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Tria Arquitetura Transforms a 1970s Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil

Though based in the United States, a couple wanted a modern apartment in São Paulo, Brazil that was both comfortable and cozy, where they could host friends and family. Hired to complete the job was Tria Arquitetura, who transformed this 1970s, 165 square meter (approx. 1776 square feet) apartment in the Jardins neighborhood into a space that worked in modern times but still honored its architectural integrity.

The wood floors, windows, and ceiling height were kept the same, while the master bathroom and a new bathroom were given fresh, modern aesthetics.

Wanted to keep the kitchen access discrete, they designed a wooden panel that hides the four doors when they’re closed – the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and to the bedrooms. LED lighting was incorporated into the paneling to highlight it and make it a feature.

The walls were painted white to showcase the couple’s prized art collection.

The kitchen pairs crisp white with a bright blue to create a vivid and impactful space, despite its modest size.

Brazilian tiles cover the doors on the suspended buffet in the dining room.

Photos by Julia Ribeiro.

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