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The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and the Van Alen Institute recently announced the winner of the Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition, which called for proposals for a temporary installation in NYC’s Flatiron District. The winning proposal came from SOFTlab, whose Nova installation opens November 18th and will be on display through the holidays as part of the Partnership’s annual “23 Days of Flatiron Cheer” pr

This Tulum, Mexico vacation home is owned by a New York City fashion designer and is made up of three individual studios. Casa T, designed by Studio Arquitectos with the interiors by Brandon Troy, is composed of volumes and shapes, with unexpected surprises around every turn. The interior features an overall tropical feel through the incorporation of textures and colors. The “T” shape shows up in various parts of the design – from above, the overall composition is t

Architect Blaze Makoid is the founder and principal of Blaze Makoid Architecture, an award-winning firm based in Bridgehampton, New York, with offices in Lake Tahoe and Jackson Hole. His design approach results in custom residential homes that would make anyone feel like they’re on vacation year round (Remember this one?). Since its inception in 2001, the firm has been featured in The New York Times, Architect magazine, Hamptons Cottage & Gardens, Beach, Ocean Home, and Rob

With just 50 square meters (538 square feet) to work with, KC design studio got creative for this apartment in the Wanli District, just on the outskirts of Taipei. Designed for two creative people, the interior had to accommodate their shared love of toy collecting and LEGO building with plenty of display space and room to build their figures. The interior reflects a mix and match style which combines different materials, contrasting tones, and various textures. The new design incor

Built for a family looking for a holiday home, the Cool Blue Villa is a sanctuary by the Mediterranean Sea that offers the residents privacy from the street. Once inside the unassuming wall and facade, the design, by 123DV, opens up to an outdoor oasis complete with a glass-walled pool. The owner longed for a house by the sea which lead to a concept designed around the idea of water. Featured prominently in the center of the outdoor area is the pool, which has a transparent corner.

Thanks to minimalist all-stars MUJI, a weekend getaway home might not be too far of a stretch. The brand launched a trio of small prefab homes, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic, during Tokyo Design Week 2015 that are made from cork, aluminum, and wood. The MUJI HUT designs offer a more sustainable solution for living while presenting MUJI’s signature minimalist aesthetic. Hut of Wood by Naoto Fukasawa Hut of Cork by Jasper Morrison Hut of Cork by

Feldman Architecture handled the “unconventional” renovation of this Cole Valley home in San Francisco, California. Named Fitty Wun, the 4,188 square foot house now coincides with the family that lives there, which includes a couple and their three young boys, and their “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. The townhouse façade disguises a large, family home with an open floor plan, that now combines the kitchen, dining, and living rooms into one large space. What

Located on a narrow plot of land facing Seattle’s Puget Sound, the Elliott Bay House offers breathtaking views of both the sound and the Olympic Mountains. Designed by FINNE Architects, the “crafted modernism” residence features a dramatic roof line as it reaches out towards the water views. The house wraps itself around a reflecting pool within a south-facing courtyard. “Floating” within the pool are two basalt boulders. The pool not only offers a sense

Amarante, Portugal is home to the Quinta da Lixa winery, who also happens to have the Monverde Hotel right on its property, making it convenient for visitors to enjoy the fruits of the winery’s labor (I couldn’t resist). The recently opened hotel utilized the old, rundown buildings on site, as well as building some new ones, to complete the ambitious idea of providing 30 rooms. In this month’s Destination Design, we visually take you there to check out these relaxing

Diamant is a minimalist residence and gallery located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Jun Murata. The site is situated in the area near the Yamato River, and the client is an owner of an antique shop with a gallery. Due to a limited budget, the client wanted to purchase a secondhand building and then renovate the property with leftover funds. The architects were requested to design an additional storage space, a small exhibition space, and a comfortable space for living and working. Due

Three adjoining apartments were merged to create this three-story, 6,000 square foot residence in Montréal, Canada that comes complete with a refined, industrial feel. The project, handled by Les Ensembliers, not only joined the individual units, it resulted in a cohesive aesthetic that fits the owners’ personality. The new dwelling is housed in the old Redpath Sugar refinery building that was converted in the early 2000s into luxury lofts. The conversion jump started a revital

House PB is a project by Didonè Comacchio that consists of adding on an addition to a historical house in Rosà, Italy. Located in the Veneto countryside, the early 1900’s house was restored and turned into an office in the late 90s and then in 2012, it was returned back to its original state. The house, which is split over three floors, uses the ground floor for the communal living areas with the bedrooms on the upper floors. There’s a movable wall that disguises the stai

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