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A Modern Beachfront House in São Sebastião, Brazil

Studio Arthur Casas were hired by a previous clients’ friends who wanted to build a house right next door on a narrow beachfront property in São Sebastião, Brazil. Casa EK has its own look and feel as to distinguish itself from their friend’s house next door. There were many challenges that came up during the design process – they had to account for an entryway and cars to park within the same space, as well as focusing on opening the house up towards the beach views while maintaining privacy.

To accomplish their goals, they raised the house up and excavated underneath to create a garage, which is accessed through a massive gate that disappears into the ground. It can also be positioned mid-way to maintain privacy while not blocking the views.

The ground level houses the main living space, along with the service areas, swimming pool, and a suite that opens up to the backyard.

In order to give the clients what they wanted, the house takes up most of the property with no real yard. To bring in greenery, they lined the perimeter with plants. Large sliding glass doors open the living room up to the pool deck making those vertical gardens feel like they’re indoors.

Upstairs, there are five bedroom suites, two of which face the ocean and the others towards the hills. Next to the center stairs, there’s another suite and a private living room.

The rooftop houses a jacuzzi and fireplace while being surrounded by a garden and glass railings to not restrict the views.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti.

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