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Gabriel Dawe, Plexus no. 30, 2015. Site-specific installation at the Newark Museum. Gütermann thread, hooks and wood, 199 x 238 x 183 in. ©Gabriel Dawe. Photo © Pierce Jackson The Newark Museum presents The Shape of Light: Gabriel Dawe, featuring large-scale, site-specific installations, sculptural works and works on paper by internationally known multi-media artist Gabriel Dawe. Born and raised in Mexico City and now based in Dallas, Dawe creates site-specific environ

© Hiroyuki Oki Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Location: Ngũ Hành Sơn, Da Nang, Vietnam Principal Architect: Vo Trong Nghia Area: 143.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki Collaborating Architects: Dau Nhat Quang, Hoang Quoc Bao Master Plan Of Naman Retreat Resort: Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Michael Wyatt Architect were tasked with designing a shelter and bathroom structure and instead of going with the typical green corrugated iron building seen in the New Zealand mountains, they created a modern pavilion that stands out. Surrounded by natural beauty, it was proposed that an “architecturally adventurous” structure would be best to complement the landscape. They used pre-case concrete walls due to their durability, easy maintenance, and ability to absorb ener

Asylum Seeker’s Center in Oslo, ‘Moments of Freedom’, Javad Parsa (2013). Courtesy of the author. Participants Include:Gro Bonesmo, Eva Franch i Gilabert, Leah Meisterlin, María Nicanor, Julian Rose, and Mark Wigley“Reading Images: After Belonging” reflects on a group of images that frame new objects, spaces, and territories that define our transformed condition of belonging under global regimes of circulation.The increasing movement of people, information, and goods in a

© Kenta Hasegawa Architects: suzuki architects Location: Yahei, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture 332-0002, Japan Architect In Charge: Kosuke Suzuki, Hisako Yamamura Area: 79.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Kenta Hasegawa Structural Design: Seiji Ohkawa Construction: HOME BUILDER Co.,ltd

PLAT 5.0: License, Call for Submissions License can bind and it can liberate. A fantasy of disciplinary finitude, a professional architectural license bestows liability and autonomy in equal measure. In an abstract sense, to take license is to disregard established limits, to undermine the very idea of a closed and comprehensive disciplinarity that sustains licensure.If licentiousness is derived from license, how do architects leverage this polemical condition to balance

Courtesy of JaeBum Myung Architects: namu architects Location: Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea Architect In Charge: JaeBum Myung Area: 432.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of JaeBum Myung Courtesy of JaeBum Myung From the architect. Admiration for a “gable roof” which is very ordinary

Pay more attention on these uniquely home furniture designs that were show out the up and down style of home furniture. This home seating system can be a low chair design or a high chair application for our home space. The minimalist style of this home furniture was come from the steel material of this chair that designed with slim and thin style. The combination between wooden materials will make us understand that the designer of this chair will show out the humble and modern style of home fu

Courtesy of Baybridge Hotel Architects: LYCS Architecture Location: Hong Kong Design Team: RUAN Hao, HE Yulou, JIN Cheng, LIU Qi, WU Miao, XU Weizhuo Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Courtesy of Baybridge Hotel From the architect. Campus Hong Kong is a revolutionary apartment for students designed by LYCS Architecture, which aims to provide so

Alternative energy also known as renewable energy is an energy source that can not be destroyed from human use, it is an energy harnessed. Renewable energy is considered to be one of the pivotal ‘wedges’ that can combat global warming and stabilize the climate, through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.The world has a critical necessity to search for alternative and renewable energy and the importance of its technologies have been growing significantly. For several im

2015/2016 Hyde Lecture Series 2015/2016 Hyde Lecture Series opens another exciting chapter for the design disciplines as speakers take a fresh, in-depth look at What’s Next.The College of Architecture’s Hyde Lecture Series is a long-standing, endowed public program. Each year the College hosts compelling speakers in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and planning that enrich the ongoing dialog around agendas which are paramount to the des

© Michael Kai Photography Architects: Mitsuori Architects Location: Armadale VIC 3143, Australia Architect In Charge: Matthew Murfett, Melissa Lim, Belle Wang Area: 300.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Michael Kai Photography Structural Engineer: MR Anderson Consulting Engineers Landscape: Ben Scott Gard

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