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A 19th Century Victorian Becomes Bright and Spacious

No. 4 House is what we jokingly call a ‘house mullet.’ From the front it appears to be your typical semi-detached, 19th century Victorian, but from the back, it’s completely modern with a brand-new addition. Along with the addition, the two-story, Hawthorn, Australia residence was renovated by Bryant Alsop to open the interior up for a more modern layout, as well as bringing in more daylight.

Considering the modest lot size, they were able to give the home four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a powder room/laundry room, a study/sitting room, a kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a living room, dining room, parking, an outdoor shed, and a garden area just off the living room.

Overall, the interior is fairly monochromatic for a bright, contemporary feel that’s topped off with subtle uses of color, like blues and greens. Warm oak floors ground the mostly white space while adding texture.

Photos by Ben Wrigley.

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