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Located in Houston, Texas, the Emory House, by studioMET, is a sustainable home on a small lot for a young family. With the limited size, careful planning led to an efficient design plan that includes a large open volume to house the living room, dining room, and kitchen. A small patio helps add square footage to the living space through a sliding door. The interior boasts a warm palette of woods and earth tones that are paired with plenty of textures for coziness. The stai

KC design studio designed the Taipei, Taiwan Hu Residence for their client that wanted a space where they could entertain a lot of friends. In order to make that happen, the private areas were kept small, while the public living spaces are the largest in the home. The predominant material used in the design is concrete, which is paired with other materials like patterned hexagonal tile and cedar wood. The kitchen tiles rise from the floor up the sides of the island. A table extends f

Surrounded by a dense forest of spruce, maple, beech, and birch trees, the Laurentian Ski Chalet was built for a family with young children to enjoy on the weekends. RobitailleCurtis designed the modern retreat on a steep slope that was once used for skiing near the Saint-Donat village in Quebec, Canada, with 100 miles of panoramic views over Lac Archambault. They kept the footprint to a minimum by building the house elevated on 8″ x 8″ western red cedar pilotis to allow

Gaze is a minimalist house located in Aichi, Japan, designed by APOLLO Architects & Associates. The residence also serves as a gallery space for the contemporary art collection of the client. This building consists of a hybrid structure, with a podium on the first floor level composed of reinforced concrete, while wooden boxes occupy the upper levels above that are paneled with galvanized steel siding. Each level occupies a larger floor area than the one beneath it, with the uppe

Architect Alan Barlis first became associated with the Dennis Wedlick Architect firm back in 1997 after studying both system architecture and urban planning. After becoming a leader on the team, he opened a satellite office in Colorado. Eventually he returned to New York City and expanded the firm’s portfolio with a variety of project types, like urban residences, affordable housing, rural conservation subdivisions, and sustainable prototypes. In 2005, BarlisWedlick was born whe

The Eaglemont House is a custom designed residence, by InForm, with a picturesque facade thanks to multiple single-pitch roof forms. Located in Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia, the house wraps around a central courtyard that offers privacy to its swimming pool. The pitched roof forms slant in opposite directions as a way to control how much light enters the house. The interior opens up to the courtyard via large panels of windows, especially the dining area which has double-heig

The Wall House might appear to be an intimidating fortress at first glance, but its solid facade was designed to protect the Kuwait-based family while embracing its freedom within its shell. Behind the walls, the AGi architect-designed house boasts four patios that bring both light and air to the most internal parts of design. Despite being located in the city with no space for a yard, they were able to incorporate plenty of plants and greenery within the house’s walls. A

A husband and wife reached out to LANEY LA with the desire to preserve a mid-century residence in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. The single family home sits hidden away in the famed hillside community and wasn’t quite enough space for their growing family. Instead of expanding the home, they looked for ways to reconfigure the spaces to transform the unique home into a place that functioned better for them. The new office space benefits from a picture window at the

This project in Mexico City consisted of taking a 2,754 square foot house to a 1,937 square foot one that had a similar layout, but the new design is a sustainable one with better use of space and indoor/outdoor living. Designed by Paul Cremoux Studio, Casa Nirau focuses on open spaces for maximum daylight and plenty of outdoor space. With at least 70% of the days every year having great weather, outdoor living is an important factor. The main living and dining area open up completel

Atop a Manchester skyscraper sits Ian Simpson’s apartment, which you could say is unique but that might be an understatement. I love how he respects and admires structures and buildings and cityscapes—opting for an urban view over a view of nature. Instead of looking at nature from his window, the British architect created a two-story penthouse that houses an incredible indoor garden, complete with a water feature. Watch: In Residence: Ian Simpson on

Inagawa Cemetery Warehouse is a minimalist space located in Hyogo, Japan, designed by Key Operation Inc. The warehouse of Inagawa Reien will provide functional support to the administrative wing originally designed by David Chipperfield Architects. Although the space will not be accessible by the public, the building’s placement at the entrance to the cemetery grounds means that visitors will see this building first. The building will serve as an important symbolic structure, e

Moscow-based architectural studio SHKAF Architects designed the interior of a 46 square meter (approx. 495 square foot) flat in the town of Odintsovo for a young man who desired a neutral interior with African influences. The project consisted of designing a living room with a kitchen, a study, and a bedroom, all of which reflected the client’s travels around Africa. The wooden floors installed reference the color of sand, which is juxtaposed with elements of black and white, a

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