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The eco friendly timber house plans by Sturgess Architecture will give us new inspiration design if we want to built a compatible home as a place to get new spirit of live. As we can see that this house was build close to the nature. The green nature was embrace whole outdoor space of this house as combine smoothly with the entire material of this house. Clearly from the outdoor space we can see the natural outdoor space decorating from the timber material that combines with the wooden material

These modern round rug designs was totally design for our beloved house. The entire design of this rug will give different look and decoration since the appearance of these accessories was completed with the bold draw. Same with what you were looking, the whole appearance of this rug was totally same. Trough the bold rug pattern décor, we can suit these accessories for our space. If we have kids, we can try to use the white one so they will learn how to manage the cleanliness and hygienist of t

The white interior attic apartment of this recommended Attic apartment theme is one of the most beautiful interior landscaping of an apartment that we can use for our living space. The combination of vintage, classic, and humble furnishing system is spark along the side space of this apartment. Through the soft combination of the painting system, this apartment will be the most attractive apartment with attic theme. The colorful application of this apartment is places on the using of the variou

This futuristic home theater furniture designed fromAcerbis was totally shows as futuristic additional home accessories for our home theatre. The main function of this accessory was as a enlarger stuff for our TV. This additional screen will help us to get clear and bright picture from our TV. Actually, this stuff was design as hide TV screen idea that place in the drawer cabinet decoration. This idea was thought from the simple space so the designer wants to maximize the space to be functional

This unique wall mirror tile design will give new appearance for our home decoration since both design and idea from this decoration was totally unique and extraordinary design. Catch up the glossy wall tile plans from this product and try to combine with your house design idea. Trough this decoration we will get different look and atmosphere since this decoration will be as reflector for our space. Actually, these decorations can be use for both our kitchen and bathroom space. Special for our

This minimalist interior design idea was designed for those who love to stay in simple live and like to be situated in modern living situation. Honestly, this modern condominium was inspired from young generation so that the whole space from this condo was little it impacted from that inspiration. We can see to get that atmosphere from the futuristic wall divider design that will welcome us when were come inside. This decoration was separates both office space and home theater space. The slim l

This modern leather sofa décor from Peter Maly was designed for those who love to seat in both fashionable and comfortable seating furniture. Using high class for material and design, this furniture will be the most attractive furniture for your both living room and family room. The white leather from this furniture shows your luxury and prestigious side from your personality. Actually, living room furniture was completed with the white sofa leather coffee table that have same theme with the se

Let’s see these modern T house construction pictures byMarc Topilsky, and feel how the modern construction can be smoothly combine with the simple decoration. The simple decoration can be seen from the front line look of this house that completed with the outdoor swimming pool décor. Other space from this house was the play ground for kids. This outdoor kids ground was completed with several kids toys that will help them to increase their ability in both kinesthetic and sport. Furthermore, thi

These modern restaurant interior designs can be found in Slovok Restaurant. The whole wall side form this restaurant was decorated with unique wall painting decorating that inspired form ranger character. As we can see, one of the spaces from this restaurant was cover with the soldier’s pictures. Even this restaurant was cover with that stuff, but the main point of this restaurant to give comfortable atmosphere for the guest still can be seen from the whole interior and decoration from this res

Catch up these aristocratic seating furniture designs fromVimercati Media that will bring now look for your living room area. Actually, this furniture was design for those who apply both luxury and aristocratic house design. This furniture was inspired from vintage and old luxury design. See the details of this elegant sofa set furniture décor that completed with the round portable cushions decoration. The purple color application that combines with gold decoration will make our living room loo

The Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer. With his timeless installations “guardians of time“, the thoughtful and versatile media and light artist Manfred Kielnhofer shows that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. It only seems that man himself is a potential source of danger for his own existence. In his works of art Kielnhofer deals with and looks into the natural human desire for feeling secure. Thus his oeuvre reflects genuine ex

Dreaming of a lazy Sunday when you can lounge to your heart’s content in your garden? Or a late weekend evening where you gather your family and friends for a round of cocktails in your garden? A home garden serves as the perfect outdoor to your indoors; however, it takes some interior-design know how and an aesthetic visual sense to make your great outdoors a treat to the eyes. All you need is an idea to create that perfect outdoor to your home and to inspire those brilliant visuals, we’ve bro

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