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Liquid Happening: A Living Architecture Ball | graphic design by ALLL Liquid Happening: A Living Architecture Ball is on October 18, 2015 at 6pm embarking at the Chicago Riverwalk corner of Michigan Avenue and East Lower Wacker Drive.Aboard a private yacht, this event will break traditional molds of evening public lectures that promote excellence, diversity, as well as engaging the public about the impact and relevance of architecture, good design including providing cont

© Yasuyuki Deguchi Architects: SUMA Location: Kamiyama, Myozai District, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan Area: 40.0 sqm Photographs: Yasuyuki Deguchi Structure: Steel frame Contractor: TANK, LOOWE © Yasuyuki Deguchi From the architect. A satellite office of an IT company in Tokyo, located in Kamiyama,Tokushi

While most tourist offices are covered with travel posters and various local souvenirs, the Alcázar de San Juan Tourist Office looks just like a simple storefront or regular office. Designed by PKMN architectures, the Spanish office might be void of posters but it has a three-dimensional sign reminding you of what it is and as a way to lure you  in to come check it out. The letters, which spell T-U-R-I-S-M-O A-L-C-Á-Z-A-R, expand into the interior from the front window and create the

Courtesy of TEAM 730 The international MOLEWA (Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture) competition, organized by the Chinese real estate group Huan Yan with the support of the UIA, sought proposals for urban development plans for small and medium cities in China and several of the winning projects will be carried out in the city of Ruichang next year. Mexican office TEAM730 Taller de Estudios Y Análisis Metropolitanos, led by José Muño

© Jeremy Weihrauch-Gollings Studio Architects: Jackson Clements Burrows Location: Victoria, Australia Project Team: Tim Jackson, Jon Clements, Graham Burrows, Jessie Legge Area: 60.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Jeremy Weihrauch-Gollings Studio Builder: Spence Construction, Colac and Geelong Structura

Last Year Finalist. Image Courtesy of ISARCH Open to any student of architecture or architect who has graduated within three years prior to their submission, the ISARCH Awards are international awards providing a platform for debate surrounding student solutions to architecture’s problems. The competition highlights avant-garde trends and recognizes new research emerging from university studies. By extending the traditional relationship of student to university, young pe

Courtesy of Atelier Alter Architects: Hordor Design Group, Atelier Alter Location: Qujing, Yunnan, China Architect In Charge: Yan Huang Area: 18800.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Courtesy of Atelier Alter Design Architect: Xiaojun Bu, Yingfan Zhang Project Architect: Haipeng Guo, Langtian Weng

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Daniel Germani has been calling Phoenix, Arizona home since 1998. After finishing architecture school, he spent eight years in Rome, Madrid, Brussels, London, and Amsterdam working in a variety of creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Also holding a Master’s in International Management from Thunderbird, these days the multitalented Germani focuses on modern furniture design and architectural renovations. Let’s see what this desi

© CAA Architects: CAA Location: Beijing, China Architect In Charge: Liu Haowei Design Team : CAA Brand (Chen Fei, Zhang hope, Deng Yue, Zhu Yawei, Duan Lian) Area: 2400.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: CAA If you ever been in an office tower you’ve probably seen the gruelling reality of people doing their jobs in

Karl Holmqvist, SKYLINE IS THE BY-LINEZZ (Excerpt), 2014 Opening Tuesday, 29 September 2015, 6 pm ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg, HIL, gta exhibitionsArchitects write books, read books, love books and collect books. Books loom large for architects – books that endeavor to talk about architecture, books that are a source of inspiration, a forum for polemics, an expression of dreams, wishful thinking and so much more. This exhibition showcases a historical selection of special “bo

Baran Studio Architecture designed the Valley Street house on a traditional Berkeley street, sitting right by an old train line that can still be seen from above. Paying homage to the land’s previous use, the architecture hints at aspects of the rail line’s machine traits, while smoothly integrating into the surrounding neighborhood. Corrugated metal begins on the roof and wraps down one side of the house that faces the former railway. The front of the house falls more i

These entire attractive slim chair layouts were look interpret the nice and functional application from these whole home furniture series. Through these entire sample of home chair furniture our eye and imagination will be seen the beautiful and useful function of this home chair. The various style of this chair will give us more optional chair furniture inspiration for both place and use the chair as the main function of the chair furniture. We can use these entire modern Europe furniture idea

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