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Herschel Supply Gets New Industrial Digs in Shanghai

Opening their first office in China, Canadian brand Herschel Supply hired Linehouse to create a space in Shanghai where old residential buildings are being torn down. What’s left of the demolition, i.e. the many layers of materials, is where they began with the design process.

Inside the space, a black metal structure was installed to house a lounge, pantry, meeting room, bathroom, and storage. Glass divides the space up to allow light and sight lines to to remain.

They used corrugated stainless steel panels on the exterior, while leaving some off to create voids and visual interest. The ones that slide open and close as privacy is needed.

Outside of the structure, the open space is used as a work area.

The metal structure reveals itself outside as well becoming part of the door structure. To fill in the additional space around the frame, they used a variety of recycled bricks.

Photos by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

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