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The Adelaide House is one of Ray Kappe’s prefab Livinghomes that’s made up of 11 modules installed on a beautiful lot in Santa Monica over the course of just two days. With a focus on indoor/outdoor living, the design is split over multiple levels that help define certain areas while remaining open and light. Complementing the home’s style are the warm, modern interiors that were designed by DKD LTD. Designed for a young business executive, the residence is furnishe

Located in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, this renovated apartment can be found in the historic Edwards & Co. building, one of the area’s most recognized structures. Originally a tea factory in the 1920s, it had most recently been used by an advertising agency before architect Josephine Hurley was hired to transform the 300-square-meter (approx. 3229-square-foot) space into a private, two-story residence on the top two floors. The main level features large arched win

We’re still in the dog days of summer which means plenty of outside time while the weather is nice. All of that outdoor play has us dreaming about playing on the playground when we were little. Times have changed and so have the play structures, which have now grown to become architectural sculptures for kids. Inspired by the current exhibition at the Design Museum Boston called Extraordinary Playscapes, and Playworld’s reintroduction of NYC architect Richard Dattner̵

What’s probably the worst thing about traveling? In my opinion, it’s being on vacation without feeling like you’re on vacation. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle vibe of a city, or the endless pings from your work phone (which you brought “just in case” but now regret), or even the scenery. The VIVOOD Landscape Hotel in Spain wants to change all that and empower you to really be away for your vacation. While the VIVOOD can’t turn off your phone (that’s your responsibility),

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the 120-square-meter (1292-square-foot) BP Apartment is home to a man that likes to host parties for small groups of friends. To make that happen, SuperLimão Studio were hired and they got to work opening the spaces up and organizing a better layout. A blue box was built between the open living space and the bedroom to house storage and a full working bar. The sliding door slides into a slot within the box to form a cubic wall sculpture seen from the liv

A couple in their 60s commissioned Tobias Partners to design a relaxing beach house where they could host their family and friends, as well as a place to display all of the treasures the well-traveled homeowners have picked up along the way. Set on the high tide line at Bondi Beach, Deepwater is a modern residence built with a durable outer shell for the brutal conditions. Spanning five levels, all of which vary in height, the house has balconies on each of the floors that project ou

RobitailleCurtis were hired to renovate a Montreal townhouse that came with a 32′ tall atrium and a skylight that spanned the full width of the residence. Instead of downplaying these features, they were embraced to create a bold and unique interior. From the ground floor up, Douglas fir slats were positioned vertically in place of guardrails. They also keep sight lines open. The wood, combined with polished concrete floors and white lacquered millwork, result in a clean, minim

With a modern industrial vibe and delicious burgers on the menu, Shade Burger is the perfect place to “meat”. YOD design studio designed the modest-sized restaurant in Poltava, Ukraine, which holds 25 seats, geared towards young, open-minded people. Burgers tend to get served with a handful of essential ingredients and that similar idea is behind the interior’s design – a combination of essential materials. The main “ingredient” is natural tree ve

The Heads of State have done it again. We’ve celebrated their work on DM before and this time we’re no less impressed… The Philadelphia-based design firm has designed a collection of posters called ‘Funeral for a Home’. The purpose of the project was to commemorate the fall and subsequent rebirth of the Philadelphia housing stock. Each poster was created for a city-wide event celebrating the architecture and neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Luciano Lerner Basso, of Basso Engenharia, designed House 4.16.3, a project that sits on a sloped hillside in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul. The Erechim, Brazil residence is made up of two volumes, one of which is cantilevered, hovering above concrete columns. The design was driven by the desire to limit how much the land had to be altered, which led to the longer volume being elevated above ground. The two volumes form a “T” shape, a reference to the Prairie House

A former upholsterer’s workshop in East London was enclosed on three sides by surrounding buildings, only spanning 12m x 3.7m (39′ x 12′). Falling into disrepair, the abandoned Victorian structure was renovated by Kirkwood McCarthy into a two-bedroom, open plan home that involved digging a new basement and raising the roof. Due to its modest footprint, the vertical design, of the Winkley Workshop, spans three floors and transitions from public to private. Photo by Da

C Residence is a 182 square meter (1959 square foot) apartment in Taichung, Taiwan that was designed by Z-AXIS DESIGN. Overall, soft colors were paired with rich neutrals that result in an interior with high style. Large windows along one side of the residence fill the spaces with sunlight feeling as if you were in a “modern penthouse apartment in Paris.” Color was used sparingly throughout each space adding a dynamic layer to the interior. An L-shaped kitchen faces th

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