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As a designer, you know what goes into the creation and delivery of a product. The visuals play a huge role in that from initial concept to stacking them on the shelves. No matter what the product is, it’s got to look hot. These companies, along with many others, are creating the most striking images in there industry. They’re using KeyShot to do it. Here is just a sample of what they do. Leap Motion “KeyShot is instrumental in our creative process. We use it a lot for rapid

A large part of smartwatch appeal is the ability to maximize awareness to personal fitness. The GAIA smartwatch expands on this health-conscious functionality by monitoring what’s going on inside the body as well as what’s going on outside the body! Environmental sensors provide real-time data in regards to air pollution & other forms of basic contamination. This is gives valuable insight to wearer’s personal surroundings & an overall greater awareness to the larger

Dick Clark + Associates have recently completed a single family home in Austin, Texas. Project description With its efficient design and impressive views, this unique single family spec home was built to attract a discerning group of potential owners. Though comfortably removed from the thick of the city in the hills of west Austin, the stunning skyline is the most influential factor in the design of the house. To achieve the ideal view, the house is subtly perched on a raised founda

I hate waking up in the morning as if I had a separation anxiety with my warm, comfy bed. The only thing that makes me get up is the idea of sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I think Joshua Renouf, a product designer, understands this as well, he has come up with Barisieur, an alarm clock and coffee brewer in one. It’s a unique concept alarm that wakes you up by servicing you a freshly brewed coffee that you can drink the minute you wake up, you don’t even have to get out of bed. The alar

Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch features sophisticated and futuristic design, it displays dangerous alert from beneath a vibrant display panel to tell time. The design of this watch features industrial looking display with matching strap that creates striking contrast. The radioactive icon stands out pretty nice with its blinking light. Reading the time shouldn’t be that difficult, you need to read from top to bottom, the hours are displayed in the upper part area while the 5-minute grou

Nimble is a backpack designed for mountaineering brand Alpina, aiming to solve one main problem: How do you carry big objects which don’t fit in your usual backpack? Nimble was born through a process of observation and research in which a problem was detected when carrying large objects in mountain and urban environments. Inspired by tool boards and the way rock climbers organize their items, Nimble features a modular attachment system through the use of straps that makes it easier to access

Inspired by the DNA molecule, Leonardo Rossano of True Design together with Debora Mansur developed an engaging furniture piece. The twisting DNA Bench is meant for public spaces, bringing a highly original touch to this furniture sector. This is not the first time we’ve seen DNA inspired designs- do you remember the MyDNA Bookcase by Joel Escalona or the Watson Table paying tribute to James Watson, known for discovering the helical structure of DNA? Nevertheless, this bench design ranks

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice

Posted by freshome 10 hours ago (Editorial)

This luxurious bedroom features a lot of Italian stylings and furnishings. Image Source: Exclusive Home BathAmazing craftsmanship does not happen overnight. Rather, it evolves throughout decades. Skills are honed, practiced and developed to perfection, and mistakes are omitted through trial and error. Once  these skills are perfected, they are taught to the next generation and the next, and so it goes, on and on — creating a time-tested and perfected craft.This is why Italian household go

Surphase is the ultimate in portable cooking! The multipurpose cooking appliance can be used to heat and cook or even to cool food. Thanks to its flexible form, the cooking process can be done either on a flat surface (like a hob) or bent to provide multidirectional heat like an oven. Users can even grill steak by wrapping the surface around the meat. The design’s versatility not only saves space and time at home, but its portability encourages users to prepare their own food while away o

In the evolution of earbuds, we first saw the wires and buds as the most fantastic innovation that was minimalistic and handy. Next came the zipper style earbuds that solved the problem of tangled wires. Now we have the Slide, which is an original design featuring cables that seal together and don’t get entangled! Can listening to music get simpler than this! Nah!! Designer: Zipbuds - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are mo

Amos and Amos have redesigned the interiors of 21 Wapping Lane, a penthouse apartment located in London. Project description The brief Amos and Amos were appointed by Ballymore to redesign the interior layout of the penthouse and sub-penthouse at 21 Wapping Lane to create a well defined and luxurious space that does justice to its setting and spectacular views. The design approach Our design approach for Wapping Lane was to create a penthouse interior that represents a true departure

UVN Shake Watch is a unique e-ink smartwatch with integrated fitness tracker and phone finder. It’s simple yet stylish watch for anyone, you can tell time simply by the shake of your wrist. At first sight, you might think it’s just a conventional timepiece, well, once you get to know this solar powered smart watch, you know that it’s anything but ordinary. It targets younger generation with its minimalist and clean design. Powered by 24 micro solar chips and a lithium ion battery, this watch is

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