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Designed for a competition to build a 20-square-foot area in Atlantic City (New Jersey), the “Hydra House” by Craig Konyk is a single-room structure with bold red neoprene rubber walls that comes equipped with all the necessary domestic functions of sleeping, showering, cooking and storage. Featuring a seamless surface from ceiling to floor, you may use the space for different activities like exercise, yoga, reading and other household tasks. The front window screen becomes an internet TV to watch your favorite shows and movies, turning your home into a high-tech prefabricated living space. Finished with steel “uni-body” frames, structural panels and insulated glass, the Hydra House is integrated with high-end appliances, fixtures and mechanical devices, forming an ultramodern living space. All the modules are tucked into the walls that when required can be pulled out with minimum fuss, adding extra space to the house.






Via: Prefabs

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