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Mysterious and unique was the interpretation of this unique bed room decorating idea. The whole interior and decoration from this arrangement was design for those who love to give mysterious side from their personality. Furthermore, both luxury and elegant still can be seen from the gold decoration that completes this decorating idea. For this mysterious black bed room furniture, we can start from the bedding decorating that made from comfortable fabricated. We can try to gather our black waste

These small apartment decorating photos was catch up from innerspec. The front layout from this apartment was cover with yellow color application, but inside space of this apartment was completely cover with white color decoration. Furthermore, the white decoration was not only cover the wall system but also several furniture from this apartment was using that color system. Start from the combination of living space and small bed room decor idea we can obviously see the decorative apartment dec

These fashionable bathroom cabinet designs were designed from Artesi. The most attractive side form this furniture was place on both design and the color application. As we can see in details that this furniture was cover ion red color scheme. From the whole appearance of this furniture, we can see the complete series from this decoration. This furniture set was available for wash basin (included with wash basin table, wash basin mirror, and rack, and wash basin cabinet). The red bathroom furni

These futuristic staircase design ideas was designed for those who have two storey house and want to have prestigious look from a staircase construction. Both design and appearance from this furniture will give new ambience and decoration from our home since these furniture’s were design in spiral shape. Check out this contemporary spiral staircase construction that made from both combination of metal, wooden, and glass material. The spiral line from this furniture was bringing new atmosphere.

Don’t Let Tiny Spaces Stop you From Possessing a Beautiful Kitchen. While most of us dream of a large home with majestic bedrooms, a fancy living area and a royal kitchen, what we usually end up with is a tiny apartment, offering less room to express your interior designing creativity. However, small homes make for really intimate, warm and cozy spaces and you might be all for it; but, a tiny kitchen always makes it to the list of “everything that’s undesirable”. Fortunately, there are ways to

These contemporary wall shelf designs from Ontwerpduowere diligently design not only for our living room space and family room but also for our bed space also. Through that understanding, the concept of this shelf was combine the entire need and function of a shelf itself. Actually, we can decorate and make this shelf by ourselves if we have the material and know the main concept of the shelf design. Since the main concept of these accessories was the wood wall shelves ideas, so here we have to

he green house hill plans from Bruce Bolander Architectwas give new appearance and inspirational idea if we want to build a house in the hill. The whole layout of this house was decorated with theme of getting closer with the nature. Furthermore, we will see the simple and neatly decoration from this house hill if see from the front line until the back side of this house. Completed with the open air balcony ideas, this space was place close with the living room and dining room that design adjoi

The metal work stool plans from this furniture will make our space look outstanding and extraordinary. Those expressions can be seen from our guest those look out this furniture. Usually, stool was made from wood or stainless steel, but here the metal material was tried to complete the entire design of this triangle stool design idea. Obviously we can see that every single line of this furniture was look strong and bold, it means that the metal work from this furniture was real and strong. Cov

This modern seating furniture idea was designed fromJos Kranen and Johannes Gille, person who loves in unique and functional design. The entire side of this furniture was totally made from the compatible material that would be the most attractive side from this furniture. We can see from the details feet side of this furniture that use the round line; not like usual chair decoration that se four feet to hold up the set side of this furniture. the metal work of this unique leather chair designs

The modern apartment living room from this small apartment design was totally applying both functional and minimalist idea. The entire space from this room was decorated with the modern and fashionable furniture. Start from the seating furniture that can be use as sofa bed furniture, until the coffee table that applying in soft and comfortable material. Next to the living room, we will found a space saving kitchen designs that combine with the simple dining room space. Those combinations were

The simple concrete house decorating ideas from Mount Fuji Architects Studio was completely showing both modern and futuristic idea décor from a house living concept. Ideally, this inspiration applying in country house or a block house idea; but, here we can see the green area that face ocean view was completed with this modern concrete house. Start from the bright open plan interior décor we can get a comfortable living room decoration with comfortable sofa set furniture decoration. The comfo

This modern block building inspiration design by Sako Architects will allows us to enjoy new design in a building design. Actually, the entire appearance of this house was look like a staircase, but the abstract decoration from every single side will make us have to think twice to call this building. The entire side of this building that design in square shape was completed with the screen that shows several products and advertisement from brand or product names. We can see from the outdoor wal

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