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Courtesy of CAA Architects: CAA Location: Yunnan, China Design Team: Zhang Pinjie, Zhang Pan, Duan Lian, Xu Chuantianzi Brand Stragegy: CAA Brand Team Creative Director: Liu Haowei Area: 400.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Courtesy of CAA Courtesy of CAA C

If ever there was a place that totally shattered all of my expectations (in a good way!), it was Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being an East Coast gal living on the West Coast, I’ll admit that most of “middle America” has been “fly-over” for me, with the exception of Chicago. I know people from Minnesota (in fact, more people than I realized!), and once I landed and made my way around town, I started to understand why so many people made it their home. I immedi

Designing Affordability at the Center for Architecture Designing Affordability: Quicker, Smarter, More Efficient Housing Now examines how architects, engineers, planners, policy makers, tenants, and homeowners are crafting innovative ways to reduce the cost of housing and increase opportunities by rethinking how we build, maintain, and occupy structures. Affordable housing is typically focused on ensuring that a family at a certain income can qualify for a housing unit. A

© Christian Gahl Architects: gmp Architekten Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China Project Management – Competition: Su Jun Team Members – Competition: Stefan Hornscheidt, Li Zheng, Zhou Bin, Zhang Jing Project Management – Detailed Design: Matthias Wiegelmann, Kong Jing Team Members – Detailed Design: Team members – detailed design: Cai Yu, Guo Fuhui, Kornelia Krzykowska, Li Ling, Sebastian Linack, Xie

Remember Archipod? Well, Judy Bernier instantly fell in love with them (just like us) when she spotted them online. The sad fact was that they were only available in the UK. After working with Archipod’s inventor Chris Sneesby, the trained architect formed Podzook to bring them to the United States and Canada and have them crafted in Maine out of local, sustainable resources. Along with the locally-sourced wood, a close-by company makes the insulation out of blue jeans. The shi

This comfy blue outdoor pool was places on the rooftops side of this residence and close with the comfortable rooftop terrace space. Those two spaces were integrated and use the similar theme and concept. The designer of this place was introduce to the society that the different side of a thing can be look nice if we were understand and know on how to combine and make theme corporate perfectly. When we were look out the whole conceptual and main design of this building, we were become realize t

From the publisher. August 2015 issue of a+u is a special 228-page volume focused Ingenhoven Architects from Germany, led by Christoph Ingenhoven.The concept of “supergreen”, proposed by Mr. Ingenhoven transcends green architecture that merely meets the environmental standards. Rather, it is a comprehensive idea that encompasses people and their activities. This issue introduces 22 of their works from around the world and explores “supergreen” architecture.ContentsFeature: In

© Xia Zhi Architects: Crossboundaries Location: Beijing, Beijing, China Architects In Charge: Binke Lenhardt, Dong Hao Area: 1500.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Xia Zhi, Dong Hao Interior Design: Crossboundaries Project Architect: Irene Solá © Xia Zhi From the architect. Lo

Typically, when one thinks “window display”, they think of a high-end fashion window during the holidays. However, artist Marilyn Henrion is focusing on windows in the metaphorical sense, and how they act as gateways to new worlds and become a connection between spaces. Her 21st solo exhibition opens on September 29 at Noho-M55 Gallery, and is an examination of windows and how they connect inside and out. Using old school needlework techniques with digitally altered pho

© Xiao Li, Chen Liu Architect: Lmyarch-studio Location: The bank of Tangxun Lake in Jiangxia District Architects In Charge: Wei Li, Yuan yuan ,Fengxue Liu, Changqiong Li, Wenke Zhang,Meiyu Guo,Liang Li Area: 1200.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Xiao Li, Chen Liu © Xiao Li, Chen Liu Canglong Golf Club

Courtesy of a.un architects Architects: a.un architects Location: Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan Area: 40.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of a.un architects Courtesy of a.un architects From the architect. This is a small house for a married couple and 3 kids. The site on the new residential area has a few

The Noe Valley Residence is a project by Bach Architecture that involved a full remodel plus a 3rd story addition to a single family home. The renovation organized the interior spaces around an open stairwell that lets light trickle down from the floors above. The stairs connect the home from the entryway up to the top level. To help light the stairs, they installed an inverted corner window and a large skylight that keep each of the floors bright. The stairs are clearly the focal

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