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A Dramatic, Minimalist Loft in Salzburg, Austria

Loft Panzerhalle came about after smartvoll won a 2013 competition to design the space, which is no surprise after seeing the finished results. Located in Salzburg, Austria, the loft spans 350 square meters (3767 square feet) of open space over two floors with smoothed and waxed concrete being the material of choice.

Original details, like the brick walls, are perfectly juxtaposed with the bright white surfaces throughout. The upstairs stays close to the perimeter of the building in order to keep the open nature of the space. The curved edges and slanted railings of the second floor give the industrial space a futuristic feeling.

The jaw-dropping double staircase leads to either side of the second story giving me TWA Terminal vibes. Underneath is the kitchen with the stairs giving it some definition.

Upstairs, the bedroom, guest room, and bathroom are off in their separate spaces to ensure privacy, or as much as you can get in an open loft.

The glass shower juts out over the space below so I hope you like your houseguests.

Photos by Tobias Colz/smartvoll, courtesy of v2com.

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