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Moscow-based architectural studio SHKAF Architects designed the interior of a 46 square meter (approx. 495 square foot) flat in the town of Odintsovo for a young man who desired a neutral interior with African influences. The project consisted of designing a living room with a kitchen, a study, and a bedroom, all of which reflected the client’s travels around Africa. The wooden floors installed reference the color of sand, which is juxtaposed with elements of black and white, a

It’s impossible to put into words the loss felt around the world hearing the news that legendary architect and designer Zaha Hadid passed away today. The Iraqi-born, London-based architect paved a path for not only women in design, but everyone, with her highly recognizable aesthetic that was all her own. In 2004, she became the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize and in 2012, she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Her visionary

Ultra lux watchmakers Audemars Piguet invited artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz to design their new lounge for their Art Basel 2016 shows in Hong Kong, Basel, and Miami. Using the ice formations and snowy surroundings in picturesque Le Brassus, the Swiss village that Audemars Piguet calls home, as inspiration, the lounge focuses on both nature and passing time, with water and ice being the central elements. Ice Cycle references “the concept of an ice cycle as a metaphor of

Located in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Elsternwick, the Edwards Residence, an existing Edwardian house, received a major renovation and addition by b.e architecture. Most of the original house was saved with changes being made that still respected the history of the home. Part of the second story was removed to make the new design work. Despite having historic elements and a modern extension, the two parts blend seamlessly. The new living spaces on the back of the house, which

Okinawa House is a minimalist residence located in Okinawa, Japan, designed by Taishi Kanemura of John Pawson. UK-born John Pawson spent a few years teaching English at the business university of Nagoya, and eventually moved to Tokyo and visited the influential studio of Japanese architect and designer Shiro Kuramata. The project is a reflection of Pawson’s fundamental approach to minimalism, something he passionately explored through the creation of his book Minimum, first pu

Located in the suburbs of Beijing, China, the Haitang Villa is a three-story townhouse full of visually dynamic spaces, including three dining rooms and two tea rooms. Designed by Arch Studio, the concept scales back to display minimal decoration and a fairly simple and natural palette of materials. The basement and ground floor are connected and are open to receive visitors, while the top floor is for daily living and even has a separate entrance. The entryway, living room, and stud

Have you ever seen a house that appears to float? MIMA Housing has designed just that with their prefab design, MIMA Light. The brand aims to make high end architecture simple with their series of modular designs and this one is the latest with its light, minimalist appearance. Looking as if it’s levitating above the land, the home’s base is clad in mirrors that reflect the scenery around it making the bottom disappear. Inspired by minimalist works by artists like Donald

The results of the 3rd Blank Space Fairy Tales are in! The jury selected the top three submissions from a pool of thousands from 67 countries, and from what I’ve been told, the competition was especially close this year! The esteemed jury included Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Elizabeth Diller, Allison Arieff, Bradford Shellhammer, Daniel Simon, Dror Benshetrit, Sylvia Lavin, Cristina Goberna, Aaron Betsky, Alexander Walter, Robert McKee, David Basulto, Becky Quintal, Matthew Hoffman and

A family of snowboarders longed for a weekend retreat in Whistler, Canada, in a neighborhood known for 1970’s A-frame and Gothic arch cabins and chalets. To realize their plans, they hired Scott and Scott Architects to design an A-frame cabin on a steep sloping rock bluff just north of Whistler village in a more modest size that reflects the original scale of the early structures the neighborhood was known for. The 178-square-meter (1915 square foot) cabin is built into the blu

Kyle Bergman is a New York City-based architect who not only founded the Architecture & Design Film Festival, he serves as its director. Recognizing the strong connection between architecture and film, he launched the festival in 2008 as a way to educate and entertain people who appreciate design. Bergman serves as president on the board for the Pacific Rim Parks Organization, who have built seven parks so far and have an added goal of building one park in every country that touch

Nothing beats the sun shining through the windows and the breeze blowing within the place you call home – the one place you’ll spend most of your time. The central parts of homes tend to be the darkest, least enjoyable spaces. To let the daylight, fresh air, and nature in, think about including an interior courtyard or garden to help brighten things up. Here, we rounded up 10 residences with dreamy bits of nature inside. The Hanging Rock House, by Melbourne-ba

Lushna designs and builds these tent-like shelters to put on your property to house guests, start a campground, a glamping hotel, etc. They will come in and create an environment on your land to attract tourists or guests so you can turn it into a ecotourism location. Their eco resort concept features their sustainably designed modern structures made from eco-friendly materials. The villas are built on top of a concrete-free Ground Screw Foundation with their smartly designed constru

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