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Matt Brown is a student at the Umea Institute of Design working on a masters degree in Interaction Design. His final degree project, Food and the Future of it, includes some intriguing design future concepts that "either print food or grow food". Inspired by technologies that are available today such as 3D printers and lab grown meat, his thesis is that by 2040 we could all have devices at home that could grow meat and print food. One concept that could make it in 2009 however is the the Flavor Spoon (above); "It's pretty easy to use, you chop up some garlic, or anything with strong flavor, and put it in the pink spoon. After that, you put the white spoon over it - they fit right together. Then you just start eating your soup, and you'll have the flavor of whatever you hid inside the spoon in every bite." Also known as the Recession Spoon, "If you're really broke, and I tried this, you can just eat hot water with it." More after the jump.

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