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Architects: Wise Architecture Location: Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Design Team: Sungho Kim, Bokgi Lee Collaborator: NDL Architects and Planners(Jongbok Kim) Structural Enginer: Jarchiv Area: 170.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Noh Kyoung From the architect. House resembling the owner The site is located near UnjungCheon at W. Pangyo City where the space is open towards North and South. At a glance, it seems the building exterior is all covered up with bricks but as

Last year, we followed along with Bernard Brucha, of MASHstudios, on a typical workday and we found the industrial and space designer so intriguing we wanted to see where and how he worked. Besides designing incredible furniture, MASHstudios envisions office and retail spaces that we’d all die to work in. So now, we head back to his Los Angeles studio to see what he and his firm are up to and how they keep getting the job(s) done, in this month’s Where I Work. What is yo

Today, the need of science is become larger and larger but on the other side, the budget of getting education is quite difficult for some. If we are quite aware with the main point of education is read out, probably the price of education will be smaller day by day. Based on that point of view the Semiahmoo public library is try to give a large place for both society and students who want to read out and get some science. Beside care with the education, the Semiahmoo Public Library Building is

Pedro Livni and Fernando De Rossa have shared with us their proposal for the Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium open ideas competition, which was awarded honorable mention. As part of the district’s centennial anniversary, the competition aimed to replace an existing, outdated sports hall with a new gymnasium complex for the local residents of Hyeonpung-myeon neighborhood within the Daegu district of Dalseong-gun. drozdov&partners were ultimately crowned as winners of the competition, however y

Architects: Naoya Kawabe Architect & Associates Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Area: 525.0 sqm Year: 2006 Photographs: Ken’ichi Suzuki From the architect. This site appears when walking while gentle slope the alley of the width of about 2.5m by about 30m. Surroundings are built of the house, and see Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway in front of the east side. The connected alley is drawn in to the site as it is in the townhouse in 12 households in all, and the building is arra

This Amsterdam-based home used to be a garage before i29 interior architects got ahold of it. Now it’s a light-filled space with a long, pitched skylight that runs through the open floor plan living area. The main floor houses 230 square meters (2475 square feet) so each area feels open and spacious. The color palette was kept simple with bright white for the walls and ceilings, light gray floors, and rough oak and black surfaces, but they brought in a bold green spice it up.

SoNo Arhitekti’s design for the Slovenian Pavilion has been chosen to represent the country at the 2015 Milan Expo. One of 142 participants, Slovenia’s pavilion will be based on the slogan, “I FEEL SLOVENIA. Green. Active. Healthy.” The common thread in the exhibition manifests itself through a series of interactive and architectural elements throughout the pavilion. As the architects describe, “Five prismatical structures, positioned on the geometrically and dynamically designed surfac

Architects: Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects Location: Jiading, Shanghai, China Design Team: Liu Yuyang, Benson Chen, Jimmy Poek, Yongjiang Liang, Gang Zhao Area: 850.0 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Jeremy San Structural Consultant: Liu Tao Façade Consultant: Kighton Facade Consultants Co.,Ltd Lighting Consultant: Unolai Design From the architect. The project is located in a newly built park in suburban Shanghai.  The original structure was an annex building that has been left unused since

Capturing memories from the previous generation, ASOstyle designed tokinoie, a unique, modern house in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, as a healing home for the family that remains. The current homeowners had lost a father and his house once sat on very same property. To honor the father’s memory, the architects reused materials from the old house and incorporated them into the new house. They wanted to insert hidden memories and history within the new home helping to keep the father&#

Sometimes imagination and creativity come from the simple thing. Based on that point of view, this paint brush coat is become the correct answer. The performance of this stuff is simple and through this site we can see the real function of this stuff. Actually, the materials of this creative paint brush coat design are come from combination of wood and iron. The handle of this stuff is made from wood while the coat is from iron. We just hang on the wall and viola, its work. [via] This unique

The Henning Larsen Foundation is launching an international competition on architecture and film with the intent to “revitalize the use of architecture on film and foster new inspiration to architects and film professionals.” The theme of the competition is the experience of architectural space over time. The task is to create a film sequence of 1-5 minutes which animates architecture by embracing time as the primary dimension. Up to €18,000 in prizes will be awarded to entrants who inspire a

Architects: UnSangDong Architects Location: Seoul, South Korea Architects In Charge: Jang Yoon Gyoo, Kim Mi Jung Year: 2014 Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG From the architect. No place is formed without the origin, the past, and the construction. Everything is composed by numerous vestiges piled one by one. By the way of composing accumulation of the vestiges, place’s memory and scenery is changing. We suggest a transparent hill, a sculpture-like landscape, that is made in a

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