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Spanning a mere 45 square meters (approx. 484 square feet), this compact apartment in the center of Kiev was designed by MARTIN architects for clients who were looking to use it as a rental property. Their requirements were for the space to be functional while also visually appealing to the masses that might seek to rent it out. While each necessary function gets its own designated place within the apartment, the open layout keeps it light and open so it appears larger. The bedroom w

Los Angeles-based Alison Berger is an artist that brings an extensive design and architectural background to her visionary lighting fixtures, objects, furnishings, sculptures, and commission projects through a perfect balance of glass and light. Using traditional glass blowing methods, her timeless works pay homage to scaled-back historic forms that seamlessly bring an old world feel to modern design. The Dallas born Berger stumbled upon glassblowing as a child, leading her to earn a

Every year, CA+AT (Contemporary Art + Architecture Tour) brings a select group of creative people on a curated journey to discover the best contemporary art and architecture sites in the world. This sort of “retreat for creative minds” (as they like to call it) is not merely a vacation—it’s an inspiring learning experience through an on-site exploration of what open air museums: places where architecture, art, landscape blend together in a unified project linked to a specific si

The Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia (Portuguese Football Club) hired Yaroslav Galant to design Clube 39, a space that includes offices, a flexible space, a museum, a restaurant, and an open terrace facing the field. The new structure was designed atop of an existing building and incorporates shipping containers into the project. The project consisted of many challenges to overcome, including the strong head winds, so the new parametrical roof structure was designed in a way so that it

When the tenets of a ground floor apartment in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, were feeling the squeeze, VAGA was hired to design additional space. The building was small so creating an annex was the only option to build two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a rooftop deck. One of the main requirements, besides increasing the space for guests to stay, was to find a way to mix social spaces with the private ones when desired. Large sliding wood doors close the rooms off when privacy is need

Part of an 18-unit housing development designed by baan puripuri, this modern townhouse is situated in a lively area of Bangkok, Thailand. The three-story project blends its Thai roots with modernity to become spacious, light-filled residences with private gardens. The facade is made of vertical concrete dividers that break up the rectangular structure with a standout pattern. Two cantilevered planter boxes, one for each unit, bring greenery to the elevation and add another design el

Photo by Stephan Goettlicher Rene Gonzalez is one of Miami’s most renowned architects whose work goes beyond just designing buildings. The award-winning architect is noted for his residential and commercial projects beyond his Miami locale each with a focus on material exploration, innovative compositions, and memorable experiences for all who take them in. After earning his Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida, Gonzalez received his Master of Architecture de

For a family of four in King City, Ontario, Canada, Amantea Architects designed the Clearview Pavilion within a bare backyard surrounded by a line of Norway Spruce trees. The goal was to save the trees while incorporating privacy, along with a design that included a swimming pool, pool house, outdoor kitchen, lounge, and play area. The pool house was built underneath the canopies of the trees, following the same line, to reduce the view of the house behind the property. The wooden s

Situated on a quiet street in the German village of Pliezhausen, just south of Stuttgart, is the E20_House, a crystal-shaped monolith designed by Steimle Architekten. The concrete house faces the street with minimal windows to ensure privacy from passersby. The two shorter sides of the house run parallel with dramatic roof lines sloping down to give the geometric house a sculptural feel. Other parts of the house feature large sliding glass doors that frame the surrounding views wh

Loft Panzerhalle came about after smartvoll won a 2013 competition to design the space, which is no surprise after seeing the finished results. Located in Salzburg, Austria, the loft spans 350 square meters (3767 square feet) of open space over two floors with smoothed and waxed concrete being the material of choice. Original details, like the brick walls, are perfectly juxtaposed with the bright white surfaces throughout. The upstairs stays close to the perimeter of the building in

Moloney Architects recently completed a modern extension on a century-old Victorian weatherboard house in Ballarat, Australia. The original house was no longer working for the family of five, so the architects devised a plan to give the house a more open feel by adding a “wooden box” on the back. A hallway joins the two structures into one home, which is now called the Wooden Box House. The extension design allowed for keeping the original roof structure so you’d ne

Most architects would probably run from a tiny, triangular site like this one in Melbourne, Australia, but not OOF! Architecture, who turned a rundown Victorian weatherboard cottage into a compact home, named the Acute House, for a modern family. Wanting to blend in with the neighborhood, they reused much of the original materials, including warped weatherboards, fence palings, door knobs, vents, and street numbers. Each piece was removed, labeled, put in storage, and then re-installe

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