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This week’s Friday Five shares the mindset of architect David Ajasa-Adekunle, whose practice, Innovation Imperative, works across many disciplines. Since 2000, Ajasa-Adekunle has worked on everything from housing, lighting, ceramic tableware, furniture, and now, even a yacht. 2009 saw him nominated for ‘Young Architect of the Year’, while his initial yacht concept was shortlisted in ‘The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2012‘ and he later met wit

Designed from Ecole, this modern small apartment decorating was inspired from French country hose design. The compatible decoration and use natural material was complete this house design. Start from the white living room interior décor, we will see the wall fireplace décor from this space. The luxury look can be seen from the whole appearance of this space. The free huge space from this place was look awesome and can be use for several needs. Other smart placement and arrangements from this s

Jean Nouvel‘s long-awaited 53 West 53rd Street, also known as the Tower Verre or the MoMA Tower, may finally be ready to move ahead with construction after the project’s developer Hines purchased $85.3 million worth of air rights from its neighbors MoMA and the St Thomas Episcopal Church and arranged the $860 million construction loan required for the project. Originally proposed in 2007, the design has been plagued by problems, including significant delays due to the financial cri

Architects: Techne Architecture + Interior Design Location: Meyer Street, Cockatoo VIC 3781, Australia Area: 110.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: James Geer From the architect. “Mr Big Stuff, who do you think you are? You wear all those fancy clothes and have a big fine car,” sang Jean Knight. This new restaurant and bar located in Meyers Place, Melbourne shares its name with the iconic song ‘Mr Big Stuff’ from the 1970’s and sets the tone for both the food offering and the space itself.

Irina Miodragovic Vella (University of Malta), Steve DeMicoli (DeMicoli & Associates, and Toni Kontik (ETH Zurich) combined design forces to create a one-of-a kind, awe-inducing pavilion for the 2014 Malta Design Week. The wide, parabolic vault is made out of 413 plywood panels connected through an interlocking system. Due to its connected nature, each panel supports and is supported by its neighboring panels. Because of that, no fixings or other falsework were need

The “Bottles’ Congress” project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances. According to Tiago do Vale, “three questions presented themselves as the development vectors for the project: how does one display over a thousand different references while still treating each bottle as a special, unique product; how does one address that uniqueness with a modular solution; and how does one design a modular solution that still answe

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has topped out its Snøhetta-designed extension, marking the halfway point in the museum’s transformation. Rising behind SFMOMA’s existing Mario Botta-designed building, the 10-story addition will add more than triple the amount of gallery space, 130,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor galleries, flexible performance art spaces and a dramatically expanded education program for students and teachers upon completion in 2016. More images after the breakR

Architects: XU Kai Location: Huli People’s Government Heshan Sub-district Office, 705 Fanghu East Road, Huli, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361009 Area: 9500.0 sqm Year: 2010 Photographs: Amelie Yang Main Material Supplier: Shengde Bricks Co. Ltd, Fujian Manufacturer: Fujian No.4 Construction Group From the architect. Situated in Xiamen, south of China, the JH Factory Complex is located in industrial zone which is in transition to a more “urban” area, meaning the city’s function like ho

For this month’s Destination Design, we head to Xiamen, Fujian Province, China to check out Hotel WIND, designed by TEAM BLDG based around the word “growing” in reference to a building “breaking out from the ground”. Obviously the building is designed by an architect and built by a construction team, but it’s also built around air, the earth, the weather, and the people on site. Located behind the hotel is Yunding Mountain where the architecture fir

Large windows bring copious amounts of natural light indoors       Sonya’s house is instantly recognizable from the street. Located in a quiet neighborhood in a productive (and beautiful) agricultural area just over an hour west of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s iconic Taliesin, the home is distinctive not only for its striking color and rooftop solar array, but for large windows on two floors that offer a sneak peak inside and a flood of natural light. The second th

Architects: Nobbs Radford Architects Location: Sydney NSW, Australia Area: 221.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Murray Fredericks Builder: Artechne Structural Engineer: Partridge From the architect. The house is located in the inner Sydney suburb of Birchgrove in close proximity to the harbour. The original section of the house is a simple timber weatherboard cottage.
The rationale was to improve the house by simplification and maximise the outdoor experience on a tight site with neighbou

Architects: MDS Location: Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan Architects In Charge: Kiyotoshi Mori, Natsuko Kawamura Area: 149.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano From the architect. Semi-interior space implied by the large square hipped roof A house should act as a shelter against natural environments and outside noises. But it is necessary to keep an appropriate sense of distance with the outside, instead of completely isolated from it so that one can feel the atmosphere of the nature and

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