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Architects: HOK Location: Baku, Azerbaijan Area: 234500.0 sqm Year: 2008 Photographs: Farid Khayrulin Collaborators: Azinko MMC and Dia Holdings Project Managers: Hill International Investor: Intersun Mep Engineers: DINAMIK, HB TEKNIK Structural Engineers: BALKAR Lighting: FKA Interior Designer : HBA Interior Designer : WILSON, DWP Interior Signage Consultant : HBA Graphics From the architect. Known as the ‘region of eternal fires’, Baku’s long history of fire worshiping provided the

A House for an Architect is a minimalist home located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The residence is in fact the architect’s personal home, and was designed within a neighborhood established in the 1950s by army veterans. The site can be characterized by buildings with low silhouettes and horizontal lines that are enclosed within a rich grove of eucalyptus trees. Kedem wanted to design a home that was in tune with the other houses within the ne

Architects: Apiacás Arquitetos Location: São Paulo, Brasil Project Architects: Acácia Furuya, Anderson Freitas, Pedro Barros Collaborators: Accácio Mello, Ana Lúcia Santana, Bárbara Francelin, Cibele Mion, Daniela Santana, Fábio Teruia, Francisco Veloso, Gabriela Campos, Leonor Vaz, Maria Wolf, Marcelo Otsuka, Otávio Filho, Pedro Parede Project Area: 200.0 m2 Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Pregnolato e Kusuki Estúdio Fotográfico Construction: Apiacás Arquitetos Incorporation: Apiacás Arq

Architects: Patkau Architects Location: Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada Design Team: John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, and David Shone with Mike Green, Dimitri Koubatis, and Greg Boothroyd, James Eidse, Marc Holland, Tony Mah, Henry Murdock, Ben Raimes, Thomas Schroeder, Craig Simms, Tony Wai. Area: 4350.0 ft2 Year: 2012 Photographs: James Dow, Courtesy of Patkau Architects Structural Engineers: Peterson Galloway Mechanical Engineering: Hirschfield Williams Timmins Contractor: J Toe

Nico van der Meulen Architects never cease to amaze with their jaw-dropping architectural projects that will make you pack your bags so fast you’ll forget to pack your underwear. Today, we tour House Serengeti, a North-facing, South African villa in Johannesburg. They mixed materials like rock, steel, wood, and glass, all that you’d expect to see in a classic modernist design, but this time, they used them for new applications. By the way, that pool looks so inviting! R

In honor of World Photo Day (August 19th) ArchDaily wanted to thank the photographers who bring to life the projects that we publish every day. So we asked architects to weigh in on the work of some of our most-appreciated architecture photographers. Here, Francine Houben of Mecanoo writes on behalf of Christian Richters.  Christian has an excellent eye for spatial environments and, most importantly, how to capture and unfolding spatial experiences. Mecanoo has had a long, fruitful worki

Architects: Santiago Calatrava Location: Lakeland, FL, USA Architect Of Record: Alfonso Architects Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti Mep Engineer: TLC Civil Engineer: Anderson Lane, Inc From the architect. The Master Plan, in response to the principles listed above, consists of a central lake, located on a northwest-southeast axis through the site. The lake affords dramatic views from within the campus and into the campus from

These futuristic staircase design ideas was designed for those who have two storey house and want to have prestigious look from a staircase construction. Both design and appearance from this furniture will give new ambience and decoration from our home since these furniture’s were design in spiral shape. Check out this contemporary spiral staircase construction that made from both combination of metal, wooden, and glass material. The spiral line from this furniture was bringing new atmosphere.

A new study has found that cities need to make big infrastructural changes, rather than small ones, in order to become more bike friendly. As this article from Fast Company explains, small increases in bicycle usage lead to more accidents, which in turn makes others afraid to make the switch from driving to riding. However, the study found that heavy investment in cycling infrastructure brings an economic benefit to cities in the long run, largely thanks to savings from reduced healthcare cost

Architects: Narges Nassiri-Toosi Location: Mazandaran, Iran Structure Engineer: Babak Behboodi Area: 405.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Shahriyar Mazaheri From the architect. This building is one of the public buildings of Dashte noor residential complex in north of Iran which provides body building facilities for the resident. The client’s main demands were two separate halls, being coordinated with the other parts of the complex while being a unique mass.  As a result the concept wa

The Sharifi-ha House, designed by nextoffice, is nothing short of magnificent and you’re about to see why! Unlike almost every single house out there, this one has the ability to be open or closed off, introverted or extroverted. Depending on the seasons or the homeowners’ needs, rotating volumes can be turned to change up the interior and the exterior. Photo by Salar Motahari Built on a relatively narrow, but deep lot, the residence has the unique ability to turn a two-di

Don’t Let Tiny Spaces Stop you From Possessing a Beautiful Kitchen. While most of us dream of a large home with majestic bedrooms, a fancy living area and a royal kitchen, what we usually end up with is a tiny apartment, offering less room to express your interior designing creativity. However, small homes make for really intimate, warm and cozy spaces and you might be all for it; but, a tiny kitchen always makes it to the list of “everything that’s undesirable”. Fortunately, there are ways to

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