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The Unfurled House, by Christopher Polly Architect, consists of the original structure with a Federation masonry front and a new, two-story framed volume attached. Located in Petersham, Sydney, Australia, the addition creates a split-level design when connected to the original scale, helping to blend in with the larger and smaller houses in the neighborhood. In the back of the house, “wedges” project out to create additional storage on the ground floor terrace. It also al

Located in Lexington, Massachusetts, Grow Box is a residence surrounded by over 40 varieties of Japanese maple trees that the homeowners lovingly maintain. The natural landscape restricted the footprint of the new house, so MERGE architects got clever with the design by creating slot gardens that allowed the trees to remain intact. The exterior is clad in a weathered steel that closely matches the bark on the surrounding trees. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the trees helpin

Jean Verville architecte designed FAHOUSE, a residence burrowed in the middle of a hemlock forest in Eastern Townships, Canada. The design takes inspiration from the archetypal figure of a house and doubles it with two triangular prism forms that are connected – almost like two trees growing towards the sky. The project answers the needs of a young, professional couple and their two children with a playful design that explores a new way of living. A wide staircase on the exte

We’re big fans of Sonos and their multi-room audio speakers and systems. They sound great and they don’t exhibit the lag or quality degradation of other multi-room and speaker systems, earning a following amongst those who value design and simplicity alongside their audio needs. Now Sonos is looking to expand their brand presence with their first store location – a continuation of their commitment to design recently exhibited within their amazing Boston offices. This new 4

Designed by ABIBOO Architecture, House H clocks in at just over 16,000 square feet spread out over a unique floor plan. The client, an international sportsman, required a broad range of functions and the result is a house that looks like a geometric sculpture in Madrid, Spain. The ground floor was designed to integrate with the land by way of various patios that give the illusion of a larger house. The first floor has an office, guest rooms, and a play area. The basement features med

Located in the hills above the Sonoma Valley, Box on the Rock is a modest residence at 2,000 square feet that began as a simple box, due to site and budget constraints. Schwartz and Architecture were tasked with designing the house on a challenging site, thanks to shallow underground waterways that run across the site, which led to expensive pier footings. The upfront costs resulted in a modest footprint surrounded by 3-acres of untouched natural landscape. The layout splits a simple

Jensen Architects-designed Larkspur Hilltop house spans 4,400 square feet in Larkspur, California and is the result of a five-year collaboration with the advertising executive homeowner and his family. Located on a hillside in Marin, the residence boasts views of both Mt. Tam and the San Francisco Bay, which can be enjoyed both indoors and out. The design is made up of a series of floating planes that result in a minimalist structure, which happened to inspire the direction of the int

N Strips is a minimal home located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Jun Murata. The 39-year-old building, which contains both dwellings and offices, harmonizes with its urban surroundings while forming an iconic presence. Due to the fact that the outer wall had become debilitated, and the public area had not been properly maintained, the architects felt it was necessary to repair the entire building from the ground up. To the north, there is a beautiful view of a park, and although there

Located in a thriving resort town, Elizabeth II is a home designed by Bates Masi Architects with special attention paid to architectural acoustics, which led the form, materials, and details. The goal was to not only limit the sound heard from the village, but to create a unique acoustic character that would forge memories for both the family and their guests. Custom designed, stainless steel clips were used to attach the cedar board siding on the walls helping to extend its life. If

You’ve probably become quite familiar with the Sonos name in recent years as they’ve been at the forefront of the wireless speaker market taking innovation to the next level. It’s no surprise that their new Boston offices are just as spectacular as the audio products they sell. To fulfill their needs, Sonos worked with IA Interior Architects who carefully analyzed the way the brand functions, how the people work, and focused on creating a new vision for their workspa

On this day, 10 years ago, I started a little site called Design Milk. I could probably write a book about my personal journey and adventures in entrepreneurship (embrace failures and mistakes!), how much this site means to me (a lot), how it has changed my life (tons)…. Instead, I’d like to simply say thanks. Thanks to all the designers, artists, and brands who have shared their projects with us. Thank you to the readers who have been so supportive by reading, following a

Arizona-based VALI Homes recently completed building the Loma Linda 2, a net-zero home designed by Matthew Salenger, of coLAB studio. Located in downtown Phoenix, the modern, single-family home, with three-bedrooms, two-bathrooms, and an entry courtyard, creates more energy than it consumes by utilizing energy saving technology. On the east and west sides of the house, exposure is limited, while on the southern side, a four foot overhang helps shade the structure. The home is clad in

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