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This San Diego home by Public has some great original details, like the 50-year-old podocarpus tree that provides shade to the patio/deck area or the original hand prints from the grandmother, which were cast in the original foundation in 1956.

The open design bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling with recycled glass tile and the blue color adds a vibrant tone to a more serene palette that is featured in the rest of the house. Almost all of the furniture is from Peter Wessel, which the family got for a bargain.

The kitchen opens to the backyard and is the point at which the inside interacts with the outside. A great design tip: the family commissioned a local artist to create a large painting that they use as a sliding door to separate a TV room from the rest of the living space. The family then coated it with a clear acrylic to protect it from fingerprints.

Photography by Noah Webb.

[via Dwell]

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