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Architect Asif Khan created a series of three Forest installations in London’s Shoreditch for Mini Living as part of the London Design Festival. Inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘shinrin yoku’ (‘forest bathing’), the spaces enabled visitors to use all their senses to absorb the forest atmosphere – what they heard, what they smelled, even the feeling under their feet, and temporarily switch off from the city around them. Arranged around the three theme

The recently completed House Under Eaves is a residence by MRTN Architects in Point Wells, New Zealand that’s located in a new neighborhood not far from Auckland. The house was the first built on the flat site and with no neighbors yet, they developed a design that would feel like a retreat away from the street. At first glance, the house looks to be a simple gable style residence with a concrete wall that shields the front door. The exterior is clad in thick cedar planks, whic

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Perched on top of a hill facing Sydney Harbour, Hill Top Cottage was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects for a young family that wanted to be respectful of their neighbors in a conservative area of North Sydney in Australia. After board proceedings and numerous objections, the design was finally approved and they were accepted by surrounding community. While maintaining the cottage-like feel on the front, they were able to give the back two-story addition more of a modern feel. The

London’s first ‘Design Biennale‘ took place at Somerset House from 07 to 27 September, overlapping conveniently with the capital’s annual celebration of all things design, the London Design Festival. 37 countries and territories from six continents responded to the theme ‘Utopia by Design’ in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia. Britain’s contribution (above) was Forecast by London-based designers Edward Barber a

Located in Maracaibo, Venezuela, a city where the temperature is generally around 100 degrees all year round, Ferrer & Zraid Arquitectos had their work cut out for them when designing Casa LL2. The 13,300-square-foot residence spans two floors and sits on a 40,550-square-foot compound, giving the homeowners plenty of outdoor space. The top floor cantilevers over the ground floor providing plenty of covered space to avoid the direct sun. Other eaves were built-in to offer sun prot

House Between the Pine Forest is a minimal home located in Paterna, Spain, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. The aim of the project was to create a new and consistent identity to a house belonging to the same family for several generations. The original structure was intervened multiple times with various construction methods. Due to the fact that each of the rooms within the home represented an important memory, it was crucial to maintain the overall programs and their uses, w

This long, 80 square meter apartment, located in the center of Tel Aviv was given a minimalist new look by interior designers Yael Perry and Dafna Gravinsky, along with architect Amir Navon. The monochromatic new look accentuates the airiness and gives the illusion of having more space. Part of the renovation included recreating the layout to create a bright living room, kitchen, and two master bedrooms. The grid was behind the design concept and you’ll see it throughout the ap

When Norwegian agency Opera Software needed a new office in Wroclaw, Poland, they called on mode:lina to design an unforgettable space that fulfilled their request where they said, “We want the best office in the world!” Located in the heart of the city, the headquarters takes up two townhouses, one from the beginning of the XIX century and the other from 1913, which led to the designers’ inspiration of the architecture in the city around them. Along with the buildin

Kaspar Weyrer Strasse is a minimal residential complex located in Innsbrock, Austria, designed by Snøhetta and Werner Burtscher. The architectural arrangement of the housing units encourages interaction between residents, and facilitates social contact within shared areas such as the underground garage or the private apartments. All windows within the apartment face either west or east, with each unit having at least one outdoor area, such as a west-facing garden on the ground level,

Working under architect Amir Navon, Rotem Hanan and Sivan Livne Hakim designed this 105-square-meter (~1130 sq ft) apartment that’s located in the center of Tel Aviv. The outdated interior needed a renovation that restructured the layout for better functionality, which was made difficult thanks to its diagonal footprint. To help define areas in the apartment, they incorporated different colors and materials within niches. The living room’s floor became a light grey tone,

When thinking of religion in general, modern doesn’t usually come to mind, does it? Just because religion is steeped in tradition doesn’t mean that they can’t be practiced or appreciated in modern structures. In recent years, more and more modern churches, chapels, mosques, cathedrals, and temples are popping up to go along with modern times and here are 10 of our favorites. Located in the alpine village of Mogno, Switzerland, the Church of San Giovanni

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