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Located on the Pacific Coast, this beach home in La Jolla, Peru, was designed by Juan Carlos Doblado as a way to bridge the gap between man and nature and between the desert and the ocean. The first level houses seven bedrooms with private bathrooms, where the closets and the bathrooms form the exterior walls of the thick facade. Carved out niches between these spaces are filled with windows that let natural light in while still remaining private. This floor also houses a two-car ga

Click here to view the embedded video. With an emphasis on collaborative environments, relaxing atmospheres, and quirky branding, it’s always interesting to take a peek into the offices of tech companies, often found in the sprawling, multi-colored campuses of Silicon Valley. But how does this particular brand of interior design transfer to the more cramped spaces of a Manhattan office block? This video by Internet Week NY takes us behind the scenes at Tumblr, and Fueled Collec

Architects: Teresa Mascaro Location: Carapicuíba, São Paulo, Brasil Project Area: 18.5 sqm Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Cristiano Mascaro Structural Engineering: Yopanan Rebello Foundations And Structure: Ycon Engenharia Steelframe: Walltech Engenharia e Construção Consultants: EJC (Electrical), Antoniazzi (Hydraulics), Duar (Air Conditioner), RPS (Concrete treatment), Serralheria GH (Sawmill and Joinery), Artcor (Concrete Slabs painting and treatment), Premium Vidros (Glass), PHd Marc

Originally posted under the title “Well-Oiled Machine” on Metropolis Magazine, this fascinating article by Ian Volner profiles the international behemoth that is SOM, exploring how the practice has remained so prominent – and relevant – after 78 years, and what it is that stylistically unites a practice spread across five continents with more than 10,000 buildings to their name. Frank Lloyd Wright called them the “Three Blind Mies.” Louis Skidmore, Nathaniel Owings, an

Architects: Vous Êtes Ici Architectes Location: Passage des Patriarches, 75005 Paris, France Architect In Charge: A. Becker, J. Paulré, P. Pflughaupt Area: 1500.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: 11H45 Developer: ELOGIE General Contractor: Fayolle & Fils Technical Engineering: FACEA Economist: BMA Environment Engineering: ICADE Program: Social housing / 11 apartments + 2 business premises Label PHE / Plan Climat Paris Cost: 2,8 M € (VAT not included) From the architect. Located in t

Harri Koskinen is no doubt filling the role of one of Finland’s best known and most prolific designers. In 2000, he opened his own design studio after graduating from the Lahti Institute of Design and the University of Art and Design Helsinki and becoming Iittala’s in-house designer in 1998. That job lead to a long-term partnership with the company and eventually landed Koskinen as the Design Director. The relationship still allows him to work independently with other noto

Architects: Centerbrook Architects and Planners Location: Lancaster, PA, USA Architects In Charge: Mark Simon, FAIA Area: 33,000 sqft Year: 2012 Photographs: Peter Aaron/Esto Photographics Proyect Team: Mark Simon, FAIA, Partner; E. Russell Learned, AIA, Project Manager; Peter Cornell, AIA, LEED AP, Job Captain; Katherine M. Roden, AIA, LEED AP; James A. Coan, AIA, LEED AP; Scott Allen, AIA; Susan Savitt; Sheryl A. Milardo Mep/Fp Engineer: Altieri Sebor Wieber, Norwalk, Connecticut Struct

Architects: Paulina Sasinowska + Maciej Kurkowski + Maciej Sutula Location: Warsaw, Poland Area: 216 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Courtesy of Paulina Sasinowska From the architect. The object of design is a property in the centre of Warsaw, located on the Kredytowa street. This tenement house, funded by Mr. Goldstand in 1912-1916, was realized according to the project by Józef Napoleon Czerwiński and Wacław Heppen as a strongly decorated, seven-storey building. It survived the WWII in rel

Located in Yarze, Baabda, Lebanon, Villa Yarze is a massive home that was built with an existing home already there. Wanting to keep particular characteristics of the existing house, Raëd Abillama Architects added square footage and a new design that blends both into one harmonious residence. While parts of the exterior could have easily looked to be a large monolithic-like facade, they paid careful attention to impart plenty of windows and openings, breaking up the stone and creatin

Architects: Studio Marinoni Location: 400 Lake Avenue Northeast, Largo, FL, USA Year: 2012 Photographs: Giovanni Chiaramonte Structure: Redesco srl Electrical And Mechanical Systems: Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi srl Interior And Lighting: Giuseppe Marinoni ,Vilma Cernikyte From the architect. Built in the 2012 after Giuseppe Marinoni’s design had won an international competition, the Learning Centre FLA (Lombardy Foundation for the Environment) at Seveso looks on the outside like a pri

Architects: Ruslan Aydarov Archietcture Studio Location: Varshavskoe Highway, Moscow, Russia Design Team: Ruslan Aydarov, Anna Timofeeva, Irina Sigova Area: 748 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Courtesy of Ruslan Aydarov Archietcture Studio From the architect. Space with total area of 603 sq.m on the top floor of a former furniture factory was transformed into a 748 sq.m by the construction of four local platforms of welded metal volumes. A spacious loft  includes seven working areas for

With incredible views of the sea and lush landscapes, CUBO design architect decided to make the most of the less than ideal, extremely sloped lot. Dubbed “cnest”, the two-volumed residence, located in Kanagawa, Japan, is meant to resemble a floating birdhouse within the surrounding trees. Prior to construction, they decided to leave the grove of zelkova and maple trees and build a house that fits into the scenery without disrupting them. The two structures have tall, del

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