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Architects: y+M Location: Kagawa Prefecture, Japan Photographs: Yohei Sasakura / Sasa no kurasya From the architect. The planning place is a lot of ten compartments for sale in an area that has an open field surrounded by mountains in Kagawa prefecture at Seto Island Sea where is famous for calm and confortable climate. We planed the house for our client family of four, husband and wife, his mother and their child. The client has two requirements. The 1st is to have covered parking spac

Holm Architecture Office and AI have been named shared winners of the Eco City Binhai Master Plan. Located outside Tianjin in Northern China, the project will consist of a new Central Business District and five new cultural buildings. Learn more about this plan after the break. The Master Plan was initiated through a collaboration between the Chinese and Singaporean governments to address the future urban needs of this rapidly growing region. Holm Architecture Office’s project was conc

Architects: Christopher Simmonds Architect Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada Year: 2014 Photographs: Doublespace Photography From the architect. Simplicity and openness define the experience of being in this modest home. To the river, a continuous wall of glass spans the living, dining and kitchen space allowing a full panorama of the passing seasons. Away from the water the view is framed and edited by a simple porch. The porch roof has been opened to create space from nature, a single J

Architects: asap Location: Dongcheng, Beijing, China Area: 7500.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Design Team: Li Ling, Daymond Robinson, Gregory Serweta, Nicole Halstead, Nicole Lee, Ana Misenas Lighting Design: Smith + Anderson Water Features: Dan Euser Waterarchitecture, Inc. From the architect. The site of the Emperor Hotel, Qianmen was once occupied by a public bath and so the spirit of bathing and mystery will live on in the new hotel. The design is organized

Click here to view the embedded video. This video by architecture photographer, Pedro Kok, takes us behind the scenes of the construction of the Cais das Artes (Quay of Arts) building in Brazil. Located in the southeastern coastal city of Vitória, the building was designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in collaboration with METRO Arquitetos. The video was produced for La Triennale di Milano’s exhibition, “Paulo Mendes da Rocha – Technique and Imagination,” and captures – through impecca

Palm Springs is the mecca for mid-century modern homes and the perfect place to kick back and relax, especially if this house was yours. The Cooper Residence was designed by Ric A. Harrison and built in 1967 with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Coopers purchased the home in a 1960s golf community and hired Moore Ruble Yudell to renovate the low-slung, flat-roofed home. With light filtering in from two sides of the home, and one wall of glass that opens up to the fairway and the m

Architects: Marte.Marte Architekten Location: 6830 Brederis, Austria Architects In Charge: Bernhard Marte, Stefan Marte Area: 42.0 sqm Year: 2008 Photographs: Marc Lins From the architect. The excavations at the roman villa in Brederis offer important insights on Roman settlement history in the Feldkirch area. A walk-in sculpture was planted between the remnants of the foundations of two different house types. The disc-like tower and the space creating wall fragments along a tra

Architects: y+M Location: Japan, 〒683-0805 Tottori Prefecture, Yonago, Nishifukubara, 6 Chome−2−45 SANロイヤル Year: 2014 Photographs: Yohei Sasakura / Sasa no kurasya From the architect. Location of the house is Yonago-city Sanin area at the foot of Mt. Daisen which has national park. This area has much rain throughout the year. In winter it blows a chill northwest wind and it snows a lot. The site is on a hill. So the scenery is wonderful but it gets the strong afternoon sunlight.

If ever there was a house to get me to move to the boiling hot desert, it would be this one – the Desert Courtyard House by Wendell Burnette Architects. Its Scottsdale, Arizona site is a peninsula of granite outcroppings and Saguaro cacti that levels out where the house is built, affording views of distant mountains. Sit back and mentally move in, like I have. The structure was constructed from excavated soil and cement, one of the oldest methods of construction called rammed e

Mysterious and unique was the interpretation of this unique bed room decorating idea. The whole interior and decoration from this arrangement was design for those who love to give mysterious side from their personality. Furthermore, both luxury and elegant still can be seen from the gold decoration that completes this decorating idea. For this mysterious black bed room furniture, we can start from the bedding decorating that made from comfortable fabricated. We can try to gather our black waste

The City of Port Phillip near Melbourne is taking bold measures to enhance the vibrant atmosphere and livability of their city through a variety of urban renewal projects. Promoting a four part community plan of working together to take action, neighborhood development, community leadership, and monitoring progress, and fifteen priorities for action, the city’s commitment to environmentally and socially conscious design and policy alongside a strong support for the arts has resulted in a

Architects: Affleck de la Riva architects Location: 7 Rue Doctor Wilfrid Locat North, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Quebec, QC J0K 3H0, Canada Area: 1560.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Marc Cramer Project Manager: Richard de la Riva Design Architect: Richard de la Riva Project Team: Melanie Morris, Brigitte Boudreau, Cesar Vivanco and Sergio Clavijo Structural, Mechanical Electrical Engineers: Leroux Beaudoin Hurens Budget: 2 920 000 $CA From the architect. Saint Roch de l’Achigan i

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