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The ‘Panel Heater Triplet’ is a sexy carbon fiber construction that follows the minimalist design language of a modern home. Functioning as an indoor heater, the infrared heating elements are cleverly redesigned to resemble a log fire. Sleek and portable, it’s the kind you’d like to see cozying up a corner in your bedroom. Designers: Kang Min-Seung, Kim Hye-Yeon & Lee Noda - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than ju

Toasted Coffee

Posted by YankoDesign 1 hour 26 minutes ago (

Mornings can be a major rush, quick coffee and a dry toast is what we manage to down on most days. The Baking Pot is a toaster and coffee pot design that hopes to brew your cuppa blend and toast some bread at the same time. Saving you few spare minutes to tidy up the kitchen or at most, take another quick dump! Ah busy mornings! Designers: Won Kang , Hyo Kang & Min Kyu - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE - We are more than just

The Heineken Pop-Up City Lounge has just launched at London Design Festival. The ‘Pop-up City Lounge’ is the second edition in the brand’s ‘Open Design Exploration’ series and was created by twenty young designers from across the globe, crafted in response to suggestions of what the ultimate lounge bar should be from tens of thousands of consumers, who shared inspirational images on Instagram. Hidden behind the industrial, corrugated iron shell of two forty-foot shipping containers, the ‘Pop-

Exostrusion LED watch concept was inspired by the rear diffusers of modern sports cars. It’s pretty simple actually, these diffusers are usually looking like extruded forms with various fins and facets, so, taking these forms in mind, Peter Fletcher has come up with unique and futuristic display frame for his latest watch design. The time is displayed by those LEDs arranged in 4 quadrants, the top 2 quadrants display the hours while the others display the minutes. These quadrants are divided wi

Porsche Design and BlackBerry has teamed up to bring you the latest product: Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone from BlackBerry. It’s a premium smartphone that completes luxurious electronic product range of Porsche Design. You might still recognize the characteristic of this phone as BlackBerry yet it is also infused with Porsche Design fluid and effortless experience of BlackBerry 10 technology. The company promises to deliver superior productivity, each smartphone is engineered using highest q

This former Communist home was renovated by interior designer Judit Koczoh in collaboration with Beck Real Estate Kft to create a beautiful, practical, and energy efficient apartment. There were virtually no original features to be saved due to neglect and destruction during the Communist era. So the designers created this crib from scratch using talented workmen and carpenters and by moving 100 year old ceramic kitchen tiles from another apartment in the same building. The style is classical e

Have you ever seen a more contemporary looking pet crib design? Bark & Miao created the Padpod, an elevated luxury bed for cats and dogs aiming to adapt pet furniture to modern-style homes. Initially discovered by Freshome on Pursuitist, the Padpod is upholstered in a soft wool fabric and provides a cozy, safety-inducing refuge for furry friends. The designers believe that style conscious pet owners will never again have to hide away their pet beds, and instead be proud to display them cent

All it takes is a Tilt

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To manage our multiple gadget charging needs, the power strip has turned out to be an effective tool. What poses a problem is the adaptor heads, which vary in size and design. Streamlining the charging process for the current 220V power strips, we have here the Tilt, a concept that allows us to arrange a multitude of plugs and adapters without overlapping. An interesting concept! Designers: Ahn Sang-Yoon & Jin-hyun Song - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from

Hot Cuppa Love

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Winter is round the bend and soon my cravings for something warm to sip will increase. Taking this into account, the ‘With Me’ stick is the right resource for folks like me to have around. The wand not only keeps the cuppa beverage warm, it can be used to make hot drinks in a jiffy. I like the clip-on factor, the key innovation in this design. Designers: Ryu Byung-Kwan, Mirin, Kim Hee-Kyung & Kim Hyun-young - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the wo

Quark by Emmanuel Babled

Posted by contemporist 1 day 1 hour 26 minutes ago (

Designer Emmanuel Babled has created Quark, a series of low coffee tables. Description Quark is a series of low coffee tables, consisting of organic and fluid forms, exploring prime materials such as wood and marble. For the production of these objects Emmanuel Babled uses a Computer Numerical Control robot as a handy craftsman. Quark exist in wood, in marble, in plexiglass, in metal (bronze and copper). Design: Emmanuel Babled Photography by Lavatori and Zanobelli

The Public Transport System for 2030 project was carried out for PACE forum Design competition for the Category of “Emerging Market Mobility Vehicle”. The concept is a hybrid of public and private transportation providing quick access built with existing infrastructure with minimal space and time. The design addresses the shortcomings of Flyovers and metros (robust structures owing to dead weight) which would require high consumption of raw materials, construction time, and money. T

X1 Water Bike is the latest product of Schiller Sports that deliver the most advanced water bike in the world yet. Each unit is constructed out of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and a proper propulsion and steering system with rugged, inflatable pontoons for easy transport. The company promises to always try to revolutionize water sports and cycling industries, X1 is an example of state-of-the-art engineering and design. Schiller aims to allow millions of people around the world to enjoy d

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