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This modern black house design has the beautiful green and clean surrounded space. That nice landscape will show the eco-friendly character of this house and how care the designer is. The landscape of clean and green is such as a natural carpet that will welcome us when we come into this house. That modern black house exterior is a calm exterior that we can apply for our house space especially those who have a large space on their yard. The green color tone of the plants is balance the modern s

  These creative packaging book ideas are the real creative interpretation of modern packaging designs and this product will growth up in creative industry quite fast. The design of this book packaging style will enrich people to stay “on” in their creativity and their creation. The size of the book is make the product can be inside on the book still in good condition. The nice package ideas planner of this book pack inspiration probably can be one of the eco-friendly packages for us. [vi

Canadian artist Steve McDonald has released “Fantastic Cities,” an illustrated coloring book featuring 60 cities from around the world. From Paris to New York, Tokyo to Istanbul, the illustrations will take any architect or urban planner back to childhood times.  The book, with 48 full-view pages of real and imaginary places, is on sale Amazon and Chronicle Books. Take a look inside, after the break.  Story via Citylab Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Real and Imagined

Architects: Richard Guilbault Location: 75018 Paris, France Area: 30.0 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Meero From the architect. This 30 sqm flat transformed by the architect Richard Guilbault was first divided into 4 very dark rooms difficult to fit out. Today occupied by a young couple, the ambition of this full update was to create a dynamical and bright living room, to optimize the use of the private rooms and to maximize the possibility of storage space. With the new space organizati

  When we are pay attention on this practical modern egg house blue print, our mind and eye will be working out together and know that this is a real fantastic house ever. The concept of strong> modern small house designthat we can see on the blue print of this house is totally awesome and interesting. This house is one of solution for those who are single and need a space to life and enjoys the simple life. Mainly, this is the simplest house ever since the designer makes this house th

Some people thought that space saving living space ideas become one of a nightmare since they can’t express their self if the space is space saving or small. In fact, the small space is one of the great spaces since we can express our creativity and innovation for this space. We will learn how to maximize the small space, directly. More than that, we will learn by doing through our limited space and our creativity will be increases day by day. According to that spirit, this small pink house des

Winner of the 1942 Acadamy Award for Best Special Effects, William Pereira (April 25, 1909 – November 13, 1985) also designed some of America’s most iconic examples of futurist architecture, with his heavy stripped down functionalism becoming the symbol of many US institutions and cities. Working with his more prolific film-maker brother Hal Pereira, William Pereira’s talent as an art director translated into a long and prestigious career creating striking and idiosyncratic buildi

Architects: Admun Design & Construction Studio Location: Bumehen, Tehran, Iran Architect In Charge: Shobeir Mousavi, Amir Reza Fazel Design Team: Fatemeh Kargar, Mohsen Fayazbakhsh, Ramtin Haghnazar Project Team: Majid Rahmati, Bahareh Ahmadnia Presentation Team: Mostafa Karbasi, Niousha Ghasem Area: 650.0 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Parham Taghioff Construction: Admun Design & Construction Studio Project Management: Shobeir Mousavi, Amir Reza Fazel Site Superintendence: Rashid Ar

House T. is a minimalist house located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Campbell Architecture. The project brief was to create a spacious estate with a focus on entertaining and family living. The original Victorian-styled residence was well-proportioned, but required a facelift to include contemporary aesthetics while adding extensions to the building as well. The final reveal of the home resulted in the culmination of Luigi Rosselli Architects‘ – and the client’s

The unique performance from the shell house designs will guide us to know more extraordinary and unique design of a living space. the exterior of this small white shell house is completely covered by white color tone and not only from the exterior style our eye can see the white color tone cover all of the side but also until the interior style of this house is covered by the white color application. State as a creative and innovative design ever is one of our appreciation for the designer of t

Having modern sea side villa planner for a designer is a must, especially for the retreat building designer. Specifically, as an architect has an out of the box imagination is a must. They have to smarter and genius than the owner or the person who want to build out their living space. If they don’t have that ability, maybe this Palais Bulles villa is just a dream that never be true. This villa is unique and the design is extraordinary. When we are looking down into the landscape of this villa

Architects: T.R.O.P, A49, SDA, FOS Location: Bangkok, Thailand Year: 2012 Photographs: Spaceshift Studio / Pirak Anurakyawachon, Aranyarat Prathomrat Landscape Architect Of Record: T.R.O.P Lead Designer: Pok Kobkongsanti Project Team: Maytinee Nakprasert, Pattanee Ukam Lead Architect: Synthesis Design + Architecture Company (SDA) Architect: Architects 49 Co., Ltd. (A49) Foundry of Space Co., Ltd. (FOS) Engineer: K.C.S. Associates Co.,Ltd. M&E Engineer: Sum Utilities Management Co.,Ltd

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