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A Compact Polish Apartment with Contrasting Black and White Accents

Located in Lodz, Poland, the Triangle Flat is a project by 3XEL Architekci that livens up the compact space with contrasting elements of black and white. The living room has two walls that are white and two that are black with a black triangle that continues onto the ceiling for added drama.

Warm, textured wood floors and wooden bookcases warm the space up to create a cozy living area.

The clean white entryway can be seen through the black walls of the living room.

The bedroom mixes white with grey for a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

The bathroom combines a black and white patterned tile in the shower with large black tiles in the rest of the space. A bright yellow shelf breaks up the monotony of the black and white.

Photos by Paweł Augustyniak.

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