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AR Design Studio recently tackled the renovation of a small, four bedroom home and transformed it into an expansive, open space that blurs the line between indoors and out. Due to the surrounding neighborhood, the studio was faced with the undertaking of extending the property completely, but without making a heavy visual impact on the exterior street scene. As a result, they created a vertical addition, with a grand, spacious master bedroom on the first floor. By using the same mate

Sardinera House hovers on a cliffside over the Mediterranean Sea in Jávea, Spain, between El Portixol and Cala Blanca, with its panoramic views and magical outdoor living. Designed by Ramón Esteve with concrete walls that shift allowing for a change in views. Sections of the house extend out towards the ocean creating patio spaces in between. The entrance side of the home is much more closed off for privacy sake and comes with an automatic shutter system that protects the facade from

Abercorn Place is a minimalist residence located in London, England, designed by Paolo Cossu Architects in collaboration with MB Design Studio. The project occupies the two top floors of a Victorian terraced house in St Johns’s Wood, London. The home was converted into three apartments in the late 70’s and stripped of most of its original features. The three bedroom apartment was characterized by a cacophony of ceiling levels, door sizes, wall finishes, and window styles. The project

Renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan heads the award-winning Studio MK27, which he founded in the early 1980s. The São Paulo-based firm consists of almost 30 architects, all of which work at merging modern architecture with Brazilian modernist influences, resulting in designs that work harmoniously with their environments. We spoke with the influential Kogan to get an idea of how he works and where it all happens, in this month’s Where I Work. What is your typical work sty

David Lebenthal Architects designed a modern townhouse, named Mendelkern, in southeast Tel Aviv within a small and quiet neighborhood, which has been undergoing regentrification in recent years. The design makes way for a young family and is spread out over three floors, plus a bonus rooftop terrace. Despite its narrow lot size, the home feels bright and roomy on the ground floor, as they  avoided dividing the space up with walls. The open staircase is set behind a wall of metal rod

Whether you’re looking for a place to get away for the weekend or house for your whole family, Friday gives you that… and then some. Their Floating House is a modular design that lets you choose a cozy studio or a fully-furnished three-bedroom house, all of which float. Living in a cool, modern house would be pretty great, but imagine taking that house and placing it in the water so you can have your very own lakefront property with 360 degree views. Their designs range f

REI recently created a magical outdoor garden installation in the heart of Washington DC, by taking over a vacant lot and turning it into an urban oasis called the evrgrn Loft 2.0. The intimate space brought community leaders, media, influencers, and outdoor lovers together for a chance to check out the brand new evrgrn collection (see below), which will make you want to plan that next camping trip pronto. A two-day event was planned with the help of local chefs, mixologists, artists

New York City-based architect Fauzia Khanani launched her practice, Fōz Design, just four short years ago but right out of the gate, she established herself and settled right in amongst the long-time veterans in the game. With a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a background in sociology and public health, her multidisciplinary practice covers the gamut – architecture, interior design, and furniture design – with residential, co

An old school building, named Ons Dorp, was recently converted into apartments and Standard Studio designed this particular one to house a family of four. With its unusually high ceilings, they were able to create lofts for additional space and privacy. The large, open space allowed for the combination of the kitchen, living room, dining room, children’s play area, and a work space all in one. The concrete floors and steel staircases were kept from its school days, and added t

Architect Leo Qvarsebo designed himself a summer villa in the town of Västerbyn, Sweden that feels almost like an adult treehouse. The goals were to be able to cook inside and out, have a quiet place to read, and a bedroom underneath the stars, and all three were met in the final design. Surrounded by a dense forest to the north and views of sunsets, the sea, and pastures to the south, the flat land led to an angular design that gives the occupants both the views and privacy. Large

Ohashi Design Studio, located in Emeryville, California, took what was a 1920’s European-style home and transformed it into a modern villa for living and working. The North Berkeley house has a series steps and concrete retaining planters that guide visitors to the second level where you find the entryway. The three-story home also received a new wraparound veranda and trellis helping to modernize the exterior. The middle floor, where you enter, is where the homeowners live.

Surrounded by mature trees on the edge of Gate Lake, this chalet in Harrington, Canada follows the sloped land it rests upon, minimizing the visual impact on the environment. The CEDRUS Residence, designed by BOOM TOWN, spans two stories with the entrance being at the top of the slope on the second floor. Visitors enter through a covered patio space to the front door. The exterior is clad in natural materials – stone and cedar – helping it blend in with its surroundings.

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