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Architects: Space Cube Design Lab Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China Area: 35517.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Su Shengliang Client: Shanghai Sunivo Group Site Area: 34,171 sqm From the architect. Project Background: The project is located at Jinqiao Export Processing Zone of Pudong New District in Shanghai. Surrounded by industrial buildings, the previous factory was built in 1999 and comprises of three two-story industrial reinforced concrete structure. PROBLEMS Due to the land rest

Located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, this light-filled apartment, designed by SVOYA studio, comes furnished with an eclectic interior and some pretty amazing vertical green walls in the main living area. The design team took inspiration from the apartment’s views of the River Dnipro. The design team’s goal was to create a comfortable place for the owners that was also ergonomic with a combination of modern and vintage decor, all grounded by the greenery climbing up the wal

An installation and exhibition by Luis Callejas / LCLA office Exhibition Opening: October 11, 7—10 pm October 11—November 23, 2014 Neutra VDL Research House, Los Angeles, CA Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles presents Wet Horizons, an installation and exhibition by architect Luis Callejas / LCLA OFFICE in the Neutra VDL Research House. Located in the existing context of the Neutra-designed penthouse—its glazed walls, rooftop reflecting pools, and views of the Silver Lake Reservoir, Wet Ho

Architects: House Design Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Area: 122.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Hey! Cheese From the architect. In this case of residency, to fulfill the hobbit of the host—cooking for his family, the concept which moves the kitchen and dining room to the center of the living area has re-defined traditional kitchen in Taiwan which is crowd, blocked, dark, and having no view. We integrate living room, dining room and kitchen into one area, and this area has become the

Naruse House is a minimalist home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by MDS Co.Ltd. The residence is situated on an undulating typography with an equally irregular shaped lot facing a junction of three slightly sloping roads. The architects utilized this irregularity as an advantage, and decided to place walls parallel to the site’s asymmetrical perimeter. The private rooms are situated along the exterior walls while the living areas are congregated within the central space. Due

These entire country look decorations plans will inspire us with both furnishing system of the room and the room planer of this country theme. Through this page our eye will see several room inspirations with country concept. As one of the country taste in these inspirational room decorations, here we will see the impressive front door planer that covered with purple color applications. Through this application we will know that the friendly concept of this application was come from the furnish

RTA-Office has been selected to design and construct China’s 10th International Garden Expo Service Center in Wuhan. The center will serve as the main entrance for pedestrian and public transportation visitors on the edge of the Fuhe River at the 214 hectare site’s north entrance. The Expo, which will commence in 2015, is one of the largest garden events in China. It will take place within the grounds of the Zhang Gongdi forest park and occupy a vast landfill area, making the Expo’s realizati

Architects: ALTS Design Office Location: Shiga, Japan Architects In Charge: Sumiou Mizumoto, Yoshitaka Kuga Area: 116.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Yuta Yamada From the architect. We prepared this project for “Hatazaochi”, that means a lot whose figure is just like flag and the pole. This lot is surrounded by a condominium building and houses. There is a parking lot of a condominium building on the south side of the lot. But a house with a southern exposure is not good because the clie

Brooklyn-based artist Michael Hambouz’s Factory Made show features scenes of a factory that are made from hand-cut paper stock and collaged together into large-scale, abstracted works. Using paper from independently-owned French Paper Company, Hambouz’s scenes depict the 140-year-old factory where the material is produced giving the viewers a tiny glimpse into the machinery used and the paper production process. Each of the 18 works shows a part of the process from one of

Click here to view the embedded video. When we evaluate the work of architects and other designers, we often treat it as if the design was created in a vacuum. It’s easy to forget that the vast majority of designs emerge from a collaboration between the designer and their client, and when it comes to the design’s success the input of the client can often be as important as the work of the designer. This creative relationship can be a difficult one to navigate, yet it is usually hel

Architects: Naoya Kawabe Architect & Associates Location: Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan Area: 110.0 sqm Year: 2008 Photographs: Takumi Ota From the architect. Having selected it of it is not built on the sloping land but bury the half isa start of this plan, and the frame. The outer shell of RC is a house, and a retaining wall. The reduction of the total cost and the use resource has been achieved by both combining. Broad-minded has been brought to life with a small house by having e

Alfonso Architects were hired to design a home in Tampa, Florida that would answer the needs of a typical family (two adults, two kids), giving them all separate spaces for their individual needs and activities. The lakefront home overlooks White Trout Lake to the west with a string of mature oak trees on the other edges of the site. With the canopy of trees surrounding it on three sides, the home was fit into a pocket of space. On those three sides, they used a low line of windows t

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