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  Halloween doesn’t have to be all about ghosts, skulls and bloody gore.  This holiday presents you with the perfect opportunity to instill happy memories in your children about family traditions.  Since decorating doesn’t come naturally to everyone, we’ve got three easy ways for you to decorate your home for Halloween.   Decorative Halloween Pumpkins Did you know that Halloween pumpkins are supposed to symbolize the need for protection from evil things?  Place pumpkins in random pla

  Once winter ends and spring rolls around, the bright colors of sunshine and green grass are just what the doctor ordered.  As the summer winds down and fall arrives, we welcome the season with open arms.  While colored leaves fall from trees and hot cocoa is the drink of choice, we’ve got a few ways you can get your home ready for the popular Halloween holiday just by changing a few accents.   Deepen the Comfort Level Dark interiors don’t have to be lifeless and uninviting.  Choose

  One of the best ways to add atmosphere to a room is to utilize strategic lighting. The proper choice of lighting can help make a space feel cozy, modern, lofty, and more, so it is important to never disregard these features when designing a room. Chandeliers Chandeliers have been redesigned time and time again over the years, which ensures that there are chandeliers that will fit well into any décor. Utilizing their charm can be a surefire way to add style, cohesion, and fun to a room.

  Stuck on how to design a small room in your home? You are not alone. The good news is that there are many stylish ways to make a statement, even with limited room to work with. The possibilities for contemporary small room design are endless, when you apply the right tricks. Using a dark color to paint the furthest wall from the door can add depth to the appearance of a room, and also make a statement as soon as someone enters. Adding a mirror to the deepest wall can also create a subli

Reposted from Huffington Post Not everyone wants the typical room service, continental breakfast, and double bed of a chain hotel. Whether you still harbor a childhood dream of living in a treehouse, or you love wine so much you’d give anything to sleep inside a giant empty wine barrel, there’s a crazy hotel out there that fits your vacation needs. Sometimes, something whacky is called for. Here are 15 of the world’s most eye-popping, weird, and wonderful hotels. –By Mag

Does your sofa stoke envy? Do guests marvel at its sight? Is your couch the first thing you want to get on the moment you make your way through the front door? Your home is your personal sanctuary, an abode of coziness and comfort. But, did you know that your interior arrangements can greatly influence how welcome or warm you feel in your own home? A room full of cozy cushions, soft couches, fluffy mattresses and calming colors can make you feel a lot more relaxed than one minus these elements.

  A dining room is often thought of more for its function than its aesthetics. However, it is a room that is utilized just as often as many other areas of a home, and should therefore feel just as stylistically satisfying. It can be easy to spice up dining spaces without dramatically altering the layout you have already chosen Painting patterns onto walls can make a room more interesting without the need to redesign other aspects of the space. For bolder effects, use bright colors or outl

  Modern Fireplace Designs Fireplaces are one of the most commonly outdated features within a home. Sometimes a home that has been renovated, remodeled, or redecorated will still have the same fireplace that it had when the house was first built. Changing the appearance of a fireplace can give a room the cohesion that it may be lacking. Overhanging Mirrors Placing a mirror above a fireplace can eliminate wasted wall space, all the while adding a tasteful contemporary feature to the room.

Whether you are looking to add a separate room for your viewing pleasure or you just want to enhance your living or family room, adding a home theater can be a great option. If you aren’t familiar with how to set up a home theater, you may find you make mistakes that can diminish your viewing experience. When you take these tips from the pros, you can create a home theater you and your family can really enjoy. Use Double-Wall Construction It doesn’t matter if you are building your

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is often neglected. Many people live for years with a bathroom that is boring, ugly, or out of date. For this reason, designing a new bathroom is the dream of many homeowners. They want to create a space that is unique and relaxing. Once you have decide to redesign your bathroom, you may wonder where to begin. Here are a few things to consider. Create a bathroom design budget Before you begin, you must sit down and create a practical budget. This

Creneau International designed this original eyewear shop located in the Wijnegem Shopping Center in Belgium. THE STORE: Never seen before… It takes no clairvoyant to see that most opticians are a sight for sore eyes. So when we were asked to come up with a concept for a glasses shop, we had a clear vision on what we didn’t want it to look like. Luckily, the people from Eye Candy shared this vision and trusted us blindly. We created a unique shopping experience, in which the packaging became t

  One of the first things many new parents dream about when they find out they are expecting a baby is creating the perfect nursery. One of the most important aspects of designing a perfect nursery is purchasing safe, durable, and adorable furniture. If you choose the right pieces, your child’s room can grow with them from their newborn stage into their childhood years. NURSERY FIRST STEPS The most important piece of furniture in your baby’s room is the crib. You should choose a crib that

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