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architecture modern home designBorn from an extreme transformation of a typical 90’s bungalow, the “Maison Terrebonne” by SHED architecture is located on a vast wooded plot of land. Although certainly contemporary, the new residence is built on the same foundations as the original house while preserving one of its principal characteristics; split levels. This principle is at the very heart of this building’s new architecture. This thorough building overhaul, in combination with a larger upstairs, was designed in order to meet the needs of a person living alone. Despite a small 1500 square foot living space, the residence offers vast open rooms with an abundance of natural lighting.
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The house now features three split levels that are each designed for a distinct set of functions that help establish a clear hierarchy between intimate and communal zones. These zones are designed to be very open in relation to each other and are only divided by the threshold created by the flights of stairs. Directly accessible from the carport and at the same height as the ground outside is the first of three levels that contains both the entrance vestibule as well as a small office. Even though this entry zone is also open, it is concealed from the living spaces on the level above.

Once in the center of the staircase leading to the second level, the visitor comes face to face with a large window with a view on the woods behind the home. The kitchen can be found there, organized around a large wooden island whose materials stand out in relation to the neutral white walls. Along the large bay window adjoining the kitchen can be found the dining and living rooms. The staircase and corridor leading to the owner’s private suite on the top level arelocated behind a central block and have a view on the inferior levels. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by SHED architecture ]
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