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Hirsutio Vase by Giles Miller
by Jaime / May 19, 2010

During Milan Design Week, Giles Miller presented his Hirsutio vases made from thin brass hairs, which can be shaped and manipulated by the user.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Podium by James Lee & Leo Obstbaum
by sabine7 / February 4, 2010

The snow-topped mountains of Vancouver and Whistler are reflected in the fluidity of the organic forms of the 23 individual and team podiums that will be used for the Vancouver

Dame Edna Everage by John Walter
by sabine7 / January 23, 2010

Humour is the theme, brought out especially by references to the art world, in an exhibition of work by John Walter and Corinne Feldgate. Entitled Chopsticks Optional, the show includes egg portraits, watercolours, and a photo ser

Mondrian's Pound Cake by Megan Fizzell
by sabine7 / January 18, 2010

A submission from Feasting on Art, Megan Fizzell plans her menus based on inspiration from the visual arts, such as this Mondrian-influenced cake. Fizzell, a ph

Mobile Mobile by James Theophane
by Mike / December 28, 2009

Via @brainpicker, a mobile mobile made up of 50 old cel phones. The suspended phones make up a giant interactive chandelier that plays a different note of a Christmas carol and flashes

An exhibition of digital and interactive design called Decode: Digital Design Sensations has opened at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Above: Flight Patterns by Aaron Koblin, 2006. Top Image: Dune by Daan Roosegaarde, 2006-2009. Photo by Daan Roosegaarde
The exhibition, co-curated with digital arts organisation onedotzero, featu

Clockwork Love by Tjep by sabine7 / December 9, 2009 Inspired by the earlier Bling Bling medallion, Tjep layers the wheels and gears of clockwork to form the hearts that make up a new series of pendants and timepieces. Other symbolic elements include wings and flames, all part and parcel of thecomplicated mechanism of emotion.Cl

The “Robolamps” by Croatian artist Robert Matysiak is a collection of robotic lighting that creates a quirky yet charming illumination, giving a steampunkish look to the place. Finished in plumbing pipes and green light bulbs, the Robolamps measure between 15 cm and 50 cm, each representing its own shape and identity. Check out more images of the robotic li

If you see the Touch Intrigue on the road, wouldn’t you be tempted to just pass by and run hands on it? Intrigue, curiosity and our urge to touch, all culminate into this experimental “Touch Powered By Intrigue Concept.” A working prototype placed in a busy mall and sidewalk proved that people subconsciously are curious, and this often leads to physical interaction.

Wallpaper* magazine commissioned designer Martino Gamper to create a modern-day Chair Arch for the London Design Festival. Using Ercol stacking chairs as his building blocks, Gamper built two overlapping arches in the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Chair arches, which are part of a British Victorian tradition, were constructed to comm

Waggott Tripp & Graham, who created an installation where the viewer becomes the exhibit, are one of 10 designers to have won our Tent Digital competition for free exhibition space at Tent Digital during London Digital Week in September.Tent Digital is a new exhibition of digital design, that will take place in the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane from 24-27 September t

The city of Milan and designer Fabio Novembre have created an oasis in the middle of the city by using Fiat 500C's as tree planters...

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