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aluminum chess set

Created by the Columbia Aluminum Extrusion Group, the “Aluminum Chess Set” is a limited edition chess set produced for promotional purposes in the mid-1990s. Made in extruded aluminum, the chess set consists of 32 playing pieces vying for supremacy on the original aluminum chessboard. “The King measures an impressive 5″ tall with a 1 1/4″ square base, the Queen is 4 3/4″ tall, the Bishop is 4 3/8″ tall, the Knight is 4″ tall, the Rook is 3 5/8″ tall and each Pawn measures 3 3/8″ tall.” Priced at $850, the limited edition (about 200-300) chess set, together with all the pieces come with felt bottoms, giving a new dimension to the classical game.

aluminum chess set_01
aluminum chess set_02

Via: Walton-antiques

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