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The following post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

US Ranks #1 in A’ Design Award World Design Rankings


We’ve been working with A’ Design Award and Competition for many years now and we appreciate how hard they work to reward and spread the word about good design all over the globe. This year, we’re excited to share the World Design Rankings (WDR) from the A’ Design Award in 2014, which features the design rankings of countries based on the number of design awards won. I’m even more excited that the United States is leading the pack of 79 countries with 174 awards! I’m very proud that the US is being recognized for great design. Congrats to all the winners, but a special “hooray” to all you out there from the United States who are actively sharing your great design work with the world.

Rankings (click to make larger)

Rankings (click to make larger)

World Rankings Heatmap

World Rankings Heatmap

Some of the great work coming out of the United States includes these recent winners:


Una Side Table by Conor McDonald


Saddle Collection by U-Fo® for the Aeron Chair by Paolo Roth (hey this looks familiar!)


Highcliff Hilltop Residence by Colega


Stark End Table End Table by Joshua Ribbeck


DIY Rembrandt Press Printing Press by Bill Ritchie


Sierra – Kindle Living Outdoor Patio Heater by Arturo Fis

If you’re interested in more details about the winners, you can check out the World Rankings “Design Business Insights” section, which provides a ranking of countries based on their success in different areas of design. Find out which country was awarded the best industrial design, and which has the most awards in interior design.

Individual designer successes have also been classified at a new platform, Design Classifications, which ranks designers, artists and architects in hundreds of creative fields and design categories including architecture, interior design, furniture design, fashion design, graphics design and packaging design among others. Visit to check out all of the A’ Design Award-winning designers based on the number of design awards won globally, in more than hundred creative disciplines. Here, you can see all the top designers from the competition.

Remember, you can also register for the next A’ Design Award and Competition right here.

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