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A Modern East Hampton Home Gets a Dramatic Renovation

Rarely do houses that look straight out of a magazine also look livable and cozy, but Blaze Makoid manages to make that happen in this East Hampton residence. The Old Orchard Project began when a family purchased this 10,000 square foot house and after living in it for a year, they decided to hire Makoid to completely renovate it to work better for longevity of their family. The result is a drop dead, jaw-dropping makeover that will have you forwarding your mail there ASAP.

The original home was a single story (plus a basement), rectangular box that presented with an unexciting glass and metal exterior with below grade access to the garage, as well as two bedrooms.

The cold aluminum skin was replaced with rich wood that provides balance to the exterior.

A wooden, tunnel-like structure bisects the main house allowing for a new entryway on one side and a covered dining room on the backside.

Originally, the interior was cold and grey before designer David Scott came in and transformed the entire house to be magazine ready. Lighting throughout was designed with the help of Nathan Orsman.

In addition to the wooden tunnel, Makoid created two new elements at either end of the house, each accessed by glass bridges – a home office that helps hide the driveway to the garage, and a two-story master suite.

The kitchen was completely redesigned from all-white to a more functional layout and warmer materials.


Photos by Joshua McHugh.

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