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A Former Attic Becomes a Modern Loft in Amsterdam

Once a cramped attic space in Amsterdam, Studiospacious and AHAA transformed the interior into a spacious, modern apartment that you’d never know had previously been used for just storage. A suspended ceiling was removed to give the space much needed height and giving it an open floor plan gives the feeling of more space.

The wooden beam that’s used to lift and bring things up from the street has become a design detail. White walls and a pale¬†herringbone floor keep it light and airy and make it feel like one large space.

The apartment may be narrow but the clever design plan, natural light, and strategic use of color give the illusion of a much bigger interior. They installed a new staircase over the older one so that the roof was accessible from the living room. The addition of a skylight helps theroom stay bright.

The kitchen was custom made with black shinnoki wood  and brass detailing that give it a minimalist look.

A large steel window separates the kitchen with the bedroom letting light pass though and not disrupting sight lines.

The herringbone pattern continues into the bathroom with the addition of green tiles in the shower and toilet area.

Photos by Studio Kopp.

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