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Airbnb São Paulo Gets Brazilian Flavored Digs

Airbnb São Paulo enlisted architecture firm MM18 Arquitetura to design their main office so that it would pay homage to the Brazilian culture. Working directly with local designers, they were able to incorporate designs, like carpets from Brunno Jahara and brass fixtures by Carol Gay, to strengthen its Brazilian identity.

Throughout, they brought in native plants, like bromeliads and gibóias, to add a natural element.

In the open areas, they designed spaces for employees to interact throughout the day and to convene when necessary.

They developed various areas for the employees to work in comfort, from meeting rooms, private spaces, group tables, couches, or a the cafe. Their goal was to make them all feel at home.

On the exterior of the meeting booths, they used wicker which is a commonly used material in Brazilian basketry.

Cement floors were paired with wood elements, which is a common material in Brazilian architecture, to give it a modern, yet comfortable vibe.

Photos by Fran Parente.

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