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Wangjing SOHO; Beijing, China / Zaha Hadid Architects. Image © Feng Chang Zaha Hadid Architects' Wangjing SOHO in Beijing has won the 2014 Emporis Skyscraper Award. Chosen by an international panel of experts from more than 300 skyscrapers, the three-tower 200-meter-tall development is the first skyscraper in China to ever win the award. The judges were impressed by its "excellent energy efficiency and its distinctive design, which gives the complex a harmonious and organic mome

Winner: Whitehorse Manor School; London / Hayhurst and Co. Image © Anthony Coleman The Architectural Review has revealed the winners of its 2015 AR School Awards, which honor excellent educational design, ranging from kindergartens to universities. The awards seek to recognize “transformative, leading edge projects from around the world,” “challenging and inspiring architects to reflect more deeply on the purpose of architecture and its relationship to the wider world.”Th

Rothschild Tower. Photo by Diana Carta Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects Richard Meier & Partners is pleased to announce Richard Meier: Process and Vision at Mana Contemporary Chicago in partnership with the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.Richard Meier’s international body of work is acclaimed for its timeless, classic design from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to Rome’s Jubilee Church. Each proje

Architect Leandro Garcia designed the Perdizes Apartment for a young couple who have an affinity for both architecture and design. The modest 65 square meter (700 square foot) apartment is carefully laid out to make the most of its space. Located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, the interior is light and bright, helped by the windows from the terrace. The kitchen was merged with the living room to provide a more open space, which allowed for a dining room table. Details were kept

© Fernando Alda Architects: Felipe Assadi, Francisca Pulido Location: Los Vilos, Los Vilos, Coquimbo Region, Chile Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Fernando Alda Collaborator: Alejandra Araya © Fernando Alda From the architect. The commission was for a pavilion bordering a tennis court that could handle four progr

Dwell Development out of Seattle has been paving the way for green building in recent years. Their latest sets another milestone for the company with the completion of the first 5-Star Built Green Live/Work homes in the Seattle area. The two four-bedroom, two-bath homes sit next to each other and offer people an alternative to having to commute to an office. On the ground level floors, each unit houses an open office that spans over 700 square feet of commercial space so you simply h

The word activist, long part of the vocabulary of social causes and political engagements, is an identifier gaining currency in architecture. As an era of “star architects” fades to be replaced by a generation eager to tackle local issues for everyday citizens, the shift has become the calling card of Santiago-based Grupo TOMA. Produced by ArchDaily as part of our partnership with The Architectural Review, the above film profiles the group of five friends – Mathias Klen

Courtesy of Parka – Architecture & Design Architects: Parka Location: Saint-Apollinaire, QC G0S, Canada Client: Saint-Apollinaire City/ Town Council Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Courtesy of Parka – Architecture & Design Courtesy of Parka – Architecture & Design From the architect. On June 7th, Saint-

MUPPette. Image Courtesy of Gensler In manufacturing, the dramatic recent expansion in the capabilities of 3D printing has threatened to revolutionize the way that things are made. In architecture though, while 3D printing has been received with enthusiasm its translation to the increased scale of buildings has been challenging. Most solutions to this problem have focused on increasingly large printers and the incorporation of existing principles of prefabrication - how

mode:lina architekci designed the D79 House in Poznań, Poland to accommodate a family with small children that would be heading off to school soon. This led to a multifunctional design plan that would perform both domestic and school duties for each family member. The layout allows for the children to have plenty of space for play but also storage for the toys to be put away. The interior’s streamlined color palette centers around medium tone woods, white, and black, creating

With sustainability top of the architectural agenda, one of the most pressing issues in many designers' minds is how to extend the life of buildings. While the old-fashioned methods of robust materials, adaptable structures and careful maintenance will undoubtedly play a role in this future, one of the biggest advances made in recent years has been the development of self-healing materials. In the past few years, we've seen demonstrations of self-healing asphalt, concre

View across Queen Elizabeth Plaza. Image © Herzog & de Meuron Herzog & de Meuron have unveiled plans for a new Vancouver Art Gallery. Aiming to become a "vibrant new cultural destination" that utilizes the last vacant lot in the City's downtown, the new 230-foot-tall facility will serve the Gallery's expanding collection, featuring work from local and international contemporary artists. Designed as a stacked wooden structure whose bulk is lifted high above the str

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