapted to your own style. There are five different configurations and all of them are designed for ease of use. Everything is easily accessible but more importantly, everything is stored out of sight for easy clean up. The new back panel system can conceal it all - from small appliances to power sockets. It rea

From Fioranese Ceramica, these modern art deco tiles rock the black and white look, don't they? Available in 12 different styles, they were designed by Silvia Stanzani. Fioranese has been creating high quality porcelain tiles in Italy for over 50 years and these are some of their best. Suitable for the wall or the floor, just imagine the worlds you could create. We love it when they are applied to look like a rug - it's so playful. The mosaic quality adds depth to any space, and interest. They'

Anesthesia is a serious procedure that usually leads to unpleasant experience, it requires staff to be professional and parents should be brave. The basic procedure is the same for all patients regardless their age. Adults might find it unpleasant but to children, this experience might be traumatic. Anesthesia can be performed in 2 ways: injection or gas. ANNA is a concept breathing assistant for sedation, unlike gas mask that might terrify children, this concept takes fun approach to encourage

Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa, a 15 year old automotive designer from Thailand, has submitted his concept car to Tuvie. The Jaguar XK Concept is a design study of what the next Jaguar XK Coupe would look like, with powertrains ranging from a 3.5L V6 to a 5.0 V8 and ranging from 350 – 610 Horsepower. Initially, the objective for this car design project was to design something that incorporated the signature look of the Jaguar XK. However, when you look at the result here, you can instantly te

Due to global warming, we need an alternative propulsion system that is more environmentally friendly. The objectives of Scorpio project as a battery powered electric vehicles are lightweight design, cost effective energy efficiency, and preserve the nature. One of the easy ways to attract potential buyers is the minimal energy cost, this project aims to reach 120km range for only 1 euro with one quarter of weight of a modern small car. The futuristic design is an additional feature to attract

Situated on a privileged site filled with vineyards and beautiful mature trees in California, USA, this residential project consists of two separate houses connected by glass. Envisioned by Jørgensen Design, the House Set On The Valley is a welcoming merger of open and enclosed spaces: ” Each dwelling is protected from a busy road with two L-Shaped walls; one is stone and one is cedar. A number of pieces behind these walls are arranged together around courtyards and terraces. In turn givi

It is more than a little intimidating to begin decorating a home, no matter how big or small. Here we help get you started. Image Source: Wheeler KearnsGot blank walls? Stuck in a decorating rut? We have all been there, listening to the echo thrum through empty halls, wondering, How on earth do I fill this space and where do I begin?It is more than a little intimidating to begin decorating a home, no matter how big or small. We want to do it right and we have a budget that leaves little room fo

In the designer’s own words, there’s simply “not much to say about Circulo!” Beautifully simple, the modern design presents a different way of telling time. The primary circle revolves around the greater space to indicate the hour while also revolving around itself to give the minutes with a small orange dial. Hence its name! Next to the sundial, it’s time represented in its most reduced and familiar visual form! Designer: Andrés Felipe Gil

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