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48 motoryacht

Motoryachts, offering comfort within the personal space and high speed, have given a new dimension to the luxury commutation. Keeping the recent traveling trend up and going, Italian designer Stefano Carugno has designed a sport motoryacht that apart from allocating brisk commutation also promises relaxed sail on the waves. The “48′ Motoryacht,” as the designer call it, features an innovative design and proportions, while maintaining modern look with recalls to classic design themes. Powered by 2 x 800hp diesel engines, the 48′ Motoryacht is 1470 mt. in length and offers an ample space for a family. Presenting a Hard Top finished with carbon Kevlar reinforcements, where you may relax and enjoy the sun bath, the sports yacht houses one owner & two guest cabins, two bathrooms, galley and living room, so you don’t miss the comfort of your home at all.

48 motoryacht_01

48 motoryacht_02

48 motoryacht_03

48 motoryacht_04

48 motoryacht_05

[Thanks Stefano]

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