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This is the world’s first externally powered Space Launch Thruster, Escape Dynamics have successfully tested their combustion free spaceflight that uses high power microwave energy. The result is really promising with performance greatly surpassing the limit of conventional chemical combustion rockets. This project is a major step forward advancement in future externally powered high Isp thruster, it is also a validation for company’s efforts to change the manner of orbital launches. Dr. Dmitri

This is a cozy and comfy blanket to wear when you are on a plane. Blanket for airlines is a project to bring passengers with easy to wear blanket. Instead of just square shaped fabric, this blanket features sewing rings for head and hands, in this way, you can enjoy warm and cozy cover while your hands are free. The blanket would stay in place at all time, especially when you are sleeping. You can eat and read comfortably without having to hold the blanket in place with one hand, passengers wou

Designed by architect Irene Escobar Doren , the Cube House in O’Higgins Region, Chile is a contemporary addition to a small village of fishermen. The first step in building the residence was to “raise the house on piles, condensing the structure in two levels and a terrace on the roof; and solving the interior space in a compact volume whose dimensions were determined by the optimization of the chosen building material.” The cube-like volume has a black exterior in order to save hea

Annandale Seascape Cottage was designed by the architectural firm Pattersons on the edge of the peninsula Banks in New Zealand. The unconventional building is set into a rock escarpment and accommodates a lobby, living/sleeping and a bathroom. Especially envisioned as a honeymoon escape, it is accessible only by farm track or helicopter, allowing guests here to relax in a memorable setting, “intimate with themselves and with nature in the roar of the ocean, oblivious of demands from the o

This is a cool bed for children, Woodly presents you Surf, a new line of Montessori floor beds. Floor bed doesn’t have to be boring and ugly, this modern wooden bed features playful style cot where children can easily climb on and off the cot. The side edges design prevents possible night tumbles. This bed is built of solid wood and finished by hand with shellac and bees wax, designed to be 19cm high from floor to mattress countertop. From : Woodly Surf – Montessori Floor Bed Line b

We just come across a cool submarine, designed by Rashid Tagirov for Russian waters. This conceptual submarine not only protects Russian sea waters but also can be used for rescue operations. You can read more details about the project below in Tagirov’s own words. Multipurpose supercavitating submarine “Bullet” has been designed to provide security in the Russian waters and perform various tasks. According to the scenario, in 2025, Russia has been adjusted production of hydro

Completed by FGMF Arquitetos, Botucatu House by FGMF Arquitetos was especially designed for a young couple in Botucatu, Brazil. Inspired by the concept of an umbrella, the architectures positioned the roof so that it protects the entire house from the sun during the summer: “This very simple concept brought up interesting aesthetic and spatial complexities as the project was being developed, enhancing this intention to create new spaces and so reinventing the traditional Brazilian terrace

Why Home Automation is Essential for Energy Efficiency

Posted by freshome 1 day 59 minutes ago (Editorial)

Home automation is no longer reserved for the extremely wealthy or the tech lover. Image Source: Unique StoneIt once seemed like something from science fiction, but home automation technology is here—and it may be the key to maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. Home automation includes any technology used to remotely control and monitor the function of your home’s systems—and can equal substantial savings when applied to energy efficiency.Using home automation is no longer rese

Chengtao Yi has submitted his latest project to us, it’s a cool VR headset with reasonable price so that everyone can enjoy virtual reality games. Virtual reality headsets are super cool, they turn ordinary games and movies into a totally immersive 3D experience. But most are either too bulky to carry around or way too expensive. So we decided to make the excitement of virtual reality accessible to everyone! Introducing PLAY. PLAY is the first truly affordable VR headset. Designed from a

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