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Everyone dreams of having a luxurious bathroom, one that makes the experience of bathing or simply washing your hands, something to look forward to and what better way to create a sense of opulence than with a chic, classic bathroom vanity evocative of Italian masterpieces from the times when quality materials, classic designs and fine craftsmanship where the norm rather then the exception. Lucky for all of us there are still those exceptions that fit the bill and the Opera Collection by GB Gro

We all know that walls with art are more interesting then walls with nothing on them and the same could be said about your floors. Area rugs are a great way to tie a group of furniture together but why not go the extra mile and choose an artsy area rug for that extra wow factor. The Sweet Tooth Rug by Camilla Ebdrup and Camilla Korschen of Lucky Boy Sunday is a fun re-interpretation of the tooth fairy, complete with a wind swept leafy hairdo and teeth barrettes. Lucky Boy Sunday also

These days it is all about bringing the outdoors inside and one of the ways designers do this is by layering in a look of weathered wood. As seen here in the Materia Mulitcolor bathroom vanities collection by Bianchini & Capponi the weathered wood look doesn't have to portray a clear finish but can be soft, colored stains in any shade of the rainbow as though it was painted long ago. The stains used in this vanity collection enhance the look of recycled wood that has through time received a

My favorite type of furniture designs are the ones that embrace an artistic approach and this stunning Wooden Sphere series is definitely as much art as it is functional objects. The fact that Lee Jae-Hyo was able to create such sculptural designs is no accident. A world-renowned sculptor, he is well versed in looking at all of his creations with his "artists" eyes and working with his "artists" hands and heart - even when it comes to furniture designs. The Wooden Sphere series is created by

MYK has several new pom pom furniture designs and we couldn't wait to bring them to your attention. Pompoms conjure up feelings of soft, cozy and fun details and Myra Klose, the person behind MYK, has capitalized on this "feel good" design element by creating a series of chairs, poufs and rugs that are all that. Pompon Chair No. 2.2 is covered in over 260 over-sized handmade pom poms with an Asian flower design on the Merino wool and Merino wool mix pompoms. The pompoms are bold and colorful

The cuteness of modern poufs cannot be under-estimated! These soft poufs will look great in your living room or any other room, and we've got them for indoors and out. Such handy little objects, aren't they? Use them as extra seats, use them as side tables - use them to prop up your tired feet! They're simple to move, rearrange, or store. And these days, they come in such a wide variety of styles and colors and patterns. Something for everyone, as they say. The loft dweller, the organic modern,

LED is all the rage when it comes to lighting designs for home. While most new LED light designs are remakes of the tried and true, there are designers that have embraced the flexibility of LED lights to create unusual designs that are stand alone statements wherever and whenever they are used. The Illuminated Bubble Chairs by Rousseau are an amazing example of what can be done with LEDs. During the day the chair is stunning enough with its mid century design but come evening, the chair ente

More often than not staircases are designed simply as places to get from A to B in the vertical sense but staircases can also offer the opportunity to feature unusual design features, and with geometric details all the rage, architects and designers are getting in on the action and creating geometric staircase designs with clever and unexpected details. In the below 15 examples, we present ideas that are much more that just stairs. The Mendelkern home, located in east Tel Aviv and designed b

While Pointillism is the technique of painting with tiny dots of colour to form an image, in the case the Cactus Chair by Vedat Ulgen pointillism is a tongue in cheek reference to the many spines of the Barrel Cactus positioned below the oh so transparent seat. While I may have redefined pointillism, Vedat redefined the common chair into an avant garde seat / planter. Made from cast acrylic panels, the Cactus Chair is as much a geometric design as it is an organic one. The geometric

There are no excuses when it comes to getting creative with your pendants or hanging lights - lighting up your home has never been as much fun or as easy to do. Just take a peek at some of these coolest, unique lighting styles we've found for you below. There's no time like the present for new fixtures. You can change the whole look of a room with a few (or even one!) well-chosen, well-placed hanging lamps. Chandeliers over the dining room table, art-inspired pendant lights for the breakfast ba

Bio ethanol fireplace is the perfect way to add some heat to a home that doesn't have a chimney and why not do so with an exciting design. These 15 bio ethanol fireplaces may be heat sources but they are also stand-alone sculptural statement pieces that are as beautiful on as they are off. Check out these modern geometric designs. I love the curvy base to the Fuoco Wave fireplace by Altro, it seems to float in mid air thanks to the clear side panels that support it. Altro loves to pl

David Taylor has created a series of candlesticks made from mining slag and either brushed aluminum or polished brass. The candlesticks are stunning works of art that are as beautiful on their own as they are with a lit candle held proudly in place. David cleans the raw slag to reveal a vibrant blue-green glassy rock and then attaches it to the aluminum or brass with bolts, glue and a little soldering. The slag is a waste material or bi-product of the smelting or refining of metal or

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