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Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., who worked in collaboration with Design Base 8, designed Rabbit Snare Gorge, a cabin in Nova Scotia (Canada). The owner is an avid outdoorsman who wanted to respect the land, so the structure was built higher helping to minimize the footprint of the house. The elevated nature of the design also allows for better views. To combat the heavy rainstorms, winter Nor’easters, and strong winds, the structural system was built to withstand major lateral and

Located in Somers about an hour from Melbourne, Residence J&C is a holiday beach house designed by Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture for a couple, their dog, and the occasional visitors. The small beachside town was established in the 1920s and remains a relaxed spot for vacationers. The new elevated house spans two floors to minimize unnecessary disturbance to the vegetation leaving much of the site untouched. To make the most of the panoramic views across Western Port Bay, the s

Batiik Studio took this tiny 15 square meter (161 square feet) attic apartment and transformed it into a cool modern space in Paris. Before the renovation, the attic, with its slanted ceilings, was dark and dated, and now with the help of customized, modular furniture, the interior is highly functional and completely livable. Partitions were removed to open the space up and the kitchen was moved to one end so that the bathroom could be enlarged. Besides being moved, the kitchen was a

Marquette Residence is a minimalist house located in Montreal, Canada, designed by Naturehumaine. The project is located on a busy commercial street facing the backyard of Papineau Street. The six-unit building has private access for each individual residence, as well a shared backyard space. The front of the building consists mainly of darkened brick and staggered square windows. The structure is a simple rectilinear volume that uniquely sets itself apart from neighboring buildings

Nestled high above Silicon Valley, the Shou Sugi Ban House was a project that consisted of a major remodel and addition to an existing modern home. At the head of the project was Schwartz and Architecture, who were inspired by the surrounding sights and textures, like the boulders, bark, and leaves. A two-story addition was designed and clad in traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban, which is burnt wood siding. The original home was a collaboration between Min | Day as design architect

Klopf Architecture, known for their stellar Eichler renovations, recently completed another one, this time in Sunnyvale, California. Klopf, along with Growsgreen Landscape Design and Flegel’s Construction, updated and brought to life this mid-century atrium Eichler to modern times. The clients had a deep appreciation for Eichler, but they also wanted the home to work better for their family, while at the same time desiring a colorful and warm mid-century modern home, like the or

BLACKHAUS Karol Ciepliñski Architekt just completed a studio apartment for rent in a recently renovated tenement house in Krakow that was built in 1934. Located on the 3rd floor, the 27-square-meter (approx. 290 square feet) apartment was designed for short-term renters complete with a calm, minimal feel. The challenge was to create a space that was comfortable and had everything one might need for temporary living, just as if they were at home. The layout was redesigned to become an

On this episode of Clever, we talk to LA-based lighting and furniture designer Brendan Ravenhill who runs a studio under his name. From a youth in West Africa, to running a growing studio in Los Angeles, he’s made stops along the way that involve lobstering, boat-building, academia and a Schindler house. In this episode, Brendan reveals how profound grief led him to find solace in making things with his hands. Although he’s got a rigorous work-ethic, play tops his list o

When you see the finished design of this 170 square meter (approx. 1829 square foot) home in Madrid, you’d never believe where they started from (see before images below). Egue y Seta took this old 1950’s home from outdated and dismal to a welcoming space for a young couple with children. A live-in tale in Madrid, as the project is called, is half of a duplex that’s split over three staggered floors with a gabled roof on top. Under the gabled roof on the top floor,

Palm Springs continues to be a hot spot for weekend getaways and covetable, weeklong vacations thanks to its close proximity to Los Angeles. Just recently, the new ARRIVE hotel landed on the scene with its cozy desert vibe settling perfectly into the neighborhood with its restaurant, coffee shop, and ice cream shop that share property with its 32 rooms. With projects built up and down the west coast, Chris Pardo, the hotel’s busy designer, as well as co-founder, knew exactly wha

Designed for a retired couple who wanted to downsize, Urban Cabin was created by Suyama Peterson Deguchi after the couple had been living on the site for 26 years. With a desire to simplify, challenges came up as they were surrounded by excess and they wanted to live with less. The home’s design was inspired by a primitive picnic shelter in a forest therefore, excess elements were removed or reduced to the minimum. The house was designed with windows and doors facing the west

Built in Escobar, Argentina, the CG342 House was designed by BAM! architecture for a young professional with an active lifestyle and a future family in mind. The sustainable house was built within a private gated golf community on a lot that faces a lagoon so the house opens up its main living areas to focus on the view. The structure is made up of several rectangular boxes, some of which have been rotated 90 degrees to bring more light in from the north and to extend the views of th

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