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The art of making tea is a ritual that is sacred to many. Special brew masters undergo rigorous training on how to make the perfect cuppa. For the uninitiated people like me, we have setups like this “Teapot The Dew”, a tea making process that uses the dew and tea leaves brewing in an enclosed glass pot. Take a look…. Designer: Zhang Hongxin - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just concepts. See what's hot at the

Dogs might not care how their toys look, but for the discerning pet owner, there’s Odin – the puzzle treat toy that’s as beautiful as it is functional. On your coffee table, it looks like a sculptural accent… but to your furry friend, it means hours of fun and mental stimulation! Place a treat inside and let them go to town! Vid after the jump —> Designer: Up Dog Toys - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the w

ONG&ONG have designed a contemporary home in Singapore. From the architect Just off Stevens Road is this Zen-inspired dwelling with strong architectural lines and shapes that are further accentuated by the materials used. Comprising two main volumes, the front block houses the social spots, such as the living and formal dining areas, whilst service functions are relegated to the back, along with the kitchen. Although visually similar, the blocks are distinguished by texture –

Designer bathroom brand Axor by Hansgrohe has teamed up with Antonio Cittero to present the new AXOR Citterio E. The Italian architect and industrial designer has come to the table (or, perhaps more aptly, bathroom vanity) with his signature clean lines and contemporary aesthetic, echoed in each of the 37 products. "The result of this most recent collaboration is the 'essence of luxury.' The products are not only characterized by flexible implementation, but also by exceptional ease of use an

Air Runner – a futuristic concept study to enhance the running experience. Running is super popular! Really everybody jogs these days. Still, some runners experience it to be monotonous and lack excitement in the process. Therefore we aimed to develop something active and enjoyable, which gives you runners out there an entirely new experience! Are you interested? Designer : Indeed Innovation Air Runner will make the change in your running experience. It is a concept study of a thrilling gadg

Who would have thought Keanu Reeves can build a motorcycle? Apparently he’s a passionate motorcyclist aside from being a great actor. Together with Gard Hollinger, this duo has built Arch Motorcycle Company and just released its first bike: KRGT-1. Unlike traditional V-twin side-mounted intakes that lay between rider’s leg and disturb ergonomics and balance, the company works together with S&S Cycle to develop Arch Down Draft Induction System. It can be positioned between billet aluminum fu

Ubi is a part of home automation, it’s a voice activated computer where you can simply talk and it helps you connect with your world. This always-on device can be plugged into a wall outlet, simply talk to Ubi and it talks back to you, it connects directly to the internet via Wi-Fi connection. The word Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer, a device that is always-on, always listening, and always ready to help you. it talks back to you about the information you’re looking for or trying to alert

Have a look at this colorful penthouse envisioned by Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir of Ofsit Studio and situated in the heart of Istanbul! The location of Karakoy Loft, as well as the personality, way of living and needs of the client (a 45-year-old bachelor) were the main parameters in the design of this project.The structural approach of the house was to open up to get more light and view. The previous small window openings on the front façade were enlarged and the new folding window fra

Why Everyone Needs to Make Their Home Green

Posted by freshome 14 hours ago (Editorial)

It’s time to get back to nature and try living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Here is how you can make your home green. Image Source: Yellowstone TraditionsIt’s time to get back to nature. Can’t you sense that the world is craving it?  When we look around it certainly seems that we hunger for a more natural way of living. Take for example the natural goods that are showing up everywhere in our lives, from the whole foods that line the shelves of grocery stores, to the

Energy Harvesting is device that uses temperature differences between objects to source renewable energy via a thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric energy management chips. The good thing about it is that it can be used in any setting to harvest the energy and tank up. It is a practical both in the city and in the wild. Designers: Chien Ta-Wei, Huang Li-Ren, Chu Fang-Chih, Chu Yuan-Hua, Huang Chao-Jen & Yao Hong-Da – Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) - Yanko

The HexSkin

Posted by YankoDesign 1 day 14 hours ago (

Quite recently I had a massive fall and busted open my knee. The wound was deep, wide and the kinds that cannot be stitched. I have to admit, that I am ticked at the primitive ways my wounds are dressed. It’s the same old sterile gauze and cotton with Hydrogen Peroxide and Anti-bacterial ointments. I could do with the funky styling of the HexSkin, which is a nurturing bandage that dissolves over the skin. It provides meds and a faster healing process. Designer: Felipe Castañeda - Yanko D

Luca Binaglia has designed a contemporary dining table for Formabilio. Project description Duale is a wood and metal dining table, with an extremely versatile and contemporary look. Original and modern, its secret lies in the double-face wooden top. With a simple move, you can choose whether to use the oak side veneered with natural finish or the funny side with a bold colour. Exquisite constant is the steel structure in the basis, made of a curved tubular that designs to the floor a geomet

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