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  When we are pay attention on this practical modern egg house blue print, our mind and eye will be working out together and know that this is a real fantastic house ever. The concept of strong> modern small house designthat we can see on the blue print of this house is totally awesome and interesting. This house is one of solution for those who are single and need a space to life and enjoys the simple life. Mainly, this is the simplest house ever since the designer makes this house th

Some people thought that space saving living space ideas become one of a nightmare since they can’t express their self if the space is space saving or small. In fact, the small space is one of the great spaces since we can express our creativity and innovation for this space. We will learn how to maximize the small space, directly. More than that, we will learn by doing through our limited space and our creativity will be increases day by day. According to that spirit, this small pink house des

The unique performance from the shell house designs will guide us to know more extraordinary and unique design of a living space. the exterior of this small white shell house is completely covered by white color tone and not only from the exterior style our eye can see the white color tone cover all of the side but also until the interior style of this house is covered by the white color application. State as a creative and innovative design ever is one of our appreciation for the designer of t

Having modern sea side villa planner for a designer is a must, especially for the retreat building designer. Specifically, as an architect has an out of the box imagination is a must. They have to smarter and genius than the owner or the person who want to build out their living space. If they don’t have that ability, maybe this Palais Bulles villa is just a dream that never be true. This villa is unique and the design is extraordinary. When we are looking down into the landscape of this villa

The great landscaping of this clean and clear home outside view is one of the most inviting thing from thismodern dream house design. The nice performance of the exterior is making us feel curious and want to come in and enjoy every single side and room of this house. The outside space of this house is simple and look vintage event the whole concept of this place is modern style. Don’t hesitate to looking out the entire side of this house and let’s move guys! [via]   This modern white d

Welcome to this modern brain clinic building, and let’s start the journey of fall in love with this cleveland brain clinic . The un-mutual design of the building will completely rob our attention and we will be completely fall in love with this building after we are come in into this clinic. Beside the main function of this building as the center of brain clinic, this building is decorated with awesome planner for both interior and exterior. [via] The cleveland brain clinic that we can see in

Welcome to the great journey of this great Malibu residence design and our eye will see the chocolate Malibu house interior in this residence review. The applicative design of this residence will completely invite us to come and enjoy the nice design of this Malibu residence. This Malibu residence design uses both chocolate and white color tone as the main color application. The simple and humble design of this residence combine with those two color tone make the complete performance of this re

There is no significant meaning of private house but, if we are looking down this modern private house landscaping our mind will understand that this is such a building with the high quality and decorated beautifully. The private thought of this house probably come from the limited furniture or material that uses to build the house. There is so many modern private house designinspiration that we can use as the guide or just as an inspiring landscape. Both modern and the main spirit of private s

      This is one of the most humble house living space design that I ever seen. Inspired from Middle East, this modern Moroccan house design will be suitable for those who want to have a simplicity living space combine with modern application. Those simplicity and modern style will embrace along the house and spark almost in the whole side space of this house. There is some modern furniture that we can see in this house. That entire modern furniture is the balance system from t

There is no significant meaning of Apollo but, through look around these entire beautiful Apollo house landscaping we can see that this house is similar with mountain house concept. This modern Apollo house design is similar with the mountain house but, there is still some different between those two Apollo house and mountain house. The Apollo house is can be build on city space or in suburban house too while the mountain house is mostly places close to the mountain or on the hillside. The nice

This minimal view spiral staircase planner becomes one of the most attractive side of this modern suburban house design. That unusual application is show the contradiction style of the design of the house and the house application inside out. The landscape of this house is simple while the performance of the spiral staircase is dynamic and shows the unique harmony between the main design of the house and the furnishing system of the house. Spiral staircase is looking shocking and gives a modula

When we are looking down into this mountain Himalayas house design, our mind will thought about something calm, decorative, comfortable, and full of peace. The green and clean Himalayas mountain house exterior that cover almost the whole side space of this house is totally inviting and the designer use the high window system so that event we are in the inside space of the house, we still can keep an eye for the outside space. is that sound great, isn’t it? [via] If we are look out the great

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