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Artificial Snow Cave Rope Shelter is a design submission from Margot Krasojevic. It looks like a futuristic shelter that would protects you against freezing weather, perfect for mountain climbers looking to find a place to rest. You can read Margot’s complete explanations below. The hut offers a snowdrift frame made from weighted carbon fibre mesh, this contoured landscape mimics the surrounding vertiginous precipices and landscapes, the carbon fiber snowscape creates an artificial snow cave wh

It’s time again to announce the winners of A’ Design Award & Competition, with more than 12,000 entries in more than 100 categories from 208 countries, you will find amazing products, buildings, accessories, and much more. A’ Design Award & Competition has been a prestigious design competition that attracts thousands of designers from around the world to showcase their best works. It sets a benchmark for design development in different countries and the winning designs along with the de

The Turan’s ultra-futuristic aesthetic is matched with state-of-the-art technology to form an entirely new breed of industrial truck we’re dubbing the “sport-semi.” The exterior biomimics the exoskeleton of shelled animals to provide enhanced aerodynamics and structural stability. Inside, the driver finds themselves in a Pacific Rim-style pod with head-up-display, eye detection system, and custom calibrated controls that maximize safety and usability. Designer: Ehsan Pa

Bo-Bi Baby Care Kit is a set of baby monitor that keeps an eye on your baby and his/her health. Every baby is a treasure that’s worth every sleepless nights and pressure, parents will do anything to keep them safe. This baby care kit has been designed to help the task easier. It consists of 3 parts: i-Nipple, i-Egg, and i-Cam. i-Nipple is a temperature sensor device that looks like pacifier which responded to sudden changes in baby’s body temperature, it will instantly send message to i-Egg and

The story of how Ass-Savers came to being is a truly inspirational one. Five collaborative friends, one creative direction and full-on eco-sensitive approach to design, led to the birth of the ‘Ass-Savers’, emergency bicycle fenders that save your ‘ass’ from getting wet and sprayed on by the slush on the road. This Friday, twenty-five lucky YD’ers stand a chance to WIN this innovative bike mud-flap; hit the jump to know how. To WIN The Ass-Savers Bicycle Fenders, answer the following question

Glow is a low-cost, low-maintenance, and low-tech solution for providing efficient, effective lighting to the developing world. The device uses phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) powder, which absorbs environmental light and slowly releases it when dark. Modern phosphorescent powder has a lifespan of up to 10 years and a glow that can last up to 6 hours! UV light isn’t even required to power the glow! Designer: Jon Liow - Yanko Design Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from

Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras combine the convenience of a compact camera with connectivity of smartphones. These cameras will certainly enhance mobile photography experience. Sony has introduced 2 lens-style QX series cameras which can transform your smartphone into powerful photographic tool in an instant, shoot high quality images or record HD videos just like premium compact camera. The new cameras utilize Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile application (available only for Android and iOS) to conn

Samsung has introduced Samsung GALAXY Gear to become your perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy, it also serves as a wristwatch. This smart device enhances your experience with Samsung Galaxy even further with its tailored technological features and stylish design. It’s been developed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, it integrates smart technology deeper into your everyday lives and bridges the gap between mobile device and fashion worlds. Some people constantly check their smart

Caravisio Concept Caravan from Knaus Tabbert is a project to raise the interest for camping which unfortunately has been declining for years. Caravanning industry has offered new and interesting concepts to encourage people to enjoy camping as a form of holiday making, but unfortunately those caravan concepts stay just concepts. This time, Caravisio takes different approach to provoke thought and solve problems faced by travelers, it’s a caravan of the future. Caravisio concept caravan has been

Hexcell concept watch was clearly inspired by natural hexagon shaped structures which usually can be found in nature. The main watch face actually consists of a single LCD display but divided into smaller hexagon shapes by a rubber like cover. In this way, user can insert small modules or cells in hexagon shaped area and compose custom time display as they like. The current model here uses extruded aluminum body with small hexagon cells. The time is displayed in the way you like it to be. Each

The Mercedes SL GTR is a concept study of a Mercedes Benz homologation special for the 21st century. Designed by Mark Hostler, this concept car aims to offer rider with purest expression of road car driving feel and performance. The design incorporates race car chassis technology, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter v8 race engine from Nissan GTR GT1 race car. Cutting edge aerodynamics combined with sharp Mercedes Benz styling creates a car with a

Construction Lamp looks like has been designed and built using children construction toy (remember Meccano?), it’s really cool actually. Designed by Joost van Bleiswijk, a Dutch designer, for Moooi, this one will be highlighted as part of Moooi’s new collection. Similar to telegraph pylon, those 4 sided stand tapers upward towards the light source, each round joint is intentionally exaggerated and fixed with large brass screws, accentuating how they are put together. Available in black and whit

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