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laptop case concept _01

In an age where portable packages for laptops are a must- have tool for the globetrotting executive, many options are available in the market. Most of them are a combination of both style and utility. Designer Steve Dettman has designed a laptop case which apart from being highly portable, is based on a sustainable concept. It is a beautiful laptop case which not only protects your laptop from damages but also doubles as a workstation for the users on the go. In case, you feel like using your rubber keyboard, just pull it out of the storage space that is made out of durable and long-lasting recycled plastic. The case also uses felt, which besides serving as an insulator can be compressed and released without deformation. Lightweight aluminum adds strength to the body and resists corrosion. Moreover, the trendy notebook bag/workstation bear your responsibility for the environment.

laptop case concept _03

laptop case concept _04

laptop case concept _02

[Cheers Steve]

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