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For this month’s Destination Design, we head to Athens, Greece to check out AthenWas, a Design Hotels™ property situated in one of Athens’ most ancient neighborhoods, offering a classic modernist feel with its nod to mid-century details and ancient Greek architecture. The hotel, which stands in the foothills of the Acropolis, was designed by Stavros Papayiannis of Stage Design Office to be a fresh approach to Greek design. The interior was designed with large, light-fille

The Du Tour Residence is a project led by Architecture Open Form who renovated it for a family who had owned the 1960s home for decades. Located in Laval, a city just north of Montréal, the house needed a more modern interior but it was important to the family to keep the heart and should of the original design. The architects collaborated with interior design firm FX Studio par Clairoux to come up with a concept that highlighted the horizontal nature of the prairie-style architecture

Anita Cooney is both a designer and educator who was named Dean of Pratt Institute’s School of Design just last year, a role that presides over the Institute’s Communications Design, Fashion, Industrial Design, and Interior Design departments. For nine years prior, Cooney served as the chair of Pratt’s top-ranked Interior Design Department, all while working for more than 20 years in architecture and design in New York City. Her interests span across many disciplines

Meditation is known to be life-changing and Headspace, a project that’s looking to improve the health and happiness of everyone, has launched their latest endeavor – Meditation Pods. Designed by architecture firm Oyler Wu, the pods offer a carved out spot for people to practice meditation. The pods are an innovative approach that aims to make meditation feel more tangible, as the practice itself is an intangible exercise. With its minimalist exterior juxtaposed with an or

The Hambly House was built in 1939 and stood with only a few other Art Moderne houses in the Ontario, Canada area. The original home was built for Jack Hambly, and with its flat roof, archetypal curved corner, speed-striped stucco walls, and nautical-inspired elements, like a porthole window, the house was the perfect example of late Art Deco in the Hamilton area of Ontario. The house was in ruin when it was purchased by new owners in 2013 who wanted to celebrate its history while als

Located in the city of Strasbourg, France, MaHouse is a project recently completed by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY with a visually unique exterior and design. The home is composed of three stacked floors that are each slightly askew, with the parents’ space on the top, the children’s playground in the middle, and the ground level as the common area. Set behind glass are the stairs that connects the ground floor to the middle floor. The glass helps with privacy while allowin

Built in 1890, the historic LeJeune Residence in the Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough of Montreal, Canada went through a transformation that required, by law, to preserve the original architectural elements of the façade. The clients, meanwhile, were looking for a modern home and hired Architecture Open Form to address the challenge. The art- and architecture-loving clients had previously renovated homes on their own, but this time decided to hire an architect to design a space that would r

Taylor Knights, an architecture and interior design firm out of Fitzroy, Victoria (Australia), were hired to create a family home that was designed to house two generations under the same roof comfortably while balancing privacy and family interaction. The original semi-detached, double brick structure was built in the 1920s as a duplex with very few windows, low ceilings, and small rooms. The St Kilda East House got a major upgrade and an addition to help it function as a typical hom

House in Utsunomiya is a minimalist residence in Tochigi, Japan, designed by Suppose Design Office. The architects usually believe in a clear division between the interior and exterior space, as well as to maximize the internal programs. However, this particular project sought to coalesce the interior with the outdoors in order to further expand the given plot. The result is a gabled roof that extends to the ground on both sides. Strategically placed openings along the sides of the r

Much like ramen shops in Japan, which are far from fancy (as they’re places to get good food quickly), the Orenchi Beyond ramen bar takes inspiration from those traditional food spots and adds a bit of street culture to the mix. Craig Steely Architecture took a look at Japanese ramen shops that take special care in the food served and brought aspects of the experience to the San Francisco Mission District location. The original street façade was removed and pushed 12 feet into

With sweeping views of Silicon Valley, the Overlook Guest House was built on a steep, almost unusable lot as a fully accessible home for a mobility impaired, aging in-law. Designed by Schwartz and Architecture, the wooded hillside proved challenging during the design process and required a low-impact drilled pier foundation system on the 775-square foot-dwelling. The home was designed with mobility in mind, which also meant it needed exterior space to be a functional part of the home

The DT Estudio-designed Itahyê Residence is located just outside of São Paulo, Brazil with a unique design that uses different materials for each level: brick on the lower floor, solid concrete for the middle, and blue metallic tiles for the upper. Besides wanting to differentiate the three separate floors, the material choices were chosen based on their durability and their thermic performance. The house spans 330 square meters (approx. 3552 square feet) over the three floors with t

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