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Coroflot’s Clever Mobile Work Unit (MWU)

Online design community Coroflot were interested in developing a space that reflected their creative community while also keeping mobility in mind and the result is their Mobile Work Unit (MWU). It’s a clever office on wheels that was designed in collaboration with Portland-based LOS OSOS who took a new approach when it came time for the construction.

The MWU is parked inside an old ambulance garage in downtown Portland that’s now home to Hand-Eye Supply.

Built on a trailer, they used post-and-beam construction which allowed for the use of polycarbonate panels as walls. That allows light to fill the space while providing some semblance of separation.

They paired the translucent walls with locally sourced, kiln-dried Douglas fir for the structure. In addition, a bold, vibrant color was incorporated as an accent.

Because sustainability is a concern for Coroflot, the MWU can be repurposed, adapted, or expanded to grow with the companies future needs.

Inside, the office is decked out with a modular furniture system designed specifically for the project. The design offers flexibility so if the space needs to be changed up at some point, they can do so. Each item was made to provide functionality to the compact office while at the same time making it look really sleek and cool.

MWU photos by Josh Partee and Coroflot furniture system photos by Jim Golden.

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