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On this day, 10 years ago, I started a little site called Design Milk. I could probably write a book about my personal journey and adventures in entrepreneurship (embrace failures and mistakes!), how much this site means to me (a lot), how it has changed my life (tons)…. Instead, I’d like to simply say thanks. Thanks to all the designers, artists, and brands who have shared their projects with us. Thank you to the readers who have been so supportive by reading, following a

Arizona-based VALI Homes recently completed building the Loma Linda 2, a net-zero home designed by Matthew Salenger, of coLAB studio. Located in downtown Phoenix, the modern, single-family home, with three-bedrooms, two-bathrooms, and an entry courtyard, creates more energy than it consumes by utilizing energy saving technology. On the east and west sides of the house, exposure is limited, while on the southern side, a four foot overhang helps shade the structure. The home is clad in

In a 1970s building in Tel Aviv, Studio Raanan Stern renovated the original apartment, which had been divided up into smaller spaces, to be an open, light-filled home. Now, an elongated space has become the new, open living area with windows at one end that keep it well lit. Throughout, the apartment uses five shades of grey with varying levels of gloss, which help highlight the black elements and changes between spaces. The new dining room and kitchen  are placed on the exterior sid

In the Willo Historic District of midtown Phoenix, Arizona, The Ranch Mine designed a modern infill house that “both embraces and escapes the sun and the city.” The 2300 square foot Sol house takes inspiration from southwestern courtyard houses and brings a modern approach to it. The front door is recessed with angled walls towards the street that mimic open arms to welcome the neighborhood. The residence is a new build and required approval from the Historic Preservatio

A 19th century firehouse built in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg fell into disrepair in the 1970s and went on to become a sculptor’s studio. A photographer bought the run-down property from the sculptor and hired TBD Architecture + Design Studio to renovate the two-story structure. The project included turning the ground floor garage, which used to hold horses and buggies, into a private photo studio and gallery, and the converting the upstairs into bedrooms for his two daughters

Recently, we headed down to Atlanta to check out the houses on the MA! Design is Human architecture tours. We hopped into a MINI Clubman and drove around the city to see what Atlanta had to offer by way of modern houses. I’ve spent a good amount of time in Atlanta in my life and it’s incredible to see just how much modern architecture has been popping up in recent years. If you’ve never been to Atlanta, I highly suggest going and definitely checking what MA! has goin

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the AA House was designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects where the design was led by the original structure. They focused on horizontal and vertical planes and worked with different textures, compositions, and materials to not only create a unique design, but one that was cohesive as well. One design element that ties the plan together are the vertical louvers that can be seen on both the exterior and the interior. On the facade, they add an extra laye

When you see the before photos (at the bottom), it’s hard to believe where this project started and where it is now – night and day. It began as a rundown detached stable and garage when it was purchased by the current owners of the property, which is located in a suburb of Seattle. The painter and digital designer couple chose to turn the unused stable into a flexible studio space they would work and paint in, while also having it work as a guest space for visitors. They

Part of artist Olafur Eliasson’s latest exhibition, Waterfall is a massive, life-size replica of an actual waterfall that almost doesn’t seem real. The plumes of water appear from mid-air before pouring down into the Grand Canal at the Palace of Versailles. From the front, it looks as if the water arises from nowhere and it’s not until you move around to the side that you see the metal structure erected to pump the water up to the top. From Eliasson: The Versailles

We’ve seen dog-friendly offices before, but Kurgo might take the cake, er chew toy, so we decided to share the space today because it happens to be Take Your Dog To Work Day. The Salisbury, Massachusetts-based company is dog-friendly for a reason – dogs are their target demographic as they manufacture and sell accessories and travel supplies for dogs. Besides making their employees and their dogs happy since they get to spend the day together, the four-legged set can also

The boiling hot days of summer are upon us meaning plenty of outdoor time. Hopefully some of that time includes a bit of relaxing and reflecting as you try to stay cool. There’s no better way to spend summertime downtime than sitting in a swing and letting the breeze gently sway you back and forth. Here are ten spaces we wish were ours because we’d love to relax there and swing all summer long. Designer Jonathan Adler and his partner Simon Doonan, an author an

Filmmaker Zach Both got creative when it was time for him to hit the road for work last year. Needing to hit various locations around the U.S., 23-year old Both bought a 10-year old Chevy cargo van off of Craigslist and converted it into a mobile studio. This gave him complete freedom to work wherever the project took him, while giving him a comfortable place to live and work. Once he bought the van, Both renovated the interior, taking inspiration from modern architecture. Despite ha

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