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Located in Northeast Piedmont, in Valduggia, a small town in Italy, Tender Rain is a unique and innovative business in the shower field. Over the years, it has developed pioneering technologies that allow it to create revolutionary designs, and they now offer some of the best rain shower heads on the market. Using their patented technology, Tender shower heads offer incomparable rain effect while being Eco friendly and environmentally sustainable products, with water and energy saving designs t

There is nothing like sitting in a chair and gently swaying to and from in a summer's breeze. Unfortunately unless it's warm outside most of us hang out inside but we can still swing back and forth in an indoor hanging seat, and it doesn't matter what your taste is, there is at least one fun favorite to choose from. I personally like to lounge so this gorgeous hand made steel recliner by Studio Stirling really caught my eye. I love the fact that light can still spill through it making it eas

We got to admit, we're in love with the Mah Jong modular sofas from Roche Bobois. It's hard not to. And we know - there are many people out there who are just like us, who cannot take their eyes away from these artistic furniture creations. Roche Bobois has recently came up with their newest yet Mah Jong sofa design composition, and we thought we would the opportunity to remind everyone just how beautiful these sofas are by showcasing all of the designs at once. Each modular design combines s

Upgrading your boring living room with an unusual sofa can create a new and refreshing look in an instant. For that to happen, forget about going with safe, neutral sofa designs. Instead be creative and purchase a sofa that doesn't blend in with the rest of the decor in your living room. But add pillows or blankets that match the current decor. That will do the color coordinating trick but leave the sofa to be the main attraction of the interior. It would be far more exciting and fun to walk in

If you love the visceral qualities of concrete and would like to incorporate it into your home without using it as an architectural statement via floors, walls or even counter tops, adding a piece or two of concrete furniture to your home is definitely the way to go. Jimmy Delatour of Design Lab has created a whole collection of lightweight concrete furniture from mirrors and candlesticks to dining tables and consoles. The lightweight concrete furniture also incorporates either glass, walnut

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