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BONE Structure is not your ordinary architecture or design firm. Rather, it combines design, technology, architecture and sustainability into one complete package to offer a one-of-a-kind method of building homes. Recently expanding into California from Canada, BONE Structure works with their clients to design a custom and unique home that exemplifies their signature minimal aesthetic, energy efficiency, and 100% custom design. Before building the home, each home environment is anal

Located just outside of Trikala, Greece is a three-bedroom, Scandinavian-inspired apartment designed for a young couple by Normless_architecture studio & workplace. With an open floor plan, the 150-square-meter (1614-square-foot) apartment feels even larger than it really is with the kitchen, dining, and living area leading out to a back garden. To increase the natural light entering the apartment, they installed a huge wide window offering uninterrupted views of the outdoor space

A 1930s bungalow sat on this private wooded lot in the New Forest prior to Ström Architects being hired to design a two-story residence named Woodpeckers. The London-based homeowners desired a comfortable house they could escape to on the weekends – a place that would eventually become their permanent home. Their busy lives led them down the path to creating a retreat for themselves and friends, along with a place to garden and enjoy the outdoors. The clients knew what they wan

Canari House is a minimal residence located in Montreal, Canada, designed by _naturehumaine. The clients are an athletic couple that wished to transform fourplex to create a primary residence while renting on the ground floor. The existing part of the home dates back to the 1930s, and is completely restored on the street side. The building is characterized by an angular wooden structure that allows for gardens to nestle within its interstices. Large bay windows provide abundant natur

Henrybuilt launched in 2001 in a shed on Washington’s Vashon Island and now, some 15 years later, the company’s Founder and CEO Scott Hudson has grown the business to include showrooms and offices in Seattle, New York City, and Mill Valley, California. Hudson named the design and manufacturing company, which has become synonymous with brilliantly designed kitchens, after his carpenter/builder grandfather, Henry, who he worked alongside during the summer months from the ag

It’s pretty easy to spend hours scoping out Calvin Seibert’s Flickr account where he’s amassed a catalog of jaw-dropping sandcastles that take on geometric forms you didn’t think were possible with sand. The professional sculptor erects these unbelievable structures with roots in brutalist architecture and modernism that I imagine have people on the beach mesmerized for hours watching as they come together. Take a look. From Seibert: Building “sandcastl

With November soon coming to a close, Fall leaves will quickly be covered in snow which means we should probably just face it that it’s Winter. That doesn’t have to mean drudgery, especially when you think about spending the colder months in a cozy cabin designed and built for the elements. We looked around and found ten places we’d love to hunker down in to get through the next few months. Located adjacent to Kicking Horse ski resort in the Canadian Roc

Just outside of Poznań in Borówiec, Poland, mode:lina architekci designed the Fence House which presents as a geometric structure in contrasting colors from the outside. Two block-like volumes with pitched roofs and an off-center garage are composed of brick and concrete painted in black, white, and shades of grey giving the semi-traditional style a contemporary spin. The front facade has few windows giving the family added privacy from the street. Various types of fences were install

Westway Architects, in collaboration with Stefano Pavia, turned a railway workers housing building into a vertical loft in Milan. The exterior, which has been maintained, looks to be built sometime between 1920 and 1924, while the interior has dramatically changed. Inside, the building was gutted and had to be rebuilt, from the foundation, roof, attic, internal insulation, mechanical systems, and layouts. By changing up the floor plans, they gained 60 square meters of space by moving

In this episode of Clever, Brooklyn-based architect Kevin Greenberg of Space Exploration delights Amy and Jaime with tales of culture shock while working in Japan, notes that decades of architecture practice has re-wired his brain to notice bad design, and articulates how he would one day love to build a site of sanctuary and contemplation. Plus, he concocts some creative and funny solutions to ridiculous problems in a fun game of Fix It! Listen: Stay tuned for a new episode of

Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based James R. Harlan is not only an architect, he’s an artist, author, and preservationist. After moving to LA to attend USC School of Architecture, where he earned a Bachelor of Science, he opened his own architecture studio in 1989 and focused on modern residential projects. Over the years, his work has been published in The Los Angeles Times, Metropolitan Home, and Architectural Digest. He previously served as Vice Chair on the Palm Springs Architec

Backyard chickens have become a thing over the last few years and at first thought, it seems pretty simple. However, like all animals, you have to think about feeding and sheltering them. Newcastle-based studio RASKL can help you out with the latter as they designed a luxury minimalist chicken coop to house your brood. The spacious coop might just make your other pets jealous with its ventilated walkway, drawbridge entrance, and living area complete with a nesting box. The coop is m

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