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By the third day of AGIdeas International Design Week it was hard to imagine that the event could get any better, the quality and diversity of speakers is phenomenal, but with each speaker the quality of the event was raised higher and higher.

First up on day three was Agnete Enga of Smart Design’s Femme Den. Agnete gave a presentation on designing for women. Believe it or not the world’s single largest market is not China or India, it’s women! Women are fast becoming the biggest influencers in purchasing decisions and thus designers need to start looking at ways to engage effectively with them. While design for women once meant, as Agnete put it, “Shrink it and Pink it” it is not longer the case and this method is obsolete. Through Femme Den Agnete and her co designers at Smart Design have found that it is now up to designers to attract, engage and create on going relationships through the products and experiences they design. This is certainly an area well worth looking into.

Stuart Campbell was next up to share the work he does through his online interactive Sci Fi comic book NAWLZ. Stuart also shared some pretty awesome work he has done for the Australian military as well as some interactive journalism reproduced while in North America. His immersive experiences are quite impressive, take the time to check his work out.

Dean Gaylor of Mance Design, a Melbourne based lighting design company shared the companies lights and some insights on being a designer. Here are a few quotes from his talk.

“attention to detail is critical”
“good design will outlive you”
“You need to have the balls to say ‘no, dude thats crap’”
“Buzz off. I’m the designers, you’re a dentist have a look at my teeth” – Dean on clients who think they can design.

David Lancanshire creative director at David Lanashire Design and board member of Icograda kicked off session two of the day. David spoke on working with indigenous people, the new international indigenous design network and on Mother Tounge, a program aiming to stimulate a creative dialogue between indigenous and non indigenous designers.

Rachel Dunn aka Girl Director is a designer, photographer and director of visually dynamic TV commercials, music videos and film titles. In her inspiring talk Rachel shared her journey from being retrenched to becoming Girl Director and being nominated for Golden Guitar and ARIA awards. One statement that really stood out for me from Rachel was “How do you know when an idea is creative? When it scares the hell out of everybody”.

Simon Taylor a landscapist spoke on his amazing work with gardens and his painting techniques. Simon has spent many years restoring an amazing 4 acre privately owned garden in the middle of Melbourne. Simon also paints landscapes using indigenous techniques such as using Ochre from the landscape he is painting. As a designer and someone who dabbles in gardening Simon’s work was inspiring.

Closing out the first half of the final day was germany’s Andreas Uebele, author of Signage Systems and Information Graphics. Andreas’ presentation on signage systems was entertaining and informative. He shed light on the process of signage and information graphics through several case studies and demonstrated through his last one that design and dealing with clients isn’t alway as serious as you might think and can be a he challenge.

After a quick 1 hour lunch delegates poured back into Hamer Hall eager to absorb ever word the speakers had to share. It was at this point that everyone was beginning to discover how much hard work it can be sitting in a hall for three days straight despite listening to some of the worlds top designers.

Before kicking off the next presentation Tim from XYZ Studios, the company that does the Idents and screen wipes for AGIdeas has a quick presentation since they are a major sponsor in which he shared his journey. Which can be summed up in a few words from Tim “Just be creative and the rest will follow”.

Rob Galluzzo, director of, was next to grace the stage with his presence with a talk on why one of their directors and rising stars, Christopher Rigget, will be nominated for an Oscar in 2013. The main traits a designer or creative must have that Rob was demonstrating by sharing Christopher’s story were:
- Restlessness – harness yoru restlessness.
“Know your people. Not just their strengths and weaknesses, but what makes them tick”
- Recognising Opportunity – seize the opportunity.
“Don’t look for the next opportunity, the one you have in hand is the opportunity” – Paul Arden
- Creative Integrity – maintain you integrity.
“The truth about anything great…is making the right decsisions”
“Come of the choices will be difficult

“make as many of the best decisions as you can”

Following on from Rob Galluzzo’s fantastic talk was another highly inspiration one from Alex Ritchie. Alex is as he puts it a ‘Brand Architect “. He specialises in creating ephemeral Architecture in relation to brand experiences, “it’s there and then it’s gone”. Alex walked the audience rethought his inspirations and some of his work, some of which has been used for several james bond films. Amazing stuff well worth checking out.

Next up were Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney from We Buy You Kids. Based in Sydney, We Buy Your Kids creates artwork for band posters. They shared their work and process with the audience. It was a great talk, however Sonny made the mistake at the start of making himself a bit nervous by asking the audience to stand up and move around (since we been sitting all day and for the previous two) however this backfired a bit as the production people put the house lights on for this and Sonny and Biddy went from being able to see only the first two rows of people, to being able to see all 2500+ of them! Although they did hold their composure after this and it was a great talk.

The final session for the day and for the whole conference opened with Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis, a Grime Writer, or Reverse graffiti artist. Basically Paul creates street art by cleaning. He shared a lot about his process and several stories about nearly being arrested. It was a fantastic talk and I would suggest checking out some of the videos he showed during the talk which are available online – just google him.

The second last speaker to present was Conrad Bodman of ACMI who was there to speak about the opening of the new Tim Burton exhibition. Although Conrad had one or two insights into the process of exhibition design the whole talk was way too focused on advertising the Tim Burton exhibition to the delegates.

The final speaker for the day and for the whole AGIdeas conference was the Gnomon School of Visual Effects CEO and founder Alex Alvarez. Alex has worked on many films and games, most recently he worked as a Creature Developer on Avatar. Alex’s presentation was amazing. The presentation was incredibly fast as Alex had a huge amount of work and process to share. The process section of presentation was phenomenal and so rich with information it was hard to absorb all of it. I have no doubt that for every detail in Alex’s presentation he could have crafted a whole other presentation on each one.

Alex talked initially about what a creature developer actually does and then dove deep into the process of developing a creature – amazing. I was scribbling so fast in my note book to get all the valuable information down that I can’t actually read half of what I wrote! Thus it is hard to share it here. However I would suggest that if you didn’t attend AGIdeas the best way to get every detail of Alex’s presentation would be, if you are overseas get a copy of every AGIdeas 2010 presentation through the new AGIdeas store or if you are in Australia or even if you are elsewhere in the work get a copy of Alex’s upcoming DVD on Creature Development through Alex’s other company Gnomon Workshop.

In finishing this three part round up on AGIdeas 2010 I would just like to say that AGIdeas 2010 was a fantastic event rich with valuable knowledge for young and old, student and professional and designers and non designers alike. It was a phenomenal event and I would urge everyone to attend future events as I am sure they will be even better.

Also, If you did happen to miss the event and you are living outside of Australia you can actually buy all the presentations in video format in the new AGIdeas store, unfortunately for some bizarre reason, even though you have to say for them, the videos are not available to residents of Australia – most disappointing.

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