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We take a neutral stand on the cancer sticks, and appreciate this Air Wall Isolation Smoking Area concept. The design blurs the lines between designated smoking rooms and second-hand smoking in public places. It allows smokers to be a part of the space and yet be differentiated without compromising on any other person’s health. Designers: Jia-Le Yao, Qi-Ming Li, Hui Shu & Cheng-Chen Zhang - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We

Entering into its first decade, the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept has everything to be proud about. The size it’s grown to, the power it exudes, the accomplishments that the winners achieve and the impact of the win are magnanimous. Was I expecting this year to be different – possibly – however I was bracing myself for an evening where winners would sashay the red carpet, break into a victory gig and then collect their well deserved prizes. Predictably, all of this did happen. The curveball ca

Jamie Falla Architecture designed an addition to a 1960′s bungalow overlooking Vazon Bay in Guernsey. You can watch a video of the property – here. Project description Etoile du Nord boasts a prominent position over-looking the picturesque Vazon Bay in Guernsey yet the best views from the original 1960’s bungalow were from the utility room. Jamie Falla Architecture were appointed to extend the property to accommodate two additional bedrooms and an open plan living area

With our high air pollution levels, we certainly need UrbanCone. It’s a futuristic concept, well actually it’s a concept jellyfish that purifies the air. This robotic jellyfish creates healthy microclimates outdoors as it purifies air around the entire city, including in our homes. These little devices lift up and fly in the air thanks to ultra light construction and photovoltaic solar panel wings that move according to the resemblance of a jellyfish movement. UrbanCone Jellyfish purifies the a

Awesome, Tokyoflash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch features spiral time display underneath a sleek concave lens. It’s a limited edition touch screen watch that features dual time zones, alarm, date, animation, audio feedback, and LED light up, housed in a beautiful stainless steel case with beautiful gunmetal finish. At first sight, it looks like just a vibrant cyclone of rings, but when you know the secret, you can easily read the time at a glance. It looks complex at first, but actually this watch di

Classic locket is getting a makeover here. Purple is a modern locket that features the same simplicity and elegance. At first sight, it looks like just ordinary locket, but actually it connects wirelessly to your social networks and is able to receive messages/images from your friends and family. In the middle of your busy world, you can pause for a minute, take a quick peek at what’s inside the locket and smile to see the pictures of people that you love. Yes, you probably say we have our smar

Chip and Joanna from Magnolia Homes shared photos of their home with readers worldwide, which is how we found out about this enchanting farmhouse in Texas, United States. After moving from one dwelling to another, the couple decided on settling down and building their dream crib. They purchased a wrecked farmhouse and spent a year and a half renovating it: “My main priority was to open up the main living, dining, and kitchen area. We also finished out the upstairs and created a nice size

How do you choose your 3 bedroom apartment design? Maybe you fell in love with the modern Scandinavian style and that’s exactly why this apartment will inspire you. Beautifully distributed, the interior spaces of this Denmark penthouse apartment convey a feeling of home. Enhanced by light coming from attic windows, the calming Scandinavian design reigns all over. Luminous social spaces include the living room and dining area separated by a bio-ethanol fireplace and a cooking zone tucked b

Compact living and constantly moving from one home to another can take a toll on how we pack our kitchen and port it with us. Keeping transportability and kitchen components in mind, we have here the Mobile Kitchen. The design integrates the chimney and the stove in such a way that it’s easy to assemble and take apart. As good at it gets for the moment. Designers: Wen-Liang Huang, Biao Guo, Jing-Wen Huang, Lan-Lan Lin & Li-Hua Tan - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful con

The Self-Generator is an amazing ceiling fan concept that can preserve the mechanical energy after the fan has been powered-off. The system uses electromagnetic induction and the remainder mechanical energy is converted into electricity and saved in the capacitor. This reserved energy can be used for next time. The designers explain, “according to the energy principle, the Kinetic energy of starting a fan from speed 0 to V is equal to the dissipation of slowing down from speed V to 0. As the fr

Drew Mandel Architects have designed the Moore Park Residence in Toronto, Canada. Project description This infill house is situated in the mid-town Toronto residential neighborhood of Moore Park. It represents the first tear-down replacement on an established street that is characterized by a common model: 1920s-era single-family homes with mutual drives. The concept of the project is to integrate a re-imagined single-family residence into a typical Toronto streetscape. The design e

Nowadays almost all mobile phones look alike, each design looks very similar to other. This concept phone will stand out from the crowd, it’s fresh, ergonomic, and real eye-catcher. The edges of the phone have been designed to provide better and comfortable grip. As notification sign, Motorola logo glows on each side when you receive a new message, social media alerts, e-mail, etc., this means you won’t miss a thing. The back of the phone is slightly rounded for better ergonomics. This concept

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