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LINK is a synchronized logistics system that uses a city’s existing infrastructure, like public transportation resources, to distribute goods throughout the city in a seamless, sustainable way. The network connects between consolidation centers, neighborhood storage spaces and local retailers using a fleet of robotic transporters. The system enables shorter distribution distances, reducing unorganized truck movement and the related environmental impact. An excellent alternative for “

On a flight from London to Chicago, I was very happy to note that my Business Class seat had a USB charging station. As soon as I hooked up my dying phone for some juice, the airhostess came to admonish me, saying that we were not ‘allowed’ to charge phones, the hook up was available only for multimedia purposes. Blah! Concepts like the Solar Eclipse are innovations that the airline industry could use. Give us charging ports people! We have Wi-Fi and Internet connections made available … so tak

Hernandez Silva Architects designed the Godoy house in Jalisco, Mexico.   From the architect The house is located in a private neighborhood outside the city, the land is flat and located in a corner, with neighbors to the south and east side, the west contains a large line of trees that separates the house from the street and takes a turn into the north where both entrances lie: one pedestrian and another one for cars, there are two bodies floating, the one on the left is a large box

A sculptural home in Taipei presents its facade with a play of light and geometry that mesmerizes passers-by. Spreading over 635 square meters, the surprising showcase house in Taiwan is known as Casa De Flore. Defined by the carefully designed transparent glass box presenting tall floor-to-ceiling windows shaping a lounge zone hidden behind greenery, the architecture plays with scale and depth to create a protective shield from the noise of the street. Imagined by Arcadian Architecture + Desig

This 9,245 sq.ft. contemporary ranch-style residence, designed by architect Joe Robbins, has many custom features that make it a dream mountain retreat. Located only minutes from downtown Steamboat Spring, Colorado, the dwelling comes with views from the Flat Top Mountains to the Ski Area and beyond. Original details, such as the hand-carved front door, welcome you inside. A great room with a two-story, stone fireplace, exposed wooden beams, pecan floors, and expansive stonework is the heart of

The unique ability of geckos to scale walls and suspend from ceilings has attracted the interest of naturalists for ages. Now that modern technology has unlocked the secret behind the lizard’s perplexing mobility, synthetic materials like Geckotape and Geckskin give us humans increased mobility in a variety of scenarios like rock climbing! Stellio is one such device that utilizes these adhesive materials to supplement climbers’ safety. Attach it to a carabiner clip to help cling to

Skeletal sculpture meets functional light in the Molecula lamp by Benjamin Migliore. With its rounded intersections and crisp lines, the geometric structure is at once organic and intentional. Position it in any direction to adapt to your ideal table arrangement, or hang it on the wall for a unusual sconce alternative! Designer: Benjamin Migliore - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot

Architect David Jameson designed this house on Hoopers Island in the US state of Maryland. From the architect After hurricane Isabel ravaged Maryland’s eastern shore, Dorchester Country Department of Planning and Zoning established an ordinance proclaiming that all new residences must be built three feet above the base flood elevation. Inspired by the local vernacular barns and fishing shacks which had survived the hurricane, the house on Hoopers Island was elevated to the height

Floisand Studio completed Teh House, a private residence in Seattle, Washington, USA. As you can see in the photos below, the exterior of the building displays a simple geometry, with two rectangular volumes placed one on top of the other in a black&white color interaction. The lower level protrudes inside the street-facing courtyard, hinting the existence of a garage. The opposite side of the house opens up towards a lush garden with water features. Generously-sized windows and wooden balc

Located in a village near Prague in the Czech Republic, this luxurious five-bedroom family home is not only elegant and welcoming, but also eye-candy for tech-savy folk. Latest environmental design technologies were implemented by Jestico + Whiles to imagine and build the perfect family home for their clients. The amazing private luxury home known as Villa Pruhonice opens to the surroundings with a transparent south-facing facade shielded from direct exposure by balcony overhangs on the first f

Adding a definitive edge to the regular fire extinguisher, we have here the Fire Hammer, a life-protecting tool. The shape of this extinguisher takes into account scenarios of victims being trapped in locked rooms or hard-to-get-out of places. One end of the extinguisher is fashioned in such a way that it can be used to hack and hammer your way through locked doors and glass barriers. The idea is to provide an easy escape during emergency situations. Designers: Jiang Jiongfan, Lin Shuang, Xue R

Designed like a flexible plastic spring, the is a compressible trash can be downsized or upsized according to the amount of garbage disposed. You simply need to line it with the appropriate-sized disposable liner and set it aside. According to the designer, nearly 40% in materials used and weight will result in savings and over 50% of trash’s volume will be condensed so as to release more of the bag’s capacity. In essence this also means less garbage bags used. Designer: Fan Liyuan

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