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The contemporary living room plans of this home furnishing theme was completed with the high class performance of a luxury home furniture design. The main landscape of this great living room space will be focus on both living room designs include with furnishing and interior and the living room furniture such as sofa set. The luxury living room design and furniture that will be able to seek out in this page was totally a complete package of a home furnishing ideas. There were several inspiring

Revit Architecture 101 with Håvard Vasshaug ThinkParametric launches its Revit Architecture 101 course taught by Håvard Vasshaug Design Technologist and BIM Specialist at DARK Architects.Revit Architecture is one of the leading applications in the industry for Building Information Modelling and is reshaping the way we design and build architecture projects.The ability to create smart 3d models, where each object has attributes that collectively create a powerful database

Second Floor. Image © Fang Zhenning Architects: Studio Pei-Zhu Architect In Charge: Zhu Pei Design Team: He Fan, Edwin Lam, Wang Zheng, Damboianu Albert Alexandru, Virginia Melnyk, Guo Nan, Ke Jun, Wang Peng, Li Gao Consultants: Thomas Krens / GCAM Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Fang Zhenning, Zhu Qingsheng, Minsheng Art Museum

Design firm AGi architects took on the office renovation and brand renewal of Prointel, which is the first independent TV production company founded in 1970 in Spain by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. Located amongst residential buildings and small businesses, the Madrid-based office was updated for modern times while honoring the founder’s spirit. The office is built around an interior courtyard, which was key to bringing in natural light to each of the paces. The employees use the o

This black and white home shelving was a simple sample of a home shelving system that will complete our home space. The great architectural design of this wall shelving will complete our imagination about this home furniture and help us to choose which one the right one. The minimal white book shelving system of this home furniture series will make us become a smart people to choose the right furniture for our home. The thing that we have to think before we buy wall shelving was understand the

© Ippei Shinzawa Architects: Kichi Architectural Design Location: Chichi-jima, Japan Photographs: Ippei Shinzawa © Ippei Shinzawa From the architect. This inn is located on Chichi-jima, which is part of the Ogasawara archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 1000 km south of Tokyo.  © Ippei Shinzawa Ogasa

© Shamanth Patil J. Architects: Khosla Associates Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Architect In Charge: Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand Design Team: Sandeep Khosla , Amaresh Anand , Oomen Thomas and Priyanka Sams. Photographs: Shamanth Patil J. Civil Contractors: Hi Tech Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Structural Engineer

Once a small dental office, this 60 square meter (645 square foot) attic in Milan, Italy was converted into a two-story apartment, dubbed CPR, by +R Piuerre. Despite its size and strict layout, the bones of the space worked well thanks to windows on three sides. The tall ceilings allowed for a second level where an office and bedroom are situated with a walk-in closet. Between the living room and the kitchen, there’s the only closed off space, which houses the service areas. A

As a part of Arbuckle Industries’ Archiculture extras series, architect, environmentalist, and principal at HOK, Anica Landreneau, speaks on urban design and architectural education. Throughout the interview, Landreneau addresses historic neglect of design considerations, national ratings of urban design, and problems being overlooked by architectural education.

© Naomi Kurozumi Architects: Takushu ARAI Architects Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Area: 85.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Naomi Kurozumi © Naomi Kurozumi From the architect. Site around this house is in a residential area that follows the old, lined residential with a relatively large site. Ho

We keep your dogs covered on Dog Milk, but I guess we can’t forget about the cats, right? monocomplex design studio has made sure of that with their Frank Cat House for STAYSTAY. The cozy kitty cottage gives your cat a modern place to call home that’s just theirs. An opening gives your cat access to its new home and there’s a door that lifts up for easy cleaning. They can hang out on the bed or on the top surface if they like. Overall, the design brings cats to to e

This whole how to build a transparent home space tips and tricks in this page will give us more inspiring recommendation and suggestion. We can use the whole tips of this article or just try to know the main concept of glass modification. If we want to modify our home with glass material, the thing that we have to do was see the balancing material of the glass such as a steel or wooden material. Whatever the balancing material of the glass, the thing that we have done was give a free space insi

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